七个人的英语对话 七个人的英语简单对话


七个人的英语对话 七个人的英语简单对话


A你好 hello/hi (楼主自己选,hi更亲近一点)

B你好,好久不见呀!Hi/hello, long time no see (这句话我在美国老外经常对我说的,绝对正确且口语化)


A过得还好吗?How's going?

BC不错呀。很好啊 not bad/ i am fine

D哦 这样 oh, ok.

A:D你看起来不太好呀。you don't look well.

B怎么了?what's up?

C发生了什么事?what happened?

D哦 最近压力太大了oh, because i have been facing a lot of pressure recently

A因为女朋友?because of your girlfriend?

B因为学习?because of your school/grades

C到底是因为什么呀?yeah, seriously why are you facing pressure? (没有直译,我改了一点,但是绝对口语,相信我)

D其实 是因为没钱了。很难受 actually, because i run out of money, i feel so bad.

A你钱都花到哪了?where did you spend all your money?

B发生什么大事情了吗?did anything serious happen?

C我最近也挺缺钱的 i sort of need money too, recently.

D就是,这里那里花着花着就没了 same here, i always spend money on so many things and eventually end up having no money (也是改了一点,句意没变,而且绝对口语)

A对呀 最近饭价都上涨了i know right! the price for school lunch has been raised recently (不知道饭是什么饭,我就假设是学校午饭了。。。)

B所以我都自己带便当 that's why i always bring my own lunch

C那是TREND that's the trend

D饭可以自己做,但是和女朋友一起消费也很大啊 you can cook your own food, but you still have to spend a lot of money for your girlfriend.

A对呀 that's true.

D钱不够用要怎么办? what can i do if i don't have enough money

B你别因为钱太担心了don't worry too much about money

C为什么 why not?

D你有什么好办法吗?do you have any good idea?

B去打工呀 yes, go to find a job (在美国打工都这么说)

D打工?a job?

B对呀 我现在就在打工 yes, i have been working recently.

A啊 打工是挺好的 yeah, a job is a good choice/idea

B我们店正在招人哦 the shop i am working for is looking for employees.

C工资很高吗?does it offer high salaries?

B恩 挺高的 Yeah, pretty high.

A那你去试试吧 then you should go try.

D只能这样了。谢谢你啦B that's what i should do. thank you so much.

B不客气 you are welcome.

A呀 你们看看这广告 oh, look at this advertisement!

Bsuperstar K?哇!一等奖有一亿元!Superstar k? wow, the winner for first prize can get a hundred million dollars (也可以改成yuan啦,就是听着怪怪滴)?

C就是能帮你圆明星梦哦 it can make your star dream come true.

D而且还给一亿。And it also gives you a hundred million dollars.

A怎样?想去参加不?what do you think? do you want to try?

D我唱歌不好听 i am not good at singing.

C真的哦 really?

D万一得到了一亿元 你想拿来干嘛 if you do get a hundred million dollars, what will you do with it?

A恩 我先买车 um, i will buy a car first.

B果然男生都爱车 it's true that boys all love cars.

C:D你呢 想用来做什么 how about you, what do you want to do with the money?

D用来做生意啊 to run my business

A做生意?run your business?

B啊!服装生意对不 oh yeah, business for clothes design, right? (我改成了服装设计,如果不是把design删了就行了)

D恩恩。你们都知道我对服装特别有兴趣的 yes. you all know that i am really interested in it (再说一遍服装太重复了吧)

A是呀 oh yeah.

B我要拿去旅游 I will spend the money for traveling

C旅游?哪里?travel? to where?

B纽约吧 New York.

D又说自己英语不好 But you have said that you are not good at English

A学习呗 I guess you will have to study then

B我是说给父母去旅游用 i mean i will give the money to my parents, and let them travel

C为感谢他们给你出的学费?you want to do it because you are grateful that they pay for your school?

B对呀 yup.

D我也会觉得很感激又很抱歉的 i also feel grateful and sorry

ABD:果然你想的最周到 That was so considerate and sweet of you.

A不管怎样 幻想一下也很开心 no matter what, just dreaming makes me happy.

BCD:对呀 哈哈 i know right, haha

A现在几点啊?what time is it?

B4点 four'o clock

C怎么了why? what happened?

A有课要上啊 得走了 i have a class. i have to go now.

D那我们也走吧 then i guess we will leave, too.

BC:好啊 sure.

A今天真开心 再见咯 I had a nice day today. bye, guys

BCD:哈哈 再见 haha, bye.


跪求一篇英语情景对话 最好7个人左右!~ 加分。30。 谢谢

人物: Michael , Joe( Michael’s cousin who came to visit him)

David(Michael’s friend)

Michael was busy packing up his stuff for the next day’s trip to the Bear Mountain. Joe is helping him.

David: Hi, Mike, what’s up? Are you going somewhere?

Michael: Hi, Dave, yes, I’m getting ready for tomorrow’s trip to the Bear Mountain. Oh, I forgot to introduce my cousin. This is Joe. He is from XXX university. (Turn to Joe), This is David, my roommate plus my pal.

Joe: nice to meet you, David.

David: nice to meet you, Joe. So you guys are ready now?

Michael: almost. Dave, take a look at my new Nikejogging shoes. Cool?

David: wow! That’s cool.

Joe: Dave, look at this. ( Joe is showing off his new sleeping bag.)

David: awesome! How I wish I could go with you. But I have to finish my term paper. I can’t go anywhere with my work unfinished.

Michael: well, we may plan something else for the next long weekend. Ok? I am so excited about tomorrow. My new shoes, my new bike .

Mike starts to whistle the song” Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow…

David: wait a minute. Did you listen to the weather report this morning?

Joe: No. we were too busy packing up our things. What about it?

David: There will be a thunder storm tomorrow with winds of 75 mph and gusts of up to 130 mph.

The weatherman said that it could intensify before making landfall along the central coast by Saturday morning.

Michael: what? How could that be? Look at the beautiful sky now?

Joe turns on the radio and they hear the weather report.

Michael is too upset to say anything.

Joe: Mike, come on. We can plan the trip another time. We will go with David next time.

David: right.

Michael: but how shall we kill this long weekend now. I don’t know what to do now. I am so upset.

Joe: maybe we can play badminton in the gym.

Michael: I am not good at that.

David: How about playing bowling? That is fun.

Michael: is it?

David: of course. We can go together.

Joe: How about your term paper?

David: It’s all right. I need a break anyway. I think I’ll finish my paper after I sweat a lot. Don’t you think so, Michael?

Michael: I guess so.

Joe: so why are you guys still sitting here? Get set and goooooo!

The end


A:Hey!内***!容 B:Oh,hey!**! A:What are you going to do? B:Noing much.I just want to go to the movies . A:Oh,I'd like to watch a film,too.I know there is a new cinema near here. B:Really?Where is it? A:Hmm.....Just go along the street and turn left.It is near the post office. B:Well,I know.It opened a week ago.I heard it is wonderful. A:Yes!Let's go there tonight! B:Ok!Let's meet at 7:30 PM here. A:All right.Bye for now! B:Bye-bye!

谁能给找个7人的英语对话片段,5分钟左右的 谢谢了 急

Y: Excuse me, is this your book? X: Thank you so much. Y: You are welcome. Are you new admits? X : yes. We just came to register yesterday. My name is Xiao ling. Nice to meet you. This is my best high school friend Lanlan. Y: My name is Yani. Nice to meet you, too. This is my friend since childhood, Songtao. S: hi! We both came from xxx. L: really? I am from that city, too. We are all town fellows aren’t we?. It’s such a small world. S: absolutely. We both major in computer science. What’s your major? A: accounting. I don’t really like it. But my parents said this school offers excellent accounting programs and it will be easier for me to get a job later on. B: My major is education. I want to be a teacher. I think it is cool. C: I picked my own major because I know what I want. I just like computers a lot. I would like to be a computer programmer in the future. Y: Well, I don’t know wether I really like it or not. I just follow Songtao where he goes. X: I feel bad for those students who make it to the top but had to quit school because of financial problems. S: My parents paid some of my tution and I said to myself that I want to be a somebody. But no matter how much I do, I will never be able to repay my parents for what they have done for me. L: I think I will find some off campus jobs in summer. I don’t want to be a burden to my family . My parents have been working hard all their lives. X: Lanlan, you are great. S: look. The boys are playing basketball now. I will join them. See you ! X: let’s keep in touch, ok? L: I don’t have a cell phone. Can I send you e-mails? Y: Sure. Here is my cell phone number. 12345678 And this is my e-mail address. Please write to me. L: I will. X: this is mine.:22334455.I am so glad to meet you. Take care! Y and S: bye!



旁白:Today is Friday.In the evening .Samantha ,Candy,Alice and Fly are staying at Samantha's home.They are doing their homework.After a few hours.They all finish their homework.And now they are watching TV together in the livingroom.

a:Tomorrow is weekend.Do you have any good ideas?

b:I want to go shopping with my mum tomorrow morning.In the afternoon,I have no plan.

c:Really?I want to have a beautiful hat.Can you buy a hat for me?

b:That's all right.It's a picese of cake.

d:How about going to the Shenzhen zoo tomorrow afternoon.I would like to go there.This is an excellent zoo.

a:But do you know the weather tomorrow.Maybe it will rain.

c:We can listen the weather report now.

旁白:They are listening the weather report now.

天气预报员:Here is the weather report for Saturday.Shenzhe will be warn and sunny.The temperrature will be thirty degrees.It will be a wonderful day.You can go anywhere.

d:Oh,the weather will be wonderful tomorrow.Can we visit Shenzhen Zoo?


旁白:The next day .Samantha Candy Alice and Fly are visiting Shenzhen Zoo.

a:Oh!Look!The birds are flying in the sky.They are happy.

b:Listen!Are they singing now?

c:Yes,they are singing.

d:It's nice to listen.

旁白:A few minutes later.

a:It's too hot .I'm not sure I can walk any more.

b:Oh.You're not so old.I want to go to the monkey Island and see the monkeys.

c:What?They have a monkey Island here?Really?

b:Of course.There have all kinds of monkeys here.

c:Great.Let's good.

a:Wait for me!Wait for me!I am tired.

d:Be quick.

旁白:They are in the monkey Island now.

b:Look at the monkeys.They are climbing the trees now.They all cute.I really love them.

c:Me too.They also very naughty.

d:Come here !This man is introducing hippos .It's interesting.

动物介绍人员:Hippos live in hot places.They can swim and usually stay in water.They eat plants but they are still dangerous.They sometimes turn over boats.

a:That's boring .Come here and see the lion.It's the leader in animal world.

b:I don't think so.The leader in animal world is tiger.

旁白:They are talking a lo .And It is late.They have to go home.

d:It's not early.Let's go home togerther.

c:But......I don't go home now.

a,b,d:But we must go home now.


旁白:Today is a wonderful day and Samantha Candy Alice and Fly are have a good time in the Shenzhen Zoo。

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