大学宿舍生活英语作文 有没有关于我的大学宿舍生活的英语作文



大学宿舍生活英语作文 有没有关于我的大学宿舍生活的英语作文


和谐的宿舍生活(On a Harmonious Dormitory Life)

As we know, dormitory life is part of the college life.It's important for our study and rest.Sometimes,in our dormitory maybe have some controversial, owe to other things and personal hobby.

Harmonious dormitory life play a positive role in our college life ; it's mutually benefial for our and other members. We can live a happy life,hence we can put our heart to study and do other things. On the other hand, we can make more friends and decrease many annoy in our college.

There are numerous way to build a harmonious dormitory;but I would like to explore a fee of the most important ones here. For a start, it's essential for our to learn tolerance.Second , we will get ride of our bad habits.At last, we will have to share with each and make more friends.At the same time , we should often sweep our dormitory and ensure personal hygiene.We should try oue best to build a harmonious dormitory life for the sake of good study and good life.来自百度知道小鱼为你送上帮助,仅供你参考!


For most university students, dormitory life is a new experience. Most students have never lived far away from their parents before coming to university. They have always had their parents to depend on for advice and guidance, and when they become university students, their lives begin to change. There are striking difference between home life and dormitory life. Student must begin to be responsible for their own action. They must depend on themselves to get up in the morning on, time for class, to eat properly, to keep their clothes and themselves clean ,and to set aside an appropriate amount of time for study and relaxation. They must also learn to take care of their money, making sure to preserve enough for both necessities and for fun. In general, there are both good and bad points about life in student dormitory. Often, dormitoryrooms are small and crowded. This lack of space can limit one's privacy and make itdifficult for students to concentrate on their studies. On the other hand, in a dormitory, student have a great deal more freedom thanthey might have at home. They can act according to their own will and desire than to that of parents.

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College life

As a sophomore, I feel that the time flies.

You may consider that college life is boring. As we don’t know how to deal with the plenty of spare time. But I define the college life will become wonderful .

Frist, I am a girl who like freedom. In my college life, I can play computer very late, Whitout worrying my parents asking me to go to bed at the midnight. Second, I like rock'n'roll, I can play the music very loudly in my dorm. On the contrary , my mother will be angry when I listen to the music in my home. And then , You can join a lot of associations and University Student Councils In our college, It is a training for collegers. I join in atheneum with a lot of lovely girls, so we chat very happy. As we held several parties, I felt very successful and seeing everyone united, I was very glad and deeply moved . Another , I am absorbed grand library, school buildings and wide playground. Our campus obtains beautiful environment and good atmosphere to study . My school’s library has a lot of different books and magazines. Every weekend , a lot of students can go to library to read the books. Otherwise ,our school have a lot of foreign teachers, In you free time, you can go to the PETER HOLL and visit the foreign teachers. Through conversation with foreign teachers it practise your English. In your spare time, you can play basketball, pingpang and so on. Doing sports is very interesting and good for your health. In fact, you can do anything which you are interested in.

In a word,college life is wonderful!


Our Bedroom

As soon as you enter the house, you will know that it is a girls' bedroom. The first thing to catch your sight is the neatly arranged desks in the middle. On both sider of the room stand four two-deck beds, The quilts are folded in squares. Over each bed there hangs a curtain.

Wind-bells are popular in our bedroom. Once you get on the bed, you will hear the sound of jingling bells. Small animals are on each bed. Most of them are silly, funny and lovely. There are somethings particular on Shi Yin's bed. There are Micky Mouse, Donald Duck, a duckling, a baby panda, and a little hedgedog, in addition to three silly bears standing on each other in the figure of a glare, Actually it resembles an out-and-out zoo.

I like our bedroom. It gives me a sense of being home. It is a warm and comfortable place to live in.






Compared with the time shabby dormitory I am living in now, the one I lived in for three years in high school was heaven: three students shared one brand new suite with air conditioners and a bathroom. In three years time we changed it thoroughly:the color of the floor turned from bright pink into muddy gray, and the closet a hive of insects proliferating among piles of rotten fruit.And our masterpiece was the bathroom, a never drying swamp which served as the habitat of various kinds of mold, and even rodents, rats would occasionally take the trouble to pay us a visit, and.., all three of us felt like sobbing when we at last had to say good bye to our lovely filthy dormitory. Maybe it is because that the dormitory had changed us as well as we'd changed it. The first lesson our dormitory taught us was to look after ourselves. Frankly speaking, we were not good students at all. I still remember the underwear that was soaked in soapy water for one and a half years before it was finally thrown away. Almost each of the boys' dormitories had gradually developed its own unique "fragrance" usually a mixture of rotten fruit, unwashed socks, stunk towels and some junk food. We could tell one dormitory from another by sniffing instead of looking. Our tolerance towards untidiness was amazing. However, in spite of all this, we really did make some progress. Bit by bit, we started to wash dirty clothes before they stunk, cleaned the garbage bin when it could hold no more trash, we even used brushes in a not-sc-successful attempt to refurbish the floor. The point was that we were not obeying any order, we did every bit of the cleaning for ourselves, because we wanted to live in a better place. Though nothing we did could be called an achievement, it was the first time we fully bore the consequences of our behavior, and took the responsibility. Thus it was not surprising that I often found myself the only one to clean up my university dormitory which looked no better than a garbage bin when my roommates felt normal of it. When talking about our dormitory life, and probably all the dormitory life, we should never leave out one thing. This was what we called "bed talks". Though it was considered "illegal,"there was nothing to stop us from deliberately starting a heated discussion right after lights were out. It was our favorite and the only way of ending our day, and we were as punctual for it as our parents are for work. What was the most common topic?Girls, of course! What other topics were there for three energetic adolescent males lying comfortably in bed? We judged them,ranked them, argued over them night after night without feeling the slightest sense of boredom for three whole years. Were we maniacs? Who is not a maniac at eighteen?

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