英语招聘对话范文 英语招聘对话四人


英语招聘对话范文 英语招聘对话四人



1A: Tell me a little bit about yourself.请介绍一下你自己。

B: My name is David and I live in Shanghai, I was born in 1980. My major was electrical engineering.我叫David, 住在上海,出身于1980年。我的专业是电子工程。

A: What kind of personality do you think you have?你认为你有怎样的性格?

B: Well, I approach things very enthusiastically, I think, and I don't like to leave things half-done.I'm very organized and extremely capable.嗯,我做事非常热心,我不喜欢把事情做一半。我非常有组织能力,也很能干。

A: What would you say are your weaknesses and strengths?你的弱点和优点是什么?

B: Well, I'm afraid I'm a poor speaker, however I'm fully aware of this, so I've been studying how to speak in public. I suppose my strengths are I'm persistent and a fast-learner.嗯,我不太擅长说话,我已经意识到这点,因此正在学习如何在公众场所说话。我想我的优点是很执着,而且学东西很快。

A: Do you have any licenses or certificates?你有执照或资格证书吗?

B: I have a driver's license, and I am a CPA (Certified Public Accountant).我有驾驶执照,我是注册会计师。

A: How do you relate to others?你和别人相处如何?

B: I'm very co-operative and have good teamwork spirit.我能与人合作,富有团队精神。情景会话


A: I see by your resume that you have been working? 从你的简历可以看出你一直在工作。B: Yes, I have worked for two years with an American Company. 是的,我在一家美国公司工作过2年。

A: Tell me what you know about our company please. 请告诉我对于本公司你知道些什么?

: Well, the company was founded in New York in 1950 by Mark Ward, who was the first president. It has 1 billion dollars in capital; it employs 5,000 people, and it is the largest company in its field in the States. 好的,1950年Mark Ward,公司首任董事长在纽约创立公司。资本额为10亿美金,有5,000雇员, 是美国同行业中最大的企业。

A: What do you know about our major products and our share of the market? 关于本公司的产品和市场份额你知道些什么?

B: Your company's products are mostly marketed in Europe and the United States, but particularly has sold very well here in China. So I think in the future you'll find China to be a profitable market as well. 贵公司的产品主要在欧洲、美国市场销售,但是在中国市场的销路非常好,所以我想你会发现中国也是一个容易赚钱的市场。

A: What made you decide to change your job? 你为什么决定换工作?

B: I would like to get a job in which I can further develop my career. 我想找一个工作进一步发展自己的事业。

A: May I ask you why you left the former company? 可以问一下你为什么离开以前的公司?

B: Because I want to change my working environment and seek new challenges. 因为我想换一下工作环境,迎接新的挑战。情景会话

关于英语 招聘者与应聘者对话

MANAGER:Good morning, Mr. Brown! Please sit down!

SAM:Good morning, sir. Thank you.

MANAGER:Why did you apply for an internship in this company?

SAM:Well, sir, your company is located very near the college, so it would be very convenient for me to work here.

MANAGER:Anything else?

SAM:Yes, well, your company is an engineering company, and as I am an engineer, it seems I might be able to make myself useful.

MANAGER:Er, I see. Among the qualities we are looking for is technical ability and practical skills.A lot of university graduates have paper qualifications--but can they deliver? What would you say to that?

SAM:Yes, well, at my college, we have been working mainly on theoretical aspects so that we have a firm foundation. But each semester we have been asked to work on a practical project of some kind or other.

Can you give me an example?

SAM:Yes, well, during the last semester, I did the technical drawing of an experimental water pump. We had to do a presentation at the end of the semester.

MANAGER:Really! Did you bring the drawing with you?

SAM:I'm afraid I didn't. I didn't think you would be interested.

MANAGER:I see! Tell me, did you do that as an individual assignment?

SAM:Well, I worked with a team of five other people on the pump. I didn't want to get too involved, because of the time factor, so I offered to do the drawing, based on the design that had been worked out.

MANAGER:What part did the others play in developing the pump?

SAM:Well, I didn't have time to attend all the meetings, so I'm not sure exactly what everybody did.

MANAGER: I see. It sounds a bit ambitious.

SAM: Yes, it was. It took us far too long to get organized, and some of them said they wanted to try it out, and modify it. That was a good thing, I suppose, and I believe in the end it worked quite well, but I didn't get involved in the trials. To be honest, I was worried about our end of semester exams!



Q: Can you sell yourself in two minutes? Go for it. (你能在两分钟内自我推荐吗?大胆试试吧!)

A: With my qualifications and experience, I feel I am hardworking, responsible and diligent in any project I undertake. Your organization could benefit from my analytical and interpersonal skills.(依我的资格和经验,我觉 得我对所从事的每一个项目都很努力、负责、勤勉。我的分析能力和与人相处的技巧,对贵单位必有价值。)

Q:Give me a summary of your current job des cription. (对你目前的工作,能否做个概括的说明。)

A:I have been working as a computer programmer for five years. To be specific, I do system analysis, trouble shooting and provide software support. (我干了五年的电脑程序员。具体地说,我做系统分析,解决问题以及软件供应方面的支持。)

Q:Why did you leave your last job?(你为什么离职呢?)

A: Well, I am hoping to get an offer of a better position. If opportunity knocks, I will take it.(我希望能获得一份更好的工作,如果机会来临,我会抓 住。)

A:I feel I have reached the "glass ceiling" in my current job. / I feel there is no opportunity for advancement. (我觉得目前的工作,已经达到顶峰,即没有升迁机会。)

Q:How do you rate yourself as a professional?(你如何评估自己是位专业人员呢 ?)

A: With my strong academic background, I am capable and competent. (凭借我 良好的学术背景,我可以胜任自己的工作,而且我认为自己很有竞争力。)

A:With my teaching experience, I am confident that I can relate to students very well. (依我的教学经验,我相信能与学生相处的很好。)

求一篇英语应聘对话 要简单 最简单那种 急! 急!

A.Why did you choose to come here for a job?


B.I hope to have a job which offers me an opportunity for advancement.



A.What interest you most about this job?


B.I like to work in a team and enjoy solving problems together.



A.What do you think you would bring to the job?


B0.I have the educational background and relevant experience required by the job.Besides,I am a very good team player and have the desire to make a thorough success.


B1.I know that you do a very big international business,so I thought it would be a good place for me to make use of the experience I have had abroad.



A.Why should I hire you?


B0.My educational background and professional experience make me qualified for the job.


B1.My business experience in China,mainly.I know a lot abut how the Chinese market works and how business is done there.



A.Why did you choose this corperation?


B.My past work experience is closely related to this job.I am confident of doing the job well.Therefore I am desirous to get this position.



A.What do you consider important when looking for a job?


B.I think the most important thing is the nature of the job.

One should never do anything one is not Interested in.


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