2021英语四级词汇电子版 英语四级常考高频词汇



2021英语四级词汇电子版 英语四级常考高频词汇





1. a series of 一系列,一连串

2. above all 首先,尤其是

3. after all 毕竟,究竟

4. ahead of 在...之前

5. ahead of time 提前

6. all at once 突然,同时

7. all but 几乎;除了...都

8. all of a sudden 突然

9. all over 遍及

10. all over again 再一次,重新

11. all the time 一直,始终

12. all the same 仍然,照样的

13. as regards 关于,至于

14. anything but 根本不

15. as a matter of fact 实际上

16. apart from 除...外(有/无)

17. as a rule 通常,照例

18. as a result(of) 因此,由于

19. as far as ...be concerned 就...而言

20. as far as 远至,到...程度

21. as for 至于,关于

22. as follows 如下

23. as if 好像,仿佛

24. as good as 和...几乎一样

25. as usual 像平常一样,照例

26. as to 至于,关于

27. all right 令人满意的;可以

28. as well 同样,也,还

29. as well as 除...外(也),即...又

30. aside from 除...外(还有)

31. at a loss 茫然,不知所措

32. at a time 一次,每次

33. at all 丝毫(不),一点也不

34. at all costs 不惜一切代价

35. at all events 不管怎样,无论如何

36. at all times 随时,总是

37. at any rate 无论如何,至少

38. at best 充其量,至多

39. at first 最初,起先

40. at first sight 乍一看,初看起来

41. at hand 在手边,在附近

42. at heart 内心里,本质上

43. at home 在家,在国内

44. at intervals 不时,每隔...

45. at large 大多数,未被捕获的

46. at least 至少

47. at last 终于

48. at length 最终,终于

49. at most 至多,不超过

50. at no time 从不,决不

51. by accident 偶然

52. at one time 曾经,一度;同时

53. at present 目前,现在

54. at sb's disposal 任...处理

55. at the cost of 以...为代价

56. at the mercy of 任凭...摆布

57. at the moment 此刻,目前

58. at this rate 照此速度

59. at times 有时,间或

60. back and forth 来回地,反复地

61. back of 在...后面

62. before long 不久以后

63. beside point 离题的,不相干的

64. beyond question 毫无疑问

65. by air 通过航空途径

66. by all means 尽一切办法,务必

67. by and by 不久,迟早

68. by chance 偶然,碰巧

69. by far 最,...得多

70. by hand 用手,用体力

71. by itself 自动地,独自地

72. by means of 用,依靠

73. by mistake 错误地,无意地

74. by no means 决不,并没有

75. by oneself 单独地,独自地

76. by reason of 由于

77. by the way 顺便说说

78. by virtue of 借助,由于

79. by way of 经由,通过...方法

80. due to 由于,因为

81. each other 互相

82. even if/though 即使,虽然

83. ever so 非常,极其

84. every now and then 时而,偶尔

85. every other 每隔一个的

86. except for 除了...外

87. face to face 面对面地

88. far from 远非,远离

89. for ever 永远

90. for good 永久地

91. for the better 好转

92. for the moment 暂时,目前

93. for the present 暂时,目前

94. for the sake of 为了,为了...的利益

95. for the time being 暂时,眼下

96. from time to time 有时,不时

97. hand in hand 手拉手 ,密切关联

98. head on 迎面地,正面的

99. heart and soul 全心全意地

100. how about ...怎么样

101. in a hurry 匆忙,急于

102. in case of 假如,防备

103. in a moment 立刻,一会儿

104. in a sense 从某种意义上说

105. in a way 在某种程度上

106. in a word 简言之,总之

107. in accordance with 与...一致,按照

108. in addition 另外,加之

109. in addition to 除...之外(还)

110. in advance 预先,事先

111. in all 总共,合计

112. in any case 无论如何

113. in any event 无论如何

114. in brief 简单地说

115. in charge of 负责,总管

116. in common 共用的,共有的

117. in consequence(of) 因此;由于

118. in debt 欠债,欠情

119. in detail 详细地

120. in difficulty 处境困难

121. in effect 实际上,事实上

122. in general 一般来说,大体上

123. in favour of 支持,赞成

124. in front of 面对,在...前

125. in half 成两半

126. in hand 在进行中,待办理

127. in honour of 为庆祝,为纪念

128. in itself 本质上,就其本身而言

129. in line with 与...一致

130. in memory of 纪念

131. in no case 决不

132. in no time 立即,马上

133. in no way 决不

134. in order 按顺序,按次序

135. in other words 换句话说

136. in part 部分地

137. in particular 特别,尤其

138. in person 亲自,本人

139. in place 在合适的位置

140. in place of 代替,取代,交换

141. in practice 在实践中,实际上

142. in proportion to 与...成比例

143. in public 公开地,当众

144. in quantity 大量

145. in question 正在谈论的

146. in regard to 关于,至于

147. in relation to 关于,涉及

148. in return 作为报答/回报/交换

149. in return for 作为对...报答

150. in short 简言之,总之

151. in sight 被见到;在望

152. in spite of 尽管

153. in step 齐步,合拍

154. in step with 与...一致/协调

155. in tears 流着泪,在哭着

156. in the course of 在...期间/过程中

157. in the distance 在远处

158. in the end 最后,终于

159. in the event of 如果...发生,万一

160. in the face of 即使;在...面前

161. in the first place 首先

162. in the future 在未来

163. in the least 丝毫,一点

164. in (the)light of 鉴于,由于

165. in the way 挡道

166. in the world 究竟,到底

167. in time 及时

168. in touch 联系,接触

169. in turn 依次,轮流;转而

170. in vain 徒劳,白费力

171. instead of 代替,而不是

172. just now 眼下;刚才

173. little by little 逐渐地

174. lots of 许多

175. many a 许多

176. more or less 或多或少,有点

177. next door 隔壁的,在隔壁

178. no doubt 无疑地

179. no less than 不少于...;不亚于...

180. no longer 不再

181. no more 不再

182. no more than 至多,同...一样不

183. none other than 不是别的,正是

184. on one's guard 警惕,提防

185. nothing but 只有,只不过

186. now and then 时而,偶尔

187. off and on 断断续续,间歇地

188. off duty 下班

189. on a large/small scale 大/小规模地

190. on account of 由于

191. on(an/the) average 平均,通常

192. on behalf of 代表

193. on board 在船(车/飞机)上

194. on business 因公

195. on condition that 如果

196. on duty 上班,值班

197. on earth 究竟,到底

198. on fire 起火着火

199. on foot 步行,

200. on guard 站岗,值班

201. on hand 在场,在手边

202. on occasion(s) 有时,间或

203. on one's own 独立,独自

204. on purpose 故意地

205. on sale 出售,廉价出售

206. on schedule 按时间表,准时

207. on second thoughts 经重新考虑

208. on the contrary 正相反

209. on the grounds of 根据,以...为由

210. on (the) one hand 一方面

211. on the other hand 另一方面

212. on the point of 即将...的时刻

213. on the road 在旅途中

214. on the side 作为兼职/副 业

215. on the spot 在场;马上

216. on the whole 总的来说,大体上

217. on time 准时

218. once again 再一次

219. once(and)for all 一劳永逸地

220. once in a while 偶尔

221. once more 再一次

222. once upon a time 从前

223. one another 相互

224. or else 否则,要不然

225. or so 大约,左右

226. other than 非;除了

227. out of 从...中;由于;缺乏

228. out of breath 喘不过气来

229. out of control 失去控制

230. out of date 过时的

231. out of doors 在户外

232. out of order 出故障的

233. out of place 不适当的

234. out of practice 久不练习,荒疏

235. out of sight 看不见,在视野外

236. out of the question 毫无可能的

237. out of touch 不联系,不接触

238. over and over(again) 一再地,再三地

239. prior to 在...之前

240. quite a few 相当多,不少

241. rather than 不是...(而是)

242. regardless of 不顾,不惜

243. right away 立即,马上

244. side by side 肩并肩,一起

245. so far 迄今为止

246. sooner or later 迟早,早晚

247. step by step 逐步地

248. such as 例如,诸如

249. thanks to 由于,多亏

250. that is (to say) 就是说,即

251. to the point 切中要害,切题

252. under control 处于控制之下

253. under the circumstances 这种情况下

254. up to date切合目前情况的

255. up to 多达;直到;胜任;取决于

256. what if如果...将怎么样

257. what about 怎么样

258. with respect to关于,至于

259. with regard to 关于,至于

260. without question毫无疑问

261. with the exception of 除...之外

262. word for word 逐字的


1.alter ['ɔ:ltə]基本翻译vt. 改变,更改

vi. 改变;修改 v. 改变,改动,变更 I'll have to alter the diagram. I've made a mistake

2.burst vi.,n. 突然发生,爆裂 The police burst through the door

3.dispose vi. 除掉;处置;解决;处理(of) I must dispose of the trouble

4.blast n. 爆炸;气流 vi. 炸,炸掉 The bomb [bɔm]vt. 轰炸,投弹于vi. 轰炸,投弹;失败

n. 炸弹 blast killed several harmless passers-by

5.consume v. 消耗,耗尽 Each year Americans consume a high percentage of the world's energy

6.split v. 劈开;割裂;分裂 a.裂开的 Suddenly the box split open and a puppy jumped out

7.spit v. 吐(唾液等);唾弃 Don’t spit here and there.

8.spill v. 溢出,溅出,倒出 Put the cap back on the bottle, otherwise the juice will spill

9.slip v. 滑动,滑落;忽略 The ship slipped into the harbor ['hɑ:b基本翻译vi. 藏匿;入港停泊;庇护vt. 庇护;藏匿;入港停泊

n. 海港(等于harbor);避难所 at night

10.slide v. 滑动,滑落 n. 滑动;滑面;幻灯片 House values may begin to slide

11.bacteria n. 细菌 Such a growth or colony ['kɔləni]

基本翻译n. 殖民地;移民队, as of bacteria

12.breed n. 种,品种 v. 繁殖,产仔 Spaniel is a breed of dog with large ears

13.budget n. 预算 v. 编预算,作安排 Next year's budget will have to be drastically pruned. Pruned,基本翻译,未修剪的

14.candidate n. 候选人 In my estimation, estimation [,esti'meiʃən]

基本翻译n. 估计;尊重 he is a more suitable candidate

15.campus n. 校园 The news soon went round the campus

16.liberal a. 慷慨的;丰富的;自由的 Her liberal views were soon revealed ,revealed,基本翻译v. 透露(reveal的过去式);显示as mere posturing

17.transform v. 转变,变革;变换 His plans were transformed overnight into reality,overnight [,əuvə'nait, 'əuvənait]基本翻译adv. 通宵;昨晚;突然

adj. 晚上的;前夜的;通宵的n. 头天晚上;一夜的逗留vt. 连夜快递vi. 过一夜

18.transmit v. 传播,播送;传递 The World Cup final is being transmitted live [liv]基本翻译adj. 活的;实况转播的;精力充沛的;生动的vt. 经历;度过vi. 居住;活;生存e, to over fifty countries

19.transplant v. 移植 She had a bone-marrow transplant

20.transport vt. 运输,运送 n. 运输,运输工具 The goods have been cased cased [keist]基本翻译v. 包装;装入(case的过去式和过去分词形式), up for transport

21.shift v. 转移;转动;转变 The tools shift around in the car boot [bu:t] turn a corner基本翻译vt. 使穿靴;引导;踢;解雇n. 靴子;汽车行李箱;踢every time we

22.vary v. 变化,改变;使多样化 She varied her dress as fashion changes

23.vanish vi. 消灭,不见 Many types of animals have now vanished from the earth

24.swallow v. 吞下,咽下 n. 燕子 She swallowed her anger and carried on

25.suspicion n. 怀疑,疑心 We regard her behavior with suspicion

26.suspicious a. 怀疑的,可疑的 Two suspicious characters were brought in

27.mild a. 温暖的,暖和的;温柔的,味淡的 The punishment inflicted on them was too mild

28. tender ['tendə]


adj. 柔软的;温柔的;脆弱的;幼稚的;难对付的

n. 看管人;小船;偿付,清偿

vt. 使…变嫩;是…变柔软;提供,偿还

vi. 投标;变柔软a. 温柔的;脆弱的 He gave her a tender kiss

29. nuisance ['nju:səns]


n. 麻烦事;损害;讨厌的人;讨厌的东西n. 损害,妨害,讨厌(的人或事物) He was a boring nuisance!

30.insignificant a. 无意义的,无足轻重的;无价值的 It is a waste of time to listen to his insignificant talk

31.accelerate vt. 加速,促进 The car accelerated as it overtook me

32.absolute a. 绝对的,无条件的;完全的 Her new dress is an absolute dream

33.boundary n. 分界线,边界 The lane is the boundary of our land

34.brake n. 刹车,制动器 v. 刹住(车) The driver braked his car suddenly

35.catalog n. 目录(册) v. 编目 Do you have a catalog or something that tell me about your company

36.vague a. 模糊的,不明确的 His vague ideas crystallized into a definite plan

37.vain n. 徒劳,白费 She is vain of her voice

38.extinct a.灭绝的,熄灭的 An extinct volcano.

39.extraordinary a. 不平常的,特别的,非凡的 She wears the most extraordinary get-ups

40.extreme a. 极度的,极端的 n. 极端,过分 The capital is in the extreme south of the country

41.agent n. 代理人,代理商;动因,原因 I booked my holiday through my local travel agent

42.alcohol n. 含酒精的饮料,酒精 He is addicted to alcohol

43.appeal n./vi. 呼吁,恳求 Her eyes held a look of silent appeal

44.appreciate vt. 重视,赏识,欣赏 We appreciate your helping us

45.approve v. 赞成,同意,批准 You can join the class if you parents approve

46.stimulate vt. 刺激,激励 Light stimulates plant growth

47.acquire vt. 取得,获得;学到 How did he acquire his wealth

48.accomplish vt .完成,到达;实行 We should not try to accomplish two tasks at once

49.network n. 网状物;广播网,电视网;网络 She gave me a diagram of railway network

50.tide n. 潮汐;潮流 As the tide receded we were able to look for shells

51.tidy a. 整洁的,整齐的 He combed his house's mane tidy

52.trace vt. 追踪,找到 n. 痕迹,踪迹 The cause of the fire was traced to a faulty fuse-box

53.torture n./vt. 拷打,折磨 He tortured his prisoners

54.wander vi. 漫游,闲逛 The boy was wandering around

55.wax n. 蜡 He lit up a wax candle

56.weave v. 织,编 Spiders weave webs

57.preserve v. 保护,保存,保持,维持 Salt and spices help to preserve meat

61. abuse v. n.滥用,虐待;谩骂 She attacked him with a torrent of abuse

62. academic a. 学术的;高等院校的;研究院的 She already has good academic qualifications

under her belt

63. academy n. (高等)专科院校;学会 He is a student in an academy of music

64. battery n. 电池(组) This battery is a dud

65. barrier n. 障碍;棚栏 The lorry shaved the barrier, scraping its side

66. cargo n. (船、飞机等装载的)货物 How long will the discharge of the cargo take?

67. career n. 生涯,职业 This career offers a challenge

68. vessel n. 船舶;容器,器皿;血管 The vessel was ruined by a submarine

69. vertical a. 垂直的 The vertical line meets the horizontal one here

70. oblige v. 迫使,责成;使感激 Could you oblige me by closing the door

71. obscure a. 阴暗,模糊 The reasons why he did it are obscure.

72. extent n. 程度,范围,大小,限度 I was amazed at the extent of his knowledge

73. exterior n. 外部,外表 a. 外部的,外表的 Don't be put off by his gruff exterior;

74. external a. 外部的,外表的,外面的 All his injuries are external

75. petrol n. 汽油 My car is rather heavy on petrol

76. petroleum n. 石油 Taiwan seems to contain no petroleum

77. delay vt./n. 推迟,延误,耽搁 Our plane was delayed by fog

78. decay vi. 腐烂,腐朽 A source of spreading corruption or decay

79. decent a. 像样的,体面的 He dreamed of living in decent conditions

80. route n. 路;路线;航线 The markings along the route are quite plain

81. ruin v. 毁坏,破坏 n. 毁灭,[pl.]废墟 His rashness led ultimately to his ruin

82. sake n. 缘故,理由 Don't inconvenience yourself for my sake

83. satellite n. 卫星 The equipment picked up the signal from the satellite

84. scale n. 大小,规模;等级;刻度 Scale the fish before cooking them

85. temple n. 庙宇 There is a large mural in the temple

86. tedious a. 乏味道,单调的, He told me a tedious story

87. tend vi.易于,趋向 Does he tend to lose

88. tendency n.趋向,趋势 His illness grew out of his tendency to overwork.

89. ultimate a. 极端的,最大的,最终的 n. 极端 The sun is the ultimate source of energy

90. undergo v. 经历,遭受 Metals undergo expansion when heated

91. abundant a. 丰富的,充裕的,大量的 Indonesia is abundant in petroleum deposits

92. adopt v. 收养;采用;采纳 We should adopt the consumers' suggestion

93. adapt vi. 适应,适合;改编,改写 vt. 使适应 You must adapt to the norms of the society

you live in

94. bachelor n. 学士,学士学位;单身汉 Are you a Bachelor of Arts?

95. casual a. 偶然的,碰巧的;临时的;非正式的 He likes casual attires

96. trap n. 陷阱,圈套 v. 设陷阱捕捉 The police set a trap to catch the thief

97. vacant a. 空的,未占用的 There are some vacant offices on the third floor

98. vacuum n. 真空,真空吸尘器 Some pumps and all vacuum cleaners work by suction

99. oral a. 口头的,口述的,口的 My oral English is pretty rusty

100. optics n. (单、复数同形)光学 The optic theory originated with Einstein

101. organ n. 器官,风琴 The heart is a vital organ

102. excess n. 过分,过量,过剩 His excesses at parties are well known

103. expel v. 驱逐,开除,赶出 He was expelled from the school

104. expend v. 消费 He lived high and expended largely

105. expenditure n. 支出,消费;经费 They took a ruinous expenditure on the house

106. expense n. 开销,费用 He finished the job at the expenses of his health

107. expensive a. 花钱多的;价格高贵的 The transport of goods by air is very expensive

108. expand v. 扩大,扩张;展开,膨胀 Metals expand when they are heated

109. expansion n. 扩大,扩充;发展,膨胀 His economic policies paved the way for industrial


110. private a. 私人的,个人的 Let's go upstairs where we can be a bit more private

111. individual a. 个别的,单独的 n. 个人,个体 These styles can be adapted to suit

individual tastes

112. personal a. 个人的,私人的;亲自的 I have something personal to discuss with you.

114. personnel n. [总称]人员,员工;人事部门 I am studying personnel management

115. the Pacific Ocean 太平洋

116. the Atlantic Ocean 大西洋

117. the Arctic Ocean 北冰洋

118. the Antarctic Ocean 南冰洋

119. grant vt. 授予,同意,准予 I take it for granted you have read this book

119. grand a. 宏伟大,壮丽的,重大的 How grand the mountains look in the early evening

120. invade v. 侵入,侵略,侵袭 The town was invaded by reporters

121. acid n. 酸,酸性物质 a. 酸的;尖刻的 am doing an experiment of neutralizing acid

122. acknowledge v. 承认;致谢 He is unwilling to acknowledge defeat

123. balcony n. 阳台 She drew me onto the balcony

124. calculate vt. 计算,核算 The scientists calculated when the spacecraft would reach the


125. calendar n. 日历,月历 He put the desk calendar on the shelf

126. optimistic a. 乐观 I am very optimistic

127. optional a. 可以任选的,非强制的 The insurance cover is optional

128. outstanding a. 杰出的,突出的,显著的 He has many outstanding gift.


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