开家长会周记英语怎么写 开运动会英语


开家长会周记英语怎么写 开运动会英语


I'm wangNan,a student of No.1 Middle School. I have a gooa friend,Jim.He' an USA girl.We are both in Class Two,Grade Eight.She is 15 years old,one year older than me. We both study hard.I'm good at physices,but she's good at math.We often help each other with lessons.Both of us like helping others. We both like sports very much.Jim enjoy playing basketball.but Ilike palying soccer. She likes green but Ilike red. Tough we are different in my ways,we are good friends

英语作文 家长会

Parents will be

My goodness! On November 29, it will be parents! This is rather special, students come here to attend, head to increase feelings of parents and students.

I am a mother and to the teachers say 8:00 into the school, I had to get up 7:30, because not ring alarm clock is definitely too late, rushed to the school, then get up late, and schools have to sweat the .

Finally arrived at the classroom. Classmates laugh at me, let me unable to mind, they laugh at me with a balloon, has been too naive. I said: "What, did you play?" ... ...

First, parents will be the first stage: mathematics. Mathematical guess is the main topic, all of a sudden have to say right answer and must not be stopped, it can be difficult to us, but our efforts, or a customs clearance of an adopted.

Followed by a second stage: English. Can be difficult, but I have been through English classes, I was a "Southern Mr. Guo." In the beginning, as if I have any grudges against them spokesman, How are all of a sudden you, all of a sudden and how old are you, to answer all of a sudden we are victims of the answer to all of a sudden ... that ... people really can not stand,

... ...

Finally, as a result of the following is the parents, we can not affect the parents, so we bid farewell to the parents go through this, I feel the parents will be: the original parents will be very fun, is not terrible.





渐渐的,我向妈妈走去。一到跟前,我便迫不及待的问妈妈:“妈妈,老师都跟你们说了些什么?”妈妈细声细气的回答:“老师说,你们班早恋情况很明显。”。“哦,我知道了。我绝对不会早恋的,您放心吧。”我既小声又坚定地答道。 妈妈又认真的说:“成绩是还要提高的,老师也提议了:语文让你们多读书,多记笔记,把好的词语背下来。数学老师让你们自己检查作业,写作业既要快又要讲究质量。英语老师让你们每天抽出10—15分钟的时间来读英语。而且,我看了你的卷子,并不是你不会,而是你马虎。”我听了这些后,回答:“哦,我以后一定不马虎”,一定会养成老师们说的好习惯“。”嗯,我相信你。



This week I didn’t do many wonderful things.

I went to learn developing film with my classmates on July 1st. It was easy and we all got good marks.

On July 4th, I went to school to learn, because I will be a junior three student soon. We would have to learn some lessons in advance. The weather was very hot. But I didn’t feel that learning lessons was boring. Some teachers are new. They are good I think, although they are all looked strict. And the lessons were not too bad.

This week was the beginning of this summer holiday, but it was really typical .





Mostly, I went to school to have lessons this week. It was hard but we must experience, wasn’t it?

But on Saturday I finished my first learning. And the second learning will begin on Aug 1st. I can have a break and do what I want to do.

On Saturday I went shopping. Indeed I didn’t buy many things. I just wanted to relax.

And then I played on the computer, sang , watched TV, etc. I just wanted to amuse myself.

I went to swim on Sunday, although I didn’t swim very well. I felt cool during this hot time. I also played with my mother. She couldn’t swim so I taught her. I sometimes played a trick on her. I had a good time there.






This week I mostly stayed at home and did some homework.

Last Saturday HP6 had just come out. And many Harry Potter fans went to buy it. I did’t buy it because it was too expensive, but I downloaded it on the Internet. It was in English. Many people went on translating as soon as the book came out. I also took part in it and became a part of the translating group. From this group, I first realized that my English was so poor. I needed to look up in the dictionary all the time. It was really troublesome. But I withheld and withheld. I had translated many paragraphs. I was the youngest among the translators, but I didn’t feel there was much pressure. This work was hard but I really felt happy. We had already finished nearly 20 chapters.



I went to the Forest Park with my old friend this Thursday. Although it was hot, we had a wonderful time there. We played a lot, such as corsair, bumper cars, Arabian Flying Blanket and so on. We felt excited indeed. That day was also my friend’s birthday. I bought a comic strip for her because she likes cartoon very much. She also invited me to her new flat to play. At last she gave me a heart made of crystal. She really moved me.

On Sunday afternoon our translating group had finally finished all chapters! I was really excited. Although our translation was not very fluent and nice, even a little abrupt, it was our outcome. It was our effort. When I saw my name on the heroic translator list, I was really proud of myself我去了森林公园与我的老朋友本星期四。虽然炎热,我们有一个美好的时间。我们打了许多,如海盗船,碰碰车,阿拉伯飞行毯等等。我们感到高兴的。这一天也是我的朋友的生日。我买了连环画的她,因为她非常喜欢漫画。她还邀请我到她的新单位的作用。最后,她给了我一个水晶制成的心脏。她非常感动。



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