大学英语选修课大学英语3 大学英语慕课期末考试答案


大学英语选修课大学英语3 大学英语慕课期末考试答案


1.The success of the experiment was a great ____ and encouragement to the young scientist.


2.If you use this chemical to clean your shirt, the stains will ____ immediately.


3.You will increase your ___ if you introduce more system into your work.


4.The boy is ___ to have the help and guidance of such a learned uncle.


5.Your suggestion is a good one, but there are some ____ difficulties in our workshop.


6.After the operation, the kid became wonderfully ___.


7.When I first arrived at the village, people there looked at me with ___.


8.His ___ is still uncertain: he has been badly hurt and may die.


9.Everyone looked fresh and ___ after the three-day spring break.


10.No one knows where he came from. There is something ___ about his family background.


1. please

2. appear

3. efficient

4. fortune

5. practice

6. health

7. curious

8. survive

9. energy

10. mystery


Section A. Legal and Moral Implications of Cloning

《读写教程Ⅲ》: Ex. Ⅱ, p. 221

1. The world was amazed by the news at first, then worried about and puzzled over a long list of wild possibilities.

2. One of the situations is that parents want to clone a child who can serve either as a transplant donor or as a substitute for the original. The second is that adults want to clone themselves for a variety of reasons.

3. Because clones are only physically identical while twins share the same environment within the mother and are usually raised in the same family.

4. The only possible major difference is bearing children, as scientists are not sure if Dolly will be able to have lambs.

5. Because cloning would increase the chances for a tissue match from 25 percent to nearly 100 percent.

6. If technology was improved, this could be realized.

7. It might be proper to refer to them as “Most honored sir or madam”.

8. The creation of a new and disrespected social class: the clones.

《读写教程 Ⅲ》: Ex. Ⅲ, p. 221

1. implication

2. resembles

3. breed

4. prohibits

5. draft

6. confusion

7. deliberate

8. debate

《读写教程 Ⅲ》: Ex. Ⅳ, p.222

1. within reach of

2. in the wake of

3. in terms of

4. get around

5. regardless of

6. refers to; refers to

7. comparable to

8. in the first place

《读写教程 Ⅲ》: Ex. V, p. 222

1. wonderful

2. great

3. peaceful

4. attractive

5. pleasant

6. unique

7. similar

8. creative

《读写教程 Ⅲ》: Ex. Ⅵ, p.223

1. transposition

2. transatlantic

3. transmigrants

4. transformed

5. transnational

6. transoceanic

7. transshipped

8. transported

《读写教程 Ⅲ》: Ex. Ⅶ, p. 223

1. non-existent

2. nonstop

3. non-art

4. non-college

5. nonproductive

6. nonprofit

7. nonfiction

8. nonviolent

《读写教程 Ⅲ》: Ex. VIII, p. 224

1. What if I say no

2. What if they don’t know

3. What if we can’t finish it on time

4. What if this happened to us someday

5. What if he has lied to us

《读写教程 Ⅲ》: Ex. Ⅸ, p. 224

1. The Bosnian peace-talks are resuming in Geneva today with the new proposals at the top of the agenda.

2. All of Southern Africa is suffering from a severe drought with Mozambique and Zimbabwe among the worse-hit countries.

3. The Europe Summit in Paris is drawing to an end with USA in danger of being completely isolated.

4. With the King in prison, the chief commander came to power and ruled the country.

5. With democracy itself under threat, the reforms deserve all the support they can get.

《读写教程 Ⅲ》: Ex. Ⅹ, p. 225

1. In some western countries there are parents who are ready to clone children with nonfatal transplants in mind.

2. The book on cloning she asked for was not within my reach, so I referred her to the school library.

3. For Mary’s sake, I can lend you my car to get around your transport problem.

4. In the first place the couple didn’t want to clone a child, and in the second place they couldn’t afford to.

5. In theory it’s possible to clone a child to harvest organs, but in practice it would be psychologically harmful to the child.

6. He published an article under the name of “Braver” which stresses the idea that the process of cloning animals would work for humans as well.

7. As the author of this article warns us, human cloning might be something that makes men sadder than happier.

8. To some people, the question to clone or not to clone, in a sense, could be comparable to the question to be or not to be.

Section B. Who Will Take Advantage of Human Cloning

XVI. Read the following statements carefully, and decide whether they are true (T) or false (F) according to the text.

1. F 2. F 3. T 4.F 5. T 6. F 7. T 8. T

《读写教程 Ⅲ》: Ex. XVII, p. 236

1. resigned

2. consent

3. resumed

4. panic

5. prefaced

6. constituting

7. reflection

8. queue

《读写教程 III》: Ex. XVIII, p. 236

1. She came up with a new idea for increasing sales.

2. It makes sense to buy the most up-to-date version.

3. If the day turns out wet, we may have to change our plans.

4. She decided on reflection to accept his offer after all.

5. For the sake of the exhibition we should try our best to collect more famous paintings.

6. We reserved two tickets in the name of Brown.

7. We had to resign ourselves to making a loss on the sale.

8. They disposed of the dictator during the revolution













有时我把电视机开着,让它作为背景声音一直响着,以前我从不这样做。电视节目中的说话声让人感到宽慰,可那些广告又叫我心烦。我发现自己沉浸在肥皂剧里,或者不停地收看最新的新闻报道和天气预报。一而再再而三地从“每日新闻”、“一线新闻”、 “夜间新闻”、有线新闻电视网、纽约一套上收看有关每一条新闻的各种不同视角的报道,尽管它们对我毫无用处。工作成了次要的。我决定去看一下自己的电子信箱。









This factory is currently run by a young person just over thirty years old.


It's essential that you have confidence if you want to achieve something in your lifetime.

3.据说这一地区早在两千年前农业就很先进。(It is said that)

It is said that this area was advanced in agriculture more than two thousand years ago.


As a matter of fact, many newspapers gave different accounts to the same shipwreck.


We request that Mr. Henry deliver his speech since he has agreed to attend the meeting.

6.孩子们在到处奔跑,老师正在吃力地把他们集拢起来带回教师。(round up)

The children were running wildly everywhere, the teachers were taking pains rounding them up and bringing them back to classrooms.

7.她行医(practice medicine)至今已有三年零四个月了。(to the day)

She has practiced medicine for three years and four months to the day.

8.他坚持认为这次实验失败主要由于准备不足(inadequate)。(maintain, due to)

He maintains that the failure of the test was due to inadequate preparations.

9.人们通常把美国看成是一个不同民族地大熔炉。(melting pot, view)

People usually view USA as a meling pot of different ethnic groups.


Your health will be affected if you work late into the night everyday.

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