励志故事英语简单 简短英语小故事20字


励志故事英语简单 简短英语小故事20字


The Crow and The Pitcher

A crow felt very thirsty. He looked for water everywhere. Finally, he found a pitcher.

But there was not a lot of water in the pitcher. His beak could not reach it. He tried again and again, but still could not touch the water.

When he was about to give up, an idea came to him. He took a pebble and dropped it into the pitcher. Then he took another and dropped it in.

Gradually, the water rose, and the crow was able to drink the water.








A boy found an eagle's egg and he put it in the nest of a prairie chicken. The eagle hatched and thought he was a chicken. He grew up doing what prairie chicken do-scratching at the dirt for food and flying short distances with a noisy fluttering of wings. It was a dreary life. Gradually the eagle grew older and bitter. One day he and his prairie chicken friend saw a beautiful bird soaring on the currents of air, high above the mountains.

"Oh, I wish I could fly like that!" said the eagle. The chicken replied, "Don't give it another thought. That's the mighty eagle, the king of all birds-you could never be like him!" And the eagle didn't give it another thought. He went on cackling and complaining about life. He died thinking he was a prairie chicken. My friends, you too were born an eagle. The Creator intended you to be an eagle, so don’t listen to the prairie chickens!



简短的英语故事 (励志的)越多越好啊

One day, there was a blind man sitting on the steps of a building with a sign by his feet, that read: "I am blind, please help." A creative publicist was walking by the blind man and stopped to observe that the man only had a few coins in his hat. He put a few of his own coins in the hat, and without stopping to ask for permission, took the sign, turned it around, and wrote a new message. He then placed the sign by the feet of the blind man, and left. Later that afternoon the creative publicist returned by the blind man and noticed that his hat was almost completely full of bills and coins. The blind man recognized his footsteps and asked if it was him who had changed his sign? He also wanted to know what the man wrote on it? The publicist replied: "I just changed your message so people could relate to it." He wished the man well, said goodbye, and went on his way.The blind man didn't know it, but his new sign now read:TODAY IS SPRING AND I CANNOT SEE IT. 一天,有个瞎子坐在一栋大楼的台阶上,脚下的标牌上写着:“我是个瞎子,请帮帮我。” 一位有创意的广告员从瞎子身旁经过时停了下来,看到瞎子的帽子里只有一些硬币。他也在帽子里放了几个硬币,未经允许,就拿过标牌,翻过来在上面重新写了一句标语,然后把标牌放回瞎子的脚下,离开了。 那天下午晚些时候,这位广告员回到了这个身旁,他发现帽子里几乎装满了纸钞和硬币。瞎子听出了他的脚步声,问他是否是那个改标牌的人?他也想知道这位男士在上面写了什么。 广告员回答说:“我只是改了你的标语使人们能够看明白。”他向这个瞎子表达了祝福,说了再见,继续走自己的路。瞎子并不知道,他的新标语是这样的: 现在是春天,但我却看不到。


Hanging the hair from the beam and pricking the thighs with an awl

During the WarringStateperiod, there was a man named Su Qin. At a young age, he went to many places to work. However, due to lack of profound knowledge, he was not attached great importance to. After returning home, his family members treated him coldly and looked down upon him which had given him a severe mental blow. So, he decided to study hard. He often studied late into the night. Being very tired, he often nodded off to sleep. So he found out a way to keep him awake. He got ready a length of rope and an awl. He tied his hair with a rope hanging from the beam so that his head would not nodded down to fall asleep. And once sleepy, he would use an awl to prick his thighs. With a sudden pain he felt, it would make him sober up again, and then continued with his reading. Later on, he became a famous politician.


战国时期,有一个人名叫苏秦。在年轻时,由于学问不多不深,曾到好多地方做事, 都不受重视。回家后,家人对他也很冷淡,瞧不起他。这对他的刺激很大。所以,他下定决心,发奋读书。 他常常读书到深夜,很疲倦,常打盹,直想睡觉。于是他想出了一个方法,准备一段绳子和一把锥子,把自己的头发用绳子吊在梁上。以便不使自己低头打盹。并且一旦瞌睡, 就用锥子往自己的大腿上刺一下。这样,猛然间感到疼痛,使自己清醒起来,再坚持读书。后来,他成了著名的政治家。

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