关于自己爱好的英语作文 英语作文带翻译100字


关于自己爱好的英语作文 英语作文带翻译100字


I have many hobbies, such as listening to music, reading, running and so on. As we all known, listening to music is a good way to coordinate our mood. Therefore, I enjoy listening to music, which can make me feel very happy. Moreover, I like reading very much. Reading makes a man. I have read the article whose name is ‘Of Studies’ that was written by Bacon. He said that studies serve for delight, for ornament and for ability. So we can not stop learning. In other words, never too old to learn. In additon, it is necessary to do exercise regularly. I love running, because it has great effects on my health. In a word, my hobbies have positive influences on my body and soul.


My Hobby

I am a 15-year-old student in junior Grade 3. Though I am occupied with my study, I would like to spend time on my hobbies, such as playing the piano, surfing the Internet.

One of my favourite hobby is reading. Reading has been in my life for many years, since I began to learn characters. It can not only kill the time, but also, more important, help improve my comprehension ability. When reading, I can learn a lot. Reading Shakespear's works, I know how Hamlet looks like. Reading Scorates, I can see how great ancient Greek philosophers are. Reading Lu Xu, I come back to the old time of China.



英语作文 我的爱好范文一:

I have many hobbies, such as playing computer games, reading comics, going shopping. I also like playing pingpong very much. I have a friend. His name is JooZone. He is crazy about playing pingpong, too. If we have free time, we often play pingpong together. 2010 summer holiday, he took me to a sports centre. Then we played pingpong together, but he always lost. He was very angry. He said to me, “I will beat you in a month.”“OK. We will have a match at that time.” After a month, when I talked to him about it, he answered, “I forgot the thing! I don't want to have a match with you.” I was very surprised and angry and said, “Oh, you're a forgetful boy!”


我有许多爱好,比如玩网游,看漫画,购物。我也非常喜欢打乒乓球。我有一个朋友,他叫作文地带,他也是一个乒乓球迷。我们一有时间就一起结伴去打乒乓球。2010年的暑假(Joozone Note:今年暑假),他带我去了个运动中心。我们一起打起了乒乓球,但是他老输球。于是他很不高兴。他对我说:“我将在一个月后挑战你”。我说:“好。我们到时一比高下。”,一个月后的今天,当我问及此事时,他却说“我已经把这事给忘掉了,我可不想再跟你比了。”我很惊讶也很不高兴的说:“你这个人太健忘了!”。

英语作文 我的爱好范文二:

There are a great many hobbies to choose from. Some people enjoy collecting coins or stamps, others choose to spend their time on sports or music. I have many hobbies, but playing basketball is my favorite one. At weekends, we always build a team to play basketball against another one in our neighbourhood. The competitions brought us so much fun. I think playing basketball is a good way to build up one's body and relax oneself. But I will always remember that it's unwise to spend too much time playing.





    我的性格活泼开朗 、 乐观向上,是一个阳光女孩。我的学习成绩优异,却不是一个“书呆子”。通过竞聘,我连续三届当选为学校少先大队的大队委员及大队长,并且积极“参政议政”, 成为 老师的得力助手。我的爱好广泛:小提琴 、 古筝 、 乒乓球 、 舞蹈 、 声乐 、 绘画 、 书法等等,它们不仅使我的业余生活多姿多彩,而且不断增强我的自信心与荣誉感:小提琴和古筝均获得了九级证书,在葫芦岛市首届少儿声乐、器乐大赛中夺得一项金奖和一项铜奖。在葫芦岛市青少年乒乓球锦标赛上取得第四名的好成绩。我既是辽宁省首届小歌手大赛的第三名,参加了辽宁电视台的演出,又获得了葫芦岛市“故事大王”的称号。

    我喜欢读书,歌德曾说过:“读书是和高尚的人谈话。” 高尔基爷爷也告诉我们:“热爱书籍吧,因为它是知识的源泉。”我在学龄前就开始阅读儿童版的“四大名著”,在妈妈的引导下,我正在钻研儿童版的《资治通鉴》和《论语》。我也喜欢英语,要“潇洒走世界”,当然少不了这个法宝。我还是葫芦岛市广播电台“少儿芳草地”栏目的特约小记者,每周都要到电台录制节目。

    虽然众多的爱好和社会活动挤占了我的大部分业余时间, 但是这并没有成为我停滞不前的借口。“书山有路勤为径”,我不仅各科成绩在学校名列前茅,还在 2005 年全国小学生奥林匹克英语竞赛中一举夺魁,获得一等奖。对了,中英文演讲也是我的强项,每次都是前两名,了不起吧!

    我每时每刻都对自己充满信心,虽然取得了不少成绩,但从不骄傲。我很善于交流,也喜欢交朋友;我喜欢音乐,也喜爱小品;我喜欢卡通,也喜爱武侠;我既看还珠格格,也看法制在线 …… 唉!我真是一个矛盾的多面体。不过,这样你们大家才能看到一个多姿多彩的我啊!


    This Is Me

    My name is Liu Shuaiyi, a smart girl full of sunshine. I was given

such a beautiful name by my parents because they expect that I will have a wonderful trip around the world with knowledge and talent.

  “Little girl with great mind ”. I won many honorable titles in the past years though I went to primary school at the age of six. For my positive attitude towards life, caring about the class and collective, I was selected as “Excellent student of Morality, Intelligence and physical Education”,“Excellent Students'Leader”, and “Study model” and “Flagman”.

   I have broad—minded ,optimistic character and high comprehensive qualities. By election, I was chosen as the chief of Young Pioneer committee. I participate “School affairs” actively and become the best assistant of the teachers. My hobbies are various and I spend much of my spare time on violin, zither, table tennis, dance, music, painting and calligraphy. Besides my learning, I also made great achievements on my hobbies . I have won the toppest certificates of violin and zither , fourth of table tennis match, third of singing competition in LiaoNing province . With the help of my mother, I have read many classics of Chinese literature, which made me gain “The King of story-teller” of Huludao city. I work as a little journalist for “Fragrant Grassland” programme of Huludao Broadeasting Station. Of course, English is my favourite, for I want to be an international person in the future ,so English is the bridge linking the outside world. I won the first in the National Olympic English Competition.

   I am confident that I will work hard and do more contribution to our school in the final year of primary school and make our campus life colorful.

   I am warm-hearted and good at communication. Not only do I like watching cartoon movies, but also I like enjoying the sweet music. Let us be friends!

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