高二英语选修7课文翻译 高二英语选修7课文讲解


高二英语选修7课文翻译 高二英语选修7课文讲解

选修7 英语翻译

1.I forgot to let you go to the sevice center of the community.

2.Closing the electric power is very important before checking the machine.

3.I have no idea where this kind of button can be found.

4.Luckily, we have no more work to do.

5.Hellen is very excited to have been to more than 20 provinces and cities in China.

6.She is successful in her work and now her biggest wish is to marry somebody and have a child.



1. I forgot to ask you to go to the bank.

2. It is very important to turn off the electricity before you check the machine.

3. I know how to make a mouse out of my handkerchief.

4. Luckily, we don’t have much more work to do.

5. She was very pleased to have the opportunity to travel while she was young.

6. She has been very successful in her work, and now her greatest wish is toget married and have a child.


1. That science fiction book needs to be returned to the library by/before the end of the wee.

2. The robot is to be replaced with a new model.

3. You need to be checked in half an hour before your flight leaves/your plane takes off.

4. Your behavior has to be explained to the headteacher before you go home.

5. There has been an accident but there is no need to be alarmed. Nobody has been hurt.

6. Although she had done well, she expected her parents to be disappointed by her exam results.

7. She was surprised to be envied by the others in her class when she won the maths competition.

8. He had to be a junior member of thecompany for two years before he was able to apply for a better position.

9. He was so excited to be declared thewinner of the table tennis match. U3

1. She was standing right next to me before I became aware of her presence.

2. Whenever Kelly reads a book, she likes to reflect on its meaning for a while.

3. There was nothing I didn’t like about the performance. It was pure enjoyment.

4. You paint that wall and, in the meantime, I’ll prepare this on e for you to paint next.

5. My daughter loves to hang upside down on the playground equipment.

6. The strange noises in the night scared me to death.


1. She has not yet answered the question why she left/resigned/gave up her job.

2. Why don’t you ask the teacher who’s coming to help Diana with her maths to help Oliver too/as well?

3. The man whose dog bit the baby has denied that it was his dog that did it.

4. The restaurant where they planned to have their wedding reception has gone out of business/closed.

5. The woman to whom you spoke on the phone is Kelly’s mother.

6. The theatre which is closest to our house is half an hour away by bus.


1. When you are travelling overseas, it’s a good idea to stay at youth hostels, where the accommodation is cheap but comfortable.

2. You will find it beneficial to plan your holiday and work out a budget long before you travel.

3. Most travel agents can provide information on what visas are required and can usually tell you about any cheap prices they have on fares or hotels.

4. For some destinations, you need to acquire an entry visa before you leaveyour own country.

5. I recommend you buy travel insurance, which will pay an medical expenses you have while you are overseas because getting sick in a foreign country can cost a lot of money.

高二英语选修7Unit5 KEEP IT UP,XIE LEI Chinese student fitting in well 课文翻译


Six months ago Xie Lei said goodbye to her family and friends in China and boarded a plane for London. It was the first time she had ever left her motherland. "After getting my visa I was very excited because I had dreamed of this day for so long. But I was also very nervous as I didn't know what to expect," Xie Lei told me when I saw her waiting in a queue at the student cafeteria between lectures.


Xie Lei, who is 21 years old, has come to our university to study for a business qualification. She is halfway through the preparation year, which most foreign students complete before applying for a degree course. Xie Lei highly recommends it. "The preparation course is most beneficial," she said. "Studying here is quite different from studying in China, so you need some preparation first."


"It's not just study that's difficult. You have to get used to a whole new way of life, which can take up all your concentration in the beginning," explained Xie Lei, who had lived all her life in the same city in China. She told me that she had had to learn almost everything again. "Sometimes I felt like a child," she said. "I had to learn how to use the phone, how to pay bus fare, and how to ask a shopkeeper for things I didn't know the English for. When I got lost and had to ask a passer-by for directions, I didn't always understand. They don't talk like they do on our listening tapes," she said, laughing.

谢蕾——这个在中国一直生活在同一个城市的女孩,解释说:”这不只是学习困难,你还必须习惯一种全新的生活方式——这在开始的时候能占去你所有的集中力。“她告诉我,她不得不再次学习几乎是所有的事情。她笑着说:”有时我觉得自己像个孩子。我得要学习如何使用电话 ,如何付公交车费,如何向店主问我不知道英语名的东西。当我迷路了,得找个路人为我指路时,我并不总是明白他们的意思。因为他们所说的话不像他们在我们的听磁带里说的那样。“

Xie Lei lives with a host family who give her lots of good advice. Although some foreign students live in student accommodation or apartments, some choose to board with English families. Living with host families, in which there may be other college students, gives her the chance to learn more about the new culture. "When I hear an idiom that I don't understand, I can ask my host family for help," explains Xie Lei. "Also, when I miss my family, it's a great comfort to have a substitute family to be with."

她和房主一家住在一起,他们给了她很多好的建议。虽然有些外国学生住在学生宿舍或公寓,但是也有些人选择寄宿在英国人的家中。跟房主一家一起生活, 可能还有其他的大学生住在一起,这样能给她机会学习更多新的文化。谢蕾解释说:“当我听到一个我不懂的成语,我可以向我房主一家求助。同样的,在我想家的时候, 有一个替代的家庭可以呆在一起,这是很大慰藉。”

Xie Lei's preparation course is helping her to get used to the academic requirements of a Western university. "I remember the first essay I did for my tutor," she told me. "I found an article on the Internet that seemed to have exactly the information I needed. So I made a summary of the article, revised my draft and handed the essay in. I thought I would get a really good mark but I got an E. I was numb with shock! So I went to my tutor to ask the reason for his revision. First of all, he told me, I couldn't write what other people had said without acknowledging them. Besides, as far as he was concerned, what other people thought was not the most important thing. He wanted to know what I thought, which confused me because I thought that the author of the article knew far more than I did. My tutor explained that I should read lots of different texts that contain different opinions and analyse what I read. Then, in my essay, I should give my own opinion and explain it by referring to other authors. Finally he even encouraged me to contradict the authors I'd read! At first I lacked confidence, but now I'm beginning to get the idea and my marks have improved. More importantly, I am now a more autonomous learner."


Xie Lei told me that she feels much more at home in England now, and what had seemed very strange before now appears quite normal. "I've just got one more thing to achieve. I have been so occupied with work that I haven't had time for social activities. I think it's important to have a balance between study and a social life, so I'm going to join a few clubs. Hope- fully I'll make some new friends."

谢磊跟我说,她现在在英国感到自在多了,之前那些看上去很奇怪的事物,在现在看起来很正常。“我只是还要成功地做一件事。我一直都忙于工作,以致我没时间参加社会活动。我觉得平衡学习与社会生活很重要,所以她 打算加入一些俱乐部。希望我会结交一些新朋友。

We will follow Xie Lei's progress in later editions of this newspaper but for now, we wish Xie Lei all the best in her new enterprise. She deserves to succeed.


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