感谢信父母英语作文100 写给父母的英文信100字


感谢信父母英语作文100 写给父母的英文信100字


What does family mean? It means Father And Mother, I Love You.

Thank you, father. For you broke the habit of smoking when mother was pregnant. You began to smoke when you was thirteen. But you gave up it for the health of mother and I.

Thank you, mother. Thank you for bearing the sharp pain of childbirth. Thank you for not only giving me food, clothes and a place to live but also educating me honest, confidence and love.

Maybe I won't be very rich in the future, but I will try my best to be a good person to pay back your love.

Thank you!

Yous son(daughter)



My parents, tiringly broughting me up to be a person, did so much just for me. They gave me food, water, education and many more. When i grow up and work, I'll treat them really well!


My Mother

My Mother isa kind and gentle woman. She is always very gentle. She takes good care of her children and keeps them all at school. I have one brother and two sistets. So she gets four children in all. She gives us every comfort. We all love her and she loves us also.

My mother has too much to do in bringing us up. As our family is too poor to keep a servant, my mother has always to do very much work. She gets up very early and sleeps very late every day. She works hard, yet without complaining.

She is also a thrifty, and industrious woman. She saves every cent that she can and keeps everything in order. As she has been busy eversince she was young, she looks older than she really is. Her face is wrinkled, her hair becomes silver white, but she works as hard as ever.

Often she says to us, "work while you work, play while you play. If you do not work, you will become lazy and of no use to society." What piece of good advice this is! We must worth it well and always keep it in our mind.







A letter to my parents

Dear Mom and Dad,

I love you! I love you with all my heart! This letter to you is to tell you my true feelings from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you so much for bringing me up! Thank you so much for raising me. I know how hard you’ve worked during the past years. I can imagine how many difficulties and obstacles (障碍) you’ve conquered. I can imagine all the problems you have faced and all the sweat and tears you have shed to make my life better. I can fully understand what a huge responsibility it is to raise a child. You’ve been very patient with me. You’ve encouraged me and you’ve helped me. You’ve tried your hardest to give me the best things in life. You’ve made a lot of sacrifices and many difficult choices. I also know that you have great expectations (热切的期望) of me. You want me to be very successful and happy. You want me to be the best person I can be. You want me to do great things with my life. You want me to make the world a better place. I know you have so many hopes and dreams for my future.

Today I want to tell you something extremely important (极其重要的) .Today I want to tell you that you don’t need to worry about me anymore. I’m grown up! I will be responsible (负责任) for my life and for my future. I will study very hard. I will exercise every day to keep fit. I will read English every morning and every night. I will make the best use of every spare minute. I will be happy, confident, positive and energetic every day! I will develop good habits and use them to constantly improve myself. I will never do anything that would harm my body or my mind.




  亲爱的爸爸妈妈:   你们好! 

  时间真的好快,转眼间,我已经成长为一个十六岁的大姑娘了。在你们陪我度过的十六个春秋中,你们赠予我的经历与欢笑的场景不时在我眼前浮现,仔细想起来还真让人留恋。今天面对铺开的信纸,我酝酿已久的思绪,积蓄多时的情感,将尽情地挥洒。也许我的笔墨很糟糕,可邮差带去的将是对你们最真挚的情感,最朴实的感恩。   我深深地知道,没有阳光就没有日子的温暖;没有雨露就没有五谷的丰登;没有水源就没有生命的辉煌;没有你们的养育就没有长大的我。 





感言最深的是:人生不能重来,如果可以我会奋力拼搏,成为父母的骄傲!不过,请你们放心,以后我一定更加勤奋。虽然现在的我并不那么完美,我想你们的爱会一直支持我,那将是我最大的动力,我一定会努力提高自己的成绩,用最好成果报答你们的养育之恩。   谁言寸草心,报得三春晖。滴水之恩,涌泉相报。衔环结草,以报恩德。是的,这是我小时候学的一些词句。十六年的风风雨雨,让我的逐渐明白这些诗句所蕴涵的深刻含义,所彰现的人生哲理。爸爸妈妈,谢谢你们的养育之恩,也请你们放心,我会珍惜、努力、踏实地走好人生之路。   祝爸爸妈妈:   健康、快乐每一天!

To give parents a letter of gratitude in in

In in dear mom and Dad: in in in your good! In

In in time is really fast, blink of an eye, I have grown to a sixteen year old girl. In sixteen years you spent with me, you to experience with the laughter of my scene appeared in front of me from time to time, thinkup really memorable. Today the face of open letter, I have been brewing a long time thinking, savings for emotion, will enjoy huisa.Maybe my pen and ink is very bad, be the postman will bring to you isthe most sincere feelings, the most simple gratitude. In in in I deeplyknow no sun, no warmth of life; there is no rain no grain Fengdeng; no water is not a brilliant life; without your parenting is not I grew up. In

In in daughter to know, for my growing up, you really not easy. From small to large, always see you tired figure, hear your persuasive education, feel your care. Remember the primary school graduationclass at that time, in order to let me at ease study, admitted to a goodschool, every day I work from dawn to night school shuttle, constantlyencouraged me; her mother every day to elaborate delicious meals,counselling I learn. The top entrance examination pressure I deeplyknow, without the support of you behind me, I wouldn't be able to readat the famous local high school. I really thank you, dear mom and dad.In

After entering in in middle school, I know that my parents have great expectations of me. I can't grasp the opportunity, let you down, let mepay a heavy price. Looking back on the past,



Speech is the most: life can not be heavy, if can I will struggle,became the pride of his parents! However, please rest assured, I mustwork harder. Although I am not so perfect, I want your love will always support me, it will be my greatest motivation, I'll try to improve their performance, with the best results to repay you to raise graciousness.In in in who made grass-inch heart, reported in the apartments.Dripping grace, Yongquan phase newspaper. Pay a debt of gratitude,reported in favor of. Yes, this is my child learn words. Sixteen years ofgroundless talk, let me gradually understand profound meaningcontained in these verses, the show's philosophy of life. Mom and Dad, thank you to raise graciousness, also please rest assured, I will cherish, hard work, pragmatic and the road of life. In in in in in in I wish mom and Dad: healthy, happy every day!

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