六年级英语读后感 六年级英语读后感50字左右


六年级英语读后感 六年级英语读后感50字左右

英语读后感2篇 六年级水平

《吵闹的邻居》讲述的的是:吝啬鬼Mr Flinch 十分讨厌邻居发出的声响,为此,他用了许多诡计,但都没有成功。最后,因此倾家荡产,但还是没有摆脱他的邻居。读了这本书,我明白了一个道理:我们应当热爱生活而不是成天埋怨,只要你真心热爱生活,它也必将给你最好的回报。

" Noisy neighbours " tells the story

of the miser Mr is: Mr Flinch very hate neighbors sound, therefore, he used many tricks, but without success. Finally, therefore dissipate one's fortune, but still did not cast off his neighbor. Reading this book, I understand a truth: we should not always complain about life and love, as long as you really love life, it will also give you the best return.

《皮皮公主的假期》讲述的是原本骄横的皮皮公主在一次海边旅行时结交了一个好朋友paisy在她的帮助下改掉了身上的缺点。这本书给我的启示是一个好的朋友将可以使你终身受益匪浅因为他可以潜移默化地影响你改变你不良的陋习成就你的人生。 " Pippi Princess holiday " is the story of the original proud Pippi princess in a trip to the seaside, making a good friend paisy, help her to get rid of the shortcomings. This book gives me inspiration is: a good friend, can make you lifelong benefit, because he can influence character by environment impact on you, change your bad habits, the achievements of your life.


" Oh, Otto tells " is: in the beginning of the school, often joke alien boy Otto in a treasure hunt in performance, thereby get affirmation, reading this book, I know: we should be brave enough to think the courage to struggle, regardless of your qualifications excellent. This often gives us a more wonderful life.

《科密特船长和紫色星球》讲述的是在一次太空航行中科密特船长发现了一颗行星可当他走进观望时才发现那所谓的“行星”不过是一个全身长满尖刺的巨大地紫色怪物。我从中的得到的启示是任何事物不能只观察它的表象更应该观察它的本质从而了解它真正的面目。 " Kermit the captain and purple planet " is about: in a space voyage, kmet captain found a planet, but when he entered and found that the so-called " planet " is a whole body covered witha huge purple monster. I'm from the enlightenment is: anything can not only observe its appearance, should observe the nature of it, so as to understand its true colors.







You flee in a sea of books between the famous article 12 often have access to my appreciation of masterpiece, but when I touch to which this book, and I'm fascinated by it, for it moved, it looked 10 million times, bear in mind in the hearts. So a read a spell, it will come to mind, a long time can not be dispersed ... ...

Pick up the wand, read out the familiar mantra, it will appear, with me in:

Mingjiao Ha Lipot a child, an unusual child, a birth and they have a fight with the villain Lord Voldemort symbol of a lightning-shaped scar. It was a death curse remainder marks, because her mother's sacrifice of his death became that Road scar reduction. He was uncle had adopted a very wronged childhood, the table has always relied on the Gotha power heads big bully him, and if that was for 11 years. In his 11 birthday, took place an extraordinary thing, changed his life. A very soft surface, the real terror guards Hager sent a letter to his magic school admission letters, to prove that he is a wizard born from a fate. He was pleased to have joined the school and knew a right angle Lane, and a series of things in the world of the shaman. Go to school also recognized the two friends, one is silly silly inside the brain Ron, there is a similar to Harry when the child's mother. One is the high academic achievers of the Hermione, there are two ordinary Muggle parents. (Non-magic people) that they work together to save the Philosopher's Stone, and Voldemort fight tenaciously, finally destroyed Voldemort's dream, won the respect of everyone.

I am very envious of him, and be able to receive notice, but this book I learned a lot, friendship was inadvertently built up, and also understand it's great, the so-called Many hands make light,

Only together can overcome any difficulty. Also admired Harry, Voldemort in front in the face of terrible fear of not the slightest, even if the parents are not Shence, but he is still alive is very valuable for parents in heaven can be relieved. This book is written by British writer JK Rowling, I am very grateful to her, and she has shaped our readers have an extraordinary ordinary lives closer to our live image of a flesh and blood, let us in the traveling magic world the process, enjoy life, Subway, by Harry come round our readers in a dream ... ...

您的书籍在著名的第12条经常会接触到我的杰作表示赞赏,但是当我接触海上逃往本书,我被它着迷,因为它移动,它期待1000万次,紧铭记在心中。因此,读出咒语的时候会想到,长时间不能散去... ...


明教下利波特一个孩子,一个不寻常的孩子,一出生,他们已与坏蛋伏地魔的闪电形疤痕符号斗争。这是一个死亡的诅咒剩余标志,因为她母亲去世的牺牲成为这条道路疤痕减少。他的叔叔已经采取了非常委屈的童年,表上一直依赖哥达元首的权力大欺负他,如果11岁。在他11岁生日,举行了一个特别的事,改变了他的生命。一个非常柔软的表面,真正的恐怖看守海格写信给他的魔法学校的录取通知书,以证明他是从一出生的命运向导。他高兴地加入了学校,也知道了直角里,以及东西巫师的世界大赛。上学也认识到这两位朋友,一个是愚蠢的大脑内部罗恩愚蠢的,有一个类似哈里当孩子的母亲。一个是赫敏品学兼优,有两个普通的麻瓜父母。 (非魔术人),他们一起拯救魔法石,和伏地魔顽强拼搏,终于摧毁了伏地魔的梦想,赢得了所有人的尊重。


只有一同努力,克服任何困难。前面也佩服哈里伏地魔在没有丝毫的恐惧面对可怕的,即使父母不身侧,但他仍然活着是很宝贵的,在天上的父母可以放心。由英国作家罗琳写这本书,我非常感谢她,她塑造了我们的读者有一个非常普通的生活更接近我们的血肉,活的形象,让魔术在旅游的过程中,我们的世界,享受生活,地铁站,由哈里来轮在梦中我们的读者... ...





Once upon a time years and years ago,when I walk along the bank of the river,i saw a girl who was so beautiful that I never met.Suddenly,an angle came to told me that this girl was the goodness' daughter and she would came to the land of the living to help people sooner or later.Having said these words,the angle and the girl died out.

Today I met this girl again,she is such a good,kind girl that she had alread helped a number of poor people.Now I like her very much,I also found that she is more beautiful than before.

What is her name?Her name is Gao Yuanyuan.

Now I want to send a poem which is wrote by Percy Bysshe Shelley:

Music,when soft voices die

Vibrates in the memory

Odours,when sweet videts sicken

Live within the sense they quicken

Rose leaves,when the rose is dead

Are heap'd for the beloved's bed

And so thy thoughts,when thou art gone

Love itself shall slumber on

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