初中英语新课标常考题 新课标初中英语词汇


初中英语新课标常考题 新课标初中英语词汇


就是这个了 我可找了好半天啊



I. 句子理解(Sentences)


II. 问句应答(Responses)

6-10 DBCCA

III. 对话理解(Dialogues)

A) 11-15 BDDAC

B) 16-20 BDDCB

IV. 短文理解(Passages)

A) 21-25 DBACC

B) 26. 7:30 am 27. a small bag 28. a notebook 29. Knellsmere Hotel 30. a gym


I. 选择填空(Multiple-choice)

31-35 DBACC 36-40 CABAD 41-45 BDADB 46-50 ADBCA

II. 阅读理解(Reading comprehension)

A) 51-55 BDADC

B) 56. popular 57. six 58. serious 59. disabled 60. medals

61. 他们跟我们做同样的事情,但方式不同。

62. 这对他们的腿没有好处,所以他们必须每天锻炼半个小时。

63. Because gravity holds it / the food down.

64. A sleeping bag.

65. By radio.

66. King Henry VIII.

67. £5.50.

68. The Jane Austen Gardens (in Lyme Regis). / Lyme Regis.

69. the Pilot Boat

70. Because there is no parking place. / Because parking is impossible. / Because there is nowhere to park.

III. 完形填空(Cloze)

A) 71. sailors 72. few 73. by the sight of 74. suddenly 75. their 76. older 77. anything 78. however 79. ages 80. In fact

B) 81. disappeared 82. thought / was thinking 83. had gone 84. found 85. were 86. breaking 87. recovering 88. to write 89. spend 90. to watch

IV. 句式转换(Sentence pattern transformation)

91. made a decision 92. To our surprise 93. have been, for 94. stayed, rained heavily 95. how to play

V. 翻译(Translation)

96. Mr Green is not only a good teacher but also a great writer.

97. It's better for you to / You'd better keep your voice down in public places.

98. She was so kind to her students that they all regarded her as their mother.

99. English is used widely as a foreign language in many other countries in the world.

100. If you don't know how to work out the maths problem, you can get help from Li Lei.

VI. 智力测试(IQ)

101. Myself。(myself(我自己)既不是my sister,又不是my brother,但却是my father and mother's child。)


103. K。(Start at the bottom left square and travel up and down columns to read "snakes and rabbits".)

104. 378。(42 × 9 = 378。)

105. angry

VII. 写作(Writing)

A) One possible version:

Dear Caroline,

I'm so glad to hear from you and learn I'm a winner in the competition. I've decided to go to New York with my best friend on December 28th. Since this is the first time for us to go to New York, we hope that someone can meet us at the airport. And could you please tell us which hotel we will stay in while we are there? If possible, we'd like to have a guide to show us around the city.

We also hope that we can have some Chinese food at times.

Best wishes!

Li Lei

B) One possible version:

Most of us do not realize the importance of doing exercise. Without a healthy body, we cannot study or do anything well. In my opinion, students should exercise much more. Doing more exercise will make us healthier and more energetic. It will also help to reduce stress, which will help us study better. A good student should have a strong body as well as high marks, so I think it is important and necessary for us to exercise every day. I hope that everyone does more exercise from today on. Then we can all get good marks.

一、 评分原则:

1. 本题总分为: A) 10分; B)15分。按四个档次给分。

2. 评分时,先根据文章的内容和语言初步确定其所属档次,然后以该档次的要求来衡量,确定或调整本档次,最后给分。

3. 作文词数少于或多于所规定词数20词的, 从总分中减去2分。

4. 如书写较差,以致影响交流,将分数降低一个档次。

二、 各档次的给分范围和要求:

第四档(很好):A) 9-10分; B) 13-15分


第三档(好):A) 6-8分; B) 9-12分


第二档(一般):A) 4-5分; B) 5-8分


第一档(差):A) 1-3分; B) 1-4分






1. It is _______ outside. Let's put on our raincoats and go out, Tom.

A. cold B. hot C. sunny D. rainy

【解析】此题易误为A。因为这里有个put on短语,如果不注意raincoats这个词那就很可能草率地选择A。raincoats是"雨衣"的意思,而不是一般的衣服,那么不是因为外面"冷",而是因为"下雨"才穿"雨衣"。正确答案为D。

2. -_______ do you _______ about spring?

-The flowers and the green trees.

A. How, like B. How, think C. What, think D. What, like

【解析】此题陷阱选项为A或B或C。这是由于忽略语境造成的。由答语The flowers and the green trees. 可知,所问的是"你喜欢春天的什么?"而不是"你觉得春天怎么样?"。正确答案为D。

3. -What's your sister like?


A. She is a worker B. She likes pears

C. She is very thin D. She is like her father

【解析】此题陷阱选项为B或D。有很多考生一看题干中的like一词就会想当然地选择B或D。其实,问句的意思是"你姐姐长得怎么样?"因此,正确答案为C。What's … like? 这个句型常常用来询问某人的长相或某事的情况(包括天气情况)。

4. -It's too hot. Would you mind _______ the door?

-_______. Please do it now.

A. to open, OK B. opening, Certainly not

C. opening, Of course D. to open, Good idea

【解析】此题陷阱选项为A。一方面是由于不了解mind的用法,另一方面的由于忽略造成的。mind后面接动词时要用其ing形式。由答语中的Please do it now. 可知"不介意"。正确答案为B。

5. -If you have any trouble, be sure to call me.


A. I am glad to hear that B. I will. thank you very much.

C. I have no trouble D. I will think it over



1. We should keep _______ in the reading-room.

A. quite B. quietly

C. quiet D.quickly


2. The light in the room wasn't _______for me to read.

A. enough bright B. brightly enough

C. enough brightly D. bright enough

【解析】此题容易误选A或B。选A的人是受的汉语思维的影响,enough bright翻译过来正好是"足够明亮"的意思,其实这并不符合英语的习惯,在英语中当enough修饰形容词或副词时一定要后置;选B的人没有注意所缺的成分是表语,作表语时应该用形容词而不用副词。正确答案为D。

3. She is _______of the two.

A. the cleverest B. the cleverer

C. the clever D. cleverest


4. -How far is the factory from here?

-It's about 4 kilometres _______.

A. far B. long

C. away D. near

【解析】此题容易误选A。这是由于受到汉语思维的影响,因为译成汉语正好是"大约4公里远"。其实,问距离时可以用How far is …. ?,但是far不能与表示具体的距离连用,此时应该用away。因此,正确答案为C。

5. -Do you have enough men to carry these chairs?

-No. I think we need _______ men.

A. another B. other two

C. more two D. two more

【解析】此题容易误选A或B或C。选A的同学是由于草率做题造成的,因为这里空格后面是个复数名词,而不是单数可数名词,因此不能选A。选B或C的同学是由于汉语思维的影响引起的,汉语中说"另外两个",但是英语中要说other two或two more,这与汉语的习惯不一样。正确答案为D。


If you give us another twenty minutes (= twenty more minutes), we will finish the work. 如果你再给我们二十分钟,我们就可以完成这项工作。

6. He is taller than _______ girl in his class.

A. any B. other

C. any other D. another

【解析】此题容易误选C。这是由于思维定势引起的。平时大家都熟悉这样的句子China is larger than any other country in Asia. Shanghai is larger than any other city in China. 于是than any other这个结构在同学们的头脑中已经根根深蒂固了。其实,到底要不要other, 关键是看主语是否也在比较的范围之内;如果在范围之内,就必须用other, 以此来避免与自身进行比较;如果不在范围之内,则不能用other, 因为没有必要把自身排除。这里主语he不属于girl in his class之列,不能用other, 因此正确为A。

7. How beautifully she sings! I have never heard _______ voice.

A. the best B. a best

C. the better D. a better

【解析】此题容易误选A。这是由于思维定势引起的,许多同学认为最高级前加了定冠词the肯定没错。其实,这是一个暗含比较级,它省略了一些我们很清楚的东西,句子的完整形式应为:I have never heard a better voice than her voice. 因此正确答案为D。


1. _______ fathers made them have piano lessons.

A. Peter and Ann's B. Peter's and Ann's

C. Peter's and Ann D. Peter and Ann

【解析】此题容易误选A或C。错误的原因是由于受思维定势的影响。平时考生们做多了"This is Lucy and Lily's bedroom. "这样的题,那么一看到这样的题就想到只是在后面一个单词后面用所有格。其实,到底用一个所有格,还是用两个所有格,取决于它们所修饰的名词:如果所修饰的名词是单数可数名词,就只在后面一个名词后面用所有格;如果所修饰的名词是复数可数名词,就两个名词都用所有格。正确答案为B。

2. There are a lot _______ people today than yesterday.

A. of B. / C. most D. more

【解析】此题容易误选A。有不少考生因受" a lot of +名词"这一思维定势的影响,一看到a lot,就选择了A。其实,该句中的a lot是用来修饰形容词的比较级more的,than引导的是比较状语从句。正确答案为D。

3. "Excuse me, are you _______? "

"No, we are _______. "

A. American, Englishman B. American, Germans

C. American, Germen D. Englishman, Americans

【解析】先从词性来看,American 和 German 既可以用作名词也可以用作形容词,用作名词时,其复数形式分别为Americans 和 Germans;选项中的Englishman只能用作名词,其复数形式是Englishmen。

先看第一空:如果单从Excuse me, are you _______?来看,要是填Englishman,就应该在其前加不定冠词,即说成Excuse me, are you an Englishman? 但是,根据答语中的 we are…可知,问句中的you 其实是指"你",而是指"你们",所以如果用Englishman,就应换成 Englishmen 才对。由此可排除选项D。

再看第二空:由于German的复数是Germans,不是Germen,由此可确定C错误;再根据we are…可知,其后若用名词Englishman,必须要用复数Englishmen,而不能是单数,所以排除A。



1. A spaceship flies at about eleven kilometers _______ second.

A. / B. the C. a D. an


2. _______ India and China are of _______ same continent.

A. /; the B. The ; the C. /; / D. /; a

【解析】此题容易误选D。这是由于受汉语思维的影响造成的,因为译成汉语时这句话的意思是"印度和中国在同一个大洲",汉语里说"同一个",在英语中要说"the same",这就是此题的陷阱所在。正确答案为A。




-You're very ______, aren't you? -Yes. Our team has won the game.

A. happy B. worried C. sad D. afraid

解答此题时你若只看问句,填任何一个答案都是正确的,当看到答句中的has won the match才知道只有答案A正确。




现在完成时由"have / has+过去分词"构成。其中的have / has 为助动词,构成疑问句时,可将其提前;构成否定句时,可直接在其后加not。



1. 已完成用法(影响性用法):该用法的现在完成时表示一个过去发生的动作在过去已经完成,并且这个过去发生并完成的动作对现在有影响或结果,同时说话强调的或感兴趣的就是这个影响或结果。如:

She has left. 她离开了。(对现在的影响或结果:她现在不在这儿。)

Has she found her car key? 她找到她的车钥匙了吗?(对现在的影响或结果:她能开她的车了吗?)

I have finished my work. 我的工作做完了。(对现在的影响或结果:现在我没事了。)

He has eaten nothing today. 他今天什么也没吃。(对现在的影响或结果:他现在一定很饿。)

2. 未完成用法(持续性用法):该用法的现在完成时表示一个过去发生的动作并未在过去完成,而是一直持续到现在,并且有可能继续下去(也可能到此结束)。如:

How have you been? 你近来怎样?

She has been a teacher for 20 years. 她已当了20年的老师。

How long have you lived here? 你在这里住了多久了?

They have been married for ten years. 他们结婚已经10年了。

I've known her for a long time. 我认识她很长时间了。


He has always gone to work by bike. 他总是骑自行车上班。

I'll go to bed when I've finished my homework. 我做完作业后就上床睡觉了。


现在完成时通常连用的副词有already, never, ever, just, before, recently等。如:

We have finished our work already. 我们已经完成了工作。

He has never driven a car before. 他过去从未开过车。

Have you ever been a teacher? 你当过教师吗?

She's just been to a party. 她刚参加一个晚会回来。

I've just had some photos taken. 我刚照了几张相。


He just arrived in Japan. 他刚到日本。

Such things didn't happen before. 那样的事以前没有发生过。

I hear that he went abroad recently. 我听说他最近出国了。



I haven't seen her since last week. 自上周以来我一直未见过她

I met him in 1975 and haven't seen him since. 1975年我见过他,但自那以后就一直未见到他。

We have been good friends since we met at school. 自从读书相识以来,我们一直是好朋友。


It's a long time since I met you last. 好久不见了。

It's about six months since we arrived here. 我们到这里大约有半年了。



I've lived here for ten years. 我在这里住了10年。(现在仍住这儿)

I lived here for ten years. 我在这里住过10年。(现在不住这儿了)

Has he got up? 他起来了吗? (着眼现在情况)

Did you get up very early? 你起来很早吗? (着眼动作本身)

I've got no news from him. 我没听到他的消息。(不知道他的情况怎样)

I got the news from Jim. 这消息我是从吉姆那听来的。(单纯谈论动作)

六、掌握have been to 和have gone to的用法区别


She has been to Europe twice. 她到欧洲去过两次。

She has gone to Europe. 她到欧洲去了。(即现在不在这儿)


He has been abroad many times. 他多次出国。

He has gone home. 他回家去了。


1. 注意暗示的语言信息


(1) Is there ______ food in the fridge?I'm hungry.

A. some B. any C. something D. anything

本题是考查不定代词的用法,从题干上可知C、D不作定语,应考虑A、B两个选项,这时就需要领会附加成分I'm hungry. 的含义,它的意思是"我饿了。",言下之意希望冰箱里有食物,即希望肯定回答,故选A。

(2) ______ have you been to Xi'an?

-Twice. (from www.zkenglish.com)

A. How soon B. How m any times

C. How often D. How long


2. 注意思维定势的影响


(1) There are a lot ____ people today than yesterday.

A. of B. most C. / D. more

有的同学一看此题,就会认为选A,因为是固定搭配a lot of。如果我们仔细分析一下题干可知,此句有一连词than引导的比较状语从句,这是个比较结构,排除A、C项,B是最高级应排除,故答案理所当然应选D。本题的考查点应是副词a lot修饰比较级m ore,意为"多得多"。

(2) Shanghai is larger than ____ city in New Zealand.

A. any other B. other C. all other D. any

此题是考查比较级句型,很多考生就容易误选A,因为"比较级+than any other +名词"这一比较模式在学生的思维中已成定式,印象很深。可是新西兰这个国家与上海所在国家(中国)不是同一地理范围,上海不是与本国的城市相比,而是与它国的城市相比,不必排除"自身"这个比较对象。不必加other一词。故本题选D。


1B2C3time, for4Name:Zhang Fang

Address:Hongqi Street,Kuancheng Ditrict,Changchun

Order:bread, cakes, noodles,biscuits and pizz, Cola, beer, juice and purified water

Price:150 yuan

55 He would like a pizza with olive on it.

6 Kate is interested in music.

7 Is Bill at home?

8 The shoes are in the box.

A box is on the table.

The table is next to the bed.



1._____for them ,they found themselves able to watch the football match broadcast _____on time.

A.Happy,live BHappily,live CHappily,lively DHappy,lively 答案:B

2.Two Evening Papers ,please!-----Only one copy left .Would you like to have_____,sir?

A.one B.it C.this D.that 答案: B

3.Travelling by train is_____cheaper and _____enjoyable than by air.

A.more,much more B.quite,much too C.very,very much D.much,far more 答案:D

4.The songs of S.H.E sound _____.Thier CDs sell _____.

A.well,well B.good,well C.well,good D.good,good 答案:B

5.What's the way George thought of _____enough money to buy the house?

A.to get B.getting C.having got D.being got 答案:A

6.-----May I remind you that a Mr Wang is waiting outside ,sir?

------Oh,that's right .I_____about it.

A.forget B.had forgotten C.forgot D.have foerotten 答案:C

7.It's really very dangerous.One more step,_____the baby will fall into the river.

A.or B.and C.so D.but 答案:B

8.-----The Rockets_____the Lake again.

-----They _____the match and _____much experience in the game.

A.won,gained,got B.won,won,got C.beat,won,gained D.beat,gained,won 答案:C

9.Don't worry .There's a train at 11:30 and _____12:50._____train will get you to Oxford in time for the meeting.

A.The,Neither B.The one,Any COne,Both D.One,Either 答案:D

10.-----You don't look so well ,Marry.What's with you?-----Why?_____

A.I'm quite myself B.Fine,thank you C.Ifeel bad D.I'm not myself. 答案:A

11.I don't know if his uncle_____-----I think he_____if it doesn't rain.

A.will come,comes B.will come,will come C.comes,comes D.comes,will come 答案:B

12.The boy _____in the teacher's office was found _____yesterday.

A.standing,smoke B.standing,smoking C.stood,smoke D.stood,smoking 答案:B

13.Travelling by air may be_____,but not so _____

A.quicker,cheaper B.more quickly,cheap C.quicker,cheap D.more quickly,cheaper 答案:C

14.-----You are always full of _____.Can you me the secret?

A.energy B.power C.strength D.force 答案:A

15.The great man has devoted much of his life _____films.

A.to direct B.to directing C.direct D.directing 答案:B

16.-----Listen! Is that Kate playing the piano in the room?

------No,It_____be Kate .She has gone to London.

A.may not B.needn't C.mustn't D.can't 答案:D

17.-----The poor woman is very worried.-----_____little food for _____many children.

A.Such,so B.So,so C.Such,such D.So,such 答案:B

18.-----Lily! You are so special !

-----Everyone in the world is different.So just _____.It's the best way of life.

A.enjoy yourself B.be yourself C.help yourself D.take care of yourself 答案:B

19.Many people have come to realize that they should go on _____balanced diet and make_____room in thier day for exercise.

A.a,/ B.the,a C.the,the D./,a 答案:A

20.Speaking of all the songs he has written,I think this probably his _____one.

A.better-known B.well-know C.most-known D.best-known 答案:D

21.Some people choosen jobs for other reasons _____money these days.

A.for B.except C.besides Dwith 答案:C

22.It's none of your business _____other people think about you .Believe yourself .

A.how B.what C.which D.when 答案:B

23.Mary hasen't paid for the school things ,hasn't she?-----_____.Her mother will pay for her.

A.Yes,she has B.No,she hasn't C.Yes,she did D.No,she didn't 答案:B

24.The old man feels lonely as he can not think of _____to _____.

A.someone,talk B.anyone,talk to C.nobody,talk to D.anybody,talk 答案:B

25.Could you tell me how much it_____to fly to Beijing?

A.costs B.spends C.takes D.pays 答案:A

26.Would you please ______late next time?

A.not B.don't be C.not to be D.not be 答案:D

27.What?Walking on the ice?That sounds_____.

A.danger B.well C.dangerous D.dangerously 答案:C

28.-----_____did he catch a fish?-----Within five minutes.

A.How much B.How long C.How soon D.How often 答案:C

29._____fun to have a trip when spring comes!

A.What fun B.How C.How to D.What 答案:D

30._____hard life people lived in the past!

A.What B.How C.What a D.How a 答案:C

31._____will his father come back?-----_____two weeks.

A.How long,On B.How soon.In C.How often,For D.How far,About 答案:B

32.A boy _____from his bick and _____his leg.

A.felt,hurt B.fell,hurt C.fell,hurted D.felt,hurted 答案:B

33.How about _____the dancing?

A.joining B.joining in C.taking part D.taking in 答案:B

34.I saw such a beauty_____in my life .

A.on time B.in time C.at the same D. for the first time 答案:D

35.Mr Green had all his money_____and couldn't_____his hotel bill.

A.taken pay up B.steal,pay for C.gone,pay off D.stolen,pay 答案:D

36.-----Will you please _____us a story,Mr Smith?

------OK.Shall I _____it in English or Chinese?

A.say,speak B.tell,speak C.tell,tell D.talk,say 答案:C

37.There are only nine chairs.We need_____.

A.one B.one more C.more one D.much more 答案:B

38.In spring,you will____the whisper of the breeze,if you_____carefully.

A.hear,listen B.listen,hear C.hear,listen D.listen to,hear 答案:A

39.If it is fine,the sports meeting_____two days.

A.lasts B.will last C.is lasted D.will be lasted 答案:B

40.When you come here ,you may have some problems_____many things.

A.with B.about C.on D.in 答案:A

41.We should not _____too much time_____this question.

A.to devote,to B.devote,to solve C.to devote,solving D.devote,to solving 答案:D

42.Do you want know_____?

A.who they are B.they are who C.who are they D.what are they 答案:A

43.You had better____some soft drinks before the film____.

A.to busy,starts B.buy,starts C.buying,started D.buy,stared 答案:B

44.The cloth _____easily.

A.washed B.to wash C.washes D.will be washed 答案:C

45.He said his father____.His father____in 1985.He____for 22 years.

A.had died,died,has been dead B.died,had died,had died

C.was dired,died,had died D.died,had dead,has been dead 答案:A

46.It took me_____to get there.

A.one hour and a half B.one and a half hours

C.one and a half hour D.one hour and a half 答案:A

47._____there any good news in today's newspaper?-----There's_____.

A.Are,none B.Is,nothing C.Are,no D.Is,none 答案:D

48.-----Who buys a new model car?-----Simon_____.

A.does B.do C.buys D.is 答案:A

49.He will visit his grandpa_____next week.

A.sometime B.sometimes C.some time D.some times 答案:A

50._____likes playing football in our class,aren't they?

A.No one B.Nobody C.Everyone D.Everything 答案:C


) 1我的祖母 __长城。





( ) 2 ,她访问中国吗?






( ) 3青年男子到许多大cities__bike去年。





( ) 4你去过美国?

没有,我没有。 __我已经在那里。





( ) 5哪里是你的母亲?






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