小妇人英文版摘抄 小妇人英文版优美句子


小妇人英文版摘抄 小妇人英文版优美句子


“I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.”

― Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

“Love covers a multitude of sins…”

― Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

“such hours are beautiful to live, but very hard to describe…”

― Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

“I don't like favors; they oppress and make me fell like a slave. I'd rather do everything for myself, and be perfectly independent.”

― Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

“Simple, sincere people seldom speak much of their piety; it shows itself in acts rather than words, and has more influence than homilies or protestations.”

― Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

小妇人的经典语句 英语

小妇人》The little old woman: one is the happiest thing is that somebody loves you.

When you are at my time, I absent-minded,

When I come to you, when you have gone.

We are always in a meeting to miss, losing a lot of.

However, I want to say this is because we are still young.

No, perhaps this is our life.

From then on, I always looked back the road.







little women 英文的好词好句摘抄及点评,摘抄要英文的,点评可以是中文的,谢谢

Perhaps, they are only little women, and they only want to court their happiness;


Do you mean that even you guys are lost, you still don't need we tiny little women's directons


名著<小妇人>中的好句30句 英文的 在仿写10句

Margaret, the eldest of the four, was sixteen, and very pretty,

being plump and fair, with large eyes, plenty of soft brown hair, a

sweet mouth, and white hands, of which she was rather vain.

While making these maternal inquiries Mrs. March got her wet things off, her warm slippers on, and sitting down in the easy

chair, drew Amy to her lap, preparing to enjoy the happiest hour

of her busy day.

It was excellent drill for their memories, a harmless amusement, and

employed many hours which otherwise would have been idle, lonely,

or spent in less profitable society.

There was a simultaneous sigh, which created quite a little gust,

as the last hope fled, and the treat was ravished from their longing


Mother is always ready to be your confidante, Father to be your friend, and both of hope and trust that our daughters, whether married or single, will be the pride and comfort of out lives.

The days kept getting longer and longer, the weather was unusually variable and so were tempers, and unsettled feeling possessed everyone, and Satan found plenty of mischief for the idle hands to do.

This obliging offer was gladly accepted, and Margaret retired

to the parlor, which she hastily put in order by whisking the

litter under the sofa and shutting the blinds to save the trouble

of dusting.

If anyone had been watching her, he would have thought her

movements decidedly peculiar, for on alighting, she went off at a

great pace till she reached a certain number in a certain busy


He missed her,however, and she came walking in with a very queer expression of countenance, for there was a mixture of fun and fear, satisfaction and regret in it, which puzzled the family as much as did the roll of bills she laid before her mother, saying with a little choke in her voice.

All the little duties were faithfully done each day, and

many of her sisters' also, for they were forgetful, and the house

seemed like a clock whose pendulum was gone a-visiting.

What they were to give, neither heard, for both crept into

the dark hall, and, sitting on the stairs, held each other close,

rejoicing with hearts too full for words.

Then she slept again, and the girls waited upon

their mother, for she would not unclasp the thin hand which

clung to hers even in sleep.

Jo dropped a kiss on the top of Mr. Laurence's bald head, and ran up to slip the apology under Laurie's door, advising him through the keyhole to be submissive, decorous, and a few other agreeable impossibilities.

Meg rose as she spoke, and was just going to rehearse the

dignified exit, when a step in the hall made her fly into her

seat and begin to sew as fast as if her life depended on finishing that particular seam in a given time.

The June roses over the porch were awake bright and early on

that morning, rejoicing with all their hearts in the cloudless

sunshine, like friendly little neighbors, as they were.

Meg looked very like a rose herself, for all that was best and

sweetest in heart and soul seemed to bloom into her face that day,

making it fair and tender, with a charm more beautiful than beauty.

As the younger girls stand together, giving the last touches

to their simple toilet, it may be a good time to tell of a few

changes which three years have wrought in their appearance, for

all are looking their best just now.

Never forgetting that by birth she was a gentlewoman,

she cultivated her aristocratic tastes and feelings, so that when

the opportunity came she might be ready to take the place from

which poverty now excluded her.

The minute it was made Jo saw her mistake, but fearing to make the matter worse, suddenly remembered that it was for her to make the first move toward departure, and did so with an abruptness that left three people with half-finished sentences in their mouths.

Remembering the painted boots, she surveyed her white satin slippers with girlish satisfaction, and chassed down the room, admiring her aristocratic feet all by herself.

For Amy's face was full of the soft brightness which betokens

a peaceful heart, her voice had a new tenderness in it, and the cool,

prim carriage was changed to a gentle dignity, both womanly and winning.

Gentlemen are sometimes seized with sudden fits of admiration

for the young relatives of ladies whom they honor with their regard,

but this counterfeit philoprogenitiveness sits uneasily upon them,

and does not deceive anybody a particle.

The knight in whom I'm interest went back to find the pretty face, and learned that the princesses had spun themselves free and all gone and married, but one.

If he asked her to deliver a Latin oration, it would not

have seemed a more impossible task to bashful Beth, but there

was no place to run to, no Jo to hide behind now, and the poor

boy looked so wistfully at her that she bravely resolved to try.

Laurie spoke excitedly, and looked ready to carry his threat

into execution on the slightest provocation, for he was growing up

very fast and, in spite of his indolent ways, had a young man's

hatred of subjection, a young man's restless longing to try the

world for himself.

Bent on showing that he was not offended, he made himself as

agreeable as possible, wound cotton for Meg, recited poetry to

please Jo, shook down cones for Beth, and helped Amy with her

ferns, proving himself a fit person to belong to the `Busy Bee


What a strange yet pleasant day that was. So brilliant and

gay without, for all the world seemed abroad to welcome the first


She was rather surprised, therefore, when the silence remained unbroken, and Jo assumed a patronizing air, which decidedly aggravated Meg, who in turn assumed an air of dignified reserve and devoted herself to her mother.

Amy rose daily in the estimation of her friend, but he sank in hers,

and each felt the truth before a word was spoken.

Jo rather prided herself upon her shopping capabilities, and particularly wished to impress her escort with the neatness and dispatch with which she would accomplish the business.

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The eye because of flows the multi- tears but Pure Brightness, the heart because of had experienced much suffering but is good-natured.


Perhaps, they are only little women, and they only want to court their happiness;


Do you mean that even you guys are lost, you still don't need we tiny little women's directons


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