篮球明星英语对话 两人用英文讨论最喜欢的篮球明星二分钟对话


篮球明星英语对话 两人用英文讨论最喜欢的篮球明星二分钟对话












YAO:hey,buddy,lend me a copy.I'll introduce Kobe,McGrady,James and O'neal to you


YAO:Hey,buddy,plus one,OK?

Me:Sorry,big buddy,it's full.

YAO:Just for fun,I'm not good at it.


A: yo man,watched basked ball lastnight? James really heart me.

B: what fuck is James

A:watch your ass hole ,bitch

B hit A......


police come...........

A and B jin jail.........






"Oh,hi mate! How are you these days?"

"Just so so, more or less.And you?"

"You know, I'm studying about the topic of dinosaurs. It's really a stuff!"

"Oh? What subject are you working on?"

"About the extinction of dinosaurs.Fantastic, isn't it? Those once-overlords disappeared on the earth in a very short period, but no one knows what happened actually!"

"That is.. What do you think?"

"Think what? About the mysterious diappearance of those extremely tremendous creatures?"


"Yum! Tell me about your ideas first!"

"Eh.. Climate? I think I heard it many times on TVs"

"Yeah! The sudden change of the temperature. It went cooler and killed them off! That's the most common explanation, but it sounds dull to me! And more?"

"Then, the lack of food? Those dinosaurs ran out of food, and couldn't bear the hunger anymore so they all suicided?"

"A little more imaginative this time, but not enough!~"

"..., tell me, old man, what's your explanation or research!"

"In my report, the dinosaur extincted by the invasion of the aliens!"

"Pardon, the what?"

"The aliens! The attack from the outer space! The dinosaurs were destroyed by battlecruisers of them!"

"Have you read too much science fiction yesterday? This idea sounds crazy to me!"

"Well, I do collect many evidences from various kind of materials to support this opinon. Crazy? Yes I think it's really a little, but who cares! Most of the gifted-scientists were also regarded as mad when them hadn't got fame!"

"Ok ok! I'll be at your side whatever you do!"

"Thank you very much my dear brother! I'm moved by your words :)"

"Oh, just forget it!"




You:Hi,Kobe!Congratulations on winning the game of the LAL to OKC.It is beautiful.

Kobe:Thank you!I think so.This is the sixth victory of our team. I really enjoy this game.

You:Well,can I ask you some questions?


You:Although you won, but it's also a narrow victory of 113-110, where do you think you still need to improve? Such as?

Kobe:Yes.I thinkI think our team has a lot of problems.Rival attack, our team getting too late, or interior defense is not tight, however our offense, seems a bit "in the coarse fine"。And another problem is the average age of our team slants big, make our team strength is groaning.

You:Your first game, I remember is it is against the chinese team, was not easy because they are at home, your expectations?

Kobe :Yeah, I expected to be the environment for us is special. i think we have no experience. such a game of the environment. the atmosphere would be very eager, but someone must go to the host country. we turn, we are very exciting, this is a very good opportunity to the stage show.

You : Have you heard that yao ming said about the first game.

Kobe:Haven't heard bryant.

You : He said that if the chinese team won the United States, he will retire.

Kobe : Oh.

You :Because of this is the climax of his career, do you think he have a chance?

Kobe : Opportunities is certainly yes. but i thought i heard him say that chinese fans will not be willing to see his retirement, who was willing to retire.

You: So you have to win.

Kobe: Therefore be clearly china, don't let him to have retired.



After losing a university alliance competition, the prestigious thorough collapse, basketball Confucian code Luo Yi· Maccormick (Martin · Lawrence) is facing the crisis of confidence. At the same time, the Luo Iraq always violent temper also lets the human feel urgently the headache, the alliance requests him to express obeys and submits only then lets him wield the team, refuses to accept Luo Yi has to wait for that the court adjudicates. Luo Yi waits till the ruling result is one from the high school team " the smelter " illegible facsimile. This time was one's turn his this coach to degrade, the duty teaches the high school team which lost steadily. Although the Luo Iraq myself do not prefer, but he knew that this time only may succeed, cannot be defeated, because succeeds can help him to save a face, returns the original position. but when the Luo Iraq starts truly teaches this troop time, he only then knew that originally initially his tentative plan was naive and the simplicity how. Taught to be used to university specialized team's him to discover that these high-school students as if did not have what concept to the basketball, they basically have not mastered how many motor skills, was also knows nothing about to basketball's elementary theory knowledge, was the hooligan family background completely. His first hall class hour looks that the children lose 109 points, moreover as if this is not worst. Luo Yizhi can start from the most basic thing to teach, excellent, snatches the rebound, to leak the ball, shooting, he as if takes to this team many charms, the smelter team also more hits under his leadership more is suitable, but Luo Yi also in these child's process realized in professor the basketball has taken to the joy which his that kind has not seen you for a long time. background material the movie not fabricates Coach Luo Yi this kind of irritable character, in fact, Martin · Lawrence acts this temperament stubborn rude chief instructor also has the prototype in the US. This basketball training's prototype is in American widely known Bob · Knight (Bobby Knight), he becomes famous is not because he is a good training, is not because he led the team in his professional profession to win more than 800 competitions, 3 NCAA champions, 9 BIG TEN champion and 4 year coach of the year, even was not because of that in 1984 Olympic Games' gold medal, but because he became famous the bad temperament, was arbitrary, testiness, even some violence tendency, regardless of outside the court in the court, compared Hollywood's Xien · Pan's reputation to be possible mostly.






影片并不是凭空捏造出罗伊教练这样一个火爆人物,事实上,马丁·劳伦斯扮演的这位脾气桀骜不逊的教头在美国也是有原型的。这位篮球教练的原型就是在美国家喻户晓的鲍比·奈特(Bobby Knight),他出名并不是因为他是一个好教练,不是因为在他的职业生涯中他带领球队赢得了800多场比赛,3次NCAA冠军,9次BIG TEN冠军和4次年度最佳教练,甚至不是因为那块1984年奥运会的金牌,而是因为他出了名的坏脾气,蛮横、易怒,甚至有些暴力倾向,无论是在法庭外还是法庭内,比好莱坞的西恩·潘的名声可大多了。

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