初三毕业生用英语怎么说 初三毕业英语作文带翻译



初三毕业生用英语怎么说 初三毕业英语作文带翻译


I'm going to be a junior high school graduate



Ears with a song "friend life, those days no longer go. A word for a lifetime, life feeling a cup of wine. Friends never lonely, a friend you will understand. Sound still injured, and pain, but also go, and I......"Graduate from primary school, remembering the past, the good times, really screwed. After all the students have six years between the affection, together cry, laugh together, walked through a six years of ups......Six years of time seems to be was over in a flash. We were meant to be, but why are we met? Last spring outing on sports, and the last one, the last exam, one of the little things were that I remember, we each other cherish each other, treasure the friendship between each other.Fast graduation of time, the classroom was in the air of a kind of sad breath, everyone in silence express their love of the feeling of farewell party. The graduation ceremony forced out to smile in, shrouded by a faint dark clouds.Think of and classmates of day, how much I don't want to and they separated. Six years, and together they class, do the work, and together they play, play, and together they progress, experience setbacks. Laughter echoed in my ear side, their smiling face also emerge. How can I forget?In the six years of time, I had the blackboard background, the teacher for example, by students for partners, through six years of ups. Now to graduate, let us waved a hand to say good-bye. No amount of missing also change not to come back and students together day, no amount of miss also change not to come back with the joy of the us in, and in this miss before we happy time, to not accept the fact, will this missing into memory buried in the heart.The word "graduate" to make people happy and sadHappy because we entered into the middle school, as we entered, our knowledge also go forward one step, also means that we also grow up. Can enjoy those already yearning and the junior middle school life and experience to. Learning that into a deeper knowledge, enrich their knowledge base; And because we will speak with sad together six years of students apart.Teachers also said "there is day, someone outside the person," "diamond cuts diamond". We also don't know in secondary school and will meet what kind of things, in this new learning environment, have to students from each school naturally will have good results than you many superior. Then you can produce a kind of pressure of study, to be the lessons, learning to bond tightly a breath, because the junior middle school work also will increase, and the rest will be less and less. Have "panda eye" also increases the risk of sleep for class, students become more and more.By junior high my fears and sad and excitement will reality, we catch run out of time, the only time in this struggle.Goodbye, my dear students! Goodbye, my dear teacher. Goodbye, my dear Alma mater!!!!! Although we separately. But, I still have to continue to my life, I still try to, still have to struggle, for your dreams, for real, and that's it!!!!! Enter junior high school life, believe in yourself, tomorrow will be better! .翻译: 耳边回荡了一首歌“朋友一生一起走,那些日子不再有。一句话一辈子,一生情一杯酒.朋友不曾孤单过,一声朋友你会懂。还有伤,还有痛,还要走,还有我……” 小学毕业了,回想过去的美好时光,真的很舍不得。毕竟同学之间已有了六年的深情厚谊,一起哭过,一起笑过,一起走过了六年的风风雨雨…… 六年的光阴似乎在一瞬间就过去了。我们注定要分别,但是为什么还要我们相识呢?最后一次春游,最后一次开运动会,最后一次考试,其中的点点滴滴都使我记忆犹新,我们彼此珍惜对方,珍惜对方之间的友谊。 快毕业的时候,教室的空气中弥漫着一种伤感的气息,大家都在沉默中表达自己的依依惜别之感。毕业典礼上强行挤出来的笑容之中,笼罩着一层淡淡的阴云。 想起和同学相处的日子,我是多么不愿和他们分开.六年,和他们一起上课,做作业,和他们一起嬉戏,玩耍,和他们一起进步,经历挫折.欢声笑语回荡在我耳旁,他们的笑脸也不断涌现.我怎能忘记呢? 在这六年的时日里,我曾以黑板为背景,以老师为榜样,以同学为伙伴,走过六年的风风雨雨.如今要毕业了,让我们挥挥手说声再见。再多的思念也换不回来和同学在一起的日子,再多的想念也换不回来我们在一起的快乐,与其在这怀念我们以前快乐的时光,到不如接受事实,将这种思念变成回忆埋藏在心底。 “毕业”这个词语使人高兴又使人伤感 高兴是因为我们跨入中学,随着我们的跨入,我们的知识也向前走了一步,也意味着我们又长大了。能去享受那些早已向往又渴望的初中生活和体验。学习那些更深一层的知识,充实自己的知识宝库;伤感又是因为我们会跟在一起六年的同学分开。 老师们也说过“天外有天,人外有人”,“强中自有强中手”。我们也不知道在中学里又会遇到什么样的事情,在这陌生的学习环境中,有从各个学校来的学生自然而然会有比你成绩好许多的高手。到那时你就会产生一种学习压力,使自己被功课、学习压得紧紧的喘不过气来,由于到了初中作业量也随之增加,而休息时间也随之越来越少。有“熊猫眼”的机率也随之增多,上课会周公的同学们也越来越多. 到了初中我的担忧与伤感和兴奋也都会现实,我们抓住偷偷溜走的时间,在这仅有的时间里努力奋斗。 再见了,亲爱的同学们!再见了,亲爱的老师!再见了,亲爱的母校!虽然我们分别了。但是,我依然要继续我的生活,我依然要努力,依然要奋斗,为了梦想,为了现实,仅此而已!步入初中的生活,相信自己,明天会更好!。


I have been a junior three student


Dear 老师名字 After being in your class for years I feel that I have gained a knowledge of English literature that has allowed me to expand my mind and thus, improve the quality of my life. I thank you for your eternal patience and understanding in your dealings with me. You have made my time in school a more tolerable and pleasant experience. I will carry what I have learned from you with me for the rest of my life. Thank you again.


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