关于英语听力的英语作文 如何提高听力水平英语作文


关于英语听力的英语作文 如何提高听力水平英语作文


Sound waves acting on the hearing organs, so feel excited and cause the auditory nerve cells, the impulse to release the incoming information, by all levels of auditory sensations caused by the analysis. Hearing is second only to the important sense of the visual channel. It is in man's life played a significant role.External ear canal sound waves transmitted through the media, and then reached the tympanic membrane. Tympanic membrane vibration transmitted through the inner ear ossicles, the cochlea to stimulate the ciliated cells arise within the nerve impulses. Nerve impulses along the auditory nerve auditory cortex reached the center to form a hearing.

The sound source - auricular (collection acoustic) - the external auditory canal (to sound through) - tympanic membrane (to convert sound waves into vibrations) - Cochlear (to convert vibrations into nerve impulses) - the auditory nerve (impulse transmission) - the brain auditory Hub (the formation of hearing)

Sound waves reach the eardrum through the external auditory canal, tympanic membrane caused by vibration. Tympanic membrane vibrations through the auditory ossicles but also conveyed to the vestibular window (oval window), so that vestibular membrane transfer window, caused by vestibular first-order foreign lymphatic vibration, and thus in the endolymphatic cochlear duct, basilar membrane, spiral, etc. have taken place in the opposite vibration .

At the junction of the cochlear nucleus, the replacement neurons (second-class neurons), the issue of the composition of fiber transverse to the contralateral trapezoid body, upward in the brain via the exchange of inferior colliculus neurons (third level neurons) cochlear endolymphatic vibrations occur caused hearing, called bone conduction. Bone conduction extremely sensitive to sound the feelings of normal people mainly rely on air conduction.

Responsible for external and middle ear sound conduction the role of the lesions occur in these areas caused by hearing loss, known as conductive hearing loss, such as hearing loss caused by chronic otitis media. Parts of the inner ear and the auditory nerve lesions caused by hearing loss. Known as nerve deafness. Certain drugs such as streptomycin can damage the auditory nerve caused by tinnitus, deafness, so be careful when using these drugs.

Under normal circumstances, the auditory stimulation is the appropriate frequency to 16 - 20000 times / sec (Hz) sound waves, also known as audible sound. However, different ages, their hearing is not the same scope. For example: a child can hear 30000 - 40000 Hz sound waves over the age of 50 can only hear 13,000 Hz sound waves. Most people below 16 Hz and 20,000 Hz sound waves above, it is difficult to hear. When the sound intensity over 140 db, the sound is no longer cause hearing, but the tenderness perception.声波的听觉器官采取行动,因此感到振奋,并导致听觉神经细胞,释放的冲动,传入的信息,通过分析所造成的听觉感受各级。听觉是仅次于视觉通道的重要意义。它在人类的生活发挥了重要作用。


声源 - 耳廓(收集声波) - 外耳道(健全通过) - 鼓膜(转化为声波振动) - 耳蜗(转换成神经脉冲振动) - 听神经(脉冲传输) - 的脑干听觉中枢(形成的听证会)







在正常情况下,听觉刺激,是适当的频率为16 - 20000次/秒(赫兹)的声波,也被称为可听见的声音。但是,不同的年龄,他们的听力是不一样的范围。例如:一个孩子能听到30000 - 超过50岁4.0万赫兹的声波只能听到13,000赫兹的声波。低于16赫兹和20大多数人,




Dear Zhang Hua,

It’s three months since I heard from you last time. Now I want to tell you an impressive story happened on my first lesson.

On hearing the bell, students ran into the classroom as quickly as they can. But a boy, Li Ming, whose father died a month ago, was late for the class. He stood outside the classroom, silently. I smiled to him and let him came in. After a while, he cried on his desk. Then I walked to him and asked what had happened .He told me that his mother was ill and he had to take some medicine for her. At the same time, he apologized to me for his lateness. Moved by his words, I praised him for his deeds and decided to sing a song named “Mother” for the students. How time flies! Class was over before I realized it.

From the story I felt we should respect our parents and do our best to help them. Do you think so? I’m looking forward to your reply.

Yours truly,

Li Hong




Hearing the importance of not self-evident, students should raise the level of hearing, first of all, a solid foundation in grammar and vocabulary certain; Second, we must pay attention to the following questions:

1. Change the traditional way of word memory

Most of the students word memory is the traditional way, simply by writing spelling words in mind. Remember the written spelling, listening, Gendu and repeatedly read out is very necessary, on the one hand guarantee the correct pronunciation, on the other hand, can be heard familiar words.

2. Attention and often read aloud

And often read aloud to contribute to the hearing.

3. Jing and Fan Ting listen to combine

There are two advantages of fine listening to: (1) can focus on the promotion (2) to raise the awareness level of language forms, and details that do dictation, can improve the correct rate. At the same time, we can not focus only on fine listen to the neglect of the Fanting. Through Fanting not only can get more information and knowledge, but also help to improve the tone of voice, listening to expand vocabulary.

4. Listening material diversification

We all know that to raise the level of hearing only 1-2 per week of listening class is not enough, in extra-curricular will take the initiative to find some material to practice hearing, but many people in the hearing of non-selective, or just personal preferences Listening materials, such things are often reactive and a half times, although spent a lot of time, but little progress.










关于提高英语听力和口语的英语作文带翻译 120字左右

Learning English just like learning any other foreigh language, is hard work so you should spend time practicing using English for communication. Besides, you should listening to English radio programmes and attending English debbates and speech contests. What's more, be patient and confident. Don't be shy and don't be afraid of making mistakes. We must understand that mistakes are unavoidable. A saying goes" Failure will blossom into success." So be patient with your mistakes and try to awoid them other time. I believe" practice makes perfect". So why not try to speak English as often as you can.


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