英语小作文6句话 小学五年级英语作文(6句话)


英语小作文6句话 小学五年级英语作文(6句话)


we love animals because they are our friends.they can share our happiness and sorrows.we can enjoy the harmony envornment together in the sunshine.no matter in china or other country,the attitude towards animal should have no difference, we share the same opinion:we are friends, not enemy!



I have a room.It is big and beautiful.Its colour is yellow.I like toys and there are many toys in my room.It is clean,too .I like my room!



Since I was a child I

to be a scientist. I think a good scientist can make the world change a lot. If I become a scientist, I will make the desert cover with green trees, make the war never take places and make disaster get far away from people. Now, although I am only a student and lack of creativity. I will study

harder and harder. Because I believe that "There is a will, there is a way! "





2.The new term is coming, so

should make a school schedule for

. In the morning, I will read English texts to improve my spoken English. In each class, I will

to the teachers carefully and make notes. After school, I will come back home on time and do my homework at once. After supper, I will go over what I learned in the day time and prepare for the tomorrow‘s classes. This is my school schedule.





3.The Earth——Our Mother

The earth is like our

. She gives life to all the living things on the earth. Once she was beautiful and rich, but now she becomes dirty and poor. It is due to what we have done to her. Floods, draughts, acid rain…,these are the punishments from nature. Everyone should know that there is

earth, lf we go on treating her like this, it won' t be fit for us to live in any longer. It’s time for us to love her, take good care of her and cure her.




Among all the presents that I have ever received, I like my diary book best. I got it from my


In the diary, there are many beautiful poems, which contain wisdom, sorrow and deep feelings of love. It was amazing that I loved almost every poem. My friend also wrote on the first page of the diary "May you take down the beautiful memories of life."

I did write something special and important to me, and now the diary has become a record of my young life, a memorial of the precious friendship between my friend and me.








5.Clothes play an important role in our daily lives. They protect us from the strong wind in cold winter and prevent us from the unbearable heat in hot summer. They can even make men handsome and women attractive. They also distinguish people in different fields. For example, we can tell a soldier from a policeman simply by the uniforms they are wearing.

Clothes will continue to develop to satisfy our individual tastes. They will become more comfortable,

, fashionable, and varied. People will find in the market more clothes they like to reflect their personalities.



6.My father keeps busy every day. 我爸爸每天都很忙碌

Yesterday, when he got up in the moring, he cooked breakfast for me. After breakfast, he took me to school. Then he went to the workplace to work. In the day time, he will do a lot of business. He didn’t arrived home until five o’clock. After arriving home, he picked up my

and went to the market. They were going to buy some vegetables for supper.He will always goes on working at night.

My father is very busy everay day. But he is always kind to us. He is a good father.





7.●Sports and games运动和游戏

Sports and games do a lot of good to our health. They can make us strong, prevent us from getting too fat, and keep us healthy and fit. Especially they can be of great value to people who work with their brains most of the day, for sports and games give people valuable practice in exercising the body.

What’s more, they make our life richer and more

. If we do not have a strong body, we will find it hard to do whatever we want.A healthy citizenry makes for a strong country. Let us all take part in sports and games.



8.●The advantages of watching TV看电视的好处

During the summer

, I always watch TV at my spare time.I think it is good for me.First of all, watching TV is a good relaxation. Because the pleasant music and pictures can keep us away from tension and tiredness.

Besides, watching TV is entertaining. There are so many entertainments, such as sports activities, performances, plays and movies everywhere in the world.

I like watching TV very much! What about you?

在暑假的空余时间我经常看电视。我觉得看电视对我有好处。首先,看电视是一种很好的 休闲方式。因为音乐和图片可以让我们远离紧张和疲倦。还有,看电视是一种娱乐,电视里有很多的




To Be a Teacher or a Businessman


s would rather be businessmen than teachers when they hunt for jobs. Why?

Firstly, business is a very challenging field with risks and competition while teaching is not. So many students tend to apply for a job with high payment in a short time after graduation.

Secondly, compared with teaching in school, doing business is more exciting and challenging.

In a sentence, which one will you choose? It depends on yourself.







When we read newspapers, we often come across the word pollution. This word was not familiar to the people some decades ago. But now, it is a serious threat to us because.it means the poisoning of the air, seas, rivers and lands, which would do harm to our health.

There are many factories that bring pollution to us. We can not have fresh air in the morning. On land, the accumulation of rubbish in the streets may dirty the city and ruin our health.

If we do mot fight against pollution, surely

all of us will be killed.





英语小作文 我的一天(只要五六句话)

Today is Sunday. I went to shopping with my friend Sally. I bought a beautiful dress and Sally bought a cool shirt! Both of us are so happy today !




I have a happy family.我有个幸福的家庭.

There are three people in it,my father,my motherand I .我家有3口人,爸爸妈妈还有我.

My father is a doctor and my mother is a teacher.我爸爸是医生,我妈妈是老师.

At weekends,we often go to the park together.周末我们经常一起去公园.

I love my sweet family.我爱我家.


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