视听说教程2第三版原文 视听说教程2第三版答案


视听说教程2第三版原文 视听说教程2第三版答案


第二版 第三册

Unit 1

Warming up

1. F 2.NG 3.T


Short conversations

1. C 2.D 3.A 4.D 5.B 6.A 7.D 8.C 9.A 10.B

Long conversation

1.A 2.C 3.B 4.B 5.D


1.B 2.A 3.C 4.C 5.C

Radio program

1. a journalism degree

2. pretty good

3. about what she has

4. you just want more

5. protective of his family


Task 1

1.C 2.C 3.A 4.D 5.B

Task 2

1.A 2.C 3.D 4.C 5.D

Task 3








8.has been tracking more than a million sujects since 1979

9.have fewer heart attacks and lower cancer rates

10.a strong sense of connection to others and in satisfying relationship

Unit 2

Warming up

1. Running, swimming, and lifting weights

2. Exercise makes him happy, keeps his stress level down, and gives him all sorts of energy

for his work and family.

3. Well, there is no swimming pool near my home and i can't swim every day. But anyway, I

cann run in the morning . There are many benefits to exercising. They include a strong

body, an improved mood, longer life, better appearance and an overall sense of well-being.


Short conversations

1.C 2.C 3.B 4.A 5.D 6.B 7.C 8.D 9.A 10.A

Long conversation

1.D 2.C 3.A 4.B 5.A


1.B 2.D 3.D 4.C 5.A

Radio program

1. the quality of school menus

2. moving into the neighbourhood

3. eats fast food

4. the Chicago study

5. children's eating habits


Task 1

1.A 2.B 3.C 4.D 5.B

Task 2

1.A 2.B 3.D 4.C 5.D

Task 3

1. advancements







8.high-fiber and vitamin-rich foods, such as vegetables and fruits

9.should give up smoking if they haven't already done so

10. No section of the population can benefit from exercise.

Unit 3

Warming up

1. made him successful

2. what others are doing

3. they are successful


Short conversations

1.D 2.C 3.B 4.C 5.C 6.B 7.A 8.C 9.B 10.A

Long conversation

1.B 2.C 3.A 4.B 5.D


1.A 2.B 3.A 4.C 5.A

Radio program

1.is studying for a doctorate in religion

2.ia marked by chance encounters

3.only knew a little Italian

4.was attacked by an intruder in her home

5.began to live a life with vivid moments


Task 1

1.C 2.D 3.D 4.A 5.B

Task 2

1.B. 2.B 3.C 4.D 5.B

Task 3





5.long term



8.unsuccessful people just let life happen by accident

9.and they aren't difficult for people to attain

10.what to go after and in what direction to aim your life

Unit 4

Warming up

1. Writer---Jack Kerouac

2. Artist---Jackson Pollock

3. Musician---Louis Armstrong

4. Symbol--- Statue of Liberty


Short conversations

1.B 2.B 3.C 4.D 5.A 6.B 7.D 8.C 9.D 10.A

Long conversation

1.C 2.D 3.B 4.B 5.A


1.B 2.A 3.D 4.D 5.B

Radio program

1.for decades

2.healthy and aactive lifestyle

3.meet consumer demands


Task 1

1.D 2.C 3.C 4.B 5.B

Task 2

1.C 2.A 3.B 4.D 5.B

Task 3








8.They began playing with and contradicting the conversations of Hollywood

9.Furthermore, their considerable financial success and crossover into popular culture

10.Some people have taken advantage of this rise in popularity

Unit 5

Warming up

1.preserves stories that would be lost

2.the important thing in their lives

3.love and hope


Short conversations

1.B 2.C 3.D 4.A 5.B 6.B 7.B 8.A 9.D 10.D

Long conversation

1.B 2.C 3.D 4.D 5.A


1.A 2.C 3.B 4.C 5.C

Radio program

1.do it at pains

2.I love you

3.their appearance

4.you don't want to answer

5.think of her in your heart


Task 1

1.D 2.A 3.A 4.B 5.C

Task 2

1.B 2.D 3.C 4.A 5.A

Task 3








8.but over time, I started to enjoy them more and more

9.Now that I've talked to you, I feel ten years younger.

10.people shouldn't live their lives always thinking about the past.

Unit 6

Warming up

1."Get ready"

2.Climate changes are occuring more rapidly and natural disasters are becoming more severe.

3.Books on the subject of survival.


Short conversations

1.D 2.D 3.D 4.B 5.C 6.A 7.C 8.C 9.A 10.C

Long conversation

1.A 2.C 3.B 4.B 5.D


1.C 2.D 3.C 4.D 5.A

Radio program


2.a tall Islamabad building

3.the Kashmirian Mountains

4.a heavily mititarized region



Task 1

1.A 2.B 3.C 4.D 5.A

Task 2

1.A 2.A 3.B 4.D 5.A

Task 3








8.keep us away from mountains the rest of our lives

9.something like the Yellowstone earthquake does not happen very often

10. few of us will suffer because of such a disaster.

Unit 7

Warming up

1.giving money to charity

2.what she's doing

3.honesty and kindness

4.the impossible

5.take notice


Short conversations

1.C 2.A 3.C 4.B 5.D 6.A 7.B 8.B 9.A 10.C

Long conversation

1.A 2.B 3.B 4.C 5.D


1.A 2.A 3.D 4.C 5.B

Radio program

1.The Day to Day

2.To try to go after the online music business


4.It has been negotiating licenses for songs

5.Gate's leaving will benefit it


Task 1

1.D 2.C 3.D 4.D 5.A

Task 2

1.D 2.C 3.B 4.C 5.A

Task 3








8.But if we admit tradition more than we should

9.insist on trying to plot the future by the past

10. to accept the help which tradition can bring

Unit 8

Warming up

1. He did nothing other than witness the scene untold

2. He feels scientists should not, must bot, conntinue down this road(of human cloning)

3. I feel positive about human cloning because it can lengthen people's lives, help to grow

replacement organs, and reduce the number of genetic birth defects

I feel negative about human cloning because it can reduce our value for human life,

cost huge amounts of money and pose many legal questions that we aren't ready for.


Short conversations

1.B 2.D 3.C 4.A 5.A 6.A 7.C 8.C 9.A 10.B

Long conversation

1.A 2.A 3.D 4.D 5.C


1.D 2.C 3.A 4.B 5.C

Radio program

1.human beings

2.maternal twins

3.genes that cause disease

4.manny disease

5.an environmental component


Task 1

1.B 2.C 3.B 4.C 5.D

Task 2

1.C 2.A 3.B 4.C 5.C

Task 3








8."Genetic engineering is very exciting and important technology"

9.but you have to ask fundamental questions before it is too late

10. the way the technology is racing far ahead of public understanding

Unit 9

Warming up

1.T 2.NG 3.F


Short conversations

1.B 2.D 3.A 4.C 5.A 6.B 7.C 8.C 9.D 10.D

Long conversation

1.A 2.B 3.D 4.C 5.D


1.D 2.D 3.A 4.C 5.A

Radio program

1.her benefits were fabulous

2.really ,really tough

3.got a part-time job

4.on the Internet /online



Task 1

1.C 2.A 3.B 4.B 5.C

Task 2

1.D 2.C 3.C 4.C 5.B

Task 3








8.The answer to whether or not marriage in school should be allowed.

9.As for those who are attending universities at an older age.

10. the marriage of some unergraduates will inevitably influence other students

Unit 10

Warming up

1. She likes them, but they aren't at the center of her life

2. How to become a better person

3. I think there are many benefits of having friends. For instance, my friends keep me

company, especially when I am sad. They also support me when I am in difficulties. They

teach me in my studies. I cannot think of anythinng that is as valuable as friendship.


Short conversations

1.A 2.B 3.B 4.C 5.D 6.A 7.B 8.D 9.C 10.D

Long conversation

1.B 2.D 3.C 4.A 5.C


1.A 2.C 3.B 4.D 5.A

Radio program

1. in 1776

2. They worked together for the same goal

3. Fifty years

4. No ,he was ailing

5. Yes, they did.


Task 1

1.C 2.A 3.B 4.D 5.B

Task 2

1.D 2.A 3.A 4.D 5.B

Task 3








8.Some thhings have been done to address this problem

9.in an effort to raise the public's awareness of environmental protection

10.to punish enterprises that drain untreated wastes into the rivers and oceans



求《新视野大学英语视听说教程2》unit3 task3 :An American Wedding听力原文,要完整的

Task 3: An American Wedding

American weddings are not always the same. I’d like to show you pictures of my wedding. When we got engaged, an announcement was published in the newspaper. The announcement typically includes the names of the bride, the bridegroom and their parents and the wedding is expected to be held. About a month before the wedding, we sent out wedding invitations to relatives and friends. This is the church where we had the wedding. My father gave me to my future husband. Then the minister started the wedding ceremony. He greeted the guests, and talked about the meaning of marriage. Next, we exchanged vows and gave each other rings. This is the main part of the wedding. After the vows, the minister prayed for us. Then the minister declared us husband and wife, and we kissed each other. Here is my sister, who was a bridesmaid. This is the bouquet I carried. Traditionally, the unmarried women gather after the wedding, and the bride throws her bouquet to them. The one who catches it will, according to tradition, be the next one to get married. At the reception, we cut the wedding cake and fed each other bites of the cake. Then we toasted each other with champagne. Finally the reception was over, and the minister signed the marriage certificate and we were legally married.

1. A 2.B 3.C 4.D


新视野大学英语3 读写教程第二版课文原文

Unit1_passage :My brother, Jimmy, did not get enough oxygen during a difficult delivery, leaving him with brain damage, and two years later I was born.

Since then, my life revolved around my brother's.

Accompanying my growing up was always "go out and play and take your brother with you".

I couldn't go anywhere without him, so I urged the neighborhood kids to come to my house for some out-of-control kid-centered fun.

My mother taught Jimmy practical things like how to brush his teeth or put on a belt.

My father, a saint, simply held the house together with his patience and understanding.

I was in charge outside where I administered justice by tracking down the parents of the kids who picked on my brother, and telling on them.

My father and Jimmy were inseparable.

They ate breakfast together and on weekdays drove off to the navy shipping center every morning where they both worked—Jimmy unloaded color-coded boxes.

At night after dinner, they would talk and play games late into the evening.

They even whistled the same tunes.

So when my father died of a heart attack in 1991, Jimmy was a wreck, beneath his careful disguise.

He was simply in disbelief.

Usually very agreeable, he now quit speaking altogether and no amount of words could penetrate the vacant expression he wore on his face.

I hired someone to live with him and drive him to work, but no matter how much I tried to make things stay the same, even Jimmy grasped that the world he'd known was gone.

One day I asked, "You miss Dad, don't you?"

His lips quivered and then he asked, "What do you think, Margaret? He was my best friend."

Our tears began to flow.

My mother died of lung cancer six months later and I alone was left to look after Jimmy.

He didn't adjust to going to work without my father right away, so he came and lived with me in New York City for a while.

He went wherever I went and seemed to adjust pretty well.

Still, Jimmy longed to live in my parents' house and work at his old job and I pledged to help him return.

Eventually, I was able to work it out.

He has lived there for 11 years now with many different caretakers and blossomed on his own.

He has become essential to the neighborhood.

When you have any mail to be picked up or your dog needs walking, he is your man.

My mother was right, of course: It was possible to have a home with room for both his limitations and my ambitions.

In fact, caring for someone who loves as deeply and appreciates my efforts as much as Jimmy does has enriched my life more than anything else ever could have.

This hit home a few days after the September 11th disaster on Jimmy's 57th birthday.

I had a party for him in my home in New York, but none of our family could join us because travel was difficult and they were still reckoning with the sheer terror the disaster had brought.

I called on my faithful friends to help make it a merry and festive occasion, ignoring the fact that most of them were emotionally drained and exhausted.

Instead of the customary "No gifts, please", I shouted, "Gifts! Please!"

My friends—people Jimmy had come to know over the years—brought the ideal presents: country music CDs, a sweatshirt, one leather belt with "J-I-M-M-Y" on it, a knitted wool hat and a cowboy costume.

The evening led up to the gifts and then the chocolate cake from his favorite bakery, and of course the ceremony wasn't complete without the singing.

A thousand times Jimmy asked, "Is it time for the cake yet?"

After dinner and the gifts Jimmy could no longer be restrained.

He anxiously waited for the candles to be lit and then blew them out with one long breath as we all sang "Happy Birthday".

Jimmy wasn't satisfied with our effort, though.

He jumped up on the chair and stood erect pointing both index fingers into the air to conduct us and yelled, "One... more... time!"

We sang with all of the energy left in our souls and when we were finished he put both his thumbs up and shouted, "That was super!"

We had wanted to let him know that no matter how difficult things got in the world, there would always be people who cared about him.

We ended up reminding ourselves instead.

For Jimmy, the love with which we sang was a welcome bonus, but mostly he had just wanted to see everyone else happy again.

Just as my father's death had changed Jimmy's world overnight, September 11th changed our lives; the world we'd known was gone.

But, as we sang for Jimmy and held each other tight afterward praying for peace around the world, we were reminded that the constant love and support of our friends and family would get us through whatever life might present.

The simplicity with which Jimmy had reconciled everything for us should not have been surprising.

There had never been any limitations to what Jimmy's love could accomplish


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