民航英语单词 民航英语单词app


民航英语单词 民航英语单词app



PartⅠ:Basic Sentences 常用句型

1. Good morning.早晨好。Welcome to China欢迎来中国。Good-bye. Have a time.再见,祝您旅途愉快

2. Good morning. What can I do for you ?早晨好,能帮您什麽忙?Please wait a moment请稍等。

3. Please come in.请进。Please have a look请看看。Please sit down.请坐。This way please.请走这边。

4. Thank you for your cooperation感谢您合作。Never mind.不用谢。

5. Would you please back off a little?请向后退一下。Please be in order, one by one.请按顺序,一个接一个。

6. After you.请您先走。I am sorry.对不起。I am sorry to have kept you waiting so long.让您久等。

7. Do you understand?您明白了吗?I see.我懂了。I don’t understand.我不明白。Excuse me .打扰了。

8. We are waiting for the weather to improve.我们正在等待天气好转。We’ll keep you informed.我们将随时通知您。

9. I’ll take good care of your child to the boarding gate.我们将陪伴您的孩子到等机口。

10. Please fill in the UM form.请您填写这张UM表格。

11. Your reservation is already in the standby list.您的订位已经在候补名单了里。What is your nationality?请问您的国籍?

12. Your ticket is not confirmed in the computer.您的机票在电脑里没有确认。

13. We haven’t found your baggage yet. We shall continue to look for it and will let you know as soon as we have information about it.您的行李还没有找到。我们会既续为您查找,一有消息会马上通知您。

14. There is a suitcase in Paris very similar to yours. We’d like to confirm it with you


15. Your bag has been located(found) and it’ll arrive in Beijing tomorrow行李已经找到。明天会到北京。

16. Your baggage is now in Beijing. Where would you want it delivered?你的行李已经到北京,请问我们给您送到哪里?

17. You can buy your necessities within 800 Yuan, and you should keep the receipts safe. You will be refunded expenditure by the local airline office.您可购买800以内的生活必需品。保留好发票,回您驻地的航空公司办事处报销。

18. We shall transport our baggage by cargo service, and it will arrive at the local cargo terminal. Will you pick up your baggage personally?您的行李我们会通过货运,给您运到当地的机场货运处,请问是您本人去取行李吗?

19. When collecting your baggage at the airport , remember to bring your “Property Irregularity Report.”


20. If you can’t claim your baggage personally , you may ask somebody to collect on your behalf. This person whom you authorized with the letter of authorization and identification may pick up your baggage.


21. The service for all flights to Dalian is provided by another airline . And I’m very sorry to tell you that it has refused to accept this sort of baggage .So your baggage might be delayed for a few days. But don’t worry we’ll go on negotiating with them , and also we are looking for other ways of transportation. Once we know which flight your baggage is on, we’ll let you know.非常抱歉,因为所有到大连的航班都是由另外一家公司代理的,他们拒绝接受这种行李,所以您的行李可能要再等几天能运过去;不过,请别担心,我们一直与他们协商解决。同时也在寻找其他的途径,一旦确定航班,我们会马上通知您。

22. We couldn’t deliver your baggage because it didn’t pass the customs check . Could you please come to the airport in person to make the customs declaration? If you have any question, you can either contact the customs directly or we can pass on your inquiries.


23. Please check your bag .If there is no problem with it, please sign here.


24. If your baggage is oversized or irregular, please go to the counter for oversized and irregular baggage beside Conveyer Belt

№.⒈ 大件行李、不规则行李请您到1号传送带旁边的大件行李提取处提取。

25. Could you tell me in what class you flew?请问您乘坐的是什么舱位?

26. Because a customs check is required, you must claim your baggage in Beijing yourself and check it again for your onward destination.由于海关检查,您需要在北京自行提取行李,重新办理托运手续到您的目的地。

27. Usually, most delayed luggage arrives on the following flight.根据我们的经验,大部分行李会搭乘下一航班到达。

28. Do you have a mileage card?请问您有里程卡吗?

29. You baggage has exceeded the weight limit. Have you paid for the excess?


30. Did you put your name and address on the suitcase? Do you remember the brand of the suitcase?


31. Does your suitcase have any special features?请问您的行李有什么明显的特征吗?

32. The airline apologizes for causing you such inconvenience on the trip. And it will provide you with 400 Yuan to buy some necessities.航空公司对给您旅途带来不便表示歉意,并提供给您四百元人民币,来购买一些生活必需品。

33. How long will you be staying in Beijing? When your bags arrive, we shall contact you and deliver them to you.


34. Please fill out this Certificate of Entrustment, so what when your baggage arrives, we can go to through the customs formalities for you.请您填写一张委托书,这样行李到后,我们可以代表您接受海关检查。

35. If we have not found your baggage in three days, please fill in this form and post it to the airline office at the address on the envelope. The airline will deal with the compensation for your losses.如果三天之后,我们还不能找到您的行李,请您填好这张表格,然后根据信封上的地址寄到航空公司的办事处。航空公司会给您解答有关赔偿问题。

36. Could you please tell me how long you have had the suitcase and how much you paid for it when you bought it?


37. We’ll collect the bag from your house and bring it back after it has been repaired.


38. Check-in for your flight is not here .Please go to area G to ask the manager on duty .


39. I’m sorry ,but we don’t accept credit cards here.对不起,我们不接受信用卡。

40. We are inform you that due to technical reasons, your flight will be delayed until22:30


41. We don’t have any further information about the flight.我们还没有得到有关于航班进一步的消息。

42. The handle of the suitcase is broken . We need you to sign on this baggage tag.Please sign here.


43. How many passengers are there in your group? Please confirm the total number of bags in your group.


44. We’d like to have passenger with children and infants board the plane first. May board at their own convenience .

我们请带小孩的旅客优先登机。头等舱和公务舱的旅客请随时登机 。

45. Passengers taking flight BA038, please take all your hand baggage and board at gate No.20.


46. Your plane is a Boeing 777 .Would you like a window seat or an aisle seat?


47. How many pieces of baggage do you want to check ?Do you want them to be checked to your final destination or to your first stop ?您有几件托运行李?您是要将他们托运到您的目的地还是您的第一站?

48. The flight time will be 10 hours and 20 minutes ,and you will arrive in Paris at 16:20.


49. The baggage allowance is 20 kilograms for person .Your baggage is 5 kilograms overweight . This is your Excess Baggage Form .Please take it to counter H1 and pay for the excess there.

每人的行李限额是20公斤。年您的行李超重了五公斤。这是您的逾重收费单,请您拿好到H1 号柜台交超重费。

50. Special meals should be booked 24 hours before departure. You are late booking yours. We’ll need to contact the catering company, but we can’t ensure that you’ll get the meal on board.特殊旅客餐应在起飞前二十四小时订,您在柜台临时申请,我们得与配餐部门联系一下,但我们不能确保肯定为您申请到。

51. The packing of this box is not adequate. Please go over to that counter to have it properly packed. By the way, do you have anything fragile or any valuables in the box?


52. Your baggage is oversized. Please go over there to the Oversized Baggage Counter to check it.


53. Your baggage is made of metal. It might damage the conveyor belt. Please check it at the Oversized Baggage Counter.


54. Do you have knives, scissors, or any dangerous goods in the checked baggage?











civil aviation

民用 航空


(n) civil aviation


登机牌 Boarding pass

返飞证 Flying back card

机场建设税 Airport Facilities Improvement Tax

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