围城的英文读后感60字 跪求一篇十月围城的英文观后感,急!!!


围城的英文读后感60字 跪求一篇十月围城的英文观后感,急!!!


On summer vacation of this year, I studied in novel " old man and sea " of

Hemingway , famous writer of U.S.A. ,. I admire the old fisherman's will in the

novel very much, he lets me understand that a person must have unremitting

spirit, could succeed . What the novel is described is an old fisherman almost

the sixty years old, when go to sea and fish alone once, have angled to a big

fish, but can not draw. After tough fisherman and fish have socialized for a few

days, just find this is a big Malin's fish which exceeds several times of one's

own fishing boat, though know perfectly well that it is very difficult to win ,

does not give up yet.


Review on Bodyguards and Assassins

was thoroughly, deeply, and magnificently entertained for the film's entire running time, and for that I am eternally grateful.

The plot is rather transparent, and even predictable, but only in the best kind of way. In its defense, the plot should be straightforward, since there's (thankfully) no espionage subplot/distraction that leads to narrative machinations. A group of essentially everyday people must protect Sun Yat Sen from assassins while he visits Hong Kong.

The film is also didactic, but you know that from the first frame. And for this film, it works, because it is an integral plot point. How can you make a movie about political turmoil in China and not be somewhat didactic? Refreshingly, the film is not one-sidedly didactic. In all honesty, I am surprised that the film's sympathies lay where they do, politically speaking. Because some of the conflicts in the film are still going on today.

From the start of the film, you know that these conflicts, personal, political and otherwise, must go from discussion to confrontation. At some point, people will stop talking and start fighting. By the time it starts, you can hardly wait, if only because you knew it was inevitable.

But the first half of the film is hardly wasted.

Bodyguards and Assassins/十月围城 sets up a premise and works towards it by giving each of the film's many characters shape, detail, and humanity. So when the story inevitably goes where you know it would, you have such emotional investment in the characters that the events are still very affecting. This movie is an ensemble piece, and a very evenly split one at that.

No one dominates the film, and at the same time, it is still cohesive and engaging. There are lots of cameos and small parts played by very well-known names, and its nice to see that kind of selflessness. Lots of familiar faces (and some new ones) turn in commendable performances.

Tony Leung Kar Fai shows a degree of subtlety in his character that we haven't seen from him in a while (given his recent roles) and turns in a very consistent and convincing performance



很早就听说过这么一句话:围在城里的人想逃出来,城外的人想冲进来。但是,很可惜,总是没有机会拜读这句话的出处 钱钟书先生的《围城》。前些日子,终于鼓足了勇气,翻开了这本心仪已久的著作。





I was deeply moved(我觉得这里用感动比激动更好) when I was reading 'Three Days to See'(首字母要大写,还要加单引号).

Helen Adams Keller, the author of this book(至少说一下她是作者吧,要不然突然蹦出来一个人没有交代,逻辑上不连贯), had unlucky experience when she was a baby. When she was only 19 months old, she got seriously ill which made her blind and deaf since then on. Although she suffered a lot, she never give up and built up a very strong will. She believed in herself and was very successful when she grew up.

I admired Helen so much when reading this book.I decided to study hard and make good grades in the future, to make my parents being proud of me.(I will treasure(珍惜)my health and take exercise everyday. 建议这句整句删掉, 因为说实话,这本书最主要是讲人内心的坚强和意志力的,突然扯到健康。。。。有点别扭)



A Review of Robinson Crusoe--《鲁宾逊漂流记》读后感

This is a novel by the English author Daniel Defoe, published in 1719. It is one of the most popular adventure novels in all literature. It is the story of Bobinson Crusoe, an Englishman who is shipwrecked in a lonely tropical island. He builds himself a hut, grows his own food, and becomes self-sufficient. After 23 years he meets with a group of cannibals and rescues one of their prisoners, a young native whome he calls Friday.Crusoe and his“man”Friday become close friends, and when they are finally rescued four years later, both return to England.

Robinson Crusoe was partly based on the actual deeds of Alexander Selkirk, an 18th-century Scottish sailor who spent almost five years alone on a desert island. This novel is famous for its lovely details and its expression of belief in man's ability when left alone in nature.



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