英文医患沟通对话 需要几个英语对话,是关于医患的。5分钟左右吧



英文医患沟通对话 需要几个英语对话,是关于医患的。5分钟左右吧



Doctor:Good morning. What's troubling you?


Patient:Good morning, doctor. I have a terrible headache.


Doctor:All right, young man. Tell me how it got started.


Patient:Yesterday I had a running nose. Now my nose is stuffed up. I have a sore throat. And I'm afraid I've got a temperature. I feel terrible.


Doctor:Done worry, young man. Let me give you an examination. First let me take a look at your throat. Open your mouth and say "ah".




Doctor:Good. Now put your tongue out. All right, let me examine your chest. Please unbutton your shirt. Let me check your heart and lungs. Take a deep breath and hold it. Breathe in, and out. By the way, do you have a history of tuberculosis?


Patient:No,definitely not.


Doctor:Look, your throat is inflamed. And your tongue is thickly coated. You have all the symptoms of influenza.


Patient:What am I supposed to do then?


Doctor:A good rest is all you need, and drink more water. I'll write you a prescription。


Patient:Thank you very much.


Doctor:That's all right. Remember to take a good rest.


Patient:I will. Goodbye, doctor.



单词 Words

temperature n. 温度,高烧

examination n. 检查,体检

chest n. 胸部,胸膛

unbutton vt 解开扣子

lung n. 肺

tuberculosis n. 肺结核

definitely adv 确定地,肯定地

inflame v. 发炎

symptom n. 症状

influenza n. 流行感冒

prescription n. 药方

短语 Phrases

have a running nose 流鼻涕

a sore throat 喉咙发痛

get a temperature 发高烧

take a look at 检查

take a deep breath 深呼吸

be supposed to 应该

write sb a prescription 给某人开药方

句子 Sentence Structures

What's troubling you?


Now my nose is stuffed up.


By the way, do you have a history of tuberculosis?



P: I would like to have a check-up for a driving licence. 我要做驾驶证的体检. N: You need to have your eyes, ears and blood pressure checked.You need to have a fluoroscopy done. 你需要检查一下眼睛、耳朵和血压. 你需要做透视检查。 P:The doctor needs my weight, pleas weigh me. 医生要我的体重,请给我量一下. N: Please bring a photograph of yourself, we have to affix a stamp on the corner of it. 请带一张你的照片来,我们要在它的角上盖个印儿. N: What's wrong with you today? 你今天哪里不舒服? Which department do you want to register with? 你要挂哪科的号? P: I want to see a physician我要看内科. P: I don't know which clinic. I have a rash all over my body.It ches badly. 我不知道该挂哪个科.我混身起红疹;痒得厉害. N: I think you should see a dermatoloist first. If necessary we'll transfer you to the physician. 我想你应当先看皮肤科大夫.需要的话再转内科.



Nurse:Do you want to see a doctor? 你要看病吗?

Patent: Yes, where shall I register? 是的,在哪儿挂号?

N: Here, have you been here before? 这儿,你从前来过吗?

P:Yes,a year age./NO,this is my first visit.


N:Have you a registration card?


P:Yes here it is./NO,I forgot to bring it.

有,在这儿呢./ 没有,我忘记带了.

N: Do you remember your card number?


P: Yes, it is C dash one,five, zero, eight, four, three./No.I can't remember it.

记得,是 C-150843./不记得了.


Nurse: Good morning, sir. Are you a relative of Joey Lee?

Relative of patient: Yes, that will be me. Is he okay?

Nurse: He suffered a mild heart attack. But now his conditions are stable. You won't have to worry about any serious problems.

Relative of patient: Oh, God! That's so nice to hear! Thank you so much!

Nurse: However, you would have to watch his diet while he's at our hospital and also when he leaves the hospital. He must not eat anything with excessive amount of oil or cholestrol.

Relative of patient: Got it. We will make sure that he doesn't eat anything bad for him. Also, when will he be able to return home?

Nurse: If his conditions don't worsen, he will be able to go back home in a week. We just need to keep him here for further care.

Relative of patient: All right, thank you very much!




A: Good morning,doctor! A:早上好,医生!

B:Good morning! What's the matter? B:早上好!怎么了?

A:I feel sore all over and I have a headache.I am afraid that is a cold. A:我感到浑身酸痛,并且头痛。恐怕我是感冒了。

B:This is a thermometer(θəəmɔmɪtə(r)).Here you are! B:这是体温计,给你测下体温。

A:OK. A:好的。

B:How long have you been like this? B:像这种情况多长时间了?

A:About Since last night.I was trembling with cold. A:大概从昨晚开始吧,我冷得发抖。

C:She also has a runny nose. C:她还不停的流鼻涕。

D:she also can’t stop sneezing lastnight. D:而且她昨晚不断的打喷嚏。 B:Oh,Iknow.Give me the thermometerB:哦,我知道了,给我体温计看一下。 (C帮医生接过A的体温计,顺便看了一下。)

C:Oh,my god.It’s 40 degrees. C:哦,我的天啊,竟然烧到了40度!

D: You actually are hanging on! D:哦,你竟然还活着!

B:Let me look you over carefully. B:让我给你做个仔细的检查。

A:Is it serious? A:我病的严重吗?

B:Not serious.you've got the flu.Here are some pills for you.Plerse take them three times a day and drink more water. B:并不怎么严重,你得了流感,拿些药就好了,一天三次,并且要多喝水。

A:Thank you very much! A:非常感谢!

D:How soon can she be all right again? D:她多久能转好啊?

B:If you have a good rest,you will be all right in three days.B:如果你能好好休息,最多三天就能好了。

C:I hope you can recover as quickly as possible. C:我希望你能尽快好起来

B:Good luck! B:祝你好运!

A、C、D:Thank you!Goodbye! A、C、D:谢谢,再见!

B、B:Bye! B:再见!


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