我的梦想英文作文200字 一篇我的梦想英文带翻译的作文 200字


我的梦想英文作文200字 一篇我的梦想英文带翻译的作文 200字


My dream is to become a teacher.

The moment when I stepped into the school gate, the teacher's kind eyes, kindly smile has impressed me deeply. In my heart, I secretly vowed "when I grow up, you must be a glorious people's teacher.

Class when the bell rings, the teacher came into the classroom, stand on the platform, in the face of us, the interpretation of the vivid and image to bring us into the ocean of knowledge. I found that our teacher is so much knowledge, like everything in the world in the heart of the teacher, there is nothing the teachers don't know. Sometimes, teacher treats us is very strict, sometimes, teachers, like mother like care with us. Let's respect and some fear.

The teacher teaches us not only knowledge on books, but also teach us how to be truth. I found that to be a people's teacher is a great and glorious cause.






一篇我的梦想英文带翻译的作文 200字

我的梦想很渺小,也很可笑,但是我还是常常幻想…… 残阳如血。大团大团的红艳艳的彩云把天空涂抹得如凡·高的现代画。余下的几滴浅艳的粉红透过缝隙洒在行人身上。一切都匆匆消失了,只有一种舒适在荡漾……难得一个周末,明天不用上学,今天可以出去散步。 我常常在想,如果清晨是一种开始,一种年轻,一种幼稚,那黄昏呢?是一种衰老,还是一种成熟?我不知道,也不想知道。我只想沉浸在一种难得的漫无目的的行走中…… 一路走来,全是成年人在散步。我不知道在黄昏中散步是不是成年人独有的习惯。我散步是不是少年老成?是不是浪费光阴?或许,你会说我胸无大志。但是你可知道,一个文学家可能就在黄昏中诞生。或许,你会说我的想法太狂妄。但是,一个充实而富有意义的生活才是想法背后的向往。梦想的双眼才是有活力的,才是美丽的。 我真的喜欢在黄昏中漫步,让一切烦恼远离我,让苍白无力的生活多一些红色的梦。好美丽的黄昏,好舒适的我…… My dream is very small, very funny, but I still used to fantasy ... ... The dying sun blood-red. Great balls of red clouds in the sky as Van Gogh's modern paintings. The remaining few drops of shallow bright pink through the aperture sprinkled on the pedestrians. Everything was gone, only a kind of comfort in the waves ... ... A rare one weekend, don't have school tomorrow, today can go out for a walk. I often think, if the morning is a beginning, a young, a naive, the sunset? Is a kind of aging, or a mature? I don't know, I don't want to know. I only want to be immersed in a kind of rare walking aimlessly ... ... Along the way, the adults in a walk. I don't know in the evening walk adults unique habits is it right?. Is it right? I walk an old head on young shoulders? Is it right? A waste of time? Maybe, you will say that I am with no ambition at all. But you know, a literary family may in the dusk of birth. Maybe, you will say I am too arrogant. However, a full and meaningful life is the idea behind the yearning. Dream eyes is dynamic, it is beautiful. I really like walking in the evening, let all the trouble away, let the feeble life more red dream. Beautiful sunset, good comfort me ... ...


When I was a child, I wanted to be a teacher. My father was a teacher, and he taught me a lot. I worshiped him very much.

On my tenth birthday, he asked me,“What do you want to be when you grow up?”I answered proudly,“I want to be a teacher like you!”On hearing this, my father was very happy and said to me, “Work hard and your dream will come true.”

Not long ago, one of my primary school teachers was ill. She wanted me to take her place for two weeks. I was glad but nervous. My father said to me,“This is a good chance. Seize it! I wish you success!”

When I came into the classroom, the children were very happy. I introduced myself to them. Soon, I got on well with them. They all liked me and I loved them. With my father and headmaster‘s help, I did the work very well.

Now, I often miss those lovely children. That experience had made me even more interested in being a teacher in the future


My dream

In the past two years, my parents took me to travel to many places, including big cities, small towns, famous mountians and so on. Therefore, I like traveling and I hope I can visit to many more places. Since then, I hope I can be a tour guide in the future, so I can travel to many tourist attractions. Besides, I can meet various people and I think communicating with different people is interesting, wchich can broaden my field of vision. I hope they can share their life stories with me so that I can know the general life of a place. I know it would be a challenging job, but I believe I can do well in my job.


My university, my dream

  "University", a beautiful word, which makes me have much imagination. As the name "ivory tower" given by people, it's a good place to live and study.

  In the ivory tower, romantic love just like cherry blossom smiles happily in the campus. Many girls have the sweet dream that one day there is a boy who stands below the windows loud annoucing "I love you", holding a bound of flowers in his hands.

  But the most important things is that I can receive the advanced education systematically, listen to the senior professors experience, attend many dourses of lectures. To my pleasant, I can be free to spend a whole day in the library and read every book that I'd like, which makes me find the knowledge is vast considerably. All these let me climb up in the field of science.

  At the same time, the people from many parts of motherland get together. It's a big furnace involved dialects and cluture. It's interesting. I can find a part time job to experience the life, which is a good way of contacting society.

  In short, there're many things waiting for me to learn, and this is why I come here to be a university student.


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