大学英语新视野 新视野大学英语1(第二版)读写教程答案 1-4单元的


大学英语新视野 新视野大学英语1(第二版)读写教程答案 1-4单元的


新视野大学英语(第二版)第1册Unit 4答案



1. conscious 2. depressed 3. ranges 4. impressed 5. encounter

6. introduction 7. match 8. physical 9. relaxed 10.contact


1. are committed to 2. takes…seriously 3. was absorbed in 4. focus on 5. made up his mind 6. driving me crazy 7. ranging from… to 8. at her best 9. Lighten up 10.kept her eyes on


1.C 2.M 3.F 4.I 5. E 6.B 7. H 8.J 9.A 10.K

Sentence Structure


1. It rained for two weeks on end completely flooding the village.

2. Not wanting to meet John at the party, she refused to attend it.

3. The bus arrived one hour late, causing me to miss the beginning of the game.

4. The marine sat thee in the dimly lit ward, holding the old man’s hand and offering words of hope and strength.

5. Realizing he was too sick to tell whether or not I was his son, I guessed he really needed me.


1. I was so excited about going traveling (that) I couldn’t sleep.

2. The chairman became so angry with his secretary (that) he decided to fire him.

3. She speaks English so well (that) you would think it was he native language.

4. He was so frightened (that) he broke eye contact and looked out the window.

5. His presentation was so interesting (that) everyone listened very carefully.



1. she was so absorbed in reading the book that she was not conscious of someone coming in.

2. He was late for almost an hour for the first meeting, leaving a bad impression on everyone.

3. Consciously or unconsciously, we make up our minds about people through their eyes, faces, bodies, and attitudes.

4. Professor Zhou was committed to the cause of language teaching all his life.

5. Many how-to books advise you that if you want to make a good impression, the trick is to be consistently you, at your best.

6. The media sometimes sends mixed messages, but most people believe what they see over what they hear.


1. 史密斯教授关于形体语言的讲座非常重要,所有的学生都认真地对待这次讲座。

2. 董事长意识到这不是好的过错,对好笑了笑来缓和气氛。

3. 她大怒,把我的杯子摔在地上,摔得粉碎。

4. 观察他的形体语言,你可以判断出他是在跟你说实话还是仅仅找个借口敷衍你。

5. 不管人们对你说些什么,记住“观其行胜于闻其言”。

6. 肢体动作是表达感情的无意识形式,能向观众传递某种信息。



1.C 2.C 3.B 4.A 5.C 6.B 7.C 8.A 9.C 10.C

11.B 12.B 13.A 14.C 15.A 16.B 17.C 18.A 19.A 20.B

Structured Writing


Body language is important in many cases: trying to win an election, addressing a family party, talking business at a conference, or giving a seminar at school.

Reading Skills


1. Besides speech, people use other forms to communicate.

2. We communicate a great deal with our body movements.

3. The clothes you wear also communicate many things.

4. Small ornaments you wear communicate many things, too.

5. A wealth of information from body language makes snap judgments seem sound.

Comprehension of the Text


1.D 2.C 3.C 4.A 5.B 6.B 7.A 8.D



1. status 2. sign 3. resented 4. promoted 5. assuming

6. estimate 7. campaign 8. judgment 9. acquainted 10. norms


1. account for 2. in part 3. is content with 4. feel at home 5. lack of

6. in relation to 7. become acquainted with 8. pick up 9. find out 10. a wealth of

新视野大学英语(第二版)第1册Unit 5答案



1. immune 2. acquire 3. constitutes 4. define 5. infected, infect

6. illustrates 7. emerge 8. emphasize 9. represents 10. threatened


1. regardless of 2. at risk 3. handing out 4. distracts…from 5. sign up for

6. be infected with 7. guard against 8. feel comfortable with/about 9. in place of

10. suffering from

V. 1.L 2.G 3.I 4.J 5.M 6.D 7.O 8.A 9.C 10.F



1. the way he teaches English

2. whom I was expecting to stay with

3. which was lost in the department store yesterday

4. where Mary and I spent our childhood

5. which the whole family considered a great honor


1. Despite his illness

2. Despite a lot of difficulties

3. despite his old age

4. despite the bad weather

5. despite his hard work



1. I hope that the effort that we’ve made will be of some use to the battle against AIDS.

2. Despite all the efforts form the local organizations in the battle against AIDS, the number of people in rural areas diagnosed with AIDS has been increasing.

3. Please turn off the TV, because the noise will distract her from her homework.

4. It was a long time before the company implemented the program to improve the quality of its goods because of lack of money and necessary equipment.

5. You’d better learn something about the course before signing up for it.

6. The policy is playing a more and more important role in promoting the development of local economy.



2. 有人说我们许多人饮食太糟,缺乏维他命和矿物质,因而我们的身心都受到损害。

3. 生物医学研究将会使很多艾滋病病毒感染者延长寿命,生活少些痛苦。

4. 中央政府已经发布了一项五年行动计划,旨在鼓励社会各部门都参与艾滋病的防治。

5. 一个人感染了艾滋病毒,其症状一般要6到10年后才会表现出来。

6. 许多年来,人们眼睁睁看着艾滋病泛滥成灾,争论着有效的艾滋病防治措施在贫穷国家究竟是否适用。



1.C 2.C 3.A 4.B 5.C 6.A 7.B 8.C 9.B 10.B

11.A 12.C 13.A 14.C 15.C

Structured Writing


Build more tall apartment buildings. The increase in population in cities is creating a housing problem. To solve the problem, one-family houses and older ones are being pulled down to make room for tall apartment buildings. When building space on the ground is used up, we can make use of the space in the air. This will help solve the housing problem in cities.

Section B

Reading Skills


1. 1) I hurt myself when diving

2) I hit my head on the board

2. 1) I was very worried about something serious.

2) I was very worried that my wound had left blood in the pool.

3. 1) There was something more significant that winning.

2) I was very worried that I might infect other divers with AIDS as I spilled my blood in the pool.

Comprehension of the Text

II. 1.D 2.D 3.B 4.C 5.C 6.B 7.D 8.D



1. assist 2. bleeding 3.competing 4. confident 5. explored 6. commenced

7. intense 8. adopted 9. spill 10. confused


1. Prior of →Prior to 2. confident with →confident of/in 3. by haste →in haste 4. find about→ find out 5. assist his wife on →assist his wife with 6. with fear→for fear 7. competed with each other with → competed with each other for 8. thrust his knife to → thrust his knife into 9. have a shot in → have a shot at 10. starts at → starts with

新视野大学英语1(第二版)读写教程答案 1-4单元的

新视野大学英语第二版读写教程第一册答案 新视野大学英语( 新视野大学英语(第 2 版)第 1 册

Unit 1 答案 III.

1. rewarding

2. communicate

3. access

4. embarrassing

5. positive

6. commitment

7. virtual

8. benefits

9. minimum

10. opportunities


1. up

2. into

3. from

4. with

5. to

6. up

7. of

8. in

9. for



1.G 2.B 3.E 4.I 5.H 6.K 7.M 8.O 9.F 10.C

Sentence Structure VI.

1. Universities in the east are better equipped, while those in the west are relatively poor.

2. Allan Clark kept talking the price up, while Wilkinson kept knocking it down.

3. The husband spent all his money drinking, while his wife saved all hers for the family.

4. Some guests spoke pleasantly and behaved politely, while others wee insulting and impolite.

5. Outwardly Sara was friendly towards all those concerned, while inwardly she was angry.

VII. 1. Not only did Mr. Smith learn the Chinese language, but he also bridged the gap between his culture and ours.

2. Not only did we learn the technology through the online course, but we also learned to communicate with friends in English.

3. Not only did we lose all our money, but we also came close to losing our lives.

4. Not only do the workers want a pay increase, but they also want reduced working hours.

5. Not only is the house expensive, but it is also too far away from my company. Translation VIII. 1. Not only can students choose when and where to learn for an online course, but they can also take time to think through answers before making a reply.

2. She is excited by the idea of online learning while be considers it meaningless and useless.

3. Communicating with native English speakers is a very rewarding experience from which we can learn a lot.

4. Today, more and more people have access to the Internet through which they look for the information they need.

5. He wants her to give up working and stay home to look after the children. She feels, however, that this is too much for her.

6. Now that we have finished the course, we shall start doing more revision work. IX.

1. 我永远都不会忘记那位老师,是他告诉我学外语是有趣的、有价值的。如果没有他,我的英语说得不会 像现在这样好。

2 没有任何其他语言能像英语那样让你感受到多姿多彩的世界文化。有了过硬的英语知识,你就可以体验 奇妙的文化之旅。

3. 写作不仅仅要写老师布置的话题,而且要写自己感兴趣的东西,例如,给朋友写电子邮件。

4. 远程教学课程是指授课者与学生通过计算机通信技术进行交流的课程。

5. 英语不但是世界上最有用的语言,也是世界上最易学、易用的语言之一。 6 远程教学课程在时间安排上给予学生更多的自由, 但与其他课程比, 这些课程要求学生有更强的自律能力。

Cloze 1. B 2.A 3.B 4.B 5.C 6,C 7.B 8.A 9.a 10.B 11.A 12.A 13.B 14.A 15.B

Structured Writing XII. I am proud to say that I succeeded in learning a foreign language. It was a real challenge and, needless to say, it took a lot of practice. I carried a small dictionary with me everywhere I went as well as a notebook in which I listed new words I came across. I also managed my time carefully so that I met the standards of the course and finished assignments on time. After years of persistence, I reaped the benefits of all my hard work.

Section B Reading Skills 1. 1.C 2.B 3.D 4. A 5. B

Comprehension of the Text II. 1.C 2.A 3.B 4.C 5.D 6.B 7.C 8.D

Vocabulary 1. community 2. effective 3. unique 4. committed 5. reinforce 6. perspective 7. explicit 8. challenge 9. hindered 10. arose

IV. 1. for 2. with 3. on 4. on 5. on 6. of 7. in 8. up 9. of 10.In



Unit 1


1 beneath 2 disguised 3 whistles 4 restrain 5 grasp 6 longing 7 praying 8 faithful 9 pledge 10 drain


1 tell …on you 2 track down 3 work it out 4 picking on me 5 reckoned with

6 call on 7 on his own 8 get through 9 in disguise 10 revolves around V



1 advise 2 level 3 problems 4 necessity 5 skills 6 experience 7 solution 8 value 9 tool 10 manner


1 air-conditioned(装空调的;有冷气的) 2 handmade(手工制作的) 3 thunderstruck(非常吃惊的) 4 heartfelt(衷心的;诚挚的) 5 data-based(基于数据的) 6 self-employed(自主经营的) 7 custom-built(定制的;定做的) 8 weather-beaten(饱经风霜的)


1. well-informed(对„„非常熟悉的) 2 new-found(新获得的) 3 hard-earned(辛苦挣得的) 4 soft-spoken(说话温柔的) 5 newly-married(新婚的)6 widely-held(普遍认为的) 7 well-meant(出于好意的) 8 well-educated(受过良好教育的)


1 no matter how different it may seem form any other substance 2 no matter what a woman tries to do to improve her situation

3 no matter what excuse he gives

4 no matter what anyone else may think

5 no matter how they rewrite history




Section A. Legal and Moral Implications of Cloning

《读写教程Ⅲ》: Ex. Ⅱ, p. 221

1. The world was amazed by the news at first, then worried about and puzzled over a long list of wild possibilities.

2. One of the situations is that parents want to clone a child who can serve either as a transplant donor or as a substitute for the original. The second is that adults want to clone themselves for a variety of reasons.

3. Because clones are only physically identical while twins share the same environment within the mother and are usually raised in the same family.

4. The only possible major difference is bearing children, as scientists are not sure if Dolly will be able to have lambs.

5. Because cloning would increase the chances for a tissue match from 25 percent to nearly 100 percent.

6. If technology was improved, this could be realized.

7. It might be proper to refer to them as “Most honored sir or madam”.

8. The creation of a new and disrespected social class: the clones.

《读写教程 Ⅲ》: Ex. Ⅲ, p. 221

1. implication

2. resembles

3. breed

4. prohibits

5. draft

6. confusion

7. deliberate

8. debate

《读写教程 Ⅲ》: Ex. Ⅳ, p.222

1. within reach of

2. in the wake of

3. in terms of

4. get around

5. regardless of

6. refers to; refers to

7. comparable to

8. in the first place

《读写教程 Ⅲ》: Ex. V, p. 222

1. wonderful

2. great

3. peaceful

4. attractive

5. pleasant

6. unique

7. similar

8. creative

《读写教程 Ⅲ》: Ex. Ⅵ, p.223

1. transposition

2. transatlantic

3. transmigrants

4. transformed

5. transnational

6. transoceanic

7. transshipped

8. transported

《读写教程 Ⅲ》: Ex. Ⅶ, p. 223

1. non-existent

2. nonstop

3. non-art

4. non-college

5. nonproductive

6. nonprofit

7. nonfiction

8. nonviolent

《读写教程 Ⅲ》: Ex. VIII, p. 224

1. What if I say no

2. What if they don’t know

3. What if we can’t finish it on time

4. What if this happened to us someday

5. What if he has lied to us

《读写教程 Ⅲ》: Ex. Ⅸ, p. 224

1. The Bosnian peace-talks are resuming in Geneva today with the new proposals at the top of the agenda.

2. All of Southern Africa is suffering from a severe drought with Mozambique and Zimbabwe among the worse-hit countries.

3. The Europe Summit in Paris is drawing to an end with USA in danger of being completely isolated.

4. With the King in prison, the chief commander came to power and ruled the country.

5. With democracy itself under threat, the reforms deserve all the support they can get.

《读写教程 Ⅲ》: Ex. Ⅹ, p. 225

1. In some western countries there are parents who are ready to clone children with nonfatal transplants in mind.

2. The book on cloning she asked for was not within my reach, so I referred her to the school library.

3. For Mary’s sake, I can lend you my car to get around your transport problem.

4. In the first place the couple didn’t want to clone a child, and in the second place they couldn’t afford to.

5. In theory it’s possible to clone a child to harvest organs, but in practice it would be psychologically harmful to the child.

6. He published an article under the name of “Braver” which stresses the idea that the process of cloning animals would work for humans as well.

7. As the author of this article warns us, human cloning might be something that makes men sadder than happier.

8. To some people, the question to clone or not to clone, in a sense, could be comparable to the question to be or not to be.

Section B. Who Will Take Advantage of Human Cloning

XVI. Read the following statements carefully, and decide whether they are true (T) or false (F) according to the text.

1. F 2. F 3. T 4.F 5. T 6. F 7. T 8. T

《读写教程 Ⅲ》: Ex. XVII, p. 236

1. resigned

2. consent

3. resumed

4. panic

5. prefaced

6. constituting

7. reflection

8. queue

《读写教程 III》: Ex. XVIII, p. 236

1. She came up with a new idea for increasing sales.

2. It makes sense to buy the most up-to-date version.

3. If the day turns out wet, we may have to change our plans.

4. She decided on reflection to accept his offer after all.

5. For the sake of the exhibition we should try our best to collect more famous paintings.

6. We reserved two tickets in the name of Brown.

7. We had to resign ourselves to making a loss on the sale.

8. They disposed of the dictator during the revolution


新视野大学英语(第二版)第2册Unit 1答案 X. 1.她连水都不愿喝一口,更别提留下来吃饭了。 1.She wouldn't take a drink, much less could she stay for dinner. 2.他认为我在对他说谎,但实际上我讲的是实话。 2.He thought I was lying to him, whereas I was telling the truth. 3.这个星期你每天都迟到,对此你怎么解释? 3.How do you account for the fact that you have been late every day this week? 4.他们利润增长的部分原因是采用了新的市场策略。 4.The increase in their profits is due partly to their new market strategy. 5.这样的措施很可能会带来工作效率的提高。 5.Such measures are likely to result in the improvement of work efficiency. 6.我们已经在这个项目上投入了大量的时间和精力,所以我们只能继续。 6.We have already poured a lot of time and energy into the project, so we have to carry on. XI. 1.Idon’t think that he would commit robbery, much less would he commit violent robbery. 1.我认为他不会抢劫, 更不用说暴力抢劫了. 2.Men earn ten dollars an hour on average, whereas women only seven dollars. 2.男工平均工资每小时10美元, 而女工才每小时7美元. 3.Once the balance in nature is disturbed,it will result in a number of possible unforeseeable effects. 3.自然界的平衡一旦遭到破坏, 就会带来很多不可预知的影响. 4.The final examination is close at hand;you'd better spend more time reading. 4.期终考试迫在眉睫, 你最好多花点时间看书. 5.What is interesting is that consumers find it increasingly difficult to identify the nationality of certain brands,This is due partly to globalization and partly to changes in the location of production. 5.有趣的是, 消费者发现越来越难以辨别某些品牌的原产国.其部分原因来自于全球化带来的影响, 部分原因是由于产地的变化. 6.A recent Survey Showed that women account for 4o percent of the total Workforce. 6.最近一次调查表明, 妇女占总劳动力的4o%. 新视野大学英语(第二版)第2册Unit2答案 X. 1.尽管她是家里的独生女,她父母也从不溺爱她。 1.Despite the fact that she is the only child in her family, she is never babied by her parents. 2.迈克没来参加昨晚的聚会,也没给我打电话作任何解释。 2.Mike didn't come to the party last night, nor did he call me to give an explanation. 3.坐在他旁边的那个人确实发表过一些小说,但决不是什么大作家。 3.The person sitting next to him did publish some novels, but he is by no means a great writer. 4.他对足球不感兴趣,也从不关心谁输谁赢。 4.He has no interest in football and is indifferent to who wins to loses. 5.经理需要一个可以信赖的助手,在他外出时,由助手负责处理问题。 5.The manager needs an assistant that he can count on to take care of problems in his absence. 6.这是他第一次当着那么多观众演讲。 6.This is the first time that he has made a speech in the presence of so large an audience. XI.

XI. 1.They persisted in carrying out the project despite the fact that it had proved unworkable at the very beginning. 1.尽管那项计划一开始就证明是不切实际的, 但是他们还是坚持要实施. 2.I could not persuade him to accept the plan, nor could l make him see its importance. 2.我无法说服他接受这项计划, 也无法使他认识到这项计划的重要性. 3.How did you manage to pack so many things into such a small suitcase? 3.你是怎么把那么多东西塞进这个小行李箱的? 4.He is completely indifferent to what others think of him. 4.别人对他怎么看, 他全不在意. 5.May I point out that you have made a small mistake? 5.我能否指出你犯了个小错误. 6.His mother asked him to drive slowly,but he never took any notice of her words. 6.他母亲让他开车慢一点儿, 但是他从不把她的话放在心上. 新视野大学英语(第二版)第2册Unit3答案 X. 1.你再怎么有经验,也得学习新技术。 1.You are never too experienced to learn new techniques. 2.还存在一个问题,那就是派谁去带领那里的研究工作。 2.There remains one problem, namely,who should be sent to head the research there. 3.由于文化的不同,他们的关系在开始确实遇到了一些困难。 3.Their relationship did meet with some difficulty at the beginning because of cultural differences. 4.虽然他历经沉浮,但我始终相信他总有一天会成功的。 4.Though he has had ups and downs, I believed all along that he would succeed someday. 5.我对你的说法的真实性有些保留看法。 5.I have some reservations about the truth of your claim. 6.她长得并不特别高,但是她身材瘦,给人一种个子高的错觉。 6.She isn't particularly tall, but her slim figure gives an illusion of height. XI. 1.A person is never too young to receive the clear message that the law is to be taken seriously. 1.应尽早告知年轻人:必须认真对待法律. 2.He's now faced with an important decision,a decision that can affect his entire future. 2.他现在面临一个重要决定, 这个决定可能会影响他的整个前程. 3.You must be calm and confident even when things are at their worst. 3.即使在情况最糟糕的时候, 你也必须保持镇静和信心. 4.The Success Of a relationship has a lot to do with how compatible two people are and how well they communicate. 4.人际关系的成功与否与双方相处是否融洽以及交流是否顺畅有很大关系. 5.He was attacked and sustained severe injuries from which he subsequently died. 5.他受到袭击, 身受重伤, 随后不治而亡. 6.He behaved,at least on the surface,like a normal person, 6.他的举止至少在表面上像个正常人。

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