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去百度文库,查看完整内容> 内容来自用户:许艳 英语自我介绍100字范文 篇一:英语自我介绍100字 Hi! My name is lisa.I am twelve years old. I am a good student. And I am a girl . I am not handsome but I am very lovely .I am study in . shool. The shool is very good and beautiful.I like it very much. I have big eyes and my ears are big too. But my nose and mouse are small.so I look like lovely. My favorite sport is play basketball and table tennis I think .

用英语写一段100字的自述 英语100怎么写


学习的三层境界:知 、好、 乐 【原文】 子曰:“知之者不如好之者,好之者不如乐之者.”(《雍也》) 【译文】 孔子说:“懂得学习的人比不上喜爱学习的人;喜爱学习的人比不上以此为乐的人.” 【解释】 对于学习,了解怎么学习的人,不如爱好学习的人;爱好学习的人,又不如以学习为乐的人.比喻学习知识或本领,知道它的人不如爱好它的人接受得快,爱好它的人不如以此为乐的人接受得快. 【分析】 这一则讲的是关于兴趣对于学习.

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SERNENA SALVO 123 Bond Street + San Francisco CA12345+ (123)555-1234 ssalvo@bamboo OBJECTIVE: Account Manager QUALIFICATIONS Eight years' experience in Account/Project Management and Marketing, including products and services for international markets. An organized and detail-oriented manager, able to prioritize and delegate tasks effectively to ensure timely project completion within a team environment. Proficient in MS .

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Blind Date 相亲(笑话) ??After being with her all evening, the man couldn't take another minute with his blind date. Earlier, he had secretly arranged to have a friend call him to the phone so he would have an excuse to leave.When he returned to the table, he lowered his eyes, put on a grim expression and said, "I have some bad news. My grandfather just died.""Thank heavens," his date replied. "If yours hadn't, mine would have had to!" ??和相.


我有好几种,可以供大家选择 To introduce myself(介绍我自己) Hello,every one!(大家好) My name is **** . (我叫****) I'm a 15 years old boy. (我是一个15岁的男孩)(具体情况自己改) I live in the beautiful city of Rizhao.(我住在美丽的Rizhao城)(你可以把Rizhao改成自己家乡的城市的名称的拼音) I'm an active ,lovely and clever boy.(我是一个活跃的可爱的聪明的男孩) In the school , my favourite subject is maths . (在学校,我最喜欢数学.


Hello,everybody! My name is **,studying in ** high school. Like other boys(Though I'm a girl), l have a great passion to football. Among all the football players, Messi,playing forward in Barcelona team, is my favorite super football . 因为它引领我到了一个非常奇妙世界,与此同时,希望可以和大家一起讨论有关化学的问题. PS:括号里的在你写作文时不要写上去,那只是留给你选择的或者是提醒你可以替换的地方,由于我不是英语专业的,写出来的东西有.


英文自传范例 I am Lin. Sophia is my English name. I am 18 years old, studying in a public high school. I come from a very happy middle-class family. My father works in a bank and my mother works in a bookstore. I am the only . 爸妈看见我有兴趣知道这些文字的意思,就教了我一些英文,当他们发觉我学习心切,便请了一位英文家教来.我要感谢我的父母让我很小就有机会学英语. 我对英语的兴趣带领我进入了英文文学的世界里,自此之后我就被这创.


Hello, friend. I am an optimistic individual living in Houston. I have a pair of warm-hearted parents who give me hands when I am in trouble. My family is broken up. But my parents try to reduce the hurt to me as minimum as possible. Though they don't live together, I love them as always. I am 25 years old, who is the human loving Jesus. I believe there is a big hand touching you and healing you. Never give up when you are enjoying life. I am not quite good looking .

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Hello, My mame is Ada. I am 11 years old. I am a quiet girl. I study in Lin Pu No.1 Primary School. My favourite food is ice cream. It's sour. My favourite teacher is art teacher. My favourite class is art class. My favourite animal is . 我最喜欢的饮料是果汁. 我最喜欢的水果是草莓,因为它酸. 可以跟你作个朋友吗 ? 建议你学习在线外教一对一辅导班,这样就可以把英语写作学好,这个是纯外教一对一教学的,课程还可以根据学员的情况个性化定制,况且.


My Chinese name is ***, and my English is ***.I am thirteen years old.I am a happy girl/boy.I like singing and reading. My favourite food is KFC. English and Chinese/Science/Math/History is my favorite subjects.There are three/four . to meet ypou here.So I wish : Everybody good good study, day day up.That's all. tahnk you . 我的中文名字是***,我的英文名字是***.我13岁,是个快乐的女孩/男孩.我喜欢唱歌和阅读.KFC是我最喜欢吃的食物.英语和语文/自.

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