私人英语情景对话简单大学 大一英语情景对话~!6篇!!!


私人英语情景对话简单大学 大一英语情景对话~!6篇!!!


A: Hello, B. It has been two months since we started our colledge life. What do you think of it?

B: Well, to tell you the truth, I'm not getting used to it.

A: What's the problem? Is your major very difficult?

B: Yes, I think my major is more difficult than I have expected. After the happy summer holiday I can't keep pace with my study again. And the dormitory is too small for me to study.

A: Don't worry. My domitory is bigger than yours. You can come to my dorm to study. My major is similar to yours. We can study the same subjects together, for example, linear algebra and calculas.

B: That sounds great. You have a better maths knowledge than I do. If you don't mind me bothering you, can I come to your domitory and ask you questions?

A: No, go ahead. I will help you as much as I can.





A被使不安,因为他正很难赶上他的研究。B 使A缓和并且通过给一些消息并且为学习建议一些好方式帮助A。

题目2 天气



A和B正抱怨天气。它中暑( 闷热的)甚至没有slighest 风或者任何迹象这样的天气结束。因此他们不能作为安排出去。

题目3 旅行




题目4 健康



一感到向下和他去看病硼。A 解释对B 和B的他的症状检查A。然后B 医生给消息不久康复。








离开他或她的家乡超过3 年之后,A已经在春天回家并且找到晴朗蔚蓝的天空。A和B过去谈论变化。然后B告诉一怎样这座城市改进这种环境。


John: So, what do you think you’ll do after school?

Mary: I’m not really sure. Maybe, I’ll go into the army.

John: What? Do you want to kill people?

Mary: Don’t be silly. The army isn’t just about killing the enemy. There are research and development areas,

monitoring departments, national security and more. I could be put into a terrorist investigation division! But I won’t rush into a decision like that. You’ve got to sign a long-term contract and I may want to change my mind!

John: If I come into some money I’ll go to university and get a degree. Then, maybe I’ll be able to move into

the career I want. At the moment though I’ll probably have to do some part-time work.

Mary: I’m not sure about unis. I’ll let you into a secret – half the courses are easy because international

students are paying and want good results.

John: Yeah. I know about that. If I get into a university it won’t be a degree mill. It’ll be a proper one like

Monash. I’ve got the marks. I just don’t have the money.

Mary: I’d definitely like to earn money. If I could break into the music industry, maybe sell a few records...

John: Hey, I bumped into Matthew yesterday. He said he planned to start a band. Maybe you could ask him if

they need a musician or a singer?

Mary: If I run into him I’ll ask him about his band, but I was thinking of being an agent. Not as much stress

that way!

John: Yeah, the life of a roadie or agent – checking into motels across the country, meeting fans, taking drugs,

enjoying rock and roll. Yeah. All you need to do is negotiate with the pubs, deal with the accounting

side of running the band and make sure everyone performs, and gets home safely. Then party!

Mary: Unless I’m an agent for one of those singers that cause people to burst into tears when they hear the music. Brrr. No fun there but lots of money from tweens!

John: Yeah, I don’t like tuning into that kind of music. It would make me burst out crying, but for a completely different reason. Pain!

Mary: Or, maybe I could be a travel agent. I could start off as a tour guide and help people explore Australia.

If I’m lucky I could get to start in a good position and just grow into it.

John: I see. So you haven’t really thought about what you want to do at all, have you?

Mary: ...or maybe I could run an internet cafe or...


A; Are you enjoying your time at university?B: It's okay, but not as much as I expected.A: Really? Why not?B: I thought that the subjects would be easy, and I would have lots of time to play, but actually I have many assignments.A: What type of assignments are you having problems with?B: I find my accounting assignments very difficult.A: Have you considered asking a tutor to help?B: Hmm, I guess I could. Where would I find one?A: You can often find them advertising on the notice board in the library.B: Thanks, I'll go and check that out. Provided I don't get distracted on the way and end up in the gym instead!A: Ha! Have you joined a sports team?B: Yes, I'm playing for the university volleyball team.A: Hey, so am I! Which team are you on?B: I've joined the university volleyball society, they've put me in the men's league.A. Ah, I guess that's why I haven't seen you. I'm playing in a mixed league.B: Cool! That sounds like a nice way to meet some new friends ... maybe even make a new girlfriend ..A. Actually, now that you mention it, our captian is very pretty!B: What else are you doing at university apart from studying and playing volleyball?A. I've also joined the university debating team, we have a competition every month.B. That sounds like fun. Are there still places open for other people to join?A. Yes, they're always looking for new people to join.B. Thanks, that's good to know, I think I'll go and sign up next week.A. Hey, what time is your next class? I think I have to go now.B. I'm in no hurry, my next class doesn't start for a couple of hours.A. Lucky you, enjoying the university life! I'm off now, see you later.B. Enjoy! B. So, do you want me to go with you the library, we can check out the notices for tutors? A. Okay, let's go


Dave and Peter are college classmates as well as good friends. They are talking about a trip in summer (Dave和Peter是同学同时也是很好的朋友,他们在讨论关于暑假的旅行) Dave: Peter, we have been working very hard the whole school year. Don’t you think we need a nice summer vacation? (Peter,我们努力学习了一整学年啦.你不觉得我们需要一个很棒的暑假吗?) Peter: Absolutely. I am planning a trip for my summer vacation. Do you want to join me? (当然,我有一个暑期旅行。你想和我一起吗? ) Dave: Why not? I’d love to go with you. (为什么不呢?我当然愿意.) Peter: Great! But I can't make up my mind as to which city we should go. It is really hard to decide (太好了!但我不知道该去哪座城市。这是真的很难作出决定。) Dave: Hehehe...decision decision, what’you’re your mind right now? (呵呵呵呵,去哪儿呢,去哪儿呢,你怎么想的? ) Peter: Hangzhou, Suzhou, and yangzhou (杭州,苏州,扬州 ) Dave: I went to Suzhou last year. I had very bad experiences there. The taxi drivers were rude. The hotel services were lousy and the food was... (我去年去过苏州了。我有非常糟糕的经历。粗鲁的出租车司机。差劲的酒店服务和食品还... ) Peter: all right, forget Suzhou then. How about Hangzhou and Yangzhou? (好吧,忘掉苏州把。杭州和扬州如何? ) Dave: I have never been there. I can't make any comments on that. Let's check out the information from Xiehang(携成网) and it will tell us all necessary information. (我从来没有去过。我不能作任何评论了。让我们在Xiehang (携成网)上面查查吧 ,它会告诉我们一切必要的资料。 ) Peter: great! (太棒了! ) So Peter and Dave both check out the information on net (因此,Peter和都在网上查找信息。) Dave: Peter, you can see that the airlines, hotels are not offering any discounts if we want to go to Hangzhou as it is the peak season in summer. But if we go to Yangzhou, we can get big discounts on the hotels. I think we should take that into consideration. (Peter,你看,如果我们去杭州的话航空公司,酒店都不提供任何折扣.因为它在夏季是高峰期。但如果我们去扬州的话,我们可以得到较大的折扣的。我认为我们应该考虑这一点。) Peter: you are right. I really hate to go to a scenery packed with people. We can always pick a better time to go to Hangzhou.right? (你是对的。我真的不想去到处都挤满了人的风景区。我们还能挑一个更好的时间去杭州,对吧.) Dave: absolutely. (当然。) Peter: so I will book the tickets and the hotel right now. (那么我现在就订机票和酒店了。) Dave: Thank you so much, Peter! What shall I do? (非常感谢,Peter!我现在做什么?) Peter: Nothing. Just get ready and relax. (什么都不用。只要做好准备和放轻松就好了。) Dave: I can’t wait for this trip. (我都迫不及待了。) Peter: me neither. I’ ll let you know, Ok? (我也是。到时候叫你,好吗? ) Dave: Ok. Bye. Take care. (好的。拜拜。小心点。 ) Peter: You, too. (你也是。)

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