英语竞赛心得体会100字 英语演讲比赛心得体会



英语竞赛心得体会100字 英语演讲比赛心得体会

英语比赛获奖感言 简单(全英)

i am so proud to stand here and get the award. from this speech compitition, i really learn a lot. i realize the true meaning of the proverb No pains,No gains 'cause i really devote a lot to the contest. i want to say thank you to my parents for giving me the birth, to my teachers for giving the opportunity and to my friends for the supporting. Thank you, Thank all of you!


Childhood I always dream about returning to the past. As many people say, childhood is the happiest and easiest time in one’s life. Children show you their true emotions. They know what is compassion and what is tolerance better than adults. In their world, all real thoughts are presented. They may easily have different opinions with others, but they never understand what is animosity. They enjoy making friends but they never think about making social communication net. Every child talks from the bottom of his heart without evil plans hidden and never intrigues against each other. Only in children’s way can adults make our life simple, more real and more enjoyable. I wish everyone’s heart would keep as innocent and lovely as they ever did in their childhood. Then, the walls between our hearts can be broken down and the world would be a better place to live in.

“难忘的英语比赛,我获得冠军,使我坚定学好外语” 写一篇100字左右的外语作文

Title:My first visit to Britain.

I like football very much,and I believe that the UK has the best football in the world,especially in England.When I visit Britain, the most important thing to do is to watch a football match.It was a match that Pompey played against the Reds,most of the audiences support Pompey,because they are the local resident.This really impressed me at that time since I have never met such supporters, they will always support their team whenever the team(一个整体,所以后面不用wins) win or lose,even though it was raining, at that time,the supporter are still standing there singing songs and shouting "go Pompey".They showed their huge loyalty to the team which I believe most of us do not have.In Britain, you can see there are many children enjoy watching and playing football. The reason of this is that they are born to love football. Not only in UK,but also in many other European countries, the children are born to love football, I believe this is the main reason of why they play football much better than we(Chinese) do.不知道你要多长的.所以随便写了一点.






4、加强教材中的Let's talk的读和说。在平时应该鼓励学生多读,对程度好的学生应该鼓励多背。可开展朗读能手竞赛,必读课文,必背课文等形式进行鼓励性与强制性记忆结合的措施,让学生熟悉教材上的内容。在此基础上,创设情景,进行仿演对话,再改编对话练习,以达到学以致用的目的。

5、加强对教材中的动作指令和chant的练唱。在课前3分钟可安排Let’s do和chant的滚动复习和操练。chant虽不作用教学重点,但不能抛弃不学。


The English final exam ended. As expected it, because the two big English such as machine guns (students sweep speed metaphor) like that fast, English average down than ever. Of course, speed is one of the reasons, check the syllabus, grade 6 hearing request is: speed is about 80 words per minute around the listening materials. A rough calculation of a big question in the exam, 11 seconds to read 36 words, so the speed of remarkable. Although the fast is a objective reasons, but also that we usually in this listening is not enough. Is the so-called skill comes., to read as much as possible, so as to overcome obstacles. Combined with the test of reading and writing, perhaps more experience, then made some personal view, what areas to strengthen the future teaching.

1, to strengthen the four heard the word read and write, usually pay attention in class and review rolling have learned words, often requiring students to take dictation, read more back. Other words in the teaching to combine speech discrimination, make students pronunciation more in place.

2, strengthen the four professors to write sentences. Writing the correct sentence should be capital letters at the beginning, the end of the sentence has punctuation, spacing between words. These require special emphasis in the usual new timing should be, let the students follow the write, assignments after class to copy, reciting, usually when the sentence should be stressed from time to time. In the course of time, unremittingly, let the students to form a habit, correct writing format even to the sixth grade should be emphasized that the sentence.

3, key words should be emphasized in the usual application, the focus of the dialogue emphasized more than in peacetime training, for conversation practice with different organization form. Based on the key words to consolidate the drill on the understanding of the sentence, the sentence drills in the understanding and flexible application of words.

4, to strengthen the teaching of Let' s talk read and say. In peacetime should encourage students to read, to the extent that students should be encouraged to carry. Can carry out reading experts contest, required texts, will recite the text form of encouragement combined with mandatory measures to memory, let students familiar with the contents of the materials. On this basis, the creation of scenarios, dialogue speech imitation, then adapted dialogues, in order to achieve the objective to learn in order to practise.

5, strengthen the operation instruction and chant in the teaching material of singing. Rolling and practice review in 3 minutes before class can arrange Let 's do and chant. Chant teaching does not focus on the role, but can not abandon not learn.

6, this book focuses on the grammatical singular and plural. Usually teachers in the classroom for students to pay particular attention to the singular and plural error correction, arrange to do some strengthening exercises. The changes of be plural verb in a single case

介绍一下自己学习英语的体会 用英语 100字左右

English is a very interesting and meaningful language for me to learn. i keep believing that interest is the best teacher. So in my opinion, cultivating my interest to English is the best way to learn it. Recently, i write many kinds of articles in English in the internet myself in order to improve my English.

On the other hand, since i live in the chinese society, i have to pass many English tests as thousands of the students in China. That's why i have to do lots of grammar exercise to improve my vocabulary and so on.

i hope that i could find more way to learn English better.


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