八下英语作文三十篇 30篇初二英语作文60词左右



八下英语作文三十篇 30篇初二英语作文60词左右


Last Chinese New Year. I and my father, mother, grandparents, brother went to changbaishan by bus. In the morning we came down the mountain. I saw wooded mountains, wild flowers bloom. We climb up the hill along the mountain path. Come halfway up the mountain, I feel a little tired,。

dear mike,

  haven’t seen you for a long time. how have you been? i am missing you all the time. as the weather is splendid now, i have made a plan to go out to the countryside by bike. each of us may take food for the picnic, which we will have at the hillside. the countryside must be very lovely, with grass and trees growing flourishingly, flowers full bloom and bright sunshine. we can enjoy the scenery to our hearts content, at the same time and take some pictures as a memory. it is possible for us to meet at the bus stop 8 a. m. i am sure we will have a good time. do come and join us.

 yours always,

Beijing, the capital of People's Republic of China, the central municipality, National Center City China, Chinese politics, culture, education and international exchange center, while the decision-making centers and management centers in China's economy and finance. Beijing is located in the northern end of the North China Plain, southeast connected with Tianjin, the rest is surrounded by Hebei Province. Beijing has built more than 3000 years of history of the capital city and the history of 850 years, is one of "China's four ancient capitals", with some international influence, which first appeared in the literature of the name "thistle." Beijing since the Yuan, Ming blend of Chinese culture, has many historical sites and cultural landscapes, is the world's largest city has the world's cultural heritage. Beijing is also one of the most rainfall in North China region. The historic International Higher university, Peking University, Tsinghua University, also located in Beijing.

Yuan Yuan:

With the calendar torn off, the weather has been hot summer day into the cool of the fall, you and me corporations meet by chance, know not long, but you're moving and righteous people, we hit it off, as has been known to pay, it can be said It is destined, but now far divided in two. Non-vegetation can be ruthless cooked. The thought here, mind quite melancholy, surely you are too it! Two in the afternoon, in Huanggang Huangmei Opera Theater to watch Dream of Red Mansions. We hope arrive

Chinese government reiterated: South China Sea islands are Chinese territory since ancient times, China's South China Sea Islands and adjacent waters has indisputable sovereignty, "will never allow any country under any pretext and in any manner be violated." Insist on sovereignty belongs to me, this is the Chinese government's consistent position is to negotiate a basic prerequisite for China to solve the South China Sea and the South China Sea neighboring countries concerned.

Yesterday, we visited space hotel. We came to the visitors to experience weightlessness room.Seen from the porthole to look beautiful planet once every 45 minutes and the sunrise and sunset, it is a unique experience. In addition, the window around some equipment specially designed for fixed body of tourists. Visitors who do not wear those bulky flight suits and oxygen equipment. Space hotel is really beautiful.

I have a friend named yangyang. Her medium height, shapely, oval face, small eyes but great temperament. She is interested in singing and dancing. She has participated in the city's singing competition, won the first prize. She loves sports, like hiking fitness. She was a helpful person. Once she saw in the street an old lady fell on the road, she was sent to hospital after the old woman propped up their own money to grandma doctor, then quietly leave, even the name was left. Her favorite food is pasta, I always ask her to eat noodles.

Last Saturday, I went to the zoo and parents. That morning, the weather was fine. We decided to go by bike, environmentally friendly and convenient. To the zoo, originally planned with the animals according to a like, a lot of zoo visitors, not the camera. In the afternoon it began to rain, the animals are sleeping. No umbrella, feeling tired and hungry. So we will return home.

Huadu southeast of the annual flower fair was a feast, but also a good opportunity for the development of cross-strait agricultural exchanges, sixteenth Strait Flower Expo in November in Zhangzhou City, southeast Huadu meet with you, the number of flowers on the square ten kinds of flowers bloom, very spectacular; EAF shop dozen highly ornamental freshwater fish; romantic rose garden four fragrance; and modern agricultural science and technology museum and fantasy Pavilion advanced agricultural technology and fresh produce. Flower Expo held at a time when the harvest season, fans can also spend for good fruit and enjoy all the flowers, never want

In real life, all kinds of extravagance and waste of the phenomenon is still uncommon, the fine tradition of thrift that some people seem to be forgotten. In daily life, the waste phenomenon is shocking. Large shopping malls, supermarkets and other occasions, open air summer wear jackets, winter wear a shirt open air has become a surprising phenomenon. The ubiquitous plastic bags when shopping and disposable supplies; office pulled the curtains open daylight fluorescent power; not after work lights, computers, printers and other office equipment is always in standby mode ...... all kinds of waste common.

Yesterday, we visited space hotel. We came to the visitors to experience weightlessness room.Seen from the porthole to look beautiful planet once every 45 minutes and the sunrise and sunset, it is a unique experience. In addition, the window around some equipment specially designed for fixed body of tourists. Visitors who do not wear those bulky flight suits and oxygen equipment. Space hotel is really beautiful.

Yesterday, we went to the work park with whole school teachers and students.We entered the park to see everywhere full of flowers, the road on both sides by tall Metasequoia. We all appreciate the beauty, she came to the playground. Amusement park roller coaster, bumper cars, carousel, Ferris wheel, pirate ship and so on. We get together enjoyable to play. Finally, we saw a four-dimensional movie. It was a happy and meaningful day.

My father was born in May 1971, is now an accountant. My mother was born in November 1978, is now a teacher. They love life, love outdoor sports, every weekend to take me climbing, let me breathe the fresh air of nature. I am happy and harmonious family, parents courteous.

xinghuatan Park is big and good-looking, where there are many trees, flowers and a Great Lakes. In the middle of the park ,there is a small river before. Middle Creek has a pond with lotus in full bloom, there are many fish enjoy swimming in. Planted with almond trees around the park, a tree covered with sweet fruit. In front of every house loaded with beautiful flowers.

My hometown in shantou. Sand everywhere there before, very desolate.Traffic blocking。 Now ,the railway connecting the capital,there is very beautiful. In the middle of the village there is a small river before. Middle Creek has a pond with lotus in full bloom, there are many fish enjoy swimming in. Planted with almond trees around the village, a tree covered with sweet fruit. In front of every house loaded with beautiful flowers. Happy people live here.

Dear jane,

I’m LiHua from Beijing Hongxing Middle School. I’m very happy to learn that you’re going to stay with my family while you’re in Beijing. While you are here, we’ll provide you with a room of your own with a bed, a desk, a couple of chairs and a TV. You’ll also have your own bathroom. Our school is quite close to our home, so we could go to school together by bike. At noon we’ll eat at the school dining hall. I’m sure you’ll like the delicious Chinese food there, and enjoy talking with friends over lunch. Classes in our school usually finish at 4 in the afternoon. You can then join other students in playing ball games or swimming. It’ll be a lot of fun. If you have any questions or requests, please let me know. We’ll try our best to make your stay here in Beijing a pleasant experience. Best wishes, Li Hua

My favorite character is Chibi Maruko. Chibi Maruko is a lovely lazy little girl, she has a pair of bright eyes, a small mouth, short hair. Her stature is very short, so people called her little meatball. She is 10 years old, on the third grade. She has many friends, such as jade, Toshiko, Hanawa, Maruo and so on. Her family a total of six people, namely small balls grandfather, grandmother, father, mother and sister. Maruko especially like Grandpa, do not like my father, because my father always said that some small balls did not understand the words. Small balls favorite food burgers, ice cream, pudding, cakes and so on. Small balls sometimes contradictory trouble with your sister, but she was both less than a day and well, really a Ming amazing!


9:00 tomorrow held in small school each class monitor session;. Staff and students 16:00 see the cinema to see a movie in English; starting at 1:30 pm in the curriculum 。please tell each other .






Nowadays the newspaper possesses considerable value Everybody should read it. It supplies us with a variety of news every day. It tells us the political situation of the world. If we form the habit of reading the newspaper, we shall (will) get enough knowledge to cope with our circumstances.




第二天:MY DAILY LIFE 我的日常生活

Though my daily life is extremely monotonous, I try hard to adapt myself to it. Why? Because I intend to be a good student. I wish to render service to my country.

I get up at six o’clock every day. After I wash my face and brush my teeth, I begin to review my lessons. I go to school at seven o’clock.

After school is over, I return home. We usually have supper at seven o’clock.Then I begin to do my homework. I want to finish it before I go to bed.






Do you mind being called a bad student? Of course not. So far as I know, everybody intends to be (become) a model student.

However, to be a model student is by no means an easy thing. First, he must do his best to obtain knowledge. A man without sufficient knowledge will not succeed. Secondly, he must remember to improve his health. Only a strong man can do great tasks. Thirdly, he should receive moral education. If his conduct is not good, no one will consider making friends with him.




There is no doubt that happiness is the most precious thing in the world. Without it, life will be empty and meaningless. If you wish to know how to get happiness, you must pay attention to the following two points.

First, health is the secret of happiness (the key to happiness). Only a strong man can enjoy the pleasure of life.

Secondly, happiness consists in contentment. A man who is dissatisfied with his present condition is always in distress.





第五天:BOOKS 书籍

As is well known, books teach us to learn life, truth, science and many other useful things. They increase our knowledge, broaden our minds and strengthen our character. In other words, they are our good teachers and wise friends. This is the reason why our parents always encourage us to read more books.

Reading is a good thing, but we must pay great attention to the choice of books. It is true that we can derive benefits from good books. However, bad books will do us more harm than good.




第六天:A TRIP TO THE COUNTRY 乡村游记One Sunday my mother (Mother) had (made) me take my little young brother to the a trip to the country. She bade me take good care of him.

While we were walking along the road, the sun was shining brightly and the breeze was blowing gently. We saw the beautiful flowers smile (smiling) at us and heard the birds sing (singing) their sweet songs on the trees. The scenery was indeed very pretty (beautiful).

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