英国美食英文介绍ppt 英式食物介绍(英文版)


英国美食英文介绍ppt 英式食物介绍(英文版)


英国美食《威尔士兔子》是一种涂着酱汁的烤面包片。 它所用的酱计由切达奶酪, 麦芽酒、芥末酱、辣椒、奶油蛋黄酱等制成。把面包片先刷上黄油, 再烤,最后淋上酱汁,就成了美味可口的《威尔士兔子》!

《威尔士兔子》最早出现在18世纪的英国,是一种传统的三明治。 传说是这样的:当年威尔士农民的生活很悲惨, 当地贵族对不允许他们捕猎野兔。 农民们工作很辛苦, 想吃兔肉又没有。只好把干酪融化, 代替兔肉解馋。

British cuisine "Welsh rabbit" is a toast coated with sauce. It is made of cheddar,malt, mustard, peppers, mayonnaise and the like. The bread first brush butter, then roasted, and finally topped sauce, it became delicious "Welsh rabbit"!

The "Welsh rabbit" first appeared in the 18th century England, is a traditional sandwich. The legend is this: when Welsh peasants lived a miserable life, local aristocracy did not allow them to hunt hares. Farmers work very hard, want to eat rabbit without. Had to melt the cheese, instead of rabbit meat greedy.


全体乳猪 Roast whole suckling pig

  特色五福拼盘 Special five varieties

  葡国碳烧肉Portuguese roast pork

  脆皮靓烧鸡Crispy chicken

  湛江皇后水晶鸡Zhanjiang Crystal chicken

  金牌回香鸡Golden tasty chicken

  盐香脆皮鸡Salty crispy chicken

  高州葱油先鸡Gaozhou style shallot favour Chicken

  蜜汁碳烧*烧Honey charcoal pork

  碳烧靓排骨Charcoal spare ribs

  骨香乳鸽Tasty baby pigeon

  锦绣烧味拼盘Assorted barbecue meat



In 1066, William, duke of Normandy of France, succeeded to the English throne.


Brought the brilliant French and Italian food culture, laying the foundation for the traditional English cuisine.


However, limited by geographical and natural conditions, Britain's agriculture is not very developed, food imports every year.


And British people are not as gastronomic as the French, so British food is relatively simple.


The British also mock themselves for not being good at cooking.


But the English breakfast is more rich, English afternoon tea is particularly rich and delicate.


In Britain, the Christmas meal is very important. It often lasts for eight to nine hours, and the trumpets are blown for each course.


At the earliest time, the English were very particular about eating roast peacocks, and later they changed to roast geese.


It wasn't eaten until after the 16th century, and it continues to this day.


British food is relatively simple, but the British food breakfast is very big, known as the "big breakfast".

(英式菜相对来说比较简单,但英式菜早餐却很丰盛,素有“big breakfast”即丰盛早餐的美称。)






英国是属于西欧各国其中之一,它的地理位置于欧陆西侧的大西洋上,其纬度在50度N 以北,因受北大西洋洋流的调节及西风终年的吹拂,成为冬暖夏凉,终年有雨的温带海洋性气候。主要发展有:栽种饲料作物及牧草,并发展酪农业,但是,由於其本身的食粮及畜牧产品均不足以自给,需要依赖进口,因此,使其在料理烹调上多少都受到外来资讯的响影。不过,英国本身是个历史、文化悠久的国家,所以他们在料理上多少还是保留了原有的传统饮食习惯及烹调技于巧 

照理来说:英国人一般较喜爱的烹饪方式有:烩、烧烤、煎和 油炸。对肉类、海鲜、野味的烹调均有独到的方式;然而,他们 对牛肉类方面又有特别的偏好,如烧烤牛肉(ROASTED BEEF), 在食用时不仅附上时令的蔬菜、烤洋芋,还会在牛排上加上少许 的芥茉酱;在佐料的使用上则喜好奶油及酒类;在香料上则喜好肉寇、肉桂等新鲜香料。

  较为人知的英国料理菜名有:牛肉腰子派(STEAK KIDNEY PIE)、炸鱼排(ENGLISH FISH CHIP)、皇家奶油鸡(CHICKEN A LA KING)等。英国人喜欢狩猎,在一年只有一次的狩猎期中,就有许多的饭店或餐厅会推出野味大餐,如野鹿(VENISON)、野兔(HARE)、雉鸡(PHEASANT)、野山羊(WILDSHEEP)等的烹调。而一般烹调野味时,均采用些杜松子或浆果及酒,此做法是为了去除食物本身的膻腥味。


  而时下所流行的下午茶(HIGH TEA)也是传来自于英国,其较知名的有维多莉亚式VICTORIAN STYLE),内容可说是包罗万象,包括各式小点、松糕、水果挞(TARTE)及三明治等。




Britain is one of Western European countries, its location on the west side of the Atlantic continental, its 50 degrees N latitude in the north, due to the regulation of the North Atlantic ocean currents and westerly winds blowing throughout the year, a cool, temperate maritime climate with rain throughout the year. Major developments are: planted forage crops and pasture, and the development of dairy farming, but because of their own food and livestock products are not self-sufficiency, to rely on imports, so much so that the dishes are cooked by external information on the ring shadow . However, the UK itself is a historical, cultural history of the country, so how much food they still retain the old tradition of eating habits and cooking skills in clever

Logically speaking: the British are generally more popular way of cooking: braise, grill, fried and fried. Of meat, seafood, game has a unique way of cooking; However, they have beef in special preferences, such as barbecue beef (ROASTED BEEF), when the food is not only accompanied by seasonal vegetables, baked potato, also will add a little mustard on steak sauce; the use of the sauce is like butter and wine; the spices on the meat like Kou, cinnamon and other fresh spices.

Better known British food dish are: beef, kidneys sent (STEAK KIDNEY PIE), fried fish row (ENGLISH FISH CHIP), Royal cream of chicken (CHICKEN A LA KING) and so on. British like hunting, hunting in only once a year period, there are many hotels and restaurants will launch a game dinner, such as deer (VENISON), rabbits (HARE), pheasant (PHEASANT), goat (WILDSHEEP) such as cooking. And general cooking game, the berries are used or some gin and wine, this practice is to remove the smell of mutton smell the food itself.

They are very particular about breakfast, but oh! British restaurants in the supply of a wide variety of meals, have fruit juice, fruit, eggs, meat, wheat porridge, bread, jam and coffee.

And nowadays the popular afternoon tea (HIGH TEA) is passed from the United Kingdom, there are more well-known Victoria-style VICTORIAN STYLE), the content can be said to be all-inclusive, including all kinds of small points, sponge cake, fruit tarts ( TARTE) and sandwiches.

Granted, dinner for the British daily life is also the most important part, they usually choose to dine late, and they are eating drinkin talk, to promote friendship between the meals can be imagine that they are highly autonomous nation, and a dinner for them, may take several for hours!

Scotch whiskey or gin are these wines are known to the public have come from it. In the UK local, there will be many people who love to drink, mainly because: it is itself a wine producing countries.

You know: the British spend on alcohol than on other expenditures also to the many.


Attaches great importance to the traditional British table manners who understand these may be regarded as the details of many educated people here and briefly explain the need for the rest of the British in the practice of exchange of experience and learning

Knife and fork placement

Dinner for eight shaped, half-way if the temporary dining rest for a short knife and fork points can put a plate and fork blade tip relative to "A" shape or "eight"-shaped, knife toward himself, that still continue to eat . If you are talking, you can hold knife and fork, no need to go, but need to make gestures, it should be put down knife and fork, do not be armed with knife and fork, waving in the air shaking. It should be noted, regardless of any time, can not be the end of the knife and fork on the plate, on the other end on the table. In addition to cooking knife and fork open your mouth, there is another very important function: to convey a knife and fork placement means "eat in" or "end of the meal," the message. The waiter is based on this information to judge the guests dining situation, and whether to pack the table for the next service, so I hope to remember the correct way of cutlery placement. With particular attention to the blade side to face their own. After the meal, you can fork up the following, a knife and fork close together within the lateral blade, placed in parallel on the plate. The next placement method is divided into British and French, both in what way can, but the most commonly used is the French: as far as possible within the handle into the plate, so avoid touching the fall because of the service Health is also easier to clean up. Attended the wedding banquet takes, no matter how the plate put into a "dining in" position, as long as the main guests end of the meal, they should immediately put away all dishes. So dinner, remember tailor the center of the main guests. At the banquet, each dish with a knife and fork, knife and fork on before us is to turn inward from outside access, because the order is placed knife and fork for each dish served order. Used knives and forks, and serving also to an end. Way need to talk or rest, they should be fork shaped flat frame was 8 on both sides of the plate; the other hand, knife and fork handle facing you tie on a plate, then the dishes have been properly used, the waiter will bring the plate removed. Appetizer or dessert, etc., if it is directly crossed his food dish with a fork, no need to deliberately use the knife must. Within the family dinner or a relaxed dinner with friends, like salad or egg board like soft food, you can only use a fork meal. But in a formal banquet on the use of knives and forks, give people a more elegant and neat feeling. In addition, in Europe you can often see people right hand fork, the left hand is holding a bread meal. No matter how neat elegant eat, so eat only at home or in popular stores, and in the senior restaurant is absolutely not work. Not used the knife, it can be stood on the table, the waiter will automatically be taken away.

Take knife and fork method

2 a group with knife and fork for the official use of the right hand with a knife, his left hand fork, knife used for cutting food, fork for the delivery of food imports. It should be noted, fork and spoon can be imported, but the knife can not be placed in the mouth, regardless of whether there is food on it. Take the fork method is to hold the fork in the back of index finger extension. In addition to holding the same knife and fork method, it can grip tightly with your thumb and index finger with the blade shank junction. Ke Yi food choices easier way to dine. Thumb up against the side, then the index finger straight, press and hold the knife in the back, respectively, the clamping force. This is the eat meat dishes or hard to use when cooking method. Thumb and index finger to pinch the hilt and blade junction, the other fingers and then gently hold back the knife, fork and take the same rule. This is food to eat fish dishes or soft when used. If all the fingers hold it, would undermine the overall balance, grip using thumb and index finger tips is to take a knife and fork. Spoon sauce over French cuisine in a unique tableware. While the former already exists, but only recently becoming more common. Period of time, the French cuisine in a thick sauce than popular, even with a knife can also be made condiments and sauces, but then the more popular light sauces, so in order to obtain seasoning sauces, seasonings had to be modified again with a spoon . When the sauce with a spoon or knife with a spoon instead of when the spoon to the right hand, left hand fork. Rules and hold a pen grip spoon the same way. Cut with a spoon with a seasoning of food, the grip and the same knife. But take seasoning sauce, the grip rule to take law with the same spoon. Good food, after all, the dish will be cooking with the sauce from the food with the spoon.

After all the good you can cut to the right hand fork to eat it? If the atmosphere is more relaxed at home or store, this is not related, but the best restaurant in the high to avoid. In the senior restaurant, will fork to the right hand for eating, the same is desirable. Not accustomed to using his left hand fork, may be very difficult, but once the flexibility to use it, to appreciate better the fun of dining.

The use of knives and forks

Knives and forks have different specifications, according to different uses, the size of its dimensions are different. When eating meat, whether or not to use knife, large knife to be used. Salad, dessert or some appetizers, the use medium knife, fork or spoon the size of the general change with the knife.

After cooking and serve the basic movements, which is "the right hand with a knife cut, and then crossed his left hand fork to food." To the left fork to suppress dishes, fixed, along the side of a fork to knife to about one-size dishes, the forks can be crossed his dishes directly into the mouth, it simply is "to fork and then to suppress knife to open. "

Knife and fork on both sides of the elbow is too high, the angle is too large, and was upright; Conversely, if the elbow was down too low, the state will fork, so there is no way to properly cut the cooking. The shoulder and wrist relaxed, his arms do not open, the angle of the knife and the plate kept at 15 .

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