六年级英语资料大全 六年级英语复习资料


六年级英语资料大全 六年级英语复习资料


牛津小学英语4B词汇句型归纳-%AUnit. 1%Anew 新的 a student 一名学生%Awelcome 欢迎 a teacher 一名教师%Aour 我们的 a nurse 一名护士%Aa school 一所学校 a boy 一名男孩%Aa tree 树 a girl 一名女孩%Aclimb 爬 a man 一个男人 (复:men)%Asir 先生 a woman 一个妇女 (复:women)%Aagain 下一次 a doctor 一名医生%Athank you 谢谢你 come down 下来%Athat boy 那个男孩 let me see 让我看看%AExcuse me ! 对不起 climb trees 爬树%Ain the tree 在树上 come here 过来%AYou’re right 你是对的 over there 在那边%AWho’s that….? He’s / She’s….. He’s / She’s a ….%AWho’s that man? He’s Mr Brown. He’s a doctor%AAre you a …? Yes, I am. / No, I’m not.%AAre you a teacher? No, I’m not. I’m a doctor.%A Unit 2%Agrandfather 祖父,外祖父 hair 头发%Agrandmother 祖母,外祖母 a head 一个头 %Afather 父亲 an eye 一只眼睛%Amother 母亲 an ear 一个耳朵%Abrother 兄弟 a nose 一只鼻子%Asister 姐妹 a mouth 一个嘴巴%Aevening 晚上 late 晚的%Awith 具有…的特征 party 聚会%Awhite 白色 hurry 赶快%Askirt 短裙 friend 朋友%Agood evening 晚上好 that girl 那个女孩%Athe boy with big eyes 大眼睛的那个男孩 %Athe girl with a small mouth小嘴巴的那个女孩%Awhich one 哪一个%Athe one in the white skirt 穿白短裙的那一个%Athe girl in the white skirt 穿白短裙的那个女孩%Alet’s hurry 让我们快点 in the car 在小汽车里%Awe’re late for the party. 我们聚会迟到了。%AWho’s the …...with…? He’s / She’s my….%AWho’s the boy with a big mouth? He’s my brother.%AIs that…… your……? Which one? The one in the…….. %AYes, he / she is. No, he / she isn’t.%AIs that man your father? Which one? The one in the black coat. No, he isn’t.%A Unit 3%A a policeman 一名警察 (复:policemen) a worker 一名工人 %A a policewoman 一名女警察 (复:policewomen) a cook 一名厨师%A a waiter 一名男服务员 a farmer 一位农民 %A a waitress 一名女服务员(复:waitresses) an engineer 一名工程师%Aa driver 一名驾驶员 a postman 一名邮递员(复:postmen)%Ajob 工作 they 他(她,它)们%Ahow 怎么样,如何 their 他(她,它)们的%Acold 冷的 red 红色的%Atoday 今天 sweater 毛衣%Aold 老的 about 大约%Asixty 六十 guess 猜 eighty 八十%Amy name 我的名字 your job 你的工作 %Ahow old 多大,几岁 their jobs 他们的工作%Alook at that old woman 看那年老的妇女 about sixty 大约六十%AI 我 I am = I’m 我是 my 我的%AYou 你 You are = You’re 你是 your 你的%AHe 他 He is = He’s 他是 his 他的%AShe 她 She is = She’s 她是 her 她的%AThey 他(她,它)们 They are = They’re 他(她,它)们 their 他们的%AWho am I ? 我是谁? How old am I ? 我几岁? You’re …%AWho are you? 你是谁? How old are you? 你几岁? I’m ….%AWho is he? 他是谁? How old is he ? 他几岁? He’s….%AWho is she? 她是谁? How old is she ? 她几岁? She’s….%AWho is Nancy? 南茜是谁? How old is Nancy? 南茜几岁? She’s….%AWho is the boy with big eyes? How old is the boy with big eyes ? He’s……%AWho are they? 他们是谁? How old are they ? 他们几岁? They’re….%AWhat’s my name? 我叫什么名字?What’s my job? 我做什么工作? You’re a…%AWhat’s your name? 你叫什么名字?What’s your job? 你做什么工作?I’m a……%AWhat’s his name? 他叫什么名字? What’s his job? 他做什么工作? He’s a….%AWhat’s her name? 她叫什么名字? What’s her job? 她做是什么工作? She’s a….%AWhat’s your father’s name? 你父亲叫什么名字?What’s your father’s job? He’s a….%AWhat are their names?他们叫什么?What are their jobs? 他们做什么工作?They’re…..%AWhat do you want to be? I want to be a/ an…..%A Unit 4%A an apple 一只苹果 a pineapple 一只菠萝%A an orange 一只橘子 a lemon 一只柠檬%A a banana 一只香蕉 a strawberry 一只草莓(复:strawberries)%A a peach 一只桃子(复:peaches) a mango 一只芒果(复:mangoes) %A a grape 一个葡萄 a watermelon 一只西瓜%A a pear 一只梨 some 一些%A these 这些 many 许多%A those 那些 kilo 公斤,千克%A good 好的 great 好极了%Ahow many 多少 some apples 一些苹果%A the red one 红色的那个 these or those 这些还是那些?%A Can I help you? 我能帮助你吗?(你要点什么)%A What are these / those ? They’re …%A What are these ? They’re apples. → Are these apples? Yes, they are.%A What are those ? They’re oranges. → Are those oranges? No, they aren’t.%A They’re teachers. → Are they teachers?%A What would you like? I’d like……%A I’d like some … ,please. How many kilos? … kilo(s) , please. Here you are.%A I’d like some apples,please. How many kilos? Tow kilos, please. Here you are.%A Unit 6%A a station 一座火车站 by train 坐(乘)火车 %A a supermarket 一家超市 by plane坐(乘)飞机%A a library 一座图书馆 by metro坐(乘)地铁%A an airport 一座机场 by motorcycle坐(乘)摩托车%A a hospital 一家医院 by minibus 坐(乘)小型公交车%A a theatre 一座剧院 by taxi 坐(乘)出租车 %Alate 晚的,迟的 by bus 坐(乘)公交车%Afree 空闲的 on foot 步行%Ago to the theatre 去剧院 go there 去那里%AAre you free now? 你现在空吗? Good idea. 好主意%ALet’s go by taxi. 我们乘出租车去 How do we go there? 我们怎么去那?%A How do you go to school? 你怎么去上学的?%AShall we go to…by…? All right. ? OK.%AShall we go to the library by minibus? All right.%AShall we go to Xi’an by plane? No. How do we go there? Let’s go there by train.%AIs this(that)…for…?%AIs this train for the library? Yes, it, is.%AIs that plane for Shanghai? No, it isn’t.%A Unit 7%Aa pie 一个馅饼 a sandwich 一个三明治(复:sandwiches)%A a hamburger 一个汉堡包 chips 薯条%A sweets 糖果 biscuits 饼干%A noodles 面条 chocoloate 巧克力%Atea 茶 coffee 咖啡%Ajuice 果汁 (apple juice苹果汁)milk 牛奶%Ahungry 饿的 thirsty 渴的%Abasketball 篮球 bread 面包%Awater 水 move 移动%Asome chips 一些薯条 something to drink?来点喝的如何%Aanything else 还要其他什么? A cup of tea 一杯茶%Ahow much 多少钱 play basketball 打篮球%AI can’t move 我动不了 It’s late 晚了,不早了%ASee the doctor 看医生 I don’t want to…我不想(做某事)%Ahave a sandwich 吃三明治 some ice cream一些冰淇淋%AWhat can you see in the picture? 在图片里你能看见什么?%AWhat would you like? I’d like…..%AWhat would you like? I’d like some milk%AHow much is it? It’s…..yuan How much is the….? It’s….yuan.%AHow much are they? They are…..yuan. %AHow much are the….? They are….yuan.%A Unit 8%Aa chair 一张椅子 a blackboard 一块黑板%Aa noticeboard 一块布告板 a computer 一台电脑%Aa picture 一张图片 a bookcase 一个书柜%Aa tape recorder 一个录音机 a music room 一间音乐房%Aan office 一间办公室 a playground 一个操场%Aour 我们的 big 大的%Abright 明亮的 classroom 教室%Apiano 钢琴 window 窗户%Asongbook 歌本 near 在…附近%AT-shirt 体恤衫 map 地图%Asmart 时髦的,好看的 word 单词%Athem 他们(宾格) open 打开%Asometimes 有时候 our classroom 我们的教室 %Ain your classroom 在你教室里 near the window 在窗户旁%Alots of 许多 I love China 我爱中国%AWhat’s in/on/ near…..? There’s / There are……….%AWhat’s in your desk? There’s a tape recorder. 在你课桌里有什么?有一台录音机%AWhat’s near the classroom? There are some bikes. 在教室旁有什么?有些自行车。%AThere is a tape recorder in your desk. 在课桌里有一台收音机。%AThere are some bikes near the classroom. 在教室旁有些自行车。%AI’ve got…. 我有…. I’ve got a new toy. 我有一个新玩具。%A Unit 9%Aa knife 一把小刀 a fork 一把叉子%Aa plate 一个盘子 a bowl 一只碗 (a bowl of noodles一碗面)%Aa cup一只杯子 ( a cup of tea) a bottle 一个瓶子 ( a bottle of water 一瓶水)%Aa spoon 一把勺子 a glass 一个玻璃杯 ( a glass of juice)%Aa cupboard 一个碗柜 a pair of chopsticks 一副筷子%Arice 米饭 (some rice) bread 面包 (some bread)%Abreakfast 早饭 table 桌子 %Amilk 牛奶 fridge 冰箱%Atry 试 use 用%Aright 对 dinner 正餐%AWhat’s for breakfast? 早饭吃什么?in the cupboard 在碗柜里%AI’d like to try 我想试试 let me try again 让我再试试%Awatch me 看(观察)我 use chopsticks 使用筷子%AWhere’s / Where are the / my …? It’s / They’re…%AWhere’s my glass? It’s on the table. Where’s the chair? It’s near the desk.%AWhere are my glasses? They’re on the table. %AWhere are the chairs? They’re near the desk.%AThere’s no…in / on / near….%AThere’s no teacher in the office.%AThere’s no spoon on the plate.




Swallows may have gone, but there is a time of return; willow trees may have died back, but there is a time of regreening; peach blossoms may have fallen, but they will bloom again. Now, you the wise, tell me, why should our days leave us, never to return? - If they had been stolen by someone, who could it be? Where could he hide them? If they had made the escape themselves, then where could they stay at the moment?


1.A bad beginning

makes a bad ending.


2.A bad thing never dies.


3.A bad workman always blames his tools.


4.A bird in the hand is worth than two in the bush.一鸟在手胜过双鸟在林。

5.A boaster and a liar are cousins-german.吹


6.A bully is always a coward.


my mother

With b cry of joy ,I was born into the world.Tears rolled down my mother's cheeks .She smiled,and kissed me again and again, so tenderly and so lovingly.

Through my mother's love ,I grew up quickly.When I began learning to walk ,I fell constantly.Whenever I did so ,it was my mother who picked me up and encouraged me to try again.When I had difficulty learning to speak for the first time in my life ,it was also my mother who helped me so patiently.

However this was not enough.More importantly,she also gave me moral guidance.So many fairy tales,which she had read to me ,like "Cinderella,""Alice in the Wonderland," and "Sleeping Beauty," made me realize at an early age ,what was right and what was wrong, and how I should and should not behave.

I wish my mother and all the mothers in the whole world happiness and health throughout their entire lives.

$1 meets $20

A one-dollar bill met a twenty-dollar bill and said, "Hey, where have you been? I haven't seen you around here much."

A onThe twenty answered, "I've been hanging out at the casinos, went on a cruise and did the rounds of the ship, back to the United States for a while, went to a couple of baseball games, to the mall, that kind of stuff. How about you?"

A onThe one dollar bill said, "You know, same old stuff - church, church, church.


Houyi (see further on the story Houyi She Ri), seeking perpetual youth, obtained the elixir of immortality from Queen Mother of the West who lived in the Kunlun Mountains. Returning to his palace, he confided the good news to his wife Chang'e, a lady graceful of carriage and unparalleled of beauty, very much loved by her husband.

One day, when Houyi was out, Chang'e secretly swallowed the potion in the hope that she would become immortal. The result was quite unexpected: she felt herself becoming light, so light that she flew up in spite of herself, drifting and floating in the air, until she reached the palace of the moon.

She is regarded by later generations as the goddess of the moon.

This beautiful story has always been liked by the Chinese and provides a favourite allusion for poets and writers.

Chairman Mao Zedong's poem in memory of his martyred wife Yang Kaihui has these well - known lines:

The lonely moon goddess spreads her ample sleeves

To dance for these loyal souls in infinite space.Here, in the Chinese original, the name Chang'e is used instead of "moon goddess".

The figure of Chang'e, a beauty dressed in the elegant garments of a bygone age floating towards the moon, naturally supplies

unending inspiration for painters and sculptors.

Christmas, annual Christian holiday commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. Most members of the Roman Catholic Church and followers of Protestantism celebrate Christmas on December 25, and many celebrate on the evening of December 24 as well. Members of the Eastern Orthodox Church usually delay their most important seasonal ceremonies until January 6, when they celebrate Epiphany, a commemoration of the baptism of Jesus. Epiphany also traditionally commemorates the arrival of the Three Wise Men of the East in Bethlehem (near Jerusalem, Israel), where they adored the infant Jesus and presented him with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. The official Christmas season, popularly known as either Christmastide or the Twelve Days of Christmas, extends from the anniversary of Christ’s birth on December 25 to the feast of Epiphany on January 6.

Christmas is based on the story of Jesus’ birth as described in the Gospel according to Matthew (see Matthew 1:18-2:12) and the Gospel according to Luke (see Luke 1:26-56). Roman Catholics first celebrated Christmas, then known as the Feast of the Nativity, as early as 336 ad. The word Christmas entered the English language sometime around 1050 as the Old English phrase Christes maesse, meaning “festival of Christ.” Scholars believe the frequently used shortened form of Christmas—Xmas—may have come into use in the 13th century. The X stands for the Greek letter chi, an abbreviation of Khristos (Christ), and also represents the cross on which Jesus was crucified.

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Big Ben in London - as a sign and symbol of the United Kingdom, Big Ben enormous and magnificent, weight 13.5 tons, four 10-minute surface area of two square meters. Big Ben from 1859 on the London City newspaper, has nearly a century and a half, although this time Ben had twice split and re-chips. Now the Big Ben bell is still clear and beautiful.

[Parliament building - built on the River Thames parliament building is a British political center. It not only looks Majestic, the internal ornate, and the building structure and interior design can also fully embodies the world's oldest monarchy form of government. It is said that the British Parliament meeting, the king should sit on the throne of the King of the House of Lords, but the Prime Minister and needed to enter the House of Commons from their seats, ordinary citizens can also be in the public gallery to watch parliamentary process.

[Westminster - Westminster is the British Royal Institute, the European one of the most beautiful churches. Westminster after the completion of a British coronation ceremony of King places. It is a magnificent Gothic church, regardless of its construction in the world history, but also in Britain over the past nine long years of the century, all of the pivotal position. British members of the royal family, politicians, celebrities and religious circles have a lot of famous poet buried in here.

[Buckingham Palace - Since the 19th century, the British royal family's Buckingham Palace venue. Although the palace is the room most of the royal family by the staff of living here is still a symbol of the royal family. Buckingham Palace on the plaza in front of a beautiful Queen Victoria monument.

Buckingham Palace Square, London tourists is the most concentrated areas, a defender of the daily noon 11:30 Changing of the (October to May for the next day). Although the exchange of keys is now a pure ceremony, but the soldiers of the Royal style of movement and the military band performed the exchange kept flashing a shutter sound.

[Downing Street on the 10th - Downing Street on the 10th of the British Prime Minister's official residence. In addition to the entrance of a police standing guard outside, not from here and see other differences between the residential streets, but it is the world's highest rates of Chujing entrance.

[Tower Bridge and the Tower of London - a consistent Gothic style, has been a century of history. Bridge design will enable the power to open the bridge deck, the ship smoothly over the past. Now London Bridge on the River Thames to become a magnificent King, Tower Bridge itself has become a scenery of the River Thames to enjoy the good place.

[London] almost the history of the Millennium Tower of London, its role is constantly changing: Castle, the Royal Palace, the treasure-house, the powder keg, Mint, prisons, the zoo now London tourist spots.

Central London known as the Castle Baita, is the first of the royal family residence. It is said that tower 15 feet thick wall, an impenetrable. In the tradition of the royal family remained here so far, dressed in traditional costumes of the day at the Royal Kings guard key handover ceremony. Some of the most precious supplies of the royal family are also on display here, will enable visitors eye-opening.

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