一本书的读后感英语作文 英语课外书的读后感中文


一本书的读后感英语作文 英语课外书的读后感中文


An Analysis of Jane Eyre

The novel is rich in poetry, symbolism and metaphor. It does not fit easily into a definite pattern, being neither a novel of "manners" in the tradition of Austen, or a straightforward Gothic Romance in the style of Mrs Radcliffe. What Charlotte Bronte did was to create a work which cleverly blends elements of the two styles, and which remains uniquely independent of them at the same time, since it addresses issues which were at the time rather controversial.

The novel is written in the first person, and thus magnifies the central character - the reader enters the world of Jane Eyre and is transported through her experiences at first hand. This at once makes the work subjective, especially since we know that Charlottes Brontes own life and experiences were so closely interwoven with the heroine's. As well as this we learn only at the end of the novel that the events are being related to us ten years after the reconciliation with Rochester - thus the narrative is RETROSPECTIVE (looking back). CB is clever in blending the narrative so that at times Jane seems to be speaking as an adult with adult hindsight , while at others she she is "in the middle" of them, as a child or young woman. The indecision which is a central issue in the book, is heightened by this device. We never know, as readers, whether to be entirely trustful of Janes actions and thoughts, because we are never sure wheher she is speaking impulsively or maturely.

This intensifies the readers dilemma as to what is "right" and "wrong" in the dramatic relationships which are part of JE's life. Can we believe what the heroine says, or is she deceiving herself? The novel is primarily a love story and a "romance" where wishes come true but only after trials and suffering. The supernatural has its place, as do dreams, portents and prophesies. The heroine begins poor and lonely and ends up rich and loved; the orphan finds a good family to replace the wicked one; all the basic ingredients of classic romantic fairytale are present.

The romantic element is present in two forms in Jane Eyre; the "family" aspect is dealt with in the Gateshead, Lowood and Moor House episodes, which involve the exchanging of the wicked Reed family for the benevolent Rivers one; and the Love romance is dealt with in the Thornfield and Ferndean episodes. Both aspects are, of course linked and interwoven throughout the novel.

There is also a strong element of realism in the novel, which, married to the romantic aspect, enhances the novel's strength.The sense of place is very strong; we are able to experience both exterior and interior settings with startling clarity throughout the story, in a series of vivid deive passages. The central characters are also realistic and their confrontations and sufferings change them in a believable way.

Even the unlikely is made plausible, with a unique blend of high drama and perceptive low comedy (the attack on Mason, for instance)

The more fantastic romantic aspects; the coincidences; the secrets; the supernatural occurrences, are balanced by the realism, and this is of course a major strength.

The Gothic influence cannot be ignored, although CB has refined the technique considerably from the "authentic" Gothic of the 1790's. In the original genre, the heroine would typically be abducted and threatened with seduction, or worse!. There would be a lover - a respectable, well-bred young man - who would endeavor to rescue the heroine and would succeed after many trial. the seducer would be a brigand "Know that I adore Corsairs!" and he would lock the girl up in a remote castle.

There was little freedom for middle class women during the period of the Gothic novel, and this was still the case in the time of CB. Marriage especially was often a bargain, whereby fortunes were secured by using the female as a pawn. A woman's value largely depended therefore on her sexual purity and she was guarded and secured as a result. Men, on the contrary, were potent and free; lovers and mistresses were common. Ironically the women who provided their services were social outcasts as a result.

In Jane Eyre we see elements of the Gothic romance, in that Thornfield Hall and Rochester are described very much in the brigand/castle style BUT Jane Eyre is not abducted by R. On the contrary she chooses to go there of her own free will. AND she is clear in her determination to have Rochester as a husband. Neither is there a gentleman rescuer; St John Rivers may look like a Greek God, but he is neither kind nor benevolent; driving Jane back to Ferndean, not rescuing her from it.

The trials which the hero is supposed to undergo in a Gothic romance are in fact undergone by the heroine in Jane Eyre. The bandit Rochester is only skin-deep. Underneath the brooding exterior is a sensitive soul, which a WOMAN frees. In this way we see that CB created rather a daring departure from conventional fiction, although there are still many aspects of the novel which remain true to Victorian convention.!






The Old Man and the Sea is one of Hemingway's most enduring works and may very well become one of the true classics of this generation. It played a great part in his winning the Pulizer Prize in 1953 and the 1954 Novel Prize for Literature and confirmed his power and presence in the literary world. Hemingway is also one of my favorite writers. Besides The Old Man And the Sea, I have read some of his other works, such as The Sun Also Rises, A Farewell to Arms and The Snow of Kilimanijaro. But The Old Man and the Sea is the one that left the deepest impression on me.

I first read this book when I was in my fifteens. And now I remember it just as well as if I had read it yesterday.


[《傲慢与偏见》英文读后感]Then man treat great event in ones life with punishing, Demonstrate different attitudes to the love question of the marriage of young girl of the family origin of middle class of villages and towns, Thus reflected authors oneselfs marriage view: It is wrong to get married for the property, money and position; Get married and does not consider that above-mentioned factors are unwise too . So, she objects to getting married for money , objecting to regarding the marriage as a trifling matter . She emphasizes the importance of the ideal marriage , and regard men and womens emotion as the foundation stone which concludes the ideal marriage . The woman protagonist in the book Elizabeth comes from the little landlords family, reaches the west to have deep love for for the rich and powerful people sons and younger brothers. Reach the disparity of ignoring family status and wealth of the west, propose to her, but is refused. Elizabeths misunderstanding and prejudice to him are a reason, but a main one is the arrogance that she dislikes him. Reach the thes of the west in fact status the reflections of difference, exist this kind arrogant, Not having common thoughts and feelings between he and Elizabeth, the marriage that can not have lofty ideals . Elizabeth watches conducting oneself in society and a series of behavior of reaching the west personally afterwards, See he change the proud conceited expressions of passing by, dispel misunderstanding and prejudice to him, Thus concluded the happy marriage with him.  《傲慢与偏见》英文读后感  〔《傲慢与偏见》英文读后感〕随文赠言:【这世上的一切都借希望而完成,农夫不会剥下一粒玉米,如果他不曾希望它长成种粒;单身汉不会娶妻,如果他不曾希望有孩子;商人也不会去工作,如果他不曾希望因此而有收益。】


"If I have three days to a bright"读后感Recently, I read Helen Keller's autobiography, "If I light three days," I said with deep feeling.

《假如给我三天光明》主要讲述了又盲又聋的海伦·凯勒坎坷的一生,以及她的心路历程。 "If I have three days to a bright", focuses on a deaf and blind Helen Keller troubled life, and her thoughts and feelings in the course. 她一生只有十九个月光明与声音,在安妮·莎利及其他老师的帮助关爱下,在亲朋好友的成全中,海伦克服了常人无法想象的困难,完成了哈佛大学学业,以优异的成绩获得了学士学位。 Nine months of her life is only 10 light and sound, and other teachers in the Annisuoli the help of care under the sake of friends and family, the Helen of the ordinary people to overcome unimaginable difficulties and completed the Harvard studies, with excellent results obtained a bachelor's degree. 她始终致力于残疾人事业,四处募捐用以改善残疾人的生活环境,并为他们创造受教育的机会。 She has always been committed to the cause of persons with disabilities, four fund-raising to improve the living conditions of persons with disabilities, and they create opportunities for education. 她曾周游世界各地,为残疾人加油鼓劲。 She has traveled all over the world cheering for people with disabilities. 最终成为一名杰出的慈善家、演讲家、教育家。 Eventually become a prominent philanthropist, speaker and educator.

她的世界只有无光、无声、无语的孤独岁月。 Her world is only dull, silent, silent solitude years.

但她却顽强地认为假如给我三天光明—— However, she stubbornly think that if I have three days to light --

第一天:我要透过“灵魂之窗“看到那些鼓励我生活下去的善良、温厚与心怀感动的人们。 The first day: I would like to through the "window on the soul" to see who encouraged me to live a good, gentle with the hearts touched by people.

第二天:我要在黎明起身,去看黑夜变成白昼的动人奇迹。 The next day: I want to get up at dawn to watch the night into day moving miracle.

第三天:我将在当前的日常生活中度过,到为生活而奔忙的人们经常去的地方去体验他们的快乐、忧伤、感动与善良。 Third day: I will spend in the current daily life, to the bustling for a living, where people often go to experience their joy, sadness, feelings and kindness.

有位哲学家曾经说过:“勇敢寓于灵魂之中,而不是一副强壮的躯体。”这正是对海伦的真实写照。 One philosopher once said: "Brave soul resides, rather than a strong body." This is a true portrayal of Helen. 海伦凭着一颗坚强的心,最终在逆境中崛起,真是身残志不残。 Helen With a strong heart, culminating in the rise of the face of adversity is really no residual physical disability blog. 作为新一代的大学生,有着良好的生活和学习条件,但自身缺乏毅力。 As a new generation of college students, have a good living and learning conditions, but their own lack of willpower. 因此,这篇文章给我最大的启示是: Therefore, this article gave me the biggest revelation is:

一、要正确地对待困难,每个人一生中都会遇到困难。 First, to correctly deal with the difficulties, everyone's life will be difficulties. 遇到困难时,不要害怕退缩,而要想方设法地将困难克服,战胜困难的过程也正是自己进步的过程。 Encounter difficulties, do not be afraid retreat, but to find ways to overcome the difficulties and overcome difficult process is exactly the process of their own progress.

二、尽力地完成每一件事。 Second, try to complete everything. 有位名人曾说过:“什么是不容易?不容易是把每天应做的事每天都坚持做。什么是不简单?不简单就是把每件事都做得最好。”是啊,如果能按上面说的去做确实是十分难。 One famous once said: "What is not easy? Not easy is to what should be done every day insist on doing every day. What is not simple? Simple is to do everything the best." Yes, ah If we can say according to the above is indeed very difficult to do. 做一件事、坚持一天很容易,坚持二天也很容易,但天天做到却很难。 Do one thing a day is easy to adhere to adhere to two days is also very easy, but it is difficult to do every day. 因为这不仅需要恒心,还需要坚韧不拨的毅力。 Because it requires not only perseverance, but also perseverance, perseverance. 而要把每件事都做到最好,更是难上加难。 But everything should be the best, even more difficult. 因为这不仅要上述的两点,还要有做事认真仔细的好习惯。 Because it not only to the above two points, but also has done a careful look at the good habits. 如果我们能办到这两点,就能在平时的点点滴滴中得到进步,得到提高。 If we can do these two points, will be able to get the usual progress bit by bit, be improved.

三、要有乐观向上的良好心态。 Third, there must be a good optimistic attitude. 海伦在巨大的打击以及困难面前,不是怨天尤人,而是以乐观向上的心态去面对,使自己得到信心。 Helen was a tremendous blow, as well as difficulties, not complaining, but rather optimistic attitude to face, so that she was confident. 乐观向上的良好心态,是成功的重要因素之一。 Optimistic of a good mindset, which is an important factor in the success.

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