20到一百翻译成英文 一到一百的英语单词



20到一百翻译成英文 一到一百的英语单词



一到十:One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten

十一到二十:eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty

二十一到三十:twenty-one twenty-two twenty-three twenty-four twenty-five twenty-six twenty-seven twenty-eight twenty-nine thirty

三十一到四十:thirty-one thirty-two thirty-three thirty-four thirty-five thirty-six thirty-seven thirty-eight thirty-nine forty

四十一到五十:forty-one forty-two forty-three forty-four forty-five forty-six forty-seven forty-eight forty-nine fifty

五十一到六十:fifty-one fifty-two fifty-three fifty-four fifty-five fifty-six fifty-seven fifty-eight fifty-nine sixty

六十一到七十:sixty-one sixty-two sixty-three sixty-four sixty-five sixty-six sixty-seven sixty-eight sixty-nine seventy

七十一到八十:seventy-one seventy-two seventy-three seventy-four seventy-five seventy-six seventy-seven seventy-eight seventy-nine eighty

八十一到九十:eighty-one eighty-two eighty-three eighty-four eighty-five eighty-six eighty-seven eighty-eight eighty-nine ninety

九十一到一百:ninety-one ninety-two ninety-three ninety-four ninety-five ninety-six ninety-seven ninety-eight ninety-nine hundred(或者one hundred)


1one 2 two 3 three 4 four 5 five 6 six 7 seven 8 eight 9 nine 10 ten 11 eleven 12 twelve 13 thirteen 14 fourteen 15 fifteen 16 sixteen 17 seventeen 18 eighteen 19 ninetee 20 twenty 21 twenty-one 22 twenty-two 23 twenty-three 24 twenty-four 25 twenty-five 60 26 twenty-six 27 twenty-seven sixty 28 twenty-eight 29 twenty-nine 30 thirty 31thirty-one 32 thirty-two 33 thirty-three 34 thirty-four 35 thirty-five 36 thirty-six 37 thirty-seven 38 thirty-eight 39 thirty-nine 40 forty 41 fourty-one 42 fourty-two 43 fourty-three 44 fourty-four 45 fourty-five 46 fourty-six 47 fourty-seven 48 fourty-eight 49 fourty-nine 50 fifty 51 fifty-one 52 fifty-two 53 fifty-three 54 fifty-four 55 fifty-five 56 fifity-six 57 fifity-seven 58 fifty-eight 59 fifity-nine 60 sixty 61 sixty-one 62 sixty-two 63 sixty-three 64 sixty-four 65 sixty-five 66 sixty-six 67 sixty-seven 68 sixty-eight 69 sixty-nine 70 seventy 71 seventy-one 72 seventy-two 73 seventy-three 74 seventy-four 75 seventy-five 76 seventy-six 77 seventy-seven 78 seventy-eight 79 seventy-nine 80 eighty 81 eighty-one 82 eighty-two 83 eighty-three 84 eighty-four 85 eighty-five 86 eighty-six 87 eighty-seven 88 eighty-eight 89 eighty-nine 90 ninety 91 ninety-one 92 ninety-two 93 ninety-three 94 ninety-four 95 ninety-five 96 ninety-six 97 ninety-seven 98 ninety-eight 99 ninety-nine 

100 a/one hundred


0 nought;zero;O

1 one

2 two

3 three

4 four

5 five

6 six

7 seven

8 eight

9 nine






















(后面都一样,无非是把twenty 改为 thirty,fourty 等等等等)








100one hundred


When We Get Angry

When people are not in the mood, they will become angry and when their families or friends talk to them, they will bring their bad mood, saying the bad words to the dearest person. It is not the wise choice for people let out their bad mood, because when they calm down, they will be very regretful for what they have done to their families and friends. Sometimes mean words are just like the sharp knives, stabbing into people’s hearts. So when we get angry, we should learn to control our emotion. We are easily to say out the hurting words, which makes the one we love suffering. Even if we apologize, but the pain still exists, like the broken mirror which can’t be fixed totally. So when we are angry, the best way to be silent and don’t do stupid things.


征服自己 Conquer Myself

In the 1920s, a man from England had finish climbing the Himalayas which was thought to the most difficult mountain to conquer. People spoke highly of him and asked him how he conquered the mountain. The man said calmly that he conquered nothing but himself. These words seem to be simple, but for me, they are meaningful. When we face the difficulties, we will give up because we think we can’t do it. With that thought, we have given up so many chances to try. Life is a journey, if we stop keeping moving on, how can we see the coming scenery. It is obvious that the problem is ourselves, we are afraid of failure and refuse to try. If we get over this thought and have a try, then we are heading to the road of success. When we conquer ourselves, we are successful.


善待坏学生 Be Kind to the Bad Students

In every class, there will be some bad students, they are very active and annoy other students. The bad students don’t want to study, they will interfere other students to listen to the class, which also bothers the teachers. Bad students are not welcomed everywhere, so students will stay away from them, some teachers even give up on them. But some day, when I went home after school, I found a bad student who was in my class carry a cat, he handed the cat to a woman, the woman said thank you to him for help her find the cat. I was surprised, I saw the good side of a bad student. I think I need to be nice to the bad students, they are not that bad, maybe they just want to attract other people’s attention. If we give them more chances, they will be good students.


高中生活的挑战 The Challenges in High School

The first day for me to go to high school, I felt so excited, because I came into the new stage of my life. The school asked the students to live in the dormitory, so I had to move out and left my parents. This was such a big challenge for me, because I never left home before. I needed to learn to be independent, what’s more, I also learned to get along with others. High school was like a little society for me and I handed the problems well. The other challenge was from study. I had to learn so many subjects and fought for my future college. I met difficulties and felt frustrated, but I told myself not to give up and I got over the difficulties. High school life is not easy, but we grow up quickly.


Sports Meeting 运动会

When autumn comes, I feel so excited, because the sports meeting comes. I like sports so much. When I was very small, my father took me to watch the basketball match, in the long time, sports have become part of my life. When I started to come to school, I join the basketball team, I had the great time to practice with my friends. Though high school life is very busy and I have to learn so many subjects, I still keep taking exercise everyday. Sports meeting time is my favorite time in the semester. I can take part in many activities, such as basketball and high jump. I am full of energy, I just want to enjoy the moment of taking exercise. Sports meeting indeed brings students many energy and make the students become active. They can also exercise their bodies.


真正的青春 The Real Youth

Many years ago, the movie about the youth became very popular, every year, we can see many hot movies about the protagonist’s passed youth. People like to recall their passed youth, which makes such movies sell good. But I find the common things about these movies, all the protagonists’ youth are about fighting, love and other negative things. I understand the directors’ intention, they want to tell people youth is not perfect and having pities. Of course movie is exaggerating, the real youth is about studying, at least, most people have worked so hard to get into their ideal colleges. What the movies describe make up some people’s youth, for which they don’t have the chance to experience. We should not be misled by these movies, for the teenagers, their job is to study, so that they can have a bright future.


美丽心灵 A Beautiful Mind

Today, in the English class, my teacher presented us the movie A Beautiful Mind. The movie told a story about a brilliant professor John Nash’s struggle with the mental illness all his life. The story was written according to a real professor John Nash. He made so many brilliant achievements in his life. At his old age, he won the Nobel Prize, which proved that his great breakthrough had affected people deeply. John had the serious mental illness when he was young, he refused to take the medicine which could make his mind think slowly, so he was doing his research while struggling with his delusion. The lucky thing was that his wife supported him all the time. Because of the support from family, John could work on his job. After winning the Nobel Prize, he thanked his wife in the first time.


外貌与能力 Outlook and Ability

Beautiful outlook indeed attracts people’s attention, if people have the beautiful outlook, of course they will give people deep impression, just like the saying that everyone has the mind of appreciating beauty. But we must figure out the fact that outlook can’t decide everything, only the ability can do it. The good example is Mariah Sharapova, she is a famous tennis player. Early in her career, people noticed her beautiful outlook, but more and more beautiful female tennis players come into being, only Mariah gets famous all the time, the reason is that she is outstanding amongst these girls. She has won so many championships, which makes her the most attractive girl. Beautiful outlook opens a door for people, but only the ability makes them standing all the time. People will get the genius respect for their hard working instead of their attractive faces.


青春的记忆 The Memory of Youth

After seeing so many movies about the youth, we are starting to wonder about what do we have in our youth, the fight, the drink or the love? My answer is no. What we see from the movie is not true, the plots are exaggerated and misunderstood. For students, their youth is the process of fighting. They have studied so hard to realize their dreams. When they are in primary school, they want to do well and make their parents be proud of them. When they are in middle school and high school, they need to take part in the exams so as to enter the better future schools. Even they are in college, they still need to study and fight for the ideal job. There is no doubt that most people keep fighting for their future and this is the memory of youth.



1one 11 eleven 21 twenty-one 31 thirty-one

2 two 12 twelve 22 twenty-two 40 forty

3 three 13 thirteen 23 twenty-three 50 fifty

4 four 14 fourteen 24 twenty-four 60 sixty

5 five 15 fifteen 25 twenty-five 70 seventy

6 six 16 sixteen 26 twenty-six 80 eighty

7 seven 17 seventeen 27 twenty-seven 90 ninety

8 eight 18 eighteen 28 twenty-eight 100 a/one hundred

9 nine 19 nineteen 29 twenty-nine 1,000 a/one thousand

10 ten 20 twenty 30 thirty 1,000,000 a/one million

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