5岁宝宝英语演讲的主题 求少儿英语演讲短文(3-5分钟)


5岁宝宝英语演讲的主题 求少儿英语演讲短文(3-5分钟)


道Hi, I'm Cookie. I'm five years old. I love learning English. And I like singing. I would like to sing a song for everyone.


He is very tall. He is a player. He became the second Chinese basketball player in NBA. He is the best basketball player in China. He is Yao Ming

Today more and more Chinese start to watching NBA.And YAO MING are becoming a new star.

YAO are in the Rocket team.And he also works for our country,he plays basketball with YI JIANlian and others. By the helping of all the players,Chinese are becoming stronger and stronger.

I believe Chinese team will get a good mark in the Olympics.



Giving the Seeding a Hand

Long long ago, in ancient China, there lived a farmer .He was worried about his seeding growing too slowly .

One day ,he went to the farmland and pulled up the seeding one by one .When he returned home ,he was very exhausted."I am tired out today,”he said to his family ,"I helped the seeding to grow."

His son was surprised . He hurried to the fields to see what had happened .It turned out that all the seeding had shriveled up.





⒈ Bob and Jim once worked in the same factory. One day, Bob lent him ten dollars, but then Jim left his work and went to work in another town without giving back the money.

Bob didn’t see Jim for a year. And at that time he knew another friend that Jim was in another town and staying at a hotel(旅馆). So he went there to see him late in the evening.

When he got to Jim’s room, he saw his shoes near the door. “Well, he must be in,” he thought, and knock at the door. There was no answer. He knocked again, and said, “I know you are in, Jim. Your shoes are out here.”

“I’ve gone out in my boots(靴子),” answered Jim.

⒉ The Fox and the Tiger(狐狸和老虎)

An Archer, hunting in the woods, was so successful with his arrows that he killed many of the wild animals. This frightened the rest so much that they ran into the densest part of the bushes to hide. At last the Tiger stood up, and pretending to be very brave, told the other animals not to be afraid anymore, but to rely on his courage, and he would attack the enemy on his own. While he was talking, and lashing his tail and tearing at the ground with his claws to impress the others, an arrow came and pierced his ribs. The Tiger howled with pain.

While he was trying to draw out the arrow with his teeth the Fox went up to him and asked, in surprise, whoever had the strength and courage to wound such a brave and mighty beast as the Tiger?

"Nay," said the Tiger, "I misjudged my enemy. It was that unbeatable man over there!"

MORAL: Knowledge is power.





There are four seasons in a year.Which is my favourite one?Of course winter!Why?Let me tell you.

Winter is the season of festivals.The New Year's Day,Christmas Day and the most important festival in a year for Chinese:Spring Festival is also in winter!All the family members are back home this time.So I like it!

And sometimes will snow, I like playing after a snow!And the world turn white,I can make snowmen with my friends ,that's wonderful!

That's why I like winter best,how about you?



In the cold winter, the frog was found with a very warm cup of boiling water, immediately jumped into, but at a faster rate jumped out, he is very smart for their own proud of. Soon, the frog found a cup of water, and this time he had learned, first Shile Shi water temperature, not hot water and very warm, the frog jumped into the satisfaction, comfort and enjoyment, totally did not think this is a The glass is heated. Water continued to heat up, when the frog was found too hot, has lost the strength to come out, finally, can no longer escape to the frog.


逃家小兔 The runaway bunny ——一只小兔兔要逃离妈妈,但无论它变成什么,都逃不出妈妈的关爱 从前有一只小兔子,他很要离家出走。有一天,他对妈妈说“我要逃走了” “如果你要逃走了,”妈妈说,“我就要去追你,因为你是我的小宝贝呀” Once there was a little bunny who wanted to run away.so he said to his mother,’I am running away.’ ‘If you run away’,said his mother,’I will run after you,for you are my little bunny’ ‘如果你来追我,’小兔说‘我就要变成溪里的小鳟鱼,游的远远的。‘如果你变成溪里的小鳟鱼,’‘我就要变成捕鱼的人去抓你’ ‘if you run after me,’said the little bunny,’I will become a fish in a trout stream and I will swim away from you’ ‘if you become a fish in a trout stream,’said his mother,’I will become a fishman and I will fish for you.’ ‘如果你变成捕鱼的人’,小兔说‘我就要变成高山上的大石头,让你抓不到我’ ‘如果你变成高山上的大石头’,妈妈说‘我就要变成爬山的人,爬到高山上去找你 ‘if you become a fishman,’said the little bunny,’I will become a rock on the mountain,high above you’ ‘If you become a rock on the mountain high above me,’said the mother,’I will become a mountain climber ,and I will climb to where you are.’ ‘如果你变成爬山的人,小兔说‘我就要变成小花,躲在花园里’ ‘如果你变成小花,’妈妈说,‘我就要变成园丁,我还是会找到你’ If you become a mountain climber,’the little bunny said,’I will become a crocus in a hidden garden,’ If you become a crocus in a hidden garden,’said his mother,’I will be a gardener,and I will find you’ ‘如果你变成园丁,找到我了’,小兔说,‘我就要变成小鸟,飞的远远的’ ‘如果你变成小鸟,飞的远远的,’,妈妈说,‘我会变成树,好让你回家’ If you become a gardener and find me,’said the little bunny.i will become a bird and fly away far from you If you become a bird and fly away far from you,’said his mother’I will become a tree that you come to.’ ‘如果你变成树,’,小兔说‘我就要变成小帆船,飘的远远的’ ‘如果你变成小帆船,妈妈说,‘我就要变成风,把你吹到想去得地方。 If you become a tree ,’said the little bunny,I will become a little sailboat,and I will sail away from you,’ If you become a sailboat,’said his mother’I will become the wind and blow you where I want you to go. ‘如果你便成风,把我吹走,’小兔说,‘我就要变成马戏团里的空中飞人,飞得高高的 ‘如果你便成空中飞人,’妈妈说,我就要变成走钢索的人,走到半空中遇到你‘‘if you become the wind and blow me,’said the little bunny’’I will join a circus and fly away on a flying trapeze, If you go flying on a flying trapeze,’said his mother’’I will be a tightrope walker,and I will walk across the air to you, ‘如果你变成走钢索的人,走在半空中,小兔说‘我就要变成小男孩跑回家’ 如果你变成小男孩跑回家,妈妈说‘我正好就是你的妈妈,我会张开手臂好好的抱住你 ‘if you become a tightrope walker and walk across the air ,’said the little bunny’ I will become a little boy and run into a house’ ‘If you become a little boy and run into a house,’said the mother ,I will become your mother and catch you in my arms and hug you “天啊,”,小兔说,“我不如就待在这里,,当你的小宝贝吧” “来跟胡萝卜把”,妈妈说 ‘shucks,’,said the bunny,’ I will just as well stay where I am and be your little bunny.and so he said. ‘have a carrot,’said his mother. 故事结束了,很温馨的一篇对话,给人暖暖的感觉,so I want to say——everybody!cherish your moment with your parents, to be a little bunny,enjoy your carrot. 我想,这几段故事应该可以分成几个晚上念给孩子听吧,不过哟,孩子才5岁,是玩的时候,不要老给他一些高水准的学习的压力哦,要注意!!

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