用英语说我喜欢看的书 我喜欢书英语怎么说


用英语说我喜欢看的书 我喜欢书英语怎么说


Everyone has his own favorite book, I have my favorite book, too . My favorite book is "Harry

Potter.” It is a British author J.K. Rowling. It is very imaginative. I like it

very much!


祝你学习进步,更上一层楼! (*^__^*)




My favorite book

One of my favorite book is "lubin sun Crusoe. This book really I benefited a lot from!

I read the book, see the ship deck stand such a man: he gave up the rich and comfortable life, disgust the scrurinsed life and began a near-death duel survival big challenge. Various adversities and problems is overwhelm lubin sun, on the contrary make him more strong. God gives lubin sun difficulties, for he also more challenging! Storm tsunami, the whole ship except lubin sun none escape by luck, true survival challenge is just beginning! To survive, he island in order to find proper shelter, on the shore run a whole day, in a rocks was found under a shelter. Lubin sun in hill pitched a tent, and as far as possible some bigger, inside hit again a few stake to hang hammock. The next day, he put all the boxes and board, do lengji materials, pile into a temporary fence, fortifications. But just 10 days, sudden collapse. Lubin sun not only the fallen fertilizsr be shipped, return to pack the ceiling, and USES below columns support up, lest appear again landslide disaster. Never give up, lubin sun laid the basis of life. Myself alone, until "on Friday, the emergence of this hope" queen came back to rise! Finally aboard a ship returned to his own country.

Lubin sun is great, persistence, studied in this deserted island life 27 years. He dares to fight with the bad environment, diligence, the island of labor management in good order. He in adversity exercise yourself, achievement some extraordinary career.

The book teaches us only by sticking to victory, only work to make us out of difficulties, action is more important than faith... My life will also with this book and set sail, in life's sailing, advance bravely, never give up!



我看完了这本书,仿佛看到轮船甲板上站着这样的一个人:他放弃了富裕而又舒适的生活,厌恶那庸庸碌碌的人生,从而开始了一次与死神决斗的生存大挑战。种种的不幸与困难并没有压倒鲁滨孙,反而使他更加坚强。上苍给予鲁滨孙的困难,对于他也更具有挑战性! 风暴海啸,全船除鲁滨孙无一幸免,真正的生存挑战才刚刚开始! 流落孤岛,他为了找到合适的住所,在岸上跑了一整天,在一个山岩下找到了一个栖身之所。鲁滨孙在小山下搭了一个帐篷,而且尽量大些,里面再打上几根木桩来挂吊床。第二天,他把所有的箱子以及木板、做木排的材料,堆成一个临时性围墙,作防御工事。但只过了十几天,突然发生塌方。鲁滨孙不但把落下来的松土运出去,还装了天花板,下面用柱子支撑起来,免得再次出现塌方的灾难。永不放弃,鲁滨孙奠定了生活的基础。自己一个人过,直到"星期五"的出现,这个希望才重新油然升起!最后乘坐一艘轮船回到了自己的国家。


这本书教会我们只有坚持才能胜利,只有实干才能让我们摆脱困境,实干比信念更重要…… 我的人生也会随着这本书而起航,在人生的航海中,勇敢前进,永不放弃!

My Favourite Book

A lot of people ask me which book is my most favorite one, and I always proudly answer them <<The Five Thousand Years History>>, which is all history about China.

This will be a long story for me to read this book. First time I touched this book is when I was 5 years old. My mother bought it to me as my 5-years-old gift. This is a really wonderful present to me,which is opening a history gate to me , a totally innocent boy. I almost forgot the dinner after I read the first page. From then on, I was the historist in my class and showed my knowledge from that book to my classmeates. When I became older and older, I knew more about it and feel more confident about my own China. I am proud that I am a Chinese and I will make more effort to build a more powerful country and let Chinese history more brilliant.

As me, this is the most important book in my life and now I still read it and recite some part of it. I think everyone should read it and get this wonderful experenice.



I like reading,so I love many different kinds of books very much,because they not only broaden my horizons(视野)but also give me inspiration(灵感).

Up to now I have read a lot of books,for example,magazines,novels and storybooks and so on.But one of the books that I like best is My Life Story.It was created(创作)by an American writer-Helen Keller(海伦·凯勒)in 1902.She was a blind(盲的),deaf(聋的)and dumb(哑的)person.In the book,she wrote that she had not been able to see,hear or speak since the age of one year and seven months.This unusual thing made her very sad.When she was seven years old,she knew Miss Sullivan(沙利文),her good teacher.Helen was getting happier every day.Then,Miss Sullivan helped her learn how to write English words.At first,Miss Sullivan wrote some words on Helen's hands with her own fingers again and again.Helen was a very diligent girl.Because of this,she tried as much as possible to remember words.After that,she wrote and published(出版)many famous works.My Life Story is one of them.

My Life Story described her hard struggle to become an outstanding(著名的)writer and educationist(教育家)of the world.

It shows us a universal(普遍的)truth:"Nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it!"This is why I like it best.What about you?


Alice's adventrue on the wonderful land is My Favourite Book That I Have read in Winter Holidays.That is a wonderful book,and it tells a a girl's interesting story.I love this book because it tell me a lot .It let me know how to face my live.


my favourite book is 'the lord of the ring'. this book is really great. the author creates a whole new world. and the story is fantastic. it tells us we should not be greedy, and should be brave when we meet the dark side of the world. the book is so good that it also turned into a movie. i will introduce u to watch the movie , because the movie is excellent,too. 希望对你有帮助。谢谢




One of my favorite books is literature, Jane Eyre, Jane Eyre is a very good book, mainly tells the story of a girl growing up, she told us that we must work hard, only through hard work in the future can be obtained happiness.


  1 学习英语的首要理念:要努力去了解“是什么”,而尽量少去了解“为什么”。

  因为英语是语言,很多语汇和句型的用法没有道理可讲,没有“为什么”可言,人们就是这样用的,就是这样说的,记住就好。当然了,仔细分析起来或许可以找到语法上的解释。婴儿时期,我们学说话的时候,从来没有问过“为什么会这么说” 吧,但是为什么后来会说的这么好?因为我们听的多,说的多,自然就记在脑子里了。

  2 学习英语的最好方法:背诵课文。



  3 学习英语需要多种形式的神经刺激。


  4 学习英语要善于利用零碎时间。


  5 要着意“卖弄”。


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