求一篇 网络课程的利与弊 的英语作文。考试要用。谢谢120个单词

with the development, the internet has become a very common thing. both adults and children, as long as the mention computers, would think of the internet. however, the internet is a double-edged sword, there are advantages and disadvantages.

    i found that some children in internet cafes or at home, mainly to play games, some students used to play all night, so not only bad for your health but also delayed the study. i learned from television news a true story: a student obsessed with playing online games, one day, he told parents at home doing their homework to students may be home late. at ten pm he gave the parents called and said that he was too sleepy to sleep in the students home, and the telephone number to the parents. the next morning, the parents do not trust to dial the phone, answered the phone said there is a cafe, said: "yesterday, there was a student here, the internet, has been playing into the night, then stay out here." parents immediately catch the past, saw the child being a couch snoring natural cafes to sleep, really angry, and heartache. you see, he hurt his own body, but also affect learning, but also lie, so that parents worry about, can be really bad. so, some people think that the students lack self-control, does not allow internet access.

    however, there are a lot of people in favor of the internet, why? because the internet can provide a lot of help. first, the internet as if into a universal and pleasure of the library, just type a short entry, i want to find information will immediately appear in front of us, faster than access to books, a greater amount of information received, the network into essential for learning my little helper. i have served as propaganda in the class members, in the office blackboard newspaper and organization of activities in classes, we often check the internet, the network has become indispensable to my work little helper. second, the internet can read more extensive information, the statistics of one of my classmates, the news online every day on television news more than a few times. in addition, the internet also has other functions, one of my friends told me that her father in korea, she send a letter to the father or the long-distance calls and costly trouble. they always use qq letter or on the internet on the phone, but also quick and convenient. see them, how can we not do that online?






Nowadays more and more schools and students focus on online education. Of course, online education is shaping up as the hottest issue.

As we all know, everything has two sides. On the one hand,online education not only can save time so that we can do more other things, but also can be convenient for our daily life and study. Moreover, after class we can find the videos which we did not understand and then study again. On the other hand, online education will increase in the face of the computer time which will be harmful to our health, especially it will lend to vision loss. Online education will reduce between students and teachers and students exchanges. Besides, it will make students become lazy more and more. Most of all, online education is short of the learning atmosphere.

In my opinion, I prefer online education because it can help us save a lot of time to solve our other things. We should reduce the face of the computer time to maintain our health. Above all, it is convenient for our study indeed. So I support online education.







Along with the time development, accessing the net already turned the extremely universal matter. No matter is adult or the child, so long as mentioning the computer, all think of internet. But, accessing the internet is advantageous ,but also has shortcoming.

I knew very many people access the net, mainly is for playing games, which is very bad for the study. Therefore, some people believed, the elementary and middle school students lack the self-control.

But,there are many people approving to accessing internet, why? Because internet can provide to the people very helps. First, the network looks like a library, we can look up very many materials easily,and it is quicker than the speed of consulting books; Next, we may read a richer news on-line; In addition, accessing the net also has other functions, for example, E-mail, telephoning on the net and so on.

Actually, accessing the net has its profit and the shortcoming place. We use it to open to expand the field of vision, the study knowledge, but must certainly grasp the discretion.


随着网络的不断发展,传统的学习模式势必受到冲击,各种新的学习模式如潮水般涌现,其中最具有冲击力的便是在线学习(online learning)。这种全新的学习方式以其轻松便捷,资源丰富等优势而备受青睐。

With the constant development of Internet, traditional patterns of learning must be impacted. There appear many new mode of learning, and Online learning is most popular for its convenience and resourcefulness.


According to a China Youth Daily survey of 12,000 young people last September, more than 81 percent spend their spare time on the Internet, and 22 percent want to get something.


“It's not only a way to gain knowledge to improve yourself, but also a way to slow down your pace of life,” explained Zhou Yunqing, a Wuhan University sociologist. “You have a wider platform from which to learn, with more freedom to decide when and what to learn.”


Compared with the traditional classroom, it seems a shortcut to knowledge. 但是它也有自己的弊端,最明显的,没有面对面交流学习效果难保证, 而且未成年人心智发展不成熟,注意力不集中,必须有家长监督,While, it also has disadvantages, the most obvious is that, the efficiency will not be ensured without communication of face to face. And also, young people are not so mature as adults, it is very easy to be lack of concentration, thus their parents have to supervise them when they study.

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