英语怎么猜答案 英语考试怎么猜答案


英语怎么猜答案 英语考试怎么猜答案


1. 物谜:从某种意义而言,可以把中国的物谜翻译成英语猜射,反之亦然,通过翻译,不影响谜底。如:

  Two little brothers,

  One lives on one side,

  The other on the other side,

  They hear what you say,

  But they does not see each other。







  It is so weak,

  That a little wind can move it,

  It is so strong,

  That you can cut it with a knife and leave no trace。

  ( key:water)

  2. 问答谜:用问答形式利用单词结构,语音语义等技巧,得出答案。常见的有:

  1) 谐音语义型(双关型),这是最常见的一类。

  What letter is a part of the head?  Key:I (eye)

  Why is a river very rich?

  Key:because it has two banks。(堤岸; 银行)

  Which four letters are the thief afraid of?

  Key:O,I,C,U (oh, I see you )

  What part of a clock is always old?

  Key: second-hand (秒针,二手货)

  2) 常识型:

  What is white when it is dirty?  Key:blackboard

  What never asks qustions, but gets a lot of answers?  Key:doorbell

  3) 字母结构型:

  which letter makes her hear?  Key:a

  I jump into the water, what do I do ?  key:waiter

  My first is in “ snow ”, but not in “ ice ” ,

  My second is in “ rose ”, and also in “ rice ” ,

  My third is not in “ pencil ”, but in “ paper ” 。

  My whole is a place where there is a lot of water。


1.What gets larger,the more you take away?什么东西你拿走越多,反而越大?

2.What goes on four legs in the morning,on two at noon,and on three in the evening?什么走路开始用四条腿,后来用两条腿,最后用三条腿?

3.What do we get if we cross a woodpecker with a homing pigeon?把一只啄木鸟和一只识途的鸽子融合在一起,会得到什么?

4.Where does afternoon come before morning in the world?世界上哪个地方下午比早上先到?



2.People.They crawled when they were babies and walked with two legs before they had to rely on a crutch in old age.


3.A bird that knocks on the door when delivering messages.将得到一只送信时会敲门的鸟。

4.In the dictionary.在字典里。

1. What has four eyes but cannot see?2. What do vampires do at midnight?3. What's the beginning of eternity, the end of time and space; the beginning of end, and the end of every place?4. What can you catch but cannot throw?5. What is deaf and dumb but always tells the truth?6. What did one penny say to the other?7. What has a tongue but cannot talk?8. What has ears but cannot hear?9. What has teeth but cannot eat?10. What is yours but is used by others more than by yourself?11. What goes through a door but never comes in or goes out?12. What runs all around the ground but never moves?13. What can go through water but never get wet?14. What kind of leaves doesn’t fall in Autumn?15. What kind of house weights least?16. What kinds of keys are too large for your pocket?17. Where do ghost like to swim?18. Why did the ghost go to the astrologer?19. Was Dracula ever married?20. Why did the policeman arrest the ghost?

1 。什么有四个眼睛,但不能见? 2 。怎么做的吸血鬼在午夜? 3 。什么样的开始,永恒的,年底的时间和空间;年初结束,年底的每一个地方呢? 4 。你如何能赶上,但不能丢? 5 。什么是聋哑,但总是告诉真相? 6 。什么一竹篙说,向其他? 7 。有什么舌头,但不能谈? 8 。什么耳朵,但不能听到? 9 。什么牙,但不能吃? 10 。什么是你们的,但所使用的其他多由您自己? 11 。什么经过一个大门,但从来没有谈到在或熄灭? 12 。什么运行所有周围的地面,但绝不会移动? 13 。有什么可以去,通过水,却怎么也找不到湿? 14 。什么样的叶片不属于在秋季? 15 。什么样的房子,至少度量衡? 16 。什么样的钥匙过大,为您的口袋? 17 。哪里鬼想游泳吗? 18 。为什么鬼到命理? 19 。是伯爵以往任何时候都结婚? 20 。为什么警察逮捕鬼?

1. Mississippi 2. Take a coffin break 3. The letter "e" 4. A Cold 5. A mirror 6. Together we make more cents. 7. A shoe 8. Corn9. A comb10. Your name 11. A keyhole 12. A fence 13. Sunlight 14. The leaves of the book 15. The lighthouse 16. Donkeys, monkeys, and turkeys 17. In the death see 18. Because he wants to see his horoscope 19. No, he was a bat-chelor 20. Because the ghost did not have a hunting licence.

1 。密西西比州2 。采取抬棺材,打破3 。字母“ e ” 4 。一冷5 。一面镜子6 。我们同心合力,使更多美分。 7 。 1擦鞋8 。玉米9 。梳10 。您的姓名11 。一锁孔12 。围栏13 。阳光14 。叶的这本书15 。灯塔16 。驴,猴子,和火鸡17 。在死亡见18 。因为他想看到他的占星19 。没有,他是一位蝙蝠- chelor 20 。因为鬼没有一个狩猎许可证。

9. What do you know about the kings of France?

They are all dead.

10. What question can you never answer 'yes" to"

Are you asleep?


What is higher without a head than with a head?

[答案]a pillow(枕头)

What is dark but made by light?

[答 案]a shadow(影子)

What a room has no walls, no doors, no windows, and no floors?

[答 案]a mushroom(蘑菇)

What large instrument do you carry in your ears?

[答 案]drums(鼓)

What person tried to make you smile most of the time?

[答案]a photographer(摄影师)

What has hands but no feet, a face but no eyes, tells but not talk?

[答 案]a clock(钟)

What is black when it is clean and white when it is dirty?

[答 案]a blackboard(黑板)

What has a soft bed but never sleeps, a big mouth but never speaks?

[答 案]a river(河)

What is easy to get into but hard to get out of?

[答 案]trouble(麻烦)



Cut off their noses. 或者PLUG THEiR NOSE!

动词smell 有两种词义:a. 发臭;b. 嗅,闻



Because it is noon

因为noon中午这个词的英文解释就是:“12 o'clock in the middle of the day”,而“天”的英文单词DAY中间的字母也正是“A”,所以说字母A就相当于一天中的正午12点。



①—How can I keep the fish from smelling, Mike?

—Cut off their noses.

(动词smell 有两种词义:a. 发臭;b. 嗅,闻).

②Daughter: Auntie kissed me.

Mother: How nice! Did you kiss her back, dear?

Daughter: Of course not. I kissed her face.

(back有两种词义:a.副词:还,极;b. 名词:背部)

③Stranger: Boy, will you direct me to the bank?

Boy: I will ask for a dollar.

Stranger: A dollar! That’s high pay, isn’t it?

Boy : Sure ,but bank directors always get high pay.

( director 可译作:a. 指路的人;b. 银行董事)

④ Peter: Er, is that British Airways? Can you tell me how long it takes to fly from Dublin to London?

Booking Clerk: Just a minute, sir. . .

Peter: OK. Thanks a lot. Good-bye.

(“Just a minute.”的意思是:“稍等”。但Peter理解错了)

⑤Diner(食客) : Waiter, I don’t like the looks of this trout(鳟鱼).

Waiter: Well, if it’s looks you want, why don’t you order a goldfish?

⑥ A: Where do you wash?

B: In the spring.

A: I didn’t ask you when, I asked you where. (spring有两个词义:a. 春天;b. 泉,泉水)

⑦—What American has the largest family?

—George Washington, the father of his country.

⑧—What question can never be answered by “yes”?

—Are you asleep?

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