简单英文六人配音片段 英语6人短剧,要快,要简单并在5分钟演



简单英文六人配音片段 英语6人短剧,要快,要简单并在5分钟演


On The Way Home回家的路上

Six high school students are walking on their way home, talking, laughing, ...


A: hey, guys, what are you going to do when you get home?


B: I'm going to watch the soccer game replay.My parents won't let me watch in the early morning.I'm so mad at them.


All:(sing)If you're mad and you know it stamp your feet(everybody stamps his feet)

大伙(唱) 如果你知道你生气你就跺跺你的脚(跺脚)

C: I think I'm going to get something to eat first. I'm so hungry.


ALL:(Sing) If you're hungry and you know it touch your tummy,mmm...(everybody toches his tummy)


A:(to D) what about you?

A(对D说) 你呢?

D:(pretend to yawn)I can't wait to lie down on my sofa. I'm so sleepy.(yawn again)


All except E:(sing)If you're sleepy and you know it take a nap(pretend to take a nap while yawning)


all of a sudden, A realizes E is nowhere to be found.

突然,A 意识到E不见了.

A:(to F)E,where is E?

A(对F说) E, F 呢?

F: I have no idea. He was with us one minute ago.


Eeverybody turns around looking for E.


B: Look! there he is! (pointing )

在那! 他在那!(手指远处)

C: oh oh, he is with a stray dog.


D: I know he likes dogs.


F: but that dog looks mean.


A: we’d better tell him to stay away from that mean looking dog.


Everybody: (shouting) E! Come back! Come Back!

大伙(大声叫)E! 回来!回来!

B: Oh my god! He is bleeding!


D: The dog bit him!


F: Hurry up!


Everybody runs to E. E moans in pain.(pretend moaning)

大伙跑过去.E 疼痛地叫着(装疼叫)

ALL: (to E)are you all right?


E: (shakes his head and keeps moaning)


A: let’s call for help!


All: help! Help!


They can not find any help nearby.


B: Let me carry him to the hospital.


All: let’s go!


B picks up E and carries him on his back.

B 背起E.

They walk to the hospital.


The End



the little women

golden rush



Little Red Riding Hood

第一场:Little Red Riding Hood家

Mum: (妈妈拿着一个篮子,把桌子上的水果放在篮子里)

Little Red Riding Hood:(唱着歌,欢快地跑进来)Hi,mummy, what are you doing?

Mum: (一边把水果放在篮子里,心事重重地说)Grandma is ill. Here are some apples and bananas for Grandma. Take them to Grandma.

Little Red Riding Hood:(边提起篮子,边点头说)Ok!

Mum: (亲切地看着Little Red Riding Hood说) Be good. Be careful.

Little Red Riding Hood: Yes ,mummy.Goodbye, mummy.

Mum: Bye-bye. Darling.


(一阵轻快的音乐由远而近,Little Red Riding Hood挎着篮子蹦跳跳地跳到花草旁)

Little Red Riding Hood: Wow!Flowers, how beautiful! (放下篮子采花)One flower ,two flowers, three flowers.

Wolf:(随着一阵低沉的音乐,Wolf大步地走上台)I am wolf. I am hungry. (做找东西状,东张西望) Here is a little red riding hood. Hi! Little Red Riding Hood. Where are you going? (做狡猾的样子和Little Red Riding Hood打招呼)

Little Red Riding Hood:(手摸辫子,天真地回答)To Grandma’s.Grandma is ill.

Wolf:(自言自语)I' ll eat Grandma. But……(对Little Red Riding Hood说)Hey, look! 6 little baby ducks.

Little Red Riding Hood:(和6只鸭子随着音乐翩翩起舞)


Little Red Riding Hood:(停止跳舞)Hello! Baby ducks,how are you?

Six Ducks:We’ re fine.Thank you. Where are you going?

Little Red Riding Hood:To Grandma’s.Oh, I must go, bye.

Six Ducks:Goodbye.


Grandma: (喘着气出场,颤颤悠悠地走到床前,吃力地坐到床边,喘了几口,打几个哈欠,慢吞吞地躺倒在床上。)

Wolf:(从树后出来,边走边说)I am very hungry now. (做找寻的样子)Where is Grandma’ s house? (高兴地对观众说)Aha , it’s here.(敲门)Bang, Bang, Bang.

Grandma: Who is it?

Wolf:(装出Little Red Riding Hood的声音,一边得意地摇动尾巴,一边说)It’s me. Little Red Riding Hood.

Grandma: (边说边起床) Come in, come in.

Wolf:(得意洋洋地走到床边) Grandma , I’ll eat you.

Grandma: (惊慌失措地抓紧衣服,瞪着眼睛,边叫迫从床上滚到地上)


Wolf:(得意地拍拍肚子,翘起大拇指)Yummy!I’ll sleep.

Little Red Riding Hood:(高兴地敲门)Grandma.Grandma.

Wolf:(装扮成Grandma的声音) Who is it?

Little Red Riding Hood:It’s me。Little Red Riding Hood. What a strange noise!

Wolf:Come in, Come in.

Little Red Riding Hood:(蹦跳着进来,把篮子放在桌子上,走到床前一看,跳回几步)Oh! What are big ears!

Wolf:I can listen to your sweet voice.

Little Red Riding Hood:Wow! What a big eyes!

Wolf:I can see you pretty face.

Little Red Riding Hood:Oh! What a big hand.

Wolf:I can hug you.

Little Red Riding Hood:(跪在床前,拉起Wolf的手,边摸边说)Look! What a big hands?

Wolf:(从床上跳起来说)I can eat you!

Little Red Riding Hood:(拼命地跑)Oh!No! No!

Wolf:(追到Little Red Riding Hood,做吃状,拍拍肚子说)It’s delicious. I still sleep. I like sleeping.

Hunter: (一边拿着枪,一边做寻找状出场)Where’s the wolf? Look! A door.(推门)The wolf is sleeping.


Hunter: (端起枪想打,又放下)What a big stomach! (摸摸Wolf的肚子)Grandma and Little Red Riding Hood are inside .I must be hurry.(从桌子上拿起剪刀,举起) Look! Scissors. (做剪Wolf的肚子)Cut, cut, cut.

Little Red Riding Hood/Grandma:Thank you.

Hunter: Grandma ,give me some needles and thread. Little Riding Hood ,Give me some stones.

Grandma: (从桌子上拿来针线)

Little Red Riding Hood:(搬来几个石头)One, two, three.

Hunter: (把小石头装进Wolf的衣服里)

Grandma: I'll thread it.

Hunter: (拿起枪)Woke up!

Wolf:(起床,两手托着大肚子)My stomach is so heavy.

Hunter: You big bad wolf, raise your arms!

Wolf:(边跑边说) Help! Don’t shot me!

Hunter: (开枪)Bang, bang!

Wolf: (应声倒下)

Hunter: The bad wolf is dead.

Little Red Riding Hood和Grandma:Yeah! Thank you.

Little Red Riding Hood、Grandma、Hunter(一起鞠躬): Thank you

英语短剧:The Fox and the Tiger(狐假虎威)

T---Tiger F---Fox R---Rabbit B---Bird Fr---Frog B----Bear

Tiger: I’m a great tiger. I’m very strong. I’m very brave. I’m the king of the forest.But now I’m very hungry. I must find sth. to eat at once, or I’ll die immediately. Oh, there’s nothing here. And here is nothing, either. Oh, I want to have a rest. (Sleep soundly)

Fox: I’m a fox. You can see, I’m pretty and lovely. I’m good at cheating 0and telling lies. Just now I cheated a crew out of a piece of meat. Mm, Mm, Mm. How delicious it is!

Tiger: Ah, a fox. A good meal. Ah, a good meal.

Fox: Oh, my God! What should I do? Yes, I have a good idea. Yes, a good idea. Hello! Tiger sister! How are you?

Tiger: Not so good. I’m very hungry now. I want to eat you.

Fox: Oh, my dear! How dare you say that! I’m the king of the forest! I’m the king of the forest! If you want to eat me, I will let you die right now.

Tiger: She is the king. She is cheating me. I can’t belive her. I’m the king of the forest here.

Fox: If you don’t believe me, just follow me and see who is the king of the forest.

Tiger: Ok. Let’s go.

Rabbit: I’m a rabbit. I like to eat a turnip. Ah, a big turnip. Oh! It’s too hard. I can’t pull it out.

Bird: I’m a bird.

Rabbit: Hi!

Bird: Hi! What are doing here, Miss Rabbit? Can I help you?

Rabbit: Yes, please.

Frog: I’m a frog. Hello! What are you doing here? What can I do for you?

R&B: Yes, come on!

Frog : Ok! I’m coming!

Bear: I’m a big brown bear. Hello, everyone! What are you doing here?

R,B&F: Come on! Come on! Mr. Bear! You are so strong. Please come here. There is a big turnip. We are all puling it out. Please come and help us.

Bear: Ok! I’m coming.

Fox: Hello, Bear!

Bear: Hi, Fox. Oh, a tiger! (run away)

Fox: Hello, Frog!

Frog: Hi, Fox. Oh, a tiger! (run away)

Fox: Hello, Bird!

Bird: Hi, Fox. Oh, a tiger! (run away)

Fox: Hello, Rabbit!

Rabbit: Hi, Fox. Oh, a tiger! (run away)

Fox: Tiger, Now, you see. They are so frightened! They all run away!

Tiger: Yes, you are right. It’s true. I’m very sorry. You are the king of the forest. That’s all right. I will run away. He is the king. He is the king.

Fox: Wa! There is a big turnip. Now, the turnip belongs to me

April Fool's Day



N: Many years ago, on April 1, a body had birth. His father called him "foolman", nobody like him except his mother. How time flies!


F: Mum, I'm eithteen years old, so I will leave this family.


Mum: All right, but please see me at times. This is a bottle of drink, a piece of dry bread. Remember: take good care of yourself, bye!


N: He came to a forest, and met an ugly man.


U: Hello! I'm very hungry and thirsty, could you give me something to drink and eat, please?


F: Ok, here.


U: Oh, thanks very much! Now, I will go. Oh, this stick is for you, it will bring luck to you. Good luck!


N: The foolman reached a restaurant, the boss had two daughters, they found the stick very brightly.


D1: Oh, how beautiful it is! I want it, it's great!!! (上前抓木棒,却被粘在上面) Oh! Dear! I can't leave it! (吃惊地)


D2: Sister, what are you doing there? Do you want this stick yourself? No, I will get a part of it! We are parent's daughters, I must get a part of it like you! (走向木棒)


D1: Don't come! Don't come! It's dangerous!


D2: You can come, so I can come, too! (也被粘在木棒上) Oh, my god! What's wrong with me?


D1: What a pity!


N: Foolman didn't mind at all, after the meal he took the stick leave the restaurant. Of course, two girls followed him. In the field they met an old scientist.


S: Oh! Terrible! You two girls follow a boy. How silly of you! I will take you back home, and take the boy to the police station. (抓stick ,也被粘住) Oh! Bad luck! Terrible!

啊!太可怕了!你姐妹俩跟着一个男孩,你们怎么这么傻啊!我带你们回家,把这个男孩送到警察局去。(抓手杖 ,也被粘住)啊!糟糕!太糟糕啦!

N: A few days later, they got to a strange country. The king had a daughter, but she never smiled or laughed.


King: Who can make her smile or laugh, she'll be his wife.


F: Let me try , Perhaps I can.


N: Then they went to see her. She saw foolman and his friends laughed and laughed.


k: Ok, you make her laugh, now let us look at your 生辰八字. Which day is your birthday?


F: April 1.


K: Oh! What a great boy! Do you know my country's name? Let me tell you: it called "Fool World"! Very suits you, right?!


N: The result is ——The foolman lived happily with his wife until they died. That is why we now have a holiday called : "April Fool".



a,b 一对小孩子;c,d一对小孩子;e,f一对老人

a: good morning, XXX. nice to meet you here.

b: good morning, XXX. how are you?

a: I am fine, thank you. and you?

b: cannot be better. what are you doing this morning?

a: I am jogging, do you want to join me?

b: sure, i would like to.

a: look! there is an old man lying on the street over there.

b: oh, my god. let's go and have a look.

走近一看 e, f在旁围观,没说话

a: oh, he is injured on his feet. let's go and help him.

b: wait a moment. i am afraid this is a cheating.


C:oh, d, there are a lot of people over there, let's have a look.

d: what happend? let's go.

c: see, an old man lies on the ground, and three people are watching.

d: that's funny, let me see.

d: anyone can tell what happened here?

f: this old man was hurt on his feet.

d: oh, that's not good. c, let's help him.


c: can I help you?

e: oh... thank you, my kid.

d: what happen on your foot?

e: i strained my leg by a stone.

c: are you hurt somewhere else?

e: yes, my wrist was hurt when i fall down.

d: how would you like us to help you?

e: can you help me to ring this number, that's my home number. my family will come and pick me up.

c: i am a student and i don't have a phone.

d: neither do I.

a: b, i know you have a mobilephone, can you help him to ring the number?

b: yes i have one, but i did not take it this morning, what a pity.

f: oh, kids, how kind you are. i have phone and let me ring the number

e: thank all of you. you are really kind.

e: hello, this is me, i was hurt in park, please come and help me.

e: thank you, f, my son will come in 10 minutes.

f: you are welcome, let me help you to bring you up.

F:could you kids help me to bring the eldly up?

abcd: sure.

F: let's go to there, there is a chair near that tree.


F: Ok, kids, well done. you are really good guys.

e: thank you all! thank you all!

abcd: you are welcome, we are Young Pioneers, and it is our duty to do so.

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