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Learning:A Lifelong Career【学习:一生的事业】

As food is to the body, so is learning to the mind. Our bodies grow and muscles develop with the intake of adequate nutritious food. Likewise, we should keep learning day by day to maintain our keen mental power and expand our intellectual capacity. Constant learning supplies us with inexhaustible fuel for driving us to sharpen our power of reasoning, analysis, and judgment. Learning incessantly is the surest way to keep pace with the times in the information age, and an infallible warrant of success in times of uncertainty.

Once learning stops, vegetation sets in. It is a common fallacy to regard school as the only workshop for the acquisition of knowledge. On the contrary, learning should be a never-ending process, from the cradle to the grave. With the world ever changing so fast, the cease from learning for just a few days will make a person lag behind. What's worse, the animalistic instinct dormant deep in our subconsciousness will come to life, weakening our will to pursue our noble ideal, sapping our determination to sweep away obstacles to our success and strangling our desire for the refinement of our character. Lack of learning will inevitably lead to the stagnation of the mind, or even worse, its fossilization, Therefore, to stay mentally young, we have to take learning as a lifelong career.



heavy shoolwork【课业繁重】

In my opinion, the schoolwork now being assigned to high school students is too heavy. While it is true that students need to study, they need other things as well if they are to grow into healthy and well-rounded adults. High should be allowed more time for play. Plying is not wasting time, as some think. It gives them physical exercise, and also exercise their imagination. Which tends to be stifled by too much study. Finally, the pressure put on high school students by excessive schoolwork can cause serious stress, which is unhealthy physically and mentally. I do not advocate the elimination of schoolwork. I do think, however, that a reduction of the current heavy load would be beneficial to students and to the society as a whole.



Lost time is never found again. This is something which I learned very clearly last semester. I spent so much time fooling around that my grades began to suffer. I finally realized that something had to be done. It was time for a change.

Now I have a new plan for using my time wisely. I have set my alarm clock ahead half an hour. This will give me a head start on the day. I have also decided to keep a log of what I do and when I do it. Looking back on what I’ve done will give me some ideas on how to reorganize my time.



Work and Play【工作与娱乐】

Work and play do not contradict each other; in fact, they complement each other. As the saying goes, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." A life burdened with work leads you nowhere, for you would get tired and bored with your daily routine work. On the other hand, proper recreation will relieve the tension and discomfort of our monotonous life because it offers you various ways to let out your pent-up emotions.

What I usually do to relax after school is jogging and seeing movies. Usually I don't spare time for exercise, but I value the physical education class at school. Jogging several rounds in the field certainly relieves the day's pressure. On weekends, I'll catch the morning movie for my visual enjoyment. I feel revived and energetic for another week's work-load.



My first Job【我的第一份工作】

My first job was at a cramming school. It was three years ago when I just graduated from junior high school and finished the entrance examination. since I had nothing to do that summer, I decided to find a job, tasting the joy of independence.

I was responsible for answering the telephone and taking the message. I worked eight hours a day, six days a week. The work was not difficult nor heavy to me and I guess I did well. The most delighted thing was perhaps that I could spend the money I earned all by myself.



My Favorite Sports【我最喜爱的运动】

Sports help everyone to keep healthy, happy, and efficient. So I pay special attention to games, especially table-tennis. Table tennis is my favorite game. I play it almost every day.

Table-tennis is an ideal game us because it brings the whole body into action. It strengthens our muscles, expands our lungs, promotes the circulation of the blood, and causes a healthy action of the skin. Besides, it is very amusing and does not cost us much money. Table-tennis is very moderate; it is not so rough as football. It is an indoor game and can be played even on rainy days. Thus, it is my favorite kind of exercise.




Build a Harmonious Society

Dear fellow students,

Our government is going to build a "harmonious society". I think it is everyone's duty to work hard to achieve this goal.

As high school students, what should we do ?

First of all, we should love our motherland. Let's take a great interest in the development of our hometowns and take an active part in our school's activities.

Secondly, let's fill the world with love. We should show our respect for old people, our parents and our teachers. We should also care for each other and help those in need. Mostimportant of all, all of us must be faithful and honest in our daily life.

Finally, let's work together to save energy and protect our natural environment, including animals, trees, flowers and grass.

As for myself, I will study even harder and try my best to do all the above.

Dear fellow students, let's start right now and spare no effort to do a little bit every day,every hour, and every minute!

Li Xiaoping

From Huanggang High School

Everyone knows that there is a very important sports meeting over the world called the Olympic Games. It’s held once every four years.

The twenty-ninth Olympic Games will be held in Beijing which is the captial of China. Beijing is an old but beautiful city, there are many places that are famous for their scenery or historical relics here. For example , the Great Wall , the Forbidden City , the Temple of Heaven and so on, they all show the history and culture of China.

“One World , One Dream”is the slogan of the twenty-ninth Olympic Games. And do you know the five happy babies? They are Beibei、Jingjing、Huanhuan、Yingying and Nini. In fact, they’re the personifications of animals.

With the nice city, with the good slogan and the five happy babies, the most important is with the industrions Chinese people. I think the twenty-ninth Olympic Games will have a great success!

Welcome to Beijing , welcome to China !

In recent years, many newspapers and magazines focus on the activities of film stars, pop singers and some other famous men and women. Reporters disguise their identities, infiltrate the subject's business and family, or even bug and wiretap them——to get the news by whatever means are necessary.

It is not difficult to explain the reason for their surprising amount of interest in famous people's lives. They are in the spotlight, renowned or notorious, they are the topic of ordinary people who like to know everything about them. To satisfy their curiosity, or “the people's right to know”, journalists often find it their duty to report their activities.

More over, what matters to a newspaper or a magazine is the number of readers. A large readership means the rise in the circulation of their publications, hence a huge profit. Since film stars and pop singers are newsworthy figures, and their stories draws far more attention than those of other people, it is natural that the press tries to attract them to buy their magazines by featuring private lives of famous people.

How ever, those exposed people can be severely injured by such press attention. Sensational stories about their private lives cause great unhappiness to them. To escape reporters, they can't even lead a normal life. Sometimes their lives will be in danger. For example, Princess Diana died in a car accident as she attempted to escape photographers in a chase through Paris.

Famous people are also citizens. They have the right to keep their own privacy like ordinary people——the basic right which should be respected, protected and guaranteed by our laws in whatever circumstances.


1.I was very happy during the National Day holiday. I spent a lot of time to play with my friends because I had little homework,I had finished it very soon. Although sometimes I feel bored, happiness was the mainstream. I liked to visit interesting places most. It was very nice. I like the National Day holiday.

2.I did not think that my elementary school life was very interesting, from Monday to Friday, I referred to four classes every morning, afternoon classes three referrals. Chinese mathematics and English, sports, art, etc., at 8:00 every morning, we had to make a morning exercise, I liked for morning calisthenics, It made us who had strong health. My favorite classes was sports, we often ran in PE class,it was very interesting. We had a week of reading, we could read their books from school, we had too little time to read. We would like to find out more information. My elementary life was colorful, and I miss my primary school life.

3.The first day of the winter vocation, I helped my mother with the housework. The second day, I, together with my family, went to Qunming and visited a local zoo. The third day, we left for Nanjing and spent 7 happy days there. After we returned home, I finished my homework and made some preparation for the new semester.

I enjoyed myself every day in the winter vocation. How about you?

4.Last vacation We went to a beautiful beach,a museum and we went to the mountains.

On the first day.It was sunny and hot all day.We went to a beautiful beach.We had a swim there.We played games.It was really fun.We had seafood for dinner.It was delicious!

On the second day.The weather was not good.so we went to the mountains.We got to the top of the mountain.We played games and flew kites.Iwas very tired.but I had a good time.

On the third day.The weather was cool.so we went to a museum.It was kind of boring.so we didn't really enjoy it.

5.Last weekend,I went to visit Old Henry.

On Saturday morning I cleaned the house.On Saturday afternoor I went to the movie.Old Henry and I went to beach.We had a swim there.We played games and flew kites.

On Saturday evening I cooked a nice dinner.

We had a great time.

I hope to visit him again!

6.A Busy Weekend

I had a busy weekend.On Saturday morning,I read books and did homework.In the afternoon,I cleaned my room.In the evening,I watched TV and movies.On Sunday morning,I played basketball with my good friend.We were happy.In the afternoon,I went to the supermarket.In the evening,I read a book about history.

This weekend,I was very tired.


Nice to meet you again by letter.I am so excited to tell you something about my vacation on May day holiday.

I went to Shanghai Science and Technology Museum with my parents. It's so interesting here,the most attraction is the 3D cinema which can bring you to explore the vivid science world!

I sincerely to invited you to Shanghai and go there again.I promise that it will give you a happy experience!

Best Wishes,

yours ***

8.June 4th , Sunday Sunny

Today I went to our community to teach our neighbors some everyday English.

The residents who came to our lesson were mainly middle-aged or elderly men and women who had little knowledge in English. In order to be a qualified teacher, I got myself fully-prepared. I picked out some frequently-used English expressions when meeting foreign guests. Before the class began, I felt quite nervous. But to my surprise, my lesson was a great success! Although what I taught was not easy for my audience, they did try their best to read after me and practice a lot. In the end, some of them even could make a short conversation! How amazing! I was quite satisfied with my volunteering work today.


9.A Busy Weekend

I had a busy weekend.On Saturday morning,I read books and did homework.In the afternoon,I cleaned my room.In the evening,I watched TV and movies.On Sunday morning,I played basketball with my good friend.We were happy.In the afternoon,I went to the supermarket.In the evening,I read a book about history.

This weekend,I was very tired.



I am a middle school student .I have many lessons ,i like English ,because it's interesting.And i don't like math ,because it's very difficult ,There are many theater in my nigeborhood ,I like Green theater,it's very cheap there .About clothing store i like Bob's clothing store they have friendly service ,and i don't like Jack's clothing store .Because it's expensive.

This are what I like and don't like things.


First time to take a plane

During the summer holidays, I visit to Shanghai with my parents. We took a plane there. It was my first time to take a plane. I was excited but nerves. I was excited because I never took a plane before and I was looking forward to it. Flying in the high sky is really cool. I was nerves because some people said that it would be dizzy when the plane takes off and lands. However, the whole journey on the plane was so great. It was a happy experience.


Today the crime rate in cities of our country is rising. Many citizens often complain about the thefts and robberies that have taken palce in the areas they live in and appeal to the governments at all levels to take effective measures to reduce the crime rate.

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Today is a fine day.My friend Jack and I want to go to the library.There are many persons in the library.I want to read some books about English.Because I want to improve(提高) my English knowledge(知识). My friend Jack is carzy ahout computers.We like studying more knowledge.HOW meaningful a day we have !


winter holiday is a good time to every student, I am is not an exception. In this winter holiday, I enact a plan to myself.

because health is very important to every link in our life, I want to exercise everyday for good health. Moreover, as a student, study is a necessary part of the winter holiday so that I arranged the plan for study in term of my interests. Obviously, most time of the winter holiday, I would be at home. To help parents do some housework is a duty of a student.

The winter vacation passed quickly. In those days, I have done some things. Playing, doing homework and so on. Sometimes I helped my mother doing some housework. She thanked to me. Though, I was proud of myself. I also went over my English learning. I think I have known more than before. In the new term, I will study hard.


Population has been a big problem since 20th century .There isn't enough food to feed such a big number.The things now is serious :developed country has few people while developing country has so many people - even beyond the limit of the normal level. China has the largest population.So it faces the most serious problem


Welcome to my hometown! Shanghai is my hometown. It is a modern and busy town. It has a long history. There are many big supermarkets, beautiful gardens and good factories here. It is very easy to go shopping. You can see big trees and nice flowers. There are many restaurants in Shanghai. The food tastes very delicious.You can enjoy eyery minutes of it. Many visitors come here to enjoy it.

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