我的理想英语作文五十字 mydream英语作文80词


我的理想英语作文五十字 mydream英语作文80词


My dream

I have a dream,it is that I want to be a teacher .

It is beacuse that teachers can teach students a lot of things.

Teachers are always kind and smart.

I like my teachers.

I will study hard ,so that my dream can be true.








my dream

When I was a kid ,I had a dream that I want to to be a pianist .I love music especially since I was a baby.One day I when I was watching TV ,there is a man playing the piano .I find the music was so touching that I can hardly move .So I ask my parents if I could have a piano .To my surprise ,my parents finally agree to buy a piano for me ,which made me very

happy .I will never forget the day that I finally have it .I can't help leaving my eyes from my piano .I decide to work hard on it .I made my mind that I will practise some hours on playing the piano .When I grow up ,I want to be a professional pianist and play the piano for the world .I will let the music go around the world .

I'd like to be a pianist ,and that is my dream .





My Dream

We the middle school students, all have different dreams. Some want

to be scientists and some want to be teachers or doctors in the future.

As to me, I want to be a writer when I graduate from university.

Writing can become a part of my life. Through writing, I can

exchange ideas with others, bringing to light the bright and dark

sides of our society. Through reading the articles to be written by me,

people can cultivate their temperaments and raise their social morality.

To achieve my dream I shall study hard, reading more books and

broadening my views. As the saying goes, “Where there is a will,

there is a way”. As long as I firmly have my dream in mind, I will have

it realized in the future.







When I got settled, the total use of the microwave to do their own things to eat. One day, my father saw me, I am afraid to say that I grew up as a cook. I immediately shaken like a rattle-drum head, you said : "That is not my ideal. When I grow up I want to IT (information technology) industries. "Yes, I bought a computer five years ago after his father, I am familiar with it day by day. Until last year, and I have formed a deep bond with it. From then on, I want success in the information technology industry to make contributions to the cause of national computer. But my father said I could only do in the field "testing the game," is what the new game, and always let me play with, the report there will be any games. I think what he said is not their fault, I always play games recently, those who do not have a veteran like Flash. In recent days, I sprouted out of a bad idea : I will be playing the game that the network server to the black. My account will revise the highest level. However, I Xiangliaoyouxiang, this is wrong, but was caught by the police network is not good. When hackers but also need high computer skills. As a member of the IT industry is my ideal, I would like to advance this goal, to improve their computer skills.


An ideal is an important coordinate for a" person to realize his or her value of life. Almost everyone has a beautiful ideal.

During my childhood, I found in movies the PLA men were always so brave and elevated that I even wanted to be a general like Li Zhen, who was the first woman general in China. But my short-sighted eyes broke my dream. Then, I wanted to be a per-son who could influence the evolution of the world like Madame Curie, Indira Gandi and so on. Unfortunately I am still a small potato by now. I have to think of other ways to be successful— another ideal. Now, I have decided to be a teacher. As I can't be famous myself, I will help others be; I will give others abilities to propel the society forward.

Many people think that to be a teacher means only devoting. Teachers are always linked to the candle, which will keep burning until the end of the life leaving only tears. I think this figure of speech is too sad and dreary. In my opinion, if you are a teacher, you will have an immortal soul because when your students listen to your lectures, they will be impressed with the feature of your personality and mentality of your mind gradually. If one of your students once turns somebody and does an earth-shaking feat, you are safe to say it's your success as a teacher.

Sokrates said, "The happiest thing in the world is to fight for the ideal." To realize my ideal, I should make a good plan. First, the most important thing for me to do today is to study as hard as I can so that I can get much knowledge. If I want to help my stu-dents to be intellectual, I myself must be wise and learned. Sec-ond, I need to go to a good normal university where I can be taught how to teach and I can gain the knowledge of psychology. As a teacher, I will be patient, kind-hearted and lively. I will love them as my brothers and sisters, give them not only love but also respect. I won't spoon-feed students. Instead, I will give them a strong desire to learn and the ability of analyzing. Besides, I will help them build self-confidence and form indomitable will, which will help them face difficulties and setbacks in the future.

If I can get the fortunate opportunity to be a teacher, I am sure that you will see my students become famous very soon. At that time, I will be happier than when I myself become famous because I agree that to give is better than to receive.

I do believe that a teacher is the brightest job under the sun.

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