简单英语对话两人15句 英语口语两人情景对话每人15句要翻译


简单英语对话两人15句 英语口语两人情景对话每人15句要翻译

初一英语两人对话 15句 要翻译 简单的

Where are you from?你来自哪里? I'm from China.我来自中国。 How old are you?你多大了? I'm twenty years old.我20了。 Where is your hometown?你的家乡在哪里? My hometown is in Shandong province.我的家乡在山东 Oh!Shandong.The beers made in Shandong is tasty.哦,山东啊。山东的啤酒很美味。 Thank you.谢谢 Next time ,I will have a trip to Shandong.下一次,我就回去山东旅游。 Ahh~That's good.Shandong is beautiful.啊,那很好,山东很漂亮的


在线英语学习的确很有.好.特色,很方便,我打了咨询了一下,觉得还挺好的,我推荐天下在线口语,多恩加英语,意格英语,很喜欢这里的老师,客服都很热心,因为每天跟外教一对一口语对练,口语提高短期效果非常明显。a: b b: a a:how is your uni,do you still tnk life is a little hard to you? b:well, a, i just find out that people at uni don't study as hard as they used to be when they were at gh school. a:how come? b:maybe no teachers are there to push students any more, what do you tnk? a:well, that's a good news. b:only to some people, a:students should be self-conscious about their study. b:well, i reckon uni life is more exciting and people should enjoy it when they have the chance. a:whatever you . b:ok, i'm afraid you weill be late again. a:don't worry, i already get used to it. b:see you a. a:see you b.

2人英语情景对话(至少十句,少于15句) 题目在问题补充

a:you look tied out!what's the matter?

b:we are going to have an examination tomorrow.one of my friend wants me to help him cheating in the examination.

a:that's a troublesome.

b:that's it!he wants me to send the answer to him using the mobile phone.though i know cheating in the exam is a shameful conduct,i am afraid of his failure.

a:i can make allowance of your consideration.though you help him pass the exam ,any success won't last long.and the next time?

b:and it is unfair for the other students.

a:what's more,if found cheating in the examination room,you both will be disqualified.

b:so what should i do?

a:tell him the disadvantage of cheating and consequence of being caught.study the whole night,and learn as more as he can.

b:and i can provide my help if needed.thank you for my trouble.

a:i am glad i can help you.




Q: Why would you be particularly good at this business?

A: I was a pastry chef, so I understand dessert products well and can help you with new product development. Recent preservatives have come a long way toward eliminating texture difference in pastry dough. This means we can investigate many more products than before. ??

Q: How do you stay current?

A: I pore over the Wall Street Journal, the Times, Institutional Investor, and several mutual fund newsletters. And I have a number of friends who are analysts. ??

Q: Why do you think this industry would sustain your interest over the long haul?

A: The technology in the industry is changing so rapidly that I see lots of room for job enhancement regardless of promotions. I am particularly interested in the many applications for multimedia as a training tool. ?

Q: Where do you want to be in five years?

A: Id like to have the opportunity to work in a plant as well as at the home office. I also hope to develop my management skills, perhaps by managing a small staff. ?

A: I’d like to stay in a field related to training no matter what happens. I was too interested in business to work at a university, but I believe that teaching is somehow in my blood. I’ve been good at sales because I took the time to educate my clients. Now I look forward to training the new hires.

Q: If you had unlimited time and financial resources, how would you spend them?

A: I’d love to be able to take several executive seminars on financial management that are not geared toward financial experts. I’d also love to be able to shut down my department long enough to send everyone through an Outward Bound type program. Finally, I’d probably travel and look at foreign competitors, and enjoy the food along the way. What would you do?

Q: If this were your first annual review with our company, what would I be telling you right now?

A: You?d be thanking me for a job well done and would be explaining how you look forward to continuing to see good work from me. Furthermore, I would anticipate your explaining how you really appreciated my putting in extra time on some key projects and how my creative thinking helped come up with some innovative solutions to existing problems.

Q: Tell me something about yourself that I didn’t know from reading your resume.

A: You wouldn’t know that I have managed my own small portfolio since I was sixteen, but I believe that it?s important for you to understand my interest in investment sales. I have averaged a 12 percent return over the past eight years. ??

Q: Tell me what you know about this company.

A: I served as an intern analyst to a restaurant last summer, so I followed all the steak?house chains closely. What you have done especially well is focus on a limited menu with great consistency among locations; the business traveler trusts your product anywhere in the U. S. I’m particularly interested in your real estate finance group and expansion plans.

Q: What have you learned about our company from customers, employees, or others?

A: I actually called several of the key accounts mentioned in your brochure. Two of the customers I spoke with explained why they continued to buy from you year after year. Your distribution operation is phenomenal. Are there any service improvements you think could still be made?

Q: Why do you want to work here?

A: I lost a bid several years ago to your company. I realized then that products in the computer industry are becoming increasingly similar. They’re so similar now, and retail prices are so competitive, that service is the best way for a company to distinguish itself from the competition. This company has the best service record of all its competitors, and I believe it will dominate the business in the long run.

Q: What particular aspect of the company interests you most?

A: I?am most interested in your Latin American developments. My father was an army officer, so we lived for three years in Latin America. I know you?have just entered joint ventures with two processing companies there. What are your plans for the next few years??

Q: What do you think of our newest product and ads?

A: It seems that your new ads are trying to show that breakfast time is family time, with a certain wholesomeness. Are you doing this to balance against the recent bad press about high?fat foods, without attacking the issue directly???

Q: Tell me what you think our distinctive advantage is with in the industry.

A: With your low cost producer status and headquarters operation in a low cost area of the country, you seem in a better position to be able to spend aggressively on R&D, even in a down year, compared to your closest rival. ??




Shop-assistant : May I help you, sir?

Mr. Yung : Er…I wart to buy my wife a gift for Christmas, but I don't know what she would like.

Shop- assistant : How about an evening gown? These are all from Paris.

Mr. Yung : No. She has very good taste in clothes. I don't want to take the risk.

Shop- assistant : What do you have in mind then?

Mr. Yung : I'm thinking about jewelry or something valuable and won't be out of fashion.

Shop- assistant : We've got beautiful jewelry here. Not much, but each one is unique. If you're interested, I can show you.

Mr. Yung : Do you give guarantees of their genuineness?

Shop- assistant : Yes, we do. (He leads Mr. Yung to another counter.) Here we are. Well, what do you think?

Mr. Yung : They are lovely, I must say....Can I take a look at that necklace?

Shop- assistant : Which one? This one?

Mr. Yung : No, no....The third one from the left....Yeah, that's the one. (Shop assistant gives him the necklace.) Is this ruby genuine?

Shop- assistant : We don't sell fakes here, sir. This one is a masterpiece, and I'm sure your wife will love it. You can't find a second one in New York, and it only costs you three thousand six hundred dollars. You can pay by cheque if you like.

Mr. Yung : Three thousand six hundred? .... OK, I'll take it....Here is the cheque. Oh, please gift-wrap it.



1.Unique adi.独一无二的

2.Genuineness n.真品

3.Fake n.膺品、伪造品

叔叔 Why can't you celebrate the Spring Festival at home?


张婷 Because I'm going to take a tour group to the south.


叔叔 You don't have a holiday even during the Spring Festival, do you?


张婷 No, we don't. Business is very good during this time of the year.


叔叔 Do many people go traveling during the festival?


张婷 Yes, more and more people go traveling during the Spring Festival.

对啊,春节出去旅行的人越来越多了。 you: hey (your friend\'s name),tomorrow\'s new year\'s eve,what are you going to do?

friend: i\'m going to spend it with my family,it\'s going to be so much fun, i haven\'t see my cusins for like ever! how are you going to spend you night?

you: I\'m going to LA to see my family there and then go to Disneyland and Hollywood Universal Studio,i can\'t wait!

friend: oh my god! you\'re so lucky! i haven\'t been to LA for a long time!

you: i know! i haven\'t been there in a long time either, all my family memmbers are going there together, it\'s going to be fun!

friend:well, i hope you have fun there!

you: yeah thanks, i hope you have fun with your cusins and other family members as well!

懒的给你翻译,够简单的了,不知道够不够3分钟,绝对美式英文不信你K我 A:Hi,Jim!

B:Hi,Kate!Where're you going?

A:I'm going home.My mother is making dumplings at home,and I'll help her.

B:Great.Will you play firecrackers at evening?

A:Sure.My father bought lots of firecrackers.All of them are very beautiful,I believe.

B:That's cool.My father bought many firecrackers too.

A:This evening we'll have a wonderful dinner,and many of my relatives will come.

B:Great.The table of my house is full of dishes,too.

A:I think I'll spend a very happy Spring Festival.

B:Me too.See you.

A:See you.



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A:Do you think Internet is good?

B:Of course! Internet can help us learn more things.We can find imformations we need.And.....

A:Wait, some people would agree with you.But I don't think so.Because there are many sudents fall in to the Internet can't get out.And their grades come down really quickly.

B:But everyone needs relax. Of course they relaxed a lot.But we can't think Internet is bad.It can help us in many ways.We can visit the school website and learn things we don't know very much,because we are all students.Don't you think so?We can use it in many ways,although some is bad,but not all ways are bad.And we can help others such as by using Zhidao of baidu.I think you have used it before.

A:Yeah.It's true.But there is many unhealthy imformations.Such as the eroticism things.You know.

B:But there are still many useful imformations.Why do you only can see the bad things of Internet.

A:Maybe you are right.

Xiao Hua: Hi! Lingling, how are you doing?

Lingling: fine. Thanks. Thank god it is Friday.

Xiao Hua :Yeah. What do you usually do on the weekend? I feel so bored on the weekend.

Lingling: Why don’t you surf on net?There are so many fun things out there.

Xiao Hua :Well, My mom won’t let me get on line. She said that there are so many traps on the internet.She is aftraid that I might get bad influence. like those pornographic sites.

Lingling: She only looks at the negative side of the internet. Actually there are far more positive impacts.

Xiao Hua: Give me some examples, please.

Lingling: Simply by clicking internet button,you can get information about all kinds of topics. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it. Even if you want to have very specific information, you will find it in a short time

Xiao Hua: Tell me some more, please

Lingling: You can socialize with people. I find that I could find better friends on net than in the real world.

Xiao Hua: Really? Sounds interesting.

Lingling: There are social communities on the internet., like English Corners. I often go there to practice my oral English. I don’t feel shy there which I normally do. Now I find that I have made great progress in my oral and written English due to the internet.

Xiao Hua: That’s great. I have been looking for a place to practice my English. I think I will persuade my mom to let me get on line.

Lingling: another big advantage of the internet is the easy access to information and it is very cheap. For example, you may download songs, reading novels, play games. There are many web sites that offer free stuff.

Xiao Hua:I enjoy reading novels, especially those adventures.but my mom said that a lot of children get sick after playing on the computer all day long.

Lingling: She is right. We can’t glue to it all day. It is not good for our eyes. It is not good for our body.We need to go out to inhale fresh air. We need to keep fit in the park.. We need to socialize with real people .

Xiao Hua :Can I voice chat with you tonight? I want you to tell me more about internet.

Sure. I use QQ. You may download one.

Xiao Hua: Ok. See u in QQ then.

Lingling: See you.

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