初三英语中考重点语法 2020中考英语重点知识归纳


初三英语中考重点语法 2020中考英语重点知识归纳





Unit 1 重点知识讲解

by doing, 通过…方式,I learn English by speaking it every day.;

在。。。旁边,by the lake; 乘车,by bus; 到。。。时候(过完时),by the time

frustrate v. 使......沮丧;使......受挫 ( frustrate sb)

类似还有:surprise sb, interest sb, terrify sb, frighten sb, shock sb

frustrating adj. 令人灰心的;令人沮丧的(-ing强调令人。。。),

如:Watching movies to learn English is frustrating because the people speak too quickly. 通过看电影来学英语是让人灰心的,因为剧中人物说话太快了。

frustrated adj. 灰心的;沮丧的(-ed 强调人自己感觉。。。)

如:I felt frustrated at that time. 那时,我觉得很沮丧。

类似的还有: interesting/interested; disappointing/disappointed; exciting/excited; boring/ bored; surprising/surprised; terrifying/ terrified; thrilling/thrilled; frightening/ frightened

2. adj + ly= adv.

.如 differently adv. “不同地,有区别地” quick(adj.)— quickly(adv) 动作迅速

e.g. Wei Ming feels differently. different adj. be different from….(与…不同)

e.g. Cars are different from buses . difference (可数名词) e.g. There are some differences between cars and buses.

3. 区别:quick(adj.)— quickly(adv) 动作迅速 fast (形,副) 运动速度快; soon 马上 (时间快)

4. add v. ① “加” e.g. Add three to six, and you get nine. 3+6=9。

② “补充说” e.g. “I’m coming.” Lucy added.

5. mistake 可数名词,错误,失误”, make a mistake 或make mistakes

e.g. It is easy to make a mistake. 犯错误是很容易的。

I made the mistake of giving him my address. 我真不该把我的地址给他。

I’m sorry. I took your pen by mistake. 对不起,我错拿了你的钢笔。

mistake 还可以用作动词,意为“弄错;误以为;误会”。

e.g. I mistook his meaning. 我误解了他的意思。

We often mistake her for her twin sister.我们常常误以为她是她的双胞胎姐姐。

6. unless=if…not “除非, 如果不…”, 引导条件状语从句。

e.g. Don’t come unless I call you. = Don’t come if I don’t call you. 如果我不给你打电话,不要来。


1.. the best ways to learn English. 学习英语的最好方法

= the best ways of learning English

2. keep a diary 记日记,写日记 也可以用 write a diary。

3. speaking skills 说的能力;口语能力


writing table=the table is used for writing 写字台

smoking room=the room is used for smoking 吸烟区

4. look up… in a dictionary 查字典

e.g. If you meet new words that you don’t know, you can look them up in a dictionary. 如果你遇到你不认识的生词,你可以在字典中查询。

5. not ...at all 根本不,全然不, not经常可以和助动词结合在一起,at all 则放在句尾。

eg. My brother did not like the scarf at all. 我哥哥根本不喜欢那个围巾。

6. end up doing sth 终止做某事,相当于finish doing sth.

When we practice speaking English, we often end up speaking in Chinese.


另外,end up with sth 以…结束

The party ended up with her singing. 晚会以她的歌唱而告终。

7. get the pronunciation right 使发音准确

get…right 使……正确, get 在这里是“使变成……状态”的意思。

8. to begin with = to start with=first of all 用于叙述原因,置于句首。如:

I can’t come. To begin with, I don’t feel very well, besides I don’t have enough money. 我不能去。首先,我感觉不好,除此以外,我也没有钱。

9. later on “后来,以后” e.g. I’ll be seeing you later on. 我以后会见到你。no later than “不迟于…”; sooner or later “迟早”

11. have trouble doing 做某事有困难

=have problem(s) doing=have difficulty doing

13. deal with (← how ) = do with(what)“处理,对付”

e.g. How shall we deal with the thief? = What are we going to do with the thief? 我们怎样处理这个小偷?That’s a deal ! = It’s a deal. 成交了. (deal n.)

14. have disagreements 有分歧,disagreement是agreement 的反义词,

reach/ come to an agreement 达成一致

16. regard…as…=consider…as,把……看作,当做

We regard our teacher as our friend. 我们把老师看作是我们的朋友。

17. complain to sb. about/of sth. 向某人抱怨某事,如:

She complained to me about his bad manners. 她向我抱怨他的不礼貌。

18. change…into…= turn … into 把……变成……

change water into ice 把水变成冰

19. impress sb with sth =sb be impressed by sth 某人对…印象深刻

My teacher impressed me with her good pronunciation. =

I was impressed by my teacher’s good pronunciation.

Unit 2


1. used to 过去常常做某事,暗指现在已经不存在的动作或状态. 后跟动词原形. used to do sth.

There used to be ….(反意疑问句)didn’t there?

否定形式为: didn’t use to 或 usedn’t to

疑问形式为: Did…use to…? 或 Used…to…?

be/get used to doing sth.习惯于, to 为介词.

2. wear 表示状态. =be in +颜色的词;put on 表示动作.

dress + 人 给某人穿衣服dress sb. / oneself

get dressed, 穿好衣服

3. on the swim team on 是…的成员,.

7. miss: ① 思念, 想念 例: I really miss the old days.

② 错过, 未中, 未赶上, 未找到.

例: It’s a pity that you miss the bus. The boy shot at the goal, but missed.

9. right: ① adj. 正确的, 右边的 It’s not right to spit in public.

② n. 右方, 权利 Women now have the right to vote in Japan.

③ adv. 恰恰,正, The UFO landed right in front of me.

11. afford + n. /pron. afford + to do 常与can, be able to 连用.

例: Can you afford a new car? The film couldn’t afford to pay such large salaries.

12. as well as 连词, 不但…而且… 强调前者. (若引导主语, 谓动与前者在人称和数上一致。

例: Living things need air and light as well as water. 生命不仅需要水, 还需要空气和阳光.

I as well as they am ready to help you. 不仅是他们, 我也愿意帮助你.

13. alone = by oneself 独自一人. lonely 孤独的, 寂寞的.

14. in the last/past + 一段时间

during the last/past + 一段时间 与现在完成时连用.

17. ①be/ become interested in sth. 对…感兴趣

②be interested in doing sth. 对做…感兴趣

③show great interest in 在……方面产生极大的兴趣

④a place of interest 一处名胜 some places of interest

如:He is interested in math, but he isn’t interested in speaking

   English. 他对数学感兴趣,但是他对说英语不感兴趣。

19. on 副词,表示(电灯、电视、机械等)在运转中/打开,

其反义词off.  with the light on 灯开着

25. take sb. to + 地方 送/带某人去某个地方 如:

  A person took him to the hospital. 一个人把他送到了医院。

Lui took me home. 刘把我送回了家。(home 的前面不能用to)

36. as + 形容词./副词+as sb. could/can 尽某人的…能力,如:

Zhou run as fast as her could/can. 她尽她最快的能力去跑。

37. get into trouble with 遇到麻烦 


when ------ at the age of …

I could sing songs when I was five.

I could sing songes at the age of five.

so…that…----- too… to…. / enough to …

He was so young that he couldn’t go to school today.

He was too young to go to school.

He wasn’t old enough to go to school.

so that…------ in order to do sth.

Tom gets up early in the morning so that he can catch the early bus.

Tom gets up early in the morning in order to catch the early bus.

It seems / seemed that sb….------ sb. seems / seemed to do sth.

Sb. hopes / hoped that ….-------sb. hopes / hoped to do sth.

be afraid

be sure that +从句---- 动词不定式

be sorry

I am sure that he will win the badminton match tomorrow.

He is sure to win the badminton match tomorrow.

二、 短语

1. be more interested in 对…更感兴趣;2. on the swim team 游泳队的队员.

3. be terrified of 害怕;4. gym class 体操课;5. worry about. 担心;

6. all the time 一直, 总是;7. chat with 与…闲聊;8. hardly ever 几乎从不

9. walk to school = go to school on foot

take the bus to school = go to school by bus

10. as well as 不仅…而且;11. get into trouble 遇到麻烦;

12. make a decision 做出决定;13. to one’s surprise 使某人吃惊的是

14. take pride in 为…感到骄傲;15. pay attention to 留心, 注意

16. consist of 由…组成/构成. be made up of 由…组成/构成.

17. instead of 代替, 而不是;18. in the end 最后, 终于;19. play the piano 弹钢琴


1.I used to be afraid of the dark. 我以前害怕黑暗.

2.I go to sleep with my bedroom light on. 我开着卧室的灯睡觉.

3.I used to spend a lot of time playing games with my friends. 以前我常常花很多时间和我的朋友们玩游戏.

4.I hardly ever have time for concerts. 我几乎没有时间去听音乐会.

5.My life has changed a lot in the last few years.

6.It will make you stressed out. 那会使你紧张的.

7.It seems that Yu Mei has changed a lot. 玉梅似乎变化很大。




1. have / has got sth 有……

2. a CD player 一台激光唱机

3. a book about math = a math book 一本数学书

4. on the shelf 在架子上

5. at the moment = now = up till now 现在 / 到现在为止

6. There he is ! 他在那儿。

7. * a mobile phone 移动电话

8. a moment ago = just now 刚才

9. It must be still there. 它一定还在那儿。

10. I still can’t find it. 我还是找不到它。

Lesson 2

1. ever 曾经; 到底

2. sb. borrow sth. from sb./s.p. 某人从某人/某处借来某物

3. sb. lend sth. to sb. 某人把某物借给某人

4. a library book 一本图书馆的书

= a book from the library 一本图书馆的书

5. used to do sth. (过去)经常做某事

6. usedn’t to do sth (过去)经常不做某事

7. didn’t use to do sth. (过去)经常不做某事

8. Did sb. use to do sth. ? (过去)经常做某事吗?

9. some books on many different subjects 一些有关许多不同主题的书

10. sth. give sb. much knowledge (某物)给某人许多知识

11. sb. learn much knowledge from sth. (某人)从某物中学到了许多知识

12. in the schoolyard 在校园里

13. put sth. down = take sth. down 把(某物)放下来

14. walk a few steps 走了几步

15. for a while = for a minute = for a moment 一会儿

16. forget to do sth. 忘记去做某事

17. forget doing sth. 忘记做了某事

18. leave (s.p.)for s.p. 离开(某地)去某地

= start out for s.p.= set off for s.p. 前往某地

19. be worried about sth. 对某人/某事感到担心

20. several days later 几天之后

21. some more books

22. Not yet. 还没有。

23. sooner or later 迟早

24. What was worse. (情况)更糟糕的是

25. sb. pay some money for sth. (某人) 付 (钱)买某物

26. sb. spend some money on sth. (某人)花 钱 买某物

27. sb. spend some money in doing sth. (某人) 花 钱 做某事

28. sth. cost sb. some money (某物) 花去了(某人)一些钱

29. come up with an idea 想出一个主意

= think of an idea = find an idea 想出一个主意

30. the borrowed books 借来的书

31. return sth. to sb. / s.p. 把某物还给某人/某处

32. give sth. back to sb./ s.p 把某物还给某人/某处.

33. * so far 到目前为止

Lesson 3

1. think of … 想到 / 想 / 想起

2. think of doing sth. 打算做某事

3. think about sth. 想(到) 某人/某事;考虑……

4. encourage sb. to do sth. 鼓励某人做某事

5. pick sth. up 拾起;捡起;学会;(顺便)买

(顺便用车)来接; 好起来

6. speak to sb. 跟某人说话

7. travel on a plane 乘飞机旅行

8. make one’s bed 整理床铺

9. * keep the book ( for ) a week 借书借一周

10. This idea works well. 这个主意很有用。

Lesson 4

1. a video tape 录像带

2. find sth. on the computer 在电脑里找到……

3. Wait ( for ) a minute./a moment./a while. 等一会儿。

4. *a shopping list 购物单

5. at once = right away =right now = immediately 马上

right then ( 过去某时 ) 马上

6. break open 摔下裂开

Unit 2 Water sports

Lesson 5

1. What’s …like ? 你觉得 / 认为 ……怎么样?

What’s the surfing like ? = What do you say if we go surfing today ?

= What do you think of surfing today ?

= How do you like / find / enjoy / feel surfing today ?

= What / How about going surfing today ?

= Shall we go surfing today ?

= Would you like to go surfing today ?

= Let’s go surfing today, shall we ?

2. have / has been to s.p. (曾经) 去过 某地

3. have / has been in s.p. (for some time / since …)

来到 / 住在某地(多久了

4. have / has gone to s.p. 已经去了某地

5. learn sth. from sb. 向 某人 学习……

6. in the world 在世界上

7. have a try = take a try = try 试一下

8. Don’t be afraid. 别害怕。

9. show sb. how to do sth. 教某人做某事

10. * Sports Daily 体育日报

11. write a report on sth. 写一篇有关……的报道

12. take part in sth. 参加……

13. train future Olympic champions 培养未来的奥林匹克冠军(运动员)


Lesson 6

1. see / hear / watch / feel / notice sb. do sth.

看见/听见/看/感到/注意到 某人 做完 某事

see / hear / watch / feel / notice sb. doing sth.

看见/听见/看/感到/注意到 某人 在做 某事

2. on the islands of Hawaii 在夏威夷群岛

3. be famous for sth. 因……而著名 / 出名

be famous as sth. 以(某种身份 / 职业)而出名

4. be known for sth. 因……而著名 / 出名

be known as sth. 以(某种身份 / 职业)而出名

5. a number of + pl.n 一些……

a large / great number of + pl. n 大量的……

= large / great numbers of + pl. n 大量的……

plenty of …. 大量的……

a lot of … = lots of … 许多的……

a great deal of + 不可数名词 大量的……

a great / good many + pl. n 大量的……

6. all the year round = the whole year 一年到头

7. No matter what / who / which / when / where / how … 无论是什么……

= Whatever / whoever / whichever / whenever / wherever / however

8. ride the waves = surf 冲浪

9. There is a big difference between …and …


10. if possible 如果有可能

as……as possible = as ……as sb. can 尽某人可能

11. a 21-year-old boy 一个21岁的男孩

12. give sth. up 放弃……

give up doing sth. 放弃做某事

13. ever since = from then on 自从那时起

14. work as …= serve as… = act as… 做……样的工作

15. have a night off = take a night off 休息一个晚上

= take a night leave

16. leave some time for doing sth. 留下某段时间做某事

17. make sth. fit 使某人健康

18. in the competition 在比赛中

19. * It seems to me that …… 在我看来……

Lesson 7

1. It’s such great fun. 真是一种乐趣。

2. need more practice 需要更多的练习

3. Time flies ! 时光飞逝。

4. go to s.p. on business 因事务/生意而去某地

5. travel to s.p. 旅游到某地

6. * ask for sick leave 请病假

7. reach sb. by phone 打电话给某人

Lesson 8

1. as ……as sb. can/could 尽可能……

2. try to do sth. 努力做某事

3. a 12-year-old boy 一个12岁的男孩

4. come true 成为现实; 实现

5. set off ( for s.p.) = set out ( for s.p. 出发

= start out /off ( for s.p.)

6. slow down = slow up 减低速度; 慢下来

7. go on doing sth. 继续做(原来的事)

go on to do sth. 继续做(另外一件事)

go on with sth. 继续做某事

8. a crowd of sth. / sb. 一群的……(短语做主语时,谓语


a big crowd of …… 一大群的……

crowds of …… 一群群的……

9. wait for sb. / sth. 等待……

10. be proud of sth. / sb. 为……而 / 感到 骄傲

11. . take pride in sth. 以……为荣; 为……感到自豪

12. speak highly of sb. / sth. 高度赞扬……

13. speak well of sb. 对……评价很好; 说某人好话

14. speak ill of sb. 说某人坏话

15. not only …but ( also ) … 不仅……而且……

16. * a well-kept city wall (一堵)保护很好的城墙

17. win the competition 赢得这场比赛

18. keep warm 保暖

Unit 3 Make our world more beautiful !

Lesson 9

1. a paper factory 一家纸厂

2. pour sth. into s.p. 把某物倾倒到……

3. Greener China 绿色中国组织

4. do something useful to do sth. 采取有效措施做某事

5. the TV station 电视台

6. the newspaper 这家报社

7. be afraid of sth. 害怕……

be afraid of doing sth. 害怕做某事

8. be afraid to do sth. (因害怕而)不敢做某事

9. have been a member of ……( for …/ since…) 加入……(多久了)

10. have been in ……( for…/ since…) 加入……(多久了)

have been at ……( for / since …)

11. have joined sth. 已经加入了……

12. * make friends with sb. 与某人交朋友

Lesson 10

1. take care of the environment 保护环境

2. protect the environment 保护环境

3. improve the environment 改善环境

4. harm the environment 给环境带来危害 / 危害环境

5. sth. come to one’s ears ……传入耳中

6. pick sth. up 拾起;(非正规地)学会;

(顺便)买; (顺便用车)来接; 好起来; 上升

7. collect ( the ) rubbish 收垃圾

8. collect waste paper or bottles for recycling


9. throw the rubbish into a dustbin 把垃圾扔进垃圾箱

10. throw the litter onto the ground 把垃圾扔到地上

11. throw some rubbish in 把一些垃圾扔进去

12. produce a piece of music 奏出一段音乐

13. help ( to ) keep the classroom clean and tidy


14. around / in our neighbourhood 在我们的社区

15. near our neighbourhood 在我们社区附近

16. draw pictures on public walls 在公共场所的墙上乱涂鸦

17. spit on the street 在街道上吐痰

18. cut sth. down 砍倒某物

19. plant trees 种树

20. pick flowers in the park 摘公园里的花

21. waste paper 废纸

22. in a public place 在公共场所

23. make a contribution to sth./ doing sth. 为……做贡献

24. as soon as ……= the moment …… 一……就……

25. * the rubbish truck 垃圾车

Lesson 11

1. The 比较级…, the 比较级 … 越……, 就越……

比较级 and 比较级 越来越……

2. join with sb. in sth. 参加某人的某种活动

3. join in sth. = take part in sth. 参加某种活动

4. work on a boat 在一艘船上工作

5. * No spitting. 请勿随地吐痰!

6. No smoking. 请勿吸烟 !

7. No graffiti. = No scribbling on the wall. 请五乱涂乱画 !

8. No littering. 不要乱扔果皮 !

9. No talking. 请勿交谈 !

10. No photos. 请勿拍照 !

11. No parking. 禁止停车 !

12. No garbage here. 禁止倒垃圾!

13. Post no bills. 禁止招贴 !

14. No admittance. 禁止入内 !

15. No thoroughfare. = Closed to traffic. 禁止通行 !

16. Keep away from the grass. 请勿践踏草坪 !

Don’t step / walk on the grass. 勿踏草地 !

17. Don’t cut casually. 请勿乱砍乱伐 !

Lesson 12

1. keep plants at home 在家种养(供观赏的)花草

2. litter things about 随处扔东西

3. do well in sth. / doing sth. 在(某一方面)做得好

4. do OK in sth./ doing sth. 在(某一方面)做得好

5. need to do better in sth. / doing sth. 在(某一方面)需要做得好

6. make sure that…… 确信……

7. take sth. away 拿走某物

8. * close to s.p. 靠近

9. hear of sth. 听人说……

Unit 4 Travel

Lesson 13

1. speak to sb. ( about sth. ) 跟某人讲(有关……)

talk to sb. talk with sb. 与某人交谈

2. leave a message to sb. 给某人留言

leave a message for sb. 替某人留下口信

3. take a message for sb. 替某人留言

Lesson 14

1. How do / did you find it ? 你觉得怎么样?

= How do / did you like / enjoy / feel it ?

= What do / did you think of it ?

I think / find /feel it very ……

2. many other places of China 中国其他的许多地方

3. a rushed trip 一次匆忙的旅行

4. have a wonderful ( train ) trip to s.p. 到某地的一次非常愉快的旅行

( wonderful / great / happy / good / nice / pleasant / enjoyable )

( trip / journey / visit / ride )

5. go on to s.p. 接着去另外一个地方

6. take a taxi / a bus / a train to s.p. 乘出租车/公共汽车/火车去某地

7. Beijing West Railway Station 北京西客站

8. take ( sth. ) on the train 带上火车

take ( sth. ) off the train 从火车上拿下来

9. get on / off the train 上/下 火车

10. sleeping car / bag / pill 卧铺车 / 睡袋 / 安眠药片

swimming pool 游泳池 living/sitting room 客厅 dining-room 餐厅reading room 阅览室 waiting room 候车室 playing field 运动场 cooking oil 食用油 drinking water 饮用水 filling station 加油站

washing machine 洗衣机 washing line 晾衣绳

singing competition 歌咏比赛

11. keep doing sth. 坚持/不停 地做某事

keep on doing sth. 反复不断地 做某事

keep sb. from doing sth. 阻止某人做某事

12. offer sb. sth. / offer sth. to sb. 提供某人某物

offer to do sth. 主动提出做某事

13. practise doing sth. 练习做某事

keep / enjoy / finish / mind / give up doing sth.

14. sleep late 很迟睡

15. fall fast asleep 睡熟了

16. wake up 醒来

wake sb. up 叫醒某人

17. last long 持续很久

last ( for ) a week 持续一周

Lesson 15

1. go on a trip 去旅行

2. What a pity ! 多可惜!

3. in one’s life 在某人的一生中

4. show sb. sth. = show sth. to sb. 给某人看某物

5. The score of the football match is 3-2. 足球赛的比分是3比2。

6. take a photo / picture = have a photo / picture taken 照像

7. * as long as …… 只要

8. There goes the bell. 铃响了。


Lesson 16

1. the bank of China 中国银行

2. get sick 得病

3. because of … 因为……

Unit 5 Have a good time !

Lesson 17

1. come on 快点;快来;加油;得啦

2. have a family meeting 开家庭会议

3. go for a / one’s holiday 去度假

4. go to s.p. for a holiday 去……度假

5. decide to do sth. 决定做某事

6. go somewhere warm = go to some warm place 去个暖和的地方

7. go scuba diving / fishing/ shopping/ swimming / skating / skiing

/ boating / running / dancing / sight-seeing 去潜水

8. be away ( from s.p.) ( for some time ) 离开…(一段时间 )

9. be out of s.p. 离开了……

10. look for / find some information about sth. on the Internet


11. some / a little / much / a lot of / a piece of / little / no information

一些/一点/许多/许多/一个/没有 信息

12. search the Internet 上网

13. search s.p./ sb. for sth. 在……搜寻……

14. look at the Internet 上网

15. do sth. by oneself 独自做……

16. double left click on the Internet icon 用左键双击因特网图标

17. left click on sth. 左键单击……

18. type in sth. (用键)输入……

19. press the enter button 按回车键

20. at the top of … ( opp. At the foot / bottom of …) 在……的顶上

Lesson 18

1. on Hainan Island 在海南岛上

2. the capital of Hainan Island 海南岛首府

3. in the northeast of the island 在这个岛的东北部

4. the second largest island in China 中国的第二大岛屿

5. have a population of … 有……的人口

6. have a large / small population 人口多 / 少

7. What is the population of ……? ……的人口有多少?

8. Hainan is the place to be. 海南是 要去/值得去 的地方。

= Hainan is the place where we will go.

9. whether … or … 无论……还是……

10. whether … or not 是否

11. no matter if …… 不管是否……

12. be famous for … = be known for … 因 ……而著名

= be well known for …

13. Tianya Haijiao = the edge of the sky and the rim of the sea 天涯海角

14. * sign contracts 签合同

15. have a business meeting 开一个会议

16. learn a trade 学手艺

17. enter a college 进入大学

Lesson 19

1. fly to s.p. 飞往……

2. fly to s.p. in a plane = go to s.p. by plane 乘飞机去……

3. a ticket from … to … 一张从……去……的票

4. a ticket on November 26th 一张十一月二十六日的车票

5. a ticket returning from … to … 一张从……返回……的车票

6. a one-way ticket 一张单程车票

7. a round-trip ticket 一张返程车票

8. check the computer 电脑上查一下

9. book four tickets 预定四张车票

10. the instructions for … ……的说明

11. 0700 hours = 7 a.m. = seven o’clock in the morning 早上七点

12. at the airport 在飞机场

13. show one’s ticket 检票

14. *take No.201 flight 乘坐201航班

15. the flight out of Beijing 飞离北京的航班

Lesson 20

1. think about sth. 考虑;回想;想起;认为

2. think about doing sth. 打算做……

3. Our family is going on holiday soon. 我们家很快要起度假。

4. get a chance to do sth. 获得一个机会做……

5. take a chance to do sth. 抓住机会做……

6. have scuba diving lessons 培训用水肺潜水

7. That sounds really cool ! 那听起来真棒!

8. a fast / slow train 快车 / 慢车

9. call s.p./sb. by the number on the brochure


10. * book a room / a table by telephone 电话预定一个房间/一桌菜

11. a single room / a double room 单人房 / 双人房

12. What’s the price of sth. ? = How much is …… ? ……的价格是多少

13. the coming weekend 即将到来的周末

14. type out sth. on the computer 在电脑上打出……

15. give sb. the chance to do sth. 给某人机会做某事

16. hold the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008 举办2008年北京奥运会

17. non-stop flight from … to … 从……到……的直达航班

18. tourists from home and abroad 国内外的游客

Unit 6 Mainly Revision

Lesson 21

1. sth. happen to sb. 某人发生了/出了…事

2. call the police 报警

3. * send a letter to sb. 寄给某人一封信

4. hear from sb. 收到某人的音信

5. get a letter from sb. 收到某人的一封信

6. enjoy one’s trip 旅途愉快

Lesson 22

1. this is because …… 这是因为……

2. allow doing sth. 允许做某事

3. allow sb. to do sth. 允许某人做某事

4. sb. make it possible by doing sth. 某人通过做某事使得它成为可能

5. be interested in sth. / doing sth. 对某物/某事感兴趣

6. use sth. to do sth. 用某物做某事

7. make a video 制作电视节目 / 拍电视

8. take pictures of …… 把……拍成照片

9. take videos of …… 把……拍成电视

10. make a TV show 制作一个电视节目

11. run for 8 years = last/ go on for 8 years 持续八年

12. as a boy 当(某人)是个小孩时

13. be amazed at …… 对……感到惊奇

14. save the environment 挽救环境

15. all over the world 全世界

16. encourage sb. to do sth. 鼓励某人做某事

17. take ( an active ) part in sth./ doing sth. (积极)参加……

18. make a list of …… 列出……

Lesson 23

1. as long as two hours 长达两个小时

2. That’s / It’s a deal ! 好, 就这样说定了!

3. *go on a business trip 出差

4. live a quiet / happy life 过着平静 / 幸福的生活

Lesson 24

1. have been around = have been living 生存至今

2. have many differences from sth. 与……有很多不同

3. for one thing 举个例说;首先;例如

4. Not all sharks are alike. 不是所有的鲨鱼是一样的。

5. come in different sizes 出生时大小不同

6. feed on sth. 以……为食

7. It is said that … 据说 ……

8. warn sb. of / about sth. 提醒某人注意/当心 ……

9. warn sb. not to do sth. 警告某人不要做某事

10. * pass the math exam 考数学及格 / 通过数学考试

11. deal with sth. 处理/利用……

12. have other choices 有其他的选择

Unit 7 A man who never gave up

Lesson 25

1. try to do sth. 尽力做某事

2. get sb./sth. to do sth. = ask / tell sb. to do sth. 让/叫某人做某事

= let / make / have sb. do sth.

3. fix sth. = repair sth. = mend sth. 修理某物

4. be able to do sth. = can do sth. 能做某事

5. Good question. 问得好!

6. come up with sth. = think of sth. 提出/想出(计划、答案、理由等);赶上

7. sb. need to do sth. 某人需要做某事

8. sth. need doing = sth. need to be done ……需要(被)做某事

9. give sth. up 放弃…

10. give up doing sth. 放弃做某事

11. give up to do sth. 放弃后去做某事

12. * call sth. … for short 把……简称为……

13. sth.(1) be short for sth.(2) (2)简称为(1);(1)是(2)的简称


.不定代词(some any,all both,either neither,no none,each every,many much,few little的区别与联系)


Bsome any的用法








5.构词法,主要词缀(un dis bi ab inter tele re ful tion less ese y ing ed ly able al等)











A基本结构(to+动词原型,否定式为not to+动词原型)








结构为If+主+V-ed,主+would do。




caN could,should,would,would like,might may,have to must,need






17.状语从句(特别是IF ,WHEN和UNTIL)

























A so+动词+主语







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