英语关于交通的短文 英语关于交通的作文


英语关于交通的短文 英语关于交通的作文


Accidents will always happen, it's like the full powerful pieces of explosives, oversight, Fengyun ambush in our lives explosives will explode, blown broken families, fried popular misery. So we have to obey the traffic rules.

Our neighborhood has a little girl, her father because of a traffic accident that left her. The little girl home, not rich, but to live with her mom and dad very happy. Up each morning, my mother would cook for her father and a delicious breakfast, the family is very warm. After breakfast, ride my father to send her to school. Along the way, and the two are always talking and laughing. After school, no matter how much wind and rain, the little girl always saw my father patiently waiting. On the way home, the little girl is always a happy ending to my father tell the school day by a number of interesting things happened.

One day, the little girl's father to pick up the little girl to school as usual. However, an oncoming truck driving as illegal, the little girl's father knocked to the ground, and my father died on the spot. A moment, death would take away his life and how he hoped to be alive, how I wish to accompany him around the little girl and how he hopes to watch his daughter grow up ... ... the little girl did not know his father has passed away She was as usual at the school gate waiting for her father to pick, so for a long time, still no one came to pick her up, the little girl thought: Why not this time my father to pick it? Is not an accident? Or home, what happened? The little girl was very anxious. When the little girl that his father was dead, she seems silly, she rushed in the body constantly begging my father: "Daddy wake up! I want my father! I want my father ..." She very much hope This accident did not happen, how eager to wake up father, as usual, carrying her bicycle to school ah!

Traffic accidents makes the traffic jam, as stopping the blood flow, blood flow is stopped how horrible it! So we have to comply with traffic rules to prevent accidents from happening.

Two days ago, my way home from school, I witnessed six classes of Shi Qichao school hit by a car scene, he was bouncing on the road, look left look right look and see, as well as a van hit him. He hit a crack on the back of the head, keep bleeding, his family came, sadness comes. This is how unfortunate! If he is gone zebra crossing, obey the traffic rules, how can there be such a tragedy?

Traffic day after day, year after occurrence of the day, which in turn caused what? Not all of them is to let their loved ones grief never want to do? This hand-made accidents are the people, who created such a cruel thing, while also repeating this kind of thing. Some children in the street chasing affect traffic, motor vehicle a red light does not stop ... they are in the name of dealings with death. A traffic accident occurred on the sidewalk, a young man knocked a leg removed, I do not understand how car in a hurry and rushed to the sidewalk, it worth it? Just a convenient map, plan a time-saving it? Figure a very easy to make your life on the funeral of their lives, are easy to buy into a valuable life? Do you really think that this world of life and death return it? Only one person's life, people want to cherish life.

A traffic accident can make a family fragmented, resulting in an orphan no support, resulting in a very old no dependents ... ... to bring many social problems. This is the non-compliance with the problems caused by traffic rules.

Under the protection of the traffic laws, we have a guarantee, let us obey the traffic rules, to make this world a little less fragile than a beautiful sadness. If everyone has the traffic rules, everyone can consciously abide by traffic rules. I believe that can avoid many tragic accidents. To traffic laws take root in my mind that people, and let us keep in mind: to comply with traffic rules is the treasure of life!


Heavy Traffic

In recent years ninny cities are faced with the problem of heavy traffic. People have to waste more time on their way home or to work and even might be involved in an acci dent. With the development of industry and population expansion, this problem becomes more and more serious.

One solution is to lay down more roads. The solution has many advantages. For ex ample, it can efficiently decrease the number of buses and trucks in many main streets. But it will take up so much land that crowded cities become more crowded. Another solu tion is to open up more bus lines. If more bus lines should be opened up,the number of bicles and cars in the main streets would be greatly decreased. But the disadvantage of this solution is that many people wouldn't feel so convenient os they used to.

In my opinion, the right solution to the problem is the combination of the two, thatis, to lay down more roads in spacious areas and to open up more bus lines in downtown.


How to Solve the Problem of Heavy Traffic

    The urban traffic is getting increasingly crowded nowadays in China. The roads are packed with cars, bicycles and pedestrians and traffic jams,bus delays and traffic accidents are a common scene.    Then how to solve this prohlem? Some suggest to lay down more roads to make the traffic less crowded and speed up the flow of traffic. Others believe that we should open up more public bus routes, so that more people will take the public buses instead of travelling by cars and bicycles.

    Though the above two views sound reasonable, they have their own drawbacks. The former may take up much land which could be used for farms and houses. The latter may cause inconvenience for those who are used to travelling by car or bicycle. I think the best answer to the traffic prohlem is a comhlnatlon of the two. More roads can he hulh to hold more traffic and meanwhile more puhllc bus routes can he opened up to those who prefer to use the public transportation.





How to Solve the Problem of Heavy Traffic?(怎样解决交通拥挤问题)

Nowadays, people in many big cities are complaining about the heavy traffic. It has seriously influenced people’s daily life and economic development. To solve the problem, some pieces of advice are put forward. Some people suggest that more streets and roads should be built. In this way,

the traffic density can be redncedi hence speeding up the flow of buses and cars.But the new roads and streets will be filled with many cars and buses soon.

Some people advise to limit the number of bikes and cars. This can decrease the traffic flow. But on the other haad, this will affect the consumption and make buses more crowded.

In my opinion, the number of private cars should be put under control. And at the same time, buses should have their own special routes which cannot be used by other vehicles. Besides, underground train and city train should be developed quickly. ( 151 words)







A Traffic Accident

One night Mr Lee was driving his wife home from work. She was a nurse in a hospital. It was almost midnight and she was quite tired out. She soon fell asleep. Mr Lee looked at her and smiled.

Mr Lee was a careful and experienced driver. He knew it was safer to drive slowly on a dark night. After some time he noticed a car following him. It was travelling very fast. Suddenly it overtook① his car.

The driver of the car was in a hurry. He did not see the approaching lorry. To avoid hitting it, he suddenly tuned his car. It skidded② off the road and hit a big tree. The driver and his passenger were injured③ .They were badly cut by glass from the broken windscreen④.Mr Lee quickly stopped his car by the side of the road. His wife got out of the car to help the injured. The lorry driver also stopped to help. Mr Lee drove off to telephone the police . About twenty-five minutes later, a police car and an ambulance⑤ arrived. The injured were carried into the ambulance and taken to hospital.

The policemen took down details of the accident. Mr Lee and the lorry driver told them all they could remember. The policemen thanked them for their help. Mr and Mrs Lee got into their car and continued their journey home.


① overtake [?+uv+'teik] v. 追上;赶上;超过

②skid[skid] v. (汽车等)打滑;滑向一侧

③injure['indN+] v. 损害;伤害 the injured(事故中的)受伤者

④ windscreen['windskri:n] n. (汽车等的)挡风玻璃

⑤ ambulance['$mbjul+ns] n. 救护车

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