来一段英语对话两个人 用英语编一段两人对话


来一段英语对话两个人 用英语编一段两人对话


Q:Why would you be particularly good at this business?

A:I was a pastry chef,so I understand dessert products well and can help you with new product development.Recent preservatives have come a long way toward eliminating texture difference in pastry dough.This means we can investigate many more products than before.

Q:How do you stay current?

A:I pore over the Wall Street Journal,the Times,Institutional Investor,and several mutual fund newsletters.And I have a number of friends who are analysts.

Q:Why do you think this industry would sustain your interest over the long haul?

A:The technology in the industry is changing so rapidly that I see lots of room for job enhancement regardless of promotions.I am particularly interested in the many applications for multimedia as a training tool.

Q:Where do you want to be in five years?

A:Id like to have the opportunity to work in a plant as well as at the home office.I also hope to develop my management skills,perhaps by managing a small staff.

A:I’d like to stay in a field related to training no matter what happens.I was too interested in business to work at a university,but I believe that teaching is somehow in my blood.I’ve been good at sales because I took the time to educate my clients.Now I look forward to training the new hires.

Q:If you had unlimited time and financial resources,how would you spend them?

A:I’d love to be able to take several executive seminars on financial management that are not geared toward financial experts.I’d also love to be able to shut down my department long enough to send everyone through an Outward Bound type program.Finally,I’d probably travel and look at foreign competitors,and enjoy the food along the way.What would you do?

Q:If this were your first annual review with our company,what would I be telling you right now?

A:Youd be thanking me for a job well done and would be explaining how you look forward to continuing to see good work from me.Furthermore,I would anticipate your exp


Z:Each of us has our own opinion about which is a more important factor

when considering about success.But from my point of view, I think diligence outweighs luck and opportunity. After all, opportunity favors those who are well prepared.

L:I have to say I cannot agree with you. Just as the saying goes, ”He who seize the right moment, is the right man.”The

world is so complex that it's hard to decide the direction you strive for. But opportunities can tell you this. Just being industrious is not enough to reach your goals. The most important is how well are you fit with the opportunities. It's a golden ability that one can always notice the golden opportunities.

Y:I agree with Zhangliao. Lots of people have such experience that if a person has more determination and perspiration , he can get more opportunity to succeed .Without deligence, one can hardly realise his dream.

Z:I can’t agree with you any more. Diligence is the first key factor to success, that is , to be diligent means to work with full energy and think with full effort! To be diligent means to practice with complete dedication and constant searching for a better method! Diligence helps us remove ignorance,overcome difficultise,and enlighten our minds.Dilgence makes a fool wise,and a poor man rich.

L: Opportunities don't come often. They come every once in a while. Very often, they come quietly and go by without being noticed.Some assiduous guys are too devoted to their work, they don’t have a keen eye

for opportunities.

Y:So you mean a couch-potato or a internet addictor can grasp the opportunity?Not a way.Generally speaking, opportunitities only come to the well-prepared person who bears perseverance and perspiration.

Z: That’s right .Just as Benjamin Franklin said, diligence is the mother of good luck. And opportunity can be created by diligent persons.as long as people are persistant on things they go in for and never give up .

L: There is no doubt that if you want to achieve something or intend to fulfill one of your ambition, you must work hard, make efforts and get prepared. Otherwise, you will take no advantage of opportunities when they come to visit you.

Y:Now maybe we can draw a conclusion. Luck , opportunity and diligence are all important to success. There are plenty of opportunities for everyone in our society, but only those who are prepared adequately and deligent can make use of them to achieve their purpose. Diligence is the fundamental precondition, which can create opportunity and change it into success.

Z: Yeah``` ,It is also worth-mentioning that the more we work hard, the more luck we have. By sheer hard work, we can make luck favour us more and more. The harmonious blend of both will always bring astonishing results for us in the long run. The Holy Quran says, “Man gets what he strives for”.



B.Long time no see.How are you?


B:I am fine,thank you,and you?我很好,谢谢。你呢?

A:I am fine,too.我也很好。

B:Where have you been?I have not seen you for several days.这段时间你都到哪去了,我好几天没见你了。

A:Oh,I have been to my hometown for a rest.And you?哦,我回老家休息了几天。你呢?

B:I just stayed at home.我一直待在家里。

A:Well,shall we go to see the film together?我们一起去看电影怎么样?

B:Wonderful,let's go.好极了,我们去吧。


a: hey, you alright? b: fine thanks mate, how are you? haven't seen you for a while. a: yeah, i have been busy. b: really? with what? a: you know, this and that. b: what? come on, tell me. a: ok. i was a babysitter. b: you? a babysitter? a: yes. b: hey, i thought you are a man? are you secretely a woman? a: hell no! b: well, what hell what you doing being a babysitter then? a: it was my job, i had to do it. b: isn't there any other jobs? i mean a cleaner would have been better than a bliming babysitter! that's a woman's job. a: yeah, i was the only man there. b: what were you suppose to do when the baby's hungry? give it to her mum and watch her breastfeed? a: eeel, no way! i wasn't doing that, i just gave the baby to her mum. b: thank god because if you did that you will not come near me. 双方无话了 b: well, why don't you quit the job? a: i can't can i. i will be a daddy soon and i need some more experience. b: fair enough, you get on with it, i will see you later. 下台, 半个月以后 a(对观众说): i need a babysitter, i can't do it anymore. that's why i hired one from the babycare centre, he is about to arrive any minutes now. b(敲门): hello, i'm your new baby sitter! a(去开门): finally, you are here! a 开了门, 看见了是b, 曼联惊吓 a: what? how can it be you?! b: what? how can it be you?! a: you told me all them rubbishes about being a babysitter, now look at you! b: yeah, it's just my job。 结束 大概的意思是这样的。 两个男人见面聊天, 男人a最近在当小孩保姆, 男人b觉得那丢人但是很好玩。 男人b问 如果小孩饿了你会看着她母亲喂奶还是给她喂奶粉。 a说了会给小孩母亲但是不会看。 b问他为什么要当保姆, a说他快有小孩了, 自己要训练一下。 他们俩暂时说88了 半个月以后, a有小孩了可是没时间照顾, 于是找了一个保姆。 可是没想到保姆竟然是b。 演的时候尽量夸张一点, a是那种老实人, 总是无奈,有点娘娘腔的。 b是那种喜欢捣乱的, 而且很会吹的那种。

英语口语情景对话,两个人的对话, 每个人不少于10句话。

A hi,~打招呼

B how are you 之类的话,自己寒暄几句,正文 what is your favorite season?

A My favorite season is summer. I love summer.

B oh,why do you like it?

A because,There is no school.it is summer holiday,

B haha ,yes, i like holiday ,too.

A and also It's warm. The sun sets late. You can sit on your balcony and drink a beer and barbecue. I just think it's fabulous. My least favorite then obviously is winter, because the sun goes down early, you can't go on your balcony and relax, it's freezing cold, and it's just not an enjoyable season at all.and what is your favorite season

B well,My favorite season is winter, because there's a lot of snow, and it's cold outside, and it's just beautiful. When the countryside is covered with snow, it's just perfectly white,

A okay,……

B and I think that's amazing. Also, I love to build snowman, have snowball fights with my friends, so that is definitely my favorite season. My least favorite season is summer, because it's too hot. I really don't like the heat.


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