电话订餐英语对话 求: 英语口语对话:打电话在酒店订餐并吃饭的对话练习。5个人的


电话订餐英语对话 求: 英语口语对话:打电话在酒店订餐并吃饭的对话练习。5个人的


Good afternoon. Peace Restaurant. May I help you?

I'd like to reserve a table for two. My wife and I.

Yes, sir. What time would you like, sir?

I'm not sure…perhaps around 8 p.m。

Fine. I'll reserve a table for two at 8 p.m., sir. May I have your name, please?

Julius. Julius Berman。

Thank you, Mr. Berman. And do you prefer smoking or non-smoking?

Non-smoking will be fine, please. But it is more important that you get us a table by the window. It's our anniversary and I'd like it to be very special。

I'll try my best. We look forward to having you with us tonight, Mr.Berman。

Thank you. Good-bye。

Good-bye, and have a good day!

求: 英语口语对话:打电话在酒店订餐并吃饭的对话练习。5个人的

接待员: Good morning, madam. What can I do for you? 早上好.我能为你做点什么吗? 盖比: Yes, this is my first time to the city. The taxi driver picked me up and sent me to your hotel. 是的.这是我第一次到中国来.出租车司机带我到这里.把我送到你们酒店来. 接待员: Welcome to the hotel. Yes, with convenient transportation, we used to have a lot of customers who just dropped in the hotel and then become our frequent clients. Do you need to stay here for overnight? 欢迎到我们酒店来.哦.是的.我们酒店的地理位置很方便.所以很多顾客都是由偶然到我们酒店.然后又变成了我们的常客.你今晚要在这里过夜吗? 盖比: Yes, I need a single room with breakfast including. 是的.我想要个带早餐的单人房. 接待员: All right. Let me check. A single room with breakfast, yes, it is available. We have 20 percent discount off since it is low season. 好的.让我看一下.带早餐的单人房.有的.现在是旅游淡季.所以我们还有20%的折扣. 盖比: Great! Here is my passport. 太好了.这是我的护照. 接待员: Thanks, will you please fill in the registration form and sign your signature here? 谢谢.请填写入住登记表.然后在这里签名.好吗? 盖比: It is my pleasure. (Finished filling the registration form) Here you are. 没问题.(填好表)给你. 接待员: Thank you. Your room is 1210. Here is the key. Do you need the bellboy show-up service? 谢谢.你的房间号是1210.这是房间钥匙.需要门童带你上去吗? 盖比: No, thanks. Where is the lift? 我想不用了.电梯在哪里? 接待员: The lift is just down the lobby. Go straight ahead until you reach a bar sign on your right, it is the lift. Then take the lift to 12th floor, get out of the lift, turn to your left side, walk in for the third door, it is room 1210. It is quite easy to fi 电梯在大厅最里面.你往前走直到你看到右手边有一个吧台的标志.那就是电梯了.乘电梯到12楼.你出了电梯后往左走.坐手边第三间就是1210.你很容易找到的. 盖比: Thank you. Your guide will be helpful. By the way, I just arrived after four hours flight, I am really tired. Do you have 24 hour hot water shower? 好的.谢谢.你说得很清楚.顺便问下.我刚坐了四个小时飞机.我很累.你们有24小时热水洗澡吗? 接待员: Yes, we offered 24 hour hot water service or you may have fragrant bath in the beauty salon if you want. There is also 20 percent discount off since it is low season. 有的.我们提供24小时热水澡.如果你愿意的话.你也可以到酒店美容中心做个香熏泡浴.因为淡季同样有20%的折扣. 盖比: Really? It shall be a good deal! Thank you. I will get to my room first and then to bath. 真的吗?那太划算了.谢谢.我先到房间去然后去泡浴. 接待员: Enjoy your stay in the hotel! Have a nice day! 希望你在酒店住得开心.祝你愉快. 盖比: You too. 也祝你开心.

瑞秋: How are you wedding plans going? 你的婚礼准备得怎么样了? 莎伦: Very well. We started organizing everything early to avoid a last minute rush to get things done. The only thing that isn`t ready yet is my wedding dress. 很顺利.我们很早就开始准备.就是为了避免到最后手忙脚乱.唯一没定下来的就是我的婚纱. 瑞秋: When will that be ready? 婚纱什么时候能做好呢? 莎伦: The dressmakers said that is would be ready in two weeks. 礼服设计公司说两周内能做出来. 瑞秋: You`re getting married in three weeks. So that should be ok. So, you`ve prepared the church, catering, transport and hotel-everything. 你三周以后结婚.这个应该没问题.那么其他都准备好了吗?教堂.宴会.婚车.酒店这些. 莎伦: Yes. We`ve taken care of all of that. We decided not to get married in a church for neither of us is very religious. 都弄好了.我们考虑得很周全.我们不打算在教堂举行婚礼.因为我们俩都不怎么信教. 瑞秋: Which hotel will the reception be held at? 婚宴定在哪个酒店? 莎伦: The palace hotel they`re taking care of the catering, including the wedding cake. I`m sure they`ll do a good job. 皇宫大酒店.他们会负责宴会.包括结婚蛋糕的事情.我相信他们能做好. 瑞秋: Oh, yes. It`s an excellent hotel. A friend of mine had her wedding reception there and said it was perfect, though very expensive. 哦.是的.这个酒店特别好.我的一个朋友结婚时就定的这个酒店.她说一切都弄得很完美.虽然特别贵. 莎伦: Yes. It will be expensive, but we think it will be worth. It gives us great peace of mind to know that our reception is in the hands of experienced people. 是啊.肯定会很贵.但是我们都觉得值了.婚宴由这么专业的人来做.我们也就放心 了. 瑞秋: I think you make the right decision. 我认为你的决定是对的.

大嘴: Do you know the most expensive hotel all over the world ? 知道全球最昂贵的酒店吗? 脸盆: Of course, the Wilson President Hotel of Geneva is the most luxurious hotel. 当然,日内瓦的威尔逊总统酒店是最奢侈的酒店。 大嘴: It will cost you $65 thousand for a night. 在那里的皇家套房过一夜的价格是65000美元。 脸盆: Any special services ? 能有什么特别的服务呢? 大嘴: A private elevator for guests only. 有专用的私人电梯。 脸盆: You can enjoy the Lake Geneva and the Mountain Blane in each room. 还有房间都可以望见日内瓦湖和白朗峰。 大嘴: And the bullet proof glass for the doors and windows. 套房的门窗全部用防弹玻璃制成。 脸盆: What kind of people can live in it ? 什么样的人才能入住这样的酒店呢? 大嘴: All celebrities . 都是社会名流。 脸盆: I am dreaming of living in such a grand hotel! 我也梦想能住进这样的豪华酒店啊!


criminals whose sphere of activities is strictly delimited


已解决问题 收藏 转载到QQ空间 急求一篇2人英语的对话,订房间为主,3分钟就行,要容易记忆的 15 [ 标签:英语 对话,英语,房间 ] .E 回答:1 人气:6 解决时间:2008-12-13 10:28 满意答案 A:Hello.What can a do for you?

B:I want to book an room.

A:How many people?


A:Oh,Which floor do you prefer?5th or 6th?

B:I think 6th floor is better.

A:Room 603 is free.Do you think that room is OK?

B:Oh,How much ?


B:OK.I'll book this one.

A:Please show you ID card.

B:Here you are.

A:OK.Will you have a breakfast?

B:Yes,I will.

A:OK,this is your ID card and the key for the room.

B:Thank you.

A:There is the lift.Have a good night.

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