小学生英语演讲稿环保 有关保护环境的小学生英文演讲稿


小学生英语演讲稿环保 有关保护环境的小学生英文演讲稿


In modern society, we tend to become more and more aware of our living environment or physical environment, because we is not clean as before. So many people now choose their house as to its environment but not its location and expenses to afford it.

As we all know, the environment pollution is more and more serious during these years, what we could do is to make great efforts in protecting environment gradually.

As to government pollution, as to common people. We also try to protect it and make it remain clean.

Although we have managed to protect the environment to a certain extent. It is still a very long way to go.






1.t's my great honor to be invited here to give a speech on

environment.As we all know the environment is very important to

us.Because it has a great effect on us.So we should protect our

environment .

In fact ,we can do many things to improve environment

such as planting trees,collecting waste paper,write to the local

newspapers to remind everybody to take care of it.The most important

thing is,I think ,to let everybody know its importance and everybody

should make a contribution to it .

As long as we try,we can make it.We strongly believe that we can do it !

Let’s do it together!


nowadays,environment become more and more important, and there are few ways of protecting our environment. first, the government have to make some laws for water and air pollution, so factories must stop pouring dirty water into rivers because a lot of fish were killed. the worse thing is that it is also pollute underground water. people would get sick when they drink that water. they also have to stop relaesing the industrial gas to atmosphere. second, people have to behave themselvse. do not litering anywhere any time. protecting the environment is a responsibilty for everybody. Most resources we are using now are non-renewable,people also have to find new resources. Solar energy is a good example of new resources that we can develop and use widely later. I hope everybody can do something for our environment, so our planet would become nicer.

小学生保护环境演讲稿 英语版 有翻译 有读音

I'm worried about my country.我为我的祖国担忧。

  There is polution everywhere.到处都是污染。

  It's time to do something about it.是时候做些什么了。

  We need fresh air to breathe.我们需要呼吸新鲜的空气。

  We need pure water to drink.需要饮用纯净的水。

  We need a clean environment to be healthy.需要一个干净的环境保持健康。

  People have to stop littering.人们必须停止乱丢垃圾。

  We have to respect our surroundings.我们必须重视我们周围的环境。

  We must become friends of the earth.我们必须成为地球的朋友。

  First,everyone must get involved.首先,每个人都必须参与进来。

  Everyone must lend a hand.每个人都必须伸出援手。

  Together we can clean up our neiborhoods.我们一起可以清理我们的邻里。

  Second,we can practice conservation.第二,我们要开始实践。

  We can reduce waste and reuse things.我们可以减少浪费和重用的事情。

  We can recycle paper,bottles,and plastic.我们可以回收纸、瓶子和塑料。

  Third,we can put up more "Don't litter" signs. 第三,我们可以放置更多的“不要乱丢垃圾”的标牌。

  We can trashcans on every corner.我们可以在每一个角落放置垃圾桶。

  We can pick up garbage when we see it.当我们看到它时可以往里扔垃圾。

  We must take action to fight pollution.我们必须采取行动来对抗污染。

  It's our future we're protecting.这是我们保护我们的未来。

  It's our duty to keep our planet clean. 是我们的责任保持我们的星球干净。

  So,please don't pollute.所以,请不要再污染了。

  Don't be a litterbug.不要做一个垃圾虫。

  Don't be afraid to remind others,too.不要害怕提醒其他人。

  Let's protect nature's beauty.让我们保持环境美丽。

  Let's make our future bright.让我们的未来更明亮。

  Let's start to clean up now. 现在就开始行动。

求适合小学生1-3 年级 有关环保的英语演讲稿


Olympic ad Me


I am looking forward to the days coming of Aug.8TH 2008, the day Beijing Olympic games will be opened, the day Sports family gather in beijing, and the day All the Chinese feel proud.


As a littke host , I really want to be honorable volunteer for it, however, I am still too young to be a real volunteer , but I can still contribute for it (according as I am able)


First , as a citizen of Beijing, I will welcome every friend from all over the world with my enthusiasm and smile to show us beijing people’s friendship and hospitality. And let theforeigh friends know(feel) Beijing from the smile on our face


Then/second, I will study English harder.During the Olympic Games ,I can communicate with the foreigh friends in english and serve for them such as to be a interpreter and show them the way, let them love beijing more from our enthusiastic help


Third, I will learn more knowadge about Beijing and The Olympic Games in order to introduce the beautiful beijing to foreigners and its long history and splendor culture in the future.Let them Kow more about China by talking to each Beijinger


At last I will mobilize every students around me to learn civilized manners andstrenth the consciousness of theprotecting the enivoement .we should do from now on for beijing Olympic Game to be a real Green Olympics, humanities Olympics, technology Olympics


“One word One dream” I hope my dream will come true

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