四级英语翻译词汇 四级英语翻译常用词汇


四级英语翻译词汇 四级英语翻译常用词汇



  Jump for the sun, at least you land on the moon. 目标定的高一点有好处。


  我喜欢这里: I like here. Right: I like it here.

  I can succeed. Right: I can do it. I can make it.

  注意生活中的英语: Nike胜利女神。 Just do it.

  生活中的英语: Did you have a pleasant journey? (这时要用降调)

  I am very much frightened because a girl named Monika stands beside me. Oh, thank god! He’s not the president now. (我很害怕)

  I was just screwed up. (我一团糟)


  I 押韵题型(押头韵、押尾韵);


  54. The rain was heavy and _A_ the land was flooded.

  A consequently B continuously C constantly D consistently

  continue v. 继续,连续; continually adv. 时断时续地; continuously adv. 连续不断地。


  consequently adv. 因此,所以;(heavy rain大雨, light rain小雨)

  constantly adv. 始终如一地,连续发生地;constant temperature 恒温

  consistently adv. 一贯地,一致地; consistent adj. consistent policy 一贯的政策。

  36. I hate people who _C_ the end of a film that you haven’t seen before.

  A revise B rewrite C reveal D reverse

  rewrite v. 重写,改写; revise vt. 修改,修正; reveal vt. 揭示,揭露;

  reverse vt. 颠倒,使反转,使反向。(vers是词根,表示转动;re是前缀,表示向相反方向)

  42. There were no tickets _D_ for Friday’s performance.

  A preferable B considerable C possible D available

  performance n. 表演,演出,演奏; perform vt. possible adj. 可能的

  动词后加able构成形容词通常表示“可…的” read -》 readable accept -》 acceptable

  consider vt. 考虑; considerable adj. (数量或尺寸)相当大(或多)的。

  preferable adj. 更好的,更可取的;

  available* adj. 可获得的,可利用的,可支配的。(重点词)

  33. In general, the amount that a student spends for housing should be held to one-fifth of the total _D_ for living expenses.

  A acceptable B applicable C advisable D available

  living expenses 生活费; acceptable adj. 可接受的;

  apply vt. 申请,应用; applicable adj. 可应用的,适当的,合适的;

  advise vt. 建议; advice n. 建议; advisable adj. 明智的,可取的。

  54. It is our _A_ policy that we will achieve unity through peaceful means.

  A consistent B continuous C considerate D continual

  achieve unity through peaceful means 通过和平手段取得统一; consistent policy 一贯政策


  44. There were some _A_ flowers on the table.

  A artificial B unnatural C false D unreal

  unreal adj. 不真实的(不是真实世界所拥有的,虚幻的); Ends justify means 不择手段;

  false adj. 具有欺骗性的,假的,伪造的; false coin/passport/hair,a false tooth/false teeth

  unnatural adj. 不自然的,经常用来修饰人的行为举止,表示做作的,矫揉造作的。

  artificial adj. 人造人为的 artificial leg 假肢artificial leather 人造皮 genuine leather 真皮

  54. When people become unemployed, it is _C_ which is often worse than lack of wages.

  A laziness B poverty C idleness D inability

  laziness n. 懒惰; poverty n. 贫穷; poor adj. 贫穷的;

  idleness n. 无事可做(中性,有时也有贬义含义); inability n. 没有能力,没有办法。

  69. A lot of ants are always invading my kitchen. They are a thorough _A_.

  A nuisance B trouble C worry D anxiety

  invade 进攻,侵略; nuisance n. (具体的)令人讨厌的东西; trouble n. 烦恼,麻烦,问题;

  worry n. 担心,发愁; anxiety n. 焦虑。 What a nuisance. 真是烦。


absent a.缺席的,不在场的; 缺乏的;心不在焉的

Long absent,soon forgotten. ;别久情疏.

Absence sharpens love between lovers. ;小别加深恋人间的事情.

apparent a.表面上的;显然的, 明白的,清晰可见的

In spite of her apparent indifference, ;尽管表面上不在乎,

a woman is usually deeply concerned with others' remarks on her figure. ;女人通常很在意别人怎样议论自己的身材.

bet vt.与…打赌,以…打赌; vi.打赌;赌金

I bet him ten dollars that Gore would win the presidential election,but I lost. ;我押10美元与他赌戈尔赢得总统大选,可是我输了.

cheat vt.& vi.欺骗,骗取 n.骗子

Anyone caught cheating will be kicked out of school! ;任何被发现舞弊者将被立即开除出校!

choke vt.(使)窒息,呛

There were chain- smokers in the office and the smoke almost choked me. ;办公室里有人一支接一支地不断吸烟,我被呛得几乎窒息.

defect n.缺点,缺陷,毛病

I think there are still lots of defects in our educational system. ;我认为我们的教育体制还有很多弊病.

devil n.魔鬼,恶魔

Speak of the devil and he appears. ;说曹操,曹操到.

earnest a.认真的;诚挚的, 热切的

Nowadays some young people are not earnest about their marriage. ;如今有些年轻人对他们的婚姻大事并不认真.

ease n.容易,不费力

Old people desire a life of ease,which does not fit young people of my age. ;老人希望过的安逸生活并不适合我这样的年纪的年轻人.

failure n.失败,失败的人

Failure in one examination should not stop you from trying again. ;一次考试不及格不应妨碍你再试一次.

glory n.光荣,荣誉; 美丽,壮丽

Scientific achievement may bring greater glory than fighting. ;科学成就可能比战争带来更大荣耀.

handle vt.处理,应付,对待

A manager must know how to handle his staff. ;当经理的应懂得如何管理职员.

interview n.接见,面谈;面试;采访 vt.接见,面谈;面试; 采访

In order to recruit real talents, ;为了招纳真正的人才,

some big companies arrange more than one interview for the applicants. ;一些大公司为求职者安排不只一次面试.

Many singers just like to be interviewed because they want to be famous. ;许多歌星很喜欢被采访, 因为他们要出名.

insurance n.保险;保险费

Those who have no public health services would like to buy health insurance. ;那些没有公费医疗的人会愿意买健康保险.

licence ;n.许可证,执照

Drivers who violate traffic regulations will be fined ;违反交通规则的司机会被罚款,

and their licence will be suspended. ;并扣驾驶执照.

laughter n.笑声

Students like teachers who can make the class full of laughter. ;学生喜欢能使课堂充满笑声的老师.

manual a.用手的,体力的 n.手册,指南

Manual workers often earn much less than office workers. ;体力工作者通常比办公室工作人员赚得要少得多.

A good manual of college English vocabulary ;一本好的大学英语词汇 手册

will help us a lot in memorizing words. ;会大大帮助我们记忆单词.

mature a.成熟的;深思熟虑的 v.(使)成熟, (使)成长

Our judgement matures as we grow older. ;我们的判断力随着年龄增长而变得成熟.

obtain vt.得到,获得

If I can't pass College English Test Band 4,I can't obtain my bachelor's degree. ;如果过不了大学英语四级考试,我就不能获得学士学位.

occupation n.工作,职业; 占领,占据

What kind of occupation is your friend looking for? ;你的朋友在找什么样的 工作?

The World War II German occupation of France lasted four years. ;二战中德国对法国的占领持续了四年.

patience n.忍耐,耐心

I have no patience with people who are too slow. ;我对反应太迟钝的人没什么耐心.

plot n.故事情节

I was captured by the complicated plot in Micky Blue Eyes. ;我被电影《蓝眼睛米奇》 (《黑帮女婿》)的复杂情节吸引住了.

rebel n.反对者,反叛分子 vi.反抗,反叛,强烈 反对

Some children will rebel against their parents' strict upbringing. ;一些孩子会反抗父母那些严厉管教的方式.

relationship n.关系,关联

An insurance salesman is usually a person with wide social relationships. ;保险推销员通常是社交广泛的人.

scholar n.学者

Scholars have different opinions on how to learn a foreign language well. ;关于如何学好一门外语, 学者们持不同观点.

scholarship n.奖学金

Many Chinese students who study abroad without scholarships ;很多在国外没有奖学金的中国留学生

have to work to earn money. ;得打工赚钱.

temporary a.暂时的,临时的

During the four years in college, ;在四年的大学生活中,

most of the students have the experience of doing temporary work. ;大多数学生做过临时工.

schedule n.时间表,工作表 vt.安排,排定

I never need a television schedule ;我从不需要电视节目时间表,

because I don't like to decide beforehand what to watch. ;因为我不喜欢预先决定要看什么.

widespread a.广泛流传的, 分布广的,普遍的

There is a widespread belief that popular newspapers do not always tell the truth ;有一种普遍的看法认为小报并不总是报道真实情况

and sometimes contain widespread rumours. ;且有时含有广为流传的谣言

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