客后服务英语作文 接待客人的英语作文(50个词)


客后服务英语作文 接待客人的英语作文(50个词)


Communication plays a significant role in our daily life, especially in modern society. Since we get along with other people in every field, we must learn how to communicate with people effectively.

Effective communication should be planned carefully. First, speak slowly and briefly in order to make ourselves understood completely. Second, express ourselves in all sincerity and with warmth. Third, concentrate on what the speaker says and appreciate his point of view. Moreover, we should give positive feedback by nodding or smiling while listening. Fourth, place ourselves in the place of others.

As far as I'm concerned, I communicate with other people in a positive way whether I'm in a merry mood or not. And I often express my own opinion genuinely and sincerely.





Today is Sunday. I didn’t go to school. When the door bell rang, I was watching TV in the morning. I opened the door. Oh, my god! They’re my uncle and aunt! They are from Australia. I let them in and sit down on the sofa. Then I brought some Chinese green tea for them. They both said the tea was wonderful. Uncle John is a computer programmer. Aunt Mary is a actor. They didn’t come to my house for a long time. I talke d with them, and showed them my photo album. At noon, we went out to have our lunch in a restaurant. I paid for the meal. In the afternoon my parents came back home. We went shopping together.


1,love the job,with an open mind tolearn,continuous efforts,progress.


2,with a goodinstrument,appearance,full of spiritto provide"smile,courtesy,enthusiasm,initiative,accurate,fast,safe" qualityservice to guests.


3,enhance theirservice awareness,improve their serviceskills.


4,in order to re work,commandand assignmentunconditional obediencemanagementpersonnel,shall not use any excuseto refuse,donotobeythe appeal after.


5,responsible forregional environmentalcleaningandthe tables and chairs,do"no debrisground,tables and chairs,no fouling,room no smell,no traces ofthe wall,placesno sanitation dead".


6,responsible for theprepreparation workandarticleslaid off after thecustodialwork.


7,familiar with thevariousproductname,price,taste,skilled inmarketingmethods,time andskillstohandle very skillfully,sell.


8,skilled in the use oftray service,standing service,singlesales service,atmosphereregulation service,customer complaintserviceprogram.


9,masterbarserviceprocedures,to "calm,busyandchaotic".


Use method 10,familiar with barfacilities and equipment,inspection andstorageprocedures.


11,familiar with the companytelephonenumber,distributionandalarm telephone number.


12,skilled in the use ofpolite language,"customerrequirementstowelcome theguests leaveoutsound,there issound,by helping peopletoXie Shengapology,asoundto disturb others,agreetingpeople".


13,by the high qualityfinein placeservices to meetservice usersdemand,make its servicelevelwill always standin the forefront of the same industry.


14,by"the customer is always right,the bossis always right,unityis always right",that"the customer isour god".


15,pay attention to their own image,from themoral quality,discipline,unity and cooperation,skills,service efficiencyand other aspects ofdemands on themselves,so that I can become aqualified fourStars Hotel attendantproud.



One hot and sunny afternoon three boys were walking towards the river .They were going there to fish and to swim.On the way they passed by a green field.There was an old wooden fence aroud it.A bull was quietly eating in the field.

"ha!ha!look at the lazy old bull!"on of the boy shouted."Doesn't he look stupid?"another boy laughed.the boys picked up some stones.they threw them at the bull.the bull looked at The boys and went on eating.The boys laughed and walked away.

soon the boys reaches the river.They took off their clothes and jumped into the water.they swam and playd for about an hour.after that they dried themselves in the sun.then they climbed up a tall tree.there were many sweet apples on the tree.they ate a lot of them and also filled their pockets with the fruit.then they started to climb down the tree.

to their burprise,they saw a bull standing near the tree.the bull was very angry.it was the same bull they had seen on the way to ther river.the boys were afraid to come down.it was now their turn to look stupid.

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in class,the teacher spends half an hour telling the students how horrible the hell is.then he asks his students,"Who wants to go to the hell?"No one puts his or her hand up.the teacher is very happy.the teacher then spends another half an hour telling the students how wonderfull the heaven is .then he askshis students,"put your hands up,"why don't you want to go to the heaven?"

that girl answers,"i can't go to any place if i don't do go to any place if i don't do my homework first.my mother tells me i must do the things well at the moment,and then i can enjoy my life later."





i wil hold a birthday party at home in this evening,of course your best friend 'li ping' is included in my party circle.

firstly you should take number 2 bus,then get off at the post office.next you should walk along the Zhongshan Road,across the second Intersection,finally turn left you will see a school.my home is behind the school.

let me introduce li ping,she is one of my best friends in my school,she is tall and has a beautiful face,she always smiling no matter what happened with her.i like her good temper,bccause you know i can easily get angry,but she never mind,she likes sports very much,that both of us doing exercise on weekends regularly,i really appreciate my life that let me met her.


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