英国十大美食英文介绍 英国著名美食英文介绍


英国十大美食英文介绍 英国著名美食英文介绍


Americans to eat Western-oriented, under normal circumstances, like to eat breakfast and a variety of fruit sugar Folder oil pancake ham, bread, salt and pepper in small, the volume Huotui Dan, milk, coffee, yogurt, jam, and so on, afternoon and evening so that the two Meals using fresh vegetables, meat sauce, roast chicken, son of Ganni, cauliflower burn, intestinal tea, red juice, chicken, eggplant red sauce, fried pork chops, fried meat pie, Zhaxia, Chaorou films, such as meat Guanmen.

Americans are characterized by a salty taste in the sweetish, generally light, mild, slightly sweet, slightly acid-based, and so on, Chi Feirou not like, do not eat too greasy or spicy dishes too heavy, not like the steam And braised food, a variety of Jichi = animal offal and feet. However, chickens, ducks, fish, meat, eggs, seafood and game, in particular, turkey, beef and geese, are Americans in general love to eat animal food.

American dishes are mostly from the United Kingdom over the evolution of the dishes. Food ingredients commonly used in children fruits such as pineapple and ham stew, roast duck, such as Apple. Americans like to eat green beans, the latter, concanavalin like mushrooms and vegetables, cold, mostly in color with Lassa Secretary for seasoning. Americans like to have a point of Cai Ming Wen Dan climbing crab, clam chowder, ham, clove, United States Fire ducks, apple salad, pan squash, watermelon and so on snow and ice.

Americans are very particular about food nutrition, they think of chicken, fish, apples, pears, bananas, sweet orange, cauliflower, potatoes, bread and skimmed milk powder rough is the best food, and bacon, candy, chocolate, egg yolk, finishing Meat, pig meat sausage mixture, Zha Shupian, bacon, Quanzhi Nai is the worst food products because these foods contain more saturated fat, cholesterol, smoked foods are carcinogenic nitrates.

Fast food is the typical modern American diet, are found among the "hamburger" and "pie" and "hot dog" is the most common and most well-known. "Hamburger" bun folder in the middle of beef, chicken, eggs, and other convenience food products; "pie" also known as Italy bake pies, filling it, I usually use chicken, beef, ham, sausage, mushrooms, onion, Ban Cheng butter, and so on; "hot dog" is the folder are the bread and sausage. .

Americans do not like tea, mineral water and ice water and Ai He usually would love whiskey, brandy, and so act as a beverage.


In 1066, William, duke of Normandy of France, succeeded to the English throne.


Brought the brilliant French and Italian food culture, laying the foundation for the traditional English cuisine.


However, limited by geographical and natural conditions, Britain's agriculture is not very developed, food imports every year.


And British people are not as gastronomic as the French, so British food is relatively simple.


The British also mock themselves for not being good at cooking.


But the English breakfast is more rich, English afternoon tea is particularly rich and delicate.


In Britain, the Christmas meal is very important. It often lasts for eight to nine hours, and the trumpets are blown for each course.


At the earliest time, the English were very particular about eating roast peacocks, and later they changed to roast geese.


It wasn't eaten until after the 16th century, and it continues to this day.


British food is relatively simple, but the British food breakfast is very big, known as the "big breakfast".

(英式菜相对来说比较简单,但英式菜早餐却很丰盛,素有“big breakfast”即丰盛早餐的美称。)







国菜显然是 Fish and Chips吧

Shepherds Pie 牧羊人派(土豆泥羊肉)

Steak and Kidney Pie 牛排腰子派

Cambridge Cream 剑桥奶酥

Trifle .这个 一个类似于水果提拉米苏的甜点 不知道怎么解释

Mederia Cake 一种海绵蛋糕

Victoria Sponge 维多利亚蛋糕

Shortbread 苏格兰牛油饼干

Scones 英式松饼

便宜的:土豆 卷心菜(比国内的硬很多) 洋葱 西红柿 生菜 豆芽 胡萝卜

(potato,cabbage,onion,tomato,lettuce,bean sprout,carrot)

普通的:白菜 白萝卜 西葫芦 芹菜 黄瓜 蘑菇 大葱


较贵的:笋(绿的细的那种)苦瓜 茄子 西兰花 菜椒 油菜 新鲜玉米

(bamboo shoot,balsam pear,aubergine,broccoli,pimiento,cole,mealie)


鸡肉最便宜 然后是猪肉和羊肉,牛肉和鱼类稍贵,

(chicken,pig pork,mutton,beef,fish)

水果 基本都是西班牙或东欧的

最常见的:苹果 桔子 橙子 香蕉 葡萄(提子) 草莓 梨 猕猴桃(apple,orange,orage,banana,grape,strawberry,kiwifruit)

季节性的:西瓜 甜瓜 桃 菠萝 榴莲 火龙果 荔枝


急求介绍英国特色食品的英文小短文拜托各位了 3Q

In fact, I do not love to eat some British food to eat up too much cheese is too greasy. . . . . . . . . British food do not feel are less troublesome characteristics. . . . . . . . Britain's food in the political arena along does not seem a good reputation, many Britons not only to maintain its reputation, but also use it as love object of ridicule. In fact, the traditional British cuisine is not as bad as rumors said. British food is like English, is a hodgepodge of widely around the world to absorb the impact of different cultures. For example If you want to tell what is authentic authentic British cuisine, the British will immediately move out like soft fish and fries, roast beef, about克布丁such dishes, but really have to down a few words will be very stammer a bit. 60s in the last century, the market sold the most expensive to the number of chicken meat, while beef, mutton is cheap, the chance to eat more naturally; but now the contrary, it is necessary to eat a good chunk of beef often take an overhead, but cheaper than chicken, which is why we eat chicken on a general reform. British common problem is too a big sweet tooth, and perhaps more fat people here owes something to. The British love to eat ice cream and other frozen dessert, but also like the traditional sweet dessert and pie, and usually many cream or custard sauce to eat one.



In the United Kingdom, the most famous food is fish and chips. Fish and chips is a popular take- away food. It consists of fish which is battered and then deep-fried served with potato chips (fries). It is sometimes accompanied by other items such as mushy peas or tartar sauce. In chip shops in the United Kingdom, salt and vinegar is traditionally sprinkled over fish and chips at the time it is served. A portion of mushy peas is a popular side dish. In table-service restaurants and pubs, the dish is usually served with a slice of lemon for squeezing over the fish and without any sauces or condiments, with salt, vinegar and sauces available at the customer's leisure.

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