高中英语词组固定搭配 高中英语固定搭配总结



高中英语词组固定搭配 高中英语固定搭配总结


介词 + 名词形式 `


by accident 偶然

on account of 因为,由于

in addition 另外

in addition to 除 …… 之外

in the air 在流行中,在传播中

on (the/an) average 平均,一般来说

on the basis of 根据,在 …… 的基础上

at (the) best 充其量,至多

for the better 好转,改善

on board 在船 ( 车、飞机 ) 上

out of breath 喘不过气来

on business 因公,因事

in any case 无论如何,总之

in case of 假使,万一

in case 假如,以防 ( 万一 ) 免得

in no case 决不


by chance 偶然,碰巧

in charge (of) 负责,主管

(a) round the clock 昼夜不停地

in common 共用,共有,共同

in conclusion 最后,总之

on condition that 在 …… 条件下

in confidence 信任

in connection with/to 关于

in consequence 因此,结果

in consequence of 由于 …… 的缘故

on the contrary 反之,正相反

in contrast with/to 与 …… 成对照

out of control 失去控制

under control 被控制住

at all costs 不惜任何代价

at the cost of 以 …… 为代价


in the course of 在 …… 过程中,在 …… 期间

of course 当然,自然,无疑

in danger 在危险中,垂危

out of danger 脱离危险

out of date 过期 ( 时 ) 的

up to date 时新的

in debt 欠债

in detail 详细地

in difficulties 处境困难

in the distance 在远处

off duty 下班

on duty 值班,上班

on earth 究竟,到底

at all events 无论如何

in any event 无论如何

in effect 有效;实际上


in the event of 万一,如果发生

for example 例如

with the exception of 除 …… 之外

in the face of 面对,不顾,即使

in fact 其实,实际上

on fire 烧着

on foot 步行

in force 有效;实施中

in favo(u)r of 有利于,赞成,支持 in front of 在 …… 面前

in (the) future 今后,将来

on guard 警惕,防范

in general 通常,大体上

in half 成两半

at hand 在手边,在附近

from tip to toe 彻头彻尾,完全

by hand 用手 hand down to 往下传,传给 ( 后代 )


hand in hand 手拉手,携手

in hand 在掌握中,在控制中

on hand 在手边,临近

on (the) one hand... 一方面 …… ,

on the other hand... 另一方面 ……

at heart 在内心;实质上

by heart 牢记,凭记忆

at home 在家,在国内;自在,自如

in honor of 以纪念,向 …… 表示敬意

on one's honor 以名誉担保

in a hurry 匆忙地,立即

for instance 例如,举例说

at intervals 不时,时时

at last 最终,终于

at least 至少,最低限度

in the least 一点,丝毫


at length 终于,最后;详细地

in the light of 按照,根据

in line 成一直线,排成一行

in line with 与 …… 一致,按照

at a loss 困惑,不知所措

as a matter of fact 其实,事实上

by all means 无论如何,必定 by means of 借助于,用

by no means 决不

in memory of 纪念

at the mercy of 在 …… 支配下

by mistake 错误地

at the moment 现在,此刻

for a moment 片刻,一会儿

for the moment 现在,暂时

in a moment 立刻,马上


in nature 本质上 on occasion 有时,不时

in order 秩序井然,整齐

in group to 以便,为了

in group that 以便

out of order 发生故障,失调

on one's own 独自地,独立地

in particular 特别地,尤其,详细地

in the past 在过去,以往

in person 亲自

in place 在适当的位置

in place of 代替

in the first place 起初,首先

in the last place 最后

out of place 不得其所的,不适当的

on the point 即将 …… 的时候


to the point 切中要害,切题

in practice 在实际中,实际上

out of practice 久不练习,荒疏

at present 目前,现在

for the present 目前,暂时

in proportion to( 与 ……) 成比例的

in public 公开地,当众

for (the) purpose of 为了

on purpose 故意,有意

with the purpose of 为了

in question 正在考虑

at random 随意地,任意地

at any rate 无论如何,至少

by reason of 由于

as regards 关于,至于

with/in regard to 对于,就 …… 而论


in/with relation to 关系到

with respect to 关于

as a result 结果,因此

as a result of 由于 …… 的结果

in return 作为报答,作为回报

on the road 在旅途中

as a rule 规章,规则;通常,照例

in the long run 最终,从长远观点看

for the sake of 为了 …… 起见

on sale 出售;贱卖

on a large scale 大规模地

on a small scale 小规模地

in secret 秘密地,私下地

in a sense 从某种意义上说

in shape 处于良好状态

on the side 作为兼职,额外


at first sight 乍一看,初看起来

in sight 被看到,在望

out of sight 看不见,在视野之外

in spite of 不管,不顾;尽管,虽然

on the spot 当场,在现场

in step 同步,合拍

out of step 步调不一致,不协调

in stock 现有,备有

in sum 总而言之

in tears 流着泪,含泪,哭

in terms of 依据,按照;用 …… 措词

for one thing 首先,一则

on the second thoughts 经重新考虑,一转念

at a time 每次,一次

at no time 从不,决不

at one time 同时,曾经,从前曾


at the same time 但是,然而

at times 有时

for the time being 目前,暂时

from time to time 有时,不时

in no time 立即,马上

in time 及时,适时地

on time 准时

on top of 在 …… 之上

out of touch 失去联系

in truth 事实上,实际上,的确

on try 试穿

by turns 轮流,交替地

in turn 依次,轮流

in vain 徒劳,无效

a variety of 种种,各种

by virtue of 由于


by the way 顺便提一下,另外

by way of 经由,通过 …… 方式

in a way 在某点,在某种程度上

in no way 决不

in the way of 妨碍

in one's/the way 妨碍,阻碍

after a while 过了一会,不久

for a while 暂时,一时

on the whole 总的来说

in a word 总而言之

in other words 换句话说,也就是说

at work 在工作,忙于

out of work 失业

in the world 到底,究竟

动词 + 名词形式


have/gain access to 可以获得

take...into account 考虑

gain/have an advantage over 胜过,优于

pay the way for 为 …… 铺平道路

take advantage of 利用,趁 …… 之机

pay attention to 注意

do/try one's best 尽力,努力

get the best of 胜过

make the best of 充分利用,妥善处理

get the better of 打败,致胜

catch one's breath 屏息,歇口气

take care 小心,当心

take care of 照顾,照料

take a chance 冒险一试

take charge of 担任,负责

keep company with 与 …… 交往,与 ……

take delight in 以 …… 为乐

with delight 欣然,乐意地


make a/the difference 有影响,很重要

carry/bring into effect 使生效,使起作用

put into effect 实行,生效

come/go into effect 生效,实施

take effect 生效,起作用

catch one's eye 引人注目

keep an eye on 留意,照看

make a face 做鬼脸

find fault 埋怨,挑剔

catch fire 着火

come/go into force 生效,实施

make friends 交朋友,友好相处

be friends with 对 …… 友好,与 …… 交上朋友

make fun of 取笑,嘲弄

keep one's head 保持镇静

lost one's head 不知所措


lose heart 丧失勇气,失去信心

get/learn by heart 记住,背诵

get hold of 抓住,掌握

keep house 管理家务,做家务

throw/cast light on 使明白,阐明

bear/keep in mind 记住

have in mind 记住,考虑到,想到

make up one's mind 下决心

come/go into operation 使投入生产,使运转

put in order 整理,检修

keep/hold pace with 跟上,与 …… 同步

play a part 起作用

take place 发生,进行

take the place of 代替

come to the point 说到要点,扼要地说

bring/carry into practice 实施,实行


make progress 进步,进展

give rise to 引起,使发生

make sense 讲得通,有意义

catch the sight of 发现,突然看见

(go) on the stage 当演员

take one's time 不急不忙,从容进行

keep in touch 保持联系

keep track 通晓事态,注意动向

lose track 失去联系

make use of 利用

put to use 使用,利用

give way 让路,让步

lead the way 带路,引路

make one's way 前进,进行

make way 让路,开路

keep one's word 遵守诺言


act on 作用

appeal to 呼吁,要求

attempt at 企图,努力

attitude to/towards 态度,看法

a great/good deal of 大量 ( 的 ) ,许多 ( 的 )

influence on 影响

interference in 干涉

interference with 妨碍,打扰


introduce to 介绍

a lot (of) 许多 ( 的 ) ,大量 ( 的 )

lots of 大量,很多

fall in love with 相爱,爱上

a matter of( 关于 ……) 的问题

a number of 若干,许多

reply to 回答,答复

a series of 一系列,一连串



trolley bus 电车

I. D. card 身份证

credit card 信用卡

no doubt 无疑,必定

next door 隔壁

out of doors 在户外

face to face 面对面地

as matter of fact 实际情况,真相

a few 有些,几个

quite a few 还不少,有相当数目的

a little 一点,稍微,一些,少许

little by little 逐渐地

quite a little 相当多,不少

no matter 无论

the moment (that) 一 …… 就

no more 不再


fair play 公平竞赛;公平对待

in demand 有需要,销路好

rest room 厕所,盥洗室

primary school 小学

side by side 肩并肩,一个挨一个

heart and soul 全心全意

step by step 逐步

ahead of time 提前

all the time 一直,始终

once upon a time 从前

once in a while 偶尔,有时

no wonder 难怪,怪不得

word for word 逐字地

decline with thanks 婉言谢绝

动词 + 介词形式


account for 说明 ( 原因等 )

aim at 瞄准,针对

allow for 考虑到

appeal to 呼吁,要求

arrive at 达成,得出

ask after 询问,问候

ask for 请求,要求

attach to 附属于,隶属于

begin with 从开始

break into 闯入

break off 断绝,结束

break through 突破

break up 中止,结束;打碎,折断

bring about 带来,造成

bring down 打倒,挫伤;降低

bring forth 产生,提上


bring forward 提出

bring out 使出现;公布;出版

bring up 教育,培养,使成长

build up 积累;堵塞;树立,逐步建立;增进;锻炼

call for 邀请;要求;需求

call forth 唤起,引起;振作起,鼓起

call off 放弃,取消

catch at 抓住 ( 东西 )

call on/upon 访问,拜访;号召,呼吁

call up 召集,动员;打电话

care for 照管,关心;喜欢,意欲

carry off 夺去

carry on 继续下去;从事,经营

carry out 贯彻,执行;实现

come to 总计,达到;苏醒,复原

count on 依靠;期待,指望

count up 把 …… 相加


cover up 掩饰,掩盖

cut across 走捷径,抄近路

deal with 处理,对付,安排

do without 没有 …… 也行

fill in/out 填充,填写

get at 得到,接近;意思是

get into 进入,陷入

go after 追求

go into 进入;研究,调查

go for 竭力想取得;喜爱;支持,拥护

go through 经历,经受;详细检查

go with 伴随,与 …… 协调

go without 没有 …… 也行

improve on 改进

keep to 保持,坚持

lie in 在于

live up to 不辜负


live on/by 靠 …… 生活,以 …… 为食

live through 度过,经受过

look after 照管,照料

look at 看望,注视

look for 寻找,寻求

look into 调查,观察,过问;窥视

look over 检查,查看,调查

look through 仔细查看,浏览,温习

make for 走向,驶向;有助于

occur to 被想到,被想起

play with 以 …… 为消遣,玩弄

refer to 参考,查阅,涉及,提到

run for 竞选

run into 撞上,偶然碰见

see to 注意,负责,照料,修理

send for 派人去请,召唤;索取


send in 呈报,递交,送来

serve as 作为,用作

set aside 挑出,拨出,留出;拒绝

sit for 参加

stand by 支持,帮助;袖手旁观

stand for 代替,代表,意味着

stand against 反抗,抵抗

stick to 坚持,忠于,信守

take after 与 …… 相像

take for 把 …… 认为是,把 …… 看成是

take in 接受,吸收;了解,理解

take to 喜欢,亲近

touch on 关系到,涉及

turn into 变成

turn to 变成;求助于,借助于

turn off 关上;出产;解雇

动词 + 副词形式


break down 损坏,分解,瓦解

break in 闯入;打断,插嘴

break out 逃出;突然发生,爆发

bring to 使恢复知觉

burn out 烧掉

burn up 烧起来,旺起来;烧完

catch on 理解,明白

check in 办理登记手续

check out 结账后离开;检验,核查

check up (on) 校对,检查,检验

cheer up 使高兴,使振奋

clear away 扫除,收拾

clear up 收拾;澄清;放晴

make it clear that 弄清楚

come off 实现,成功,奏效

come on 请,来吧,快点;开始,出场,上演

come out 出版;出现,显露;结果是


come round (around) 来访,前来;苏醒,复原

come through 经历,脱险

come up 走近,上来;发生,被提出

cross out 删去,取消

cut back 削减,减少

cut down 削减,降低

cut in( 汽车 ) 抢道;插嘴,打断

cut off 切断;删去;停止

cut out 删除

cut short 突然停止

die down 渐渐消失,平息

die out 消失,灭绝

draw in( 火车、汽车 ) 到站

draw up 写上,画上;草拟;停住

dress up 穿上盛装,打扮得很漂亮

drop by/in 顺便来访

dry out 干透,使干

dry up 干涸,枯竭


drop off 减弱,减少

drop out 退出,离队

fall behind 落后

fall out 争吵;结果是

fall through 落空,失败

feed in 输入

find out 查明

get across 解释清楚,使人了解

get around/round 走动,旅行; ( 消息 ) 传开

get away 逃脱,离开

get by 通过,经过

get down 从 …… 下来;写下

get in 进入;收获,收集

get off 从 …… 下来;离开,动身,开始

get over 克服; ( 从病中 ) 恢复过来

get through 结束,完成;接通电话

have got to (do) 不得不,必须


get together 集合,聚集

get up 起床;增加,增强

give away 泄露;分送

give back 送还,恢复

give in 交上;投降,屈服

give off 放出,释放

give out 分发,放出

give up 停止,放弃

go ahead 开始,前进;领先

go by 过去

go down 下降,降低;被载入,传下去

go off 爆炸,发射;动身,离开

go out 外出;熄灭

go over 检查,审查;复习,重温

go round/around 足够分配

go under 下沉,沉没;失败;破产

go through 通过,审查,完成


go up 上升,增加;建起

hand down 流传下来,传给,往下传

hand in 交上,递交

hand on 传下来,依次传递

hand out 分发,散发,发给

hand over 交出,移交,让与

hang about 闲荡,徘徊,逗留

hang back 犹豫,踌躇,畏缩

hang on 抓紧不放;继续下去

hang up 挂断 ( 电话 )

have back 要回,收回

have on 穿着,戴着

hold back 踌躇,退缩;阻止,抑制

hold on 继续,握住不放

hold out 维持,支持;坚持,不屈服

hold up 举起,阻挡,使停止;抢劫


hurry up( 使 ) 赶快,迅速完成

keep back 阻止,阻挡;隐瞒,保留

keep down 控制,压制,镇压;压低

keep off 不接近,避开

keep up 保持,维持;继续,坚持

let down 放下,降低;使失望

let in 让 …… 进入,放 …… 进来

let off 放 ( 烟,烟火 ) ,开 ( 枪 )

let out 放掉,放出,发出

line up 排队,使排成一行

look back 回顾,回头看

look out 留神,注意,提防,警惕

look on 旁观,观看;看待,视作

look up 查阅,查考;寻找 ( 某人 )

look in 顺便看望

make out 辨认,区分;理解,了解

make out of 用 …… 做,从 …… 得出


make up 构成,拼凑;弥补,赔偿;化装

mix up 混淆,混合,搞糊涂

pass away 去世,逝世

pass off 中止,停止

pass to 转到,讨论,传到

pass out 失去知觉,昏倒

pay back 偿还,回报

pay off 还清 ( 债 )

pay down 即时交付,用现金支付

pay up 全部付清


pick out 选出,挑出,拣出;辨认,辨别出

pick up 拾起, ( 偶然 ) 得到; ( 车船 ) 中途搭 ( 人 ) ,学会

pull down 拆毁,拉倒;拉下,降低

pull in( 车 ) 停下,进站,船 ( 到岸 )

pull off 脱 ( 帽、衣 )

pull on 穿,戴

pull out 拔出,抽出; ( 车、船 ) 驶出

pull together 齐心协力

pull up( 使 ) 停下

put across 解释清楚,说明

put aside 储存,保留

put away 放好,收好;储存

put down 记下,放下;镇压,平定

put forward 提出

put in 驶进

put on 穿上,戴上;上演;增加 ( 体重 )

put out 熄灭,关 ( 灯 ) ;出版,发布;生产

put right 改正 ( 错误 ) ,整理


put up 提起,举起,提 ( 价 ) ;为 …… 提供食宿,投宿

ring off 挂断电话

rub out 擦掉,拭去

run down 撞倒,撞沉;追捕,追查

run off 复印,打印

run over 略读,略述;辗过,浏览,匆匆复习

see off 给 …… 送行

see through 看穿,识破;干完,干到底

set back 推迟,延缓,阻碍

set down 卸下,放下,记下,记入

set forth 阐明,陈述

set off 出发,动身;引起,使发生

set out 陈列,显示;动身,起程;制定

set up 创立,建立,树立;资助,扶持

show in 领入

show off 炫耀,卖弄


show up 使呈现,使醒目

shut out 排除

sit in 列席,旁听

sit up 迟睡,熬夜

speed up 使加速

stand out 突出,显眼

stand up 站起来,耐用

step up 提高,加快,加紧

step in 插入,介入

stick out 伸出,突出;坚持到底,继续

take away 消除;消耗

take down 记下,写下

take off 拿走,脱下;起飞

take on 呈现;接纳,承担,从事

take over 接管,接办

take up 占据;开始;拿起,接收

take up with 和 …… 交往,忍受,采用


think over 仔细考虑

throw away 扔掉,抛弃

touch up 润色,改进

turn down 拧小,调低;拒绝

turn in 交出,上缴;转身进入

turn off 关掉,断开;拐弯,叉开

turn on 接通,打开

turn out 制造,生产;结果是

turn over 翻过来;移交,转交

turn up 开大;出现;来到;发生

use up 用完,花完

warm up 变热

wear off 逐渐消失

wear out 用破;耗尽,使精疲力竭

while away 消磨 ( 时间 )

wipe out 擦去,抹去;消灭,毁灭

work out 解决,算出;弄懂,制定出

work up 引起,激起;逐渐上升

work on 从事于,努力做

write off 报废,勾销,注销



aim at 目的在于,旨在;瞄准

accuse...of... 控告;谴责

depend on 取决于

devote to 奉献,致力

engage in 从事于,忙着;订婚

feel like 欲,想要

go on 继续;发生

cannot/couldnt help 禁不住;不得不

insist on 坚持

keep from 使 …… 不 ( 做 )

keep on 继续不断,保持

look forward to 盼望,期待

persist in 坚持,持续

prevent from 预防,防止

put off 推迟,推延

set about 开始,着手

succeed in 成功

thank for 感谢

think of 想起,想到;想一想


be good to   对….友好  add up  合计 another time  改时间 get sth done  使…被做 calm down  镇定下来  have got to  不得不walk the dog  遛狗 make a list of   列出  hide away  躲藏;隐藏be concerned about  关心;挂念  share sth with sb  和某人分享某物go through  经历;仔细检查  set down  放下;记下  a series of 一系列;一套be crazy about  对…着迷  on purpose  故意 in order to/ so as to  为了 face to face 面对面地 get along with 与…相处 pack up  收拾,打理行装 according to  按照;根据…所说 

have trouble with sb/sth 同某人闹意见;做…有困难communicate with sb 和…交际  throw away the friendship  放弃/终止友谊try out  试验;试用  join in  参加(活动) far and wide   到处look to sth  注意,留心某事  fall in love  相爱  ignorant of   无知的

cheat sb (out) of sth  骗取某人某物 have the/a habit of doing sth  有做…的习惯   


1.I wonder if…  我想知道是否…. 2. It’s because…  这是因为….  此从句中because不能用since或as 代替3. What do you think a good friend should be like?  你认为一个好朋友应该是什么样的呢?4. While walking the dog, you were careless and it got loose and was hit by a car. =While you were walking the dog, …在遛狗时,你不小心让狗挣脱了绳子,结果狗被车撞了。(当while, when, before, after 等引导的时间状语从句中的主语与主句的主语一致时,可将从句中的主语和be动词省去。)5. Do you want a friend whom you could tell everything to, like your deepest feelings and thoughts? 你想有一位无话不谈、能推心置腹的朋友吗?6. I haven’t been able to be outdoors for so long that I’ve grown so crazy about everything to do with nature. 我已经很久不能去户外,所以我变得对自然界的所有东西都很感兴趣。7. I can well remember that there was a time when a deep blue sky, the song of birds, moonlight and flowers could never have kept me spellbound.  我记得非常清楚,曾有一段时间,湛蓝的天空、鸟儿的歌唱、月光和鲜花,从未使我心醉神迷过。8. It was the first time in a year and a half that I’d seen the night face to face. 这是我一年半以来第一次目睹夜晚。9. I would be grateful if you could give me some advice.   如果您给我提些建议,我会非常感谢的。  (I would be grateful if…  委婉客气提出请求)10. It’s a good habit for you to keep a diary.   记日记对你来说是个好习惯。11. She found it difficult to settle and…12. This series of readers is very interesting.13. A friend in need is a friend indeed.14. People are told that their actions should be as gentle as the wind that blows from the sea.

新课标必修1 Unit2 重点词组句子归纳总结


in…ways 在…方面    such as 例如 believe it or not 信不信由你come up with 提出 come up to a place 参观某地 ever before 从前even if/ though 即使 at the end of 在…末期 be based on 在...基础上close to 距离…近 change…into 把…变成 in the early days 在早期take…with…随身携带 the same…as 与…相同的 at present 目前be absent from 缺席 be present at 在席;出席 carry out a rule 执行规则 be a native of 是…人 at sb’s request 应某人的要求 have a command of掌握make a request 请求 request that …(should)+v原形 in one direction 朝一个方向give commands 命令 be different from 与…不同 i n the 1620’s = in the 1600sas a rule 通常;照例 be native to 是…的土产动物/植物 as we know 正如我们所知an international language 一门国际语言   an international organization 一个国际组织play a role/ part (in) 在…中担任角色;在…中起作用;扮演一个角色;参与play an important role/ part 在…中起重要作用   because of 因为;由于come up (vi) 走进;上来;发生;被讨论make (good/ full) use of (好好/充分)利用from one place to another 从一处到另一处 present sth to sb / present sb with sth句子归纳:

1. However, they may not be able to understand everything.(然而,他们可能不是什么都懂。)2. This is because Britain ruled India from 1765 to 1947.(这是因为英国于1765年到1947年统治过印度。)3. All languages change when cultures communicate with one another.(当不同文化互相沟通时,所有的语言都会发生变化。)4. What the British call “petrol” the Americans call “gas”.(美国人把被英国人称作“petrol”的东西称作“gas”。 此处what引导宾语从句)5. Actually, it was based more on German than present day English.(实际上,当时的英语更多地是以德语为基础的,而现代英语不是。)6. …those who reported the news were expected to speak excellent English.7. The US is a large country in which many different dialects are spoken.(in which= where, 其引导定语从句。 美国是一个大国,国内说着许许多多的方言。)8. …there is more than one kind of English in the world.(more than one+单数可数名词,作主语时,谓语用单数) 9. It is not easy for a Chinese person to speak English as well as a native English speaker.(对于一个中国人来说把英语说得跟以英语为母语的人一样好是不容易的。)句型:It is + adj/n+ for sb to do sth 对于某人来说做某事是…扩充:It is + adj+ of /for sb to do sth当句式中形容词修饰to do sth 时用for; 若形容词修饰sb,则用of.eg: It’s kind of you to help me carry the box.

附:1.  either…or…和neither…nor…连接两个名词作主语,谓语动词采取就近原则。2. be different in强调在某方面的不同be different from   强调在各方面的不同3.  in the end 最后,最终   后无of 结构三个表示最后最终的用法:⑴finally: 按照顺序的最后,常与first, secondly 等连用⑵at last: 经过长时间等待直到最后⑶in the end: 经过长期曲折斗争努力,终于…    如:战争等4. 与人交谈,常会有听不清楚或听不懂的情形,遇到这种情况该如何开口呢?⑴Pardon?⑵I beg your pardon? I don’t understand./ Sorry, I can’t follow you.对不起,我没听懂,请再说一遍好吗?⑶Could you say that again, please? / Could you repeat that, please? 请再说一遍好吗?⑷Could you speak more slowly, please? 请你说得慢一点好吗?5. include — including; included identity — identifyactually — actual (adj);    apidly — rapid (v)government (n) — govern(v) wide (adj) — widen (v);   broad (adj) — broaden (v) foreign — foreigner; solve (v) — solution (n) 6.  petrol------gas ; lift------elevator;flat------apartment film------movie;    sweets----candy; post------mail  

新课标必修1 Unit3 Travel Journal 重点词组句子归纳总结


one-way fare 单程票 round-trip fare 往返票 graduate from 从…毕业care about 忧虑,关心  care for喜欢,照顾  care to do愿意/同意做某事give in (vt) 上交 give in (to) 投降;屈服;让步 give up 放弃                        give up doing/sth as usual 像往常一样         at midnight 午夜at an altitude of 在…海拔上 attitude to/ toward(s) 对…态度change one’s mind 改变主意 to my mind = in my opinionmake camp 野营,宿营 make up one’s mind to do 决心干某事put up one’s tents 搭起帐篷 sth be familiar to sb某事为某人所熟悉  dream of/ about doing sth  梦想做某事   go for long bike rides 做长途自行车旅行persuade sb to do sth= persuade sb into doing sth 说服某人做某事persuade sb not to do sth= persuade sb out of doing sth 说服某人不做某事determine to do sth ( 动作)  /  be determined to do sth (心理) 决心干某事get sb interested in 使某人对..感兴趣 insist on (one’s) sth/ doing sth 一定要;坚持要the best way of doing sth/ the best way to do sth 干某事的最好办法sb be familiar with sth某人熟悉某事can’t wait/ can hardly wait to do sth 迫不及待想干某事for one thing… for another (用来引出某事的理由)一则… 二则…take one’s breath away 使某人大吃一惊


1. It was my sister who first had the idea to cycle along the Mekong River.强调句基本句型:it is/ was…. that….其中指人时可用who(主),whom(宾)。2. Although she didn’t know the best way of getting to places, she insisted that we (should) find the source of the river.insist that….(should)+ v原形   坚持要;坚持要求insist that….陈述语气         坚持说;坚持认为 3. Have you ever seen snowmen ride bicycles? (metaphor)4. To climb the mountain road was hard work but to go down the hills was great fun.5. Good luck on your journey.6. The lake shone like glass in the moonlight. (simile) 新课标必修1 Unit4  Earthquakes 重点词组句子归纳总结重点词组:

have time to do 有时间做某事 happen to do 碰巧做某事shake hands with sb 握手                 burst into tears/ laughter  in ruins 成为废墟                            cut across 穿过、横穿blow away 吹走、刮走                      fall down 倒塌rescue workers 救援人员               be pleased to do 乐意做某事make/ give a speech 发表演说           judging….from 根据……来判断tens of thousands of 成千上万 dig out 挖掘burst out crying/laughing突然哭/笑起来 think little of 对……评价低   be proud of / take pride in 以……而e68a84e799bee5baa631333262376566自豪 invite sb to do sth 邀请某人做某事             invite sb for/ to sth                           think highly of 对……评价高one-third 1/3     two-thirds  2/3        seventy-five percent   75%agree with sb                               give out 发出(气味等);分发;耗尽a great/ large number of =a great many/good  大量的be trapped in/ under 陷入……/ 陷在……下面the high school speaking competition 高中演讲比赛 have sb do sth= make sb do sth= let sb do sth 让某人做某事come to an end (vi) = put/ bring sth to an end = put/ bring an end to sth 结束某事agree to sth give off 发出(气味等)  give back 归还give away 赠送;泄露 agree on sth 达成一致意见  agree to do sth            right away= right now= at once= immediately 立刻as you know 正如你所知道的                 be known as 作为……而知名as is known to all 众所周知 be known for 因……而出名as could be expected 正如可以预料到的        it is useless doing sth 干某事是无用的happen= take place= come about= break out 偶发   有计划      偶发     战争等爆发


1. It is always calm before a storm.2. Now, imagine there has been a big earthquake.  此句为There be 句型3. Mice ran out of the fields looking for places to hide.  现在分词表伴随4. It seemed that the world was at an end.5. Water, food and electricity were hard to get.句型:主语+ be + adj + to do   其中to do 用主动形式表示被动含义6. All hope was not lost.     all 与not 连用 表示部分否定7. It’s never too late to learn.   活到老,学到老。附:分词用法 之  作定语falling leaves  正在落的叶子                boiling water  正在沸腾的水fallen leaves   已经落在地上的叶子          boiled water  开水

新课标必修1 Unit5 Nelson Mandela 重点词组句子归纳总结


lose heart 丧失勇气 worry about 担心 lose one’s heart to sb/sth  爱上,喜欢上be worried about 担心(状态) in trouble 处于不幸中be sentenced to 被判处 be out of work = lose one’s job 失业be equal to 相等的,平等的 be proud of / take pride in 以……而自豪invite sb to do sth 邀请某人做某事           invite sb for/ to sth                           think highly of 对……评价高 one-third 1/3     two-thirds  2/3        seventy-five percent   75% agree with sb                               give out 发出(气味等);分发;耗尽 as a matter of fact = in fact = actually 事实上  blow up 充气 爆炸 beg for 乞讨 set up 建立,创立;设置,竖起send up 发射,使上涨 set about 着手做某事 (set about doing sth)go up 上升,增长;被兴建 set off 出发,动身 set up 设立,建立;设置,竖起set out 陈列,摆出;开始(set out to do sth) stop sb (from) doing sthbe active in = take an active part in 积极参与,在……活跃keep sb from doing sth阻止某人做某事        die for 为……而死die from 死于(外因)prevent sb (from) doing sthdie of 死于(内因 如:饥饿,寒冷,疾病等)be proud of / take pride in 以……而自豪invite sb to do sth 邀请某人做某事 invite sb for/ to sth    agree with sb think highly of 对…评价高one-third 1/3     two-thirds  2/3 seventy-five percent 75%  give out 发出(气味等);分发;耗尽put sb in prison= throw sb into prison= send sb to prison 把……投入监狱advise sb to do sth 建议某人做某事 advice 不可数   a piece of adviceadvise doing sth fight for 为争取……而斗争 advise sb on sthfight against 为反对……而斗争 advise that (should)+ v原fight with 同……并肩作战/ 同……斗争 have problems/ difficulty/ trouble with sthwork out 算出 have a go= have a try break the law 违反法律have problems/ difficulty/ trouble (in) doing sth          be willing to do sth 乐于做某事realize one’s dream of 实现…… 的梦想 answer violence with violence 以暴制暴come to power 当权,上台 social activities 社会活动equal (adj)--- equally (adv)--- equality (n)          violence (n)------violent (adj)cruelty (n)--- cruel (adj)--- cruelly (adv) educated (adj)------education (n)willing----unwilling 不愿意的 active----inactive 不活跃的


1. Only then did we decide to answer violence with violence.only 放在句首且后接状语时(作状语:副词;介词短语;状语从句),要使用部分倒装------才用一般疑问句语序。Only yesterday did his father tell him the truth.Only when his father came back did he go to bed. (从句无需倒装,主句要倒装)2. He strongly believed in the three principles: nationalism; people’s rights; people’s livelihood.他主张三民主义:民主、民权、民生。3. I felt bad the first time I talked to the group. the first time 用法相当于连词用法,用来引导从句链接:It’s the first time that 现在完成时It was the first time that 过去完成时4. He taught us during the lunch breaks and the evenings when we should have been asleep. (should have done 本应做而未做)needn’t have done 本不应做而做了 can’t have done 过去不可能做过




1. With the help of 在~~帮助下

under the leadership / care of 在~~领导/关心下

2. be strict with sb. 对~人要求严格

be strict in sth. 对~事要求严格

3. at present=at the present time 目前

for the present 暂时

4. in the sun/sunshine 在阳光下

under the sun 在世界上

5. lie in 位于~~之内

lie on 同~~接壤

lie to 位于~~之外

6. at least 至少

in the least 丝毫,一点

7. by name 名叫

in the name of 以~~名义

8. in the air 空中,在流传

on the air 播出

9. in the way 挡路,障碍,用~~方法

in a way 在某点上,在某种程度上

get one’s own way to do 随心所欲

give way 让步,屈服

lose one’s way 迷路

by the way 顺便说一下

on one’s way to 在去~~的路上

Come this way 这边走

10. at the corner 在拐角处(外角)

in the corner 在角落里(内角)

on the corner 在角落上(外角上)

11. judge by / from 根据~~来判断

judge for oneself 由某人自己来判断

12. at the end (of) 在~~结束时

at the beginning of 在~~开始时

at the back of 在~~背后,支持

at the age of ~~岁时

at the foot of 在~~脚下

at the bottom of 在~~底部

at the top of 在~~顶上

at/on the edge of 在~~边上

13. in the course of 在~~过程中

in the eyes of 从~~观点看来,在~~眼里

in the face of 面对~~,尽管,纵使

in the middle of 在~~中间

in the end =at last=finally 最后

14. on the eve of 在~~前夕

on the side of 在~~一边

15. after a time = after some time 过一段时间后

for a time = for some time 一时,有一段时间

16. behind time 迟到,过期

behind the times 落在时代后面

17. at no time 决不

in no time 立即,马上

18. at one time = once time 曾经

at a time = each time 每次

at times = sometimes 有时

at all times 经常,一直,始终

at the same time 同时

at the time 在~~的时候

by the time 到~~的时候

19. for a moment 一会儿

for the moment 暂时

at the moment 当时

the moment /minute /instance 正当~~一刹那

20. once or twice 一两次

more than once 不止一次

once more 重新,又

once upon a time 从前

once in a while 偶尔


1. be on show / display / play / sale / strike / duty / trial

2. be of value / importance / use / no use / color / age / size / height / weight / significance

3. to one’s joy / surprise / pleasure / astonishment / sorrow / delight

4. in surprise / wonder / alarm / terror / horror / delight

5. by air / bicycle / boat / bus / car / letter / post / plane / telephone / train / wire

6. at daybreak / sunrise / dawn / noon/ dark / night

7. out of breath / control / question / sight

8. in fact / reality / substance / nature / practice / theory / short / brief / a word / detail / all / average / full / time / fashion / existence / turn / vain / haste / appearance / common / sum/

general / particular / public / secret / order / part / power / stock / case / bed / future / name / addition / sight

9. on duty / shift / holiday / leave / business / purpose / time / sale / show / board / hand / record / request / root / earth / farm / principle

10. for example / instance / all / good / nothing / convenience / short / fear / sale

11. by weight ( volume size number~~ ) / profession / definition / rule / turn / chance/ accident/

mistake / hand / train ( bus ,taxi ,ship ,boat ~~) / air / land / force / day / nature / sight

12. at most / least / best / worst / once / first / last / home / school / will ( at will:任意) / work /

night / midnight / daybreak / dawn / present / length / large

13. as above / below / following / over / usual / before / a matter of fact

14. above all / measure / normal

15. before all / long / time / now / then

16. after all / class / school

17. out of action / order / condition / use / operation / step / joint / repair/ gear / balance / range/

doubt / date / danger / hand / shape / place / question / stock /

18. with caution / interest / difficulty / ease / advantage / effect / reason / vigor / reserve / success / confidence

19. beyond comprehension / conception / description / expression / doubt / control / reach / power / measure / grasp / compare / controversy / dispute / hope / example

20. under age / discussion / test / way / repair



1. 以of结尾

ahead of , aside of , because of , east of , west of , instead of , short of , lack of , regardless of

2. 以to结尾

according to , as to , counter to , due to , owing to , next to , previous to , prior to , apostle to ,

relative to , subject to , subsequent to , on to , thanks to

3. 以with结尾

along with , together with

4. 以for结尾

as for , but for , except for , save for

5. 以from结尾

from above , from below , from among , from between , from beneath , from behind ,

from over


1. 以in开头

in addition to , in advance of , in agreement with , in case of , in charge of , in comparison with

in consequence of , in consideration of , in (the) course of , in contrast with , in the face of ,

in favor of , in front of , in honor of , in (the) light of , in the middle of , in the name of ,

in need of , in obedience to , in opposition to , in place of , in preference to , in (the) process of

in regard to , in reply to , in respect of

2. 以by开头

by means of , by order of , by reason of , by virtue of , by way of

3. 以at开头

at the beginning of , at the cost of , at the end of , at the hands of , at mercy of , at the point of ,

at the risk of

4. 以with开头

with an eye to , with the exception of , with the purpose of , with reference to , with regard to,

with respect to , with a view to , with the view of

5. 以for开头

for the benefit of , for fear of , for lack of , for the good of , for the sake of

6. 以under开头

under cover of , under pain of , under the present of

7. 以on开头

on account of , on behalf of , on the occasion of , on the part of , on the point of , on top of


1. I will share (in) the pleasure with him.

2. I spent two hours (in) reading the article.

3. I’ll write (to) you a letter.

4. He plays (on) the piano every evening.

5. Smith has traveled (through) China.

6. They are fighting (against) their enemy.

7. Please fill (in) the blanks in the following.

8. The houses face (to/on) the south.

9. She scolded (at) her child yesterday.

10. It is (of) no use talking.

11. There is no use (in) talking.

12. We couldn’t prevent them (from) getting married.

13. He is busy (in) preparing for the exam.

14. I have studied English (for) ten years.

15. This shirt doesn’t fit (for) me.

16. I want a place to live (in) .

17. You ought to break (off) this habit.

18. She always share (in) my troubles as well as (in ) my jobs.


1. 以break为中心的词组

break away from 脱离,逃离

break down 破坏,粉碎;瓦解;出故障,抛锚

break in 闯进,打断;使顺服

break into 闯入;强行进入;突然开始

break out 爆发,发生;准备使用;起锚

break the law 违反法律

break the record 破记录

break one’s promise 失言

break up 开垦,破碎;解散,分开,分解

2. 以catch为中心的词组

be caught doing 被发现做某事

be caught in the rain 淋雨

catch a bus/train 赶汽车/火车

catch a cold 伤风,感冒

catch one’s word 听懂某人的话

catch sight of 发现,瞥见

catch up with 赶上,追及,追上

3. 以come为中心的词组

come across 偶尔发现,想起;越过;偿付

come along 一道来,陪伴;进步,进展;出现

come at 达到,求得,得到;扑向,袭击

come back 回来;恢复,复原

come down 倒下;降落;跌落;病倒

come from 来自,起源于,从~~产生,生于

come in 进来,进入;流行起来;获名次

come into being 发生,产生,出现,形成

come into power 开始执政,当权,当选

come into use 开始使用,获得应用

come on 上演;开始;赶快;发展;登台;(问题)被提出

come out 出来,传出;出版;结果是;褪色;(秘密)泄露

come to 苏醒,复原;共计;达到;归结于

come to an end 终止,结束

come to know 开始了解到

come true 实现,成为现实;证实

come up 走近;上楼;长出,发芽

4. 以do为中心的词组

be done in 精疲力竭

be done with 完全结束

do a good deed 做一件好事

do away with 去掉,废除;弄死;浪费

do good to (=do sb. good) 有益于

do harm to (=do sb. good) 有害于

do its work 有效,有作用

do much 极有用

do wrong to 做错

do one’s best 尽某人最大努力

do one’s homework 做作业

do one’s utmost 尽力而为

do proud 足以使~~骄傲

do sb. justice 公平对待某人

do some cleaning (V+ing,etc.) 搞卫生

do sb. a favor 帮助某人

do well in 学得不错,干得漂亮

do with 和~~相处,忍受,处理

do without 不需要,不用

do wonders 创造奇迹

have much to do with 和~~很有关系

have nothing to do with 与~~无关

have something to do with 和~~有关

in doing so=in so doing 这时,在这种情况下

That will do. 行了;够了

5. 以get为中心的词组

get about 徘徊,走动,旅行;流传

get above oneself 自视高傲

get accustomed to 习惯于,对~~习以为常

get across 度过,通过,横过;说服,使理解

get ahead of 胜过,超过

get along 前进,进步;同意;离去

get along with 与~~相处

get at 发现,了解;掌握;攻击

get away 离开,逃脱

get back 取回,回来;报复

get behind 落后;识破

get down 咽下;写下;使沮丧,使抑郁

get down to 认真对待,静下心来

get familiar with 熟悉

get hold of 获得,取得

get home 到家

get in 进入,陷入;牵涉

get off 送走;脱下(衣服);下车;动身

get on 上车;穿上;进步,使前进;成功;相处

get upon with 进步;在~~方面获得成功

get one’s hand in 熟悉;习惯

get out of 由~~出来,从~~得出;避免;退休

get over 越过;恢复,痊愈;克服;完成

get ready for 为~~作准备

get rid of 除去,去掉;免除,摆脱

get through 到达,完成,通过;及格

get together 积聚,积累;商谈,取得一致意见

get up 起床,起立;研究,钻研;致力于;安排,组织

get used to 习惯于

have got to do 不得不,必须

6. 以give为中心的词组

be given to 沉溺于,癖好

give about 分配;传播

give and take 相互迁就

give away 赠送;牺牲;泄露;颁发

give back 归还

give cause 给予~~的理由

give ear to 侧耳倾听

give forth 发出,放出;发表

give in 屈服,让步,投降

give in to 同意,接受;向~~让步

give off 发出(烟,气味)

give oneself out to be/as 自称为

give oneself up to 专心于;向~~自首

give out 分发,公布

give place to 让位于,被~~所替代

give rise to 引起,导致;使~~发生

give sb. to understand 通知某人

give up 放弃;停止

give way to 让步,退却;屈服于

7. 以look为中心的词组

look about 四下环顾;查看

look after 照顾,看管

look around 东张西望

look at 注视,着眼于

look back 回顾

look for 寻找;期待,期望

look down on 俯视;轻视

look forward to 盼望,期待

look into 窥视;调查;浏览

look like 看起来象

look on 旁观;面向

look out 向外看;注意;当心,堤防

look over 从上面看过去;检查

look through 透过~~看去;看穿;浏览

look up to 仰望,尊敬

8. 以make为中心的词组

be made from 由~~原料制成

be made of 由~~材料制成

be made up of 由~~组成

make a fool of 愚弄,欺骗

make a mistake 弄错

make a point of doing 强调;认为~~重要;决心,坚持

make advantages/use of 使用,利用

make after 追求,追赶

make believe 假装

make certain 确信,把~~弄清楚

make contact with 接通,与~~接触,与~~联系

make for 去向,向~~前进;有利于

make friends with 和~~交友

make into 把~~制成,使~~转变为

make much of 重视;理解;赏识

make one’s mind on sth. 决定某事

make one’s own 当作自己的看待

make oneself at home 随便,别拘束

make out 填写;开支票;理解;辨认

make the best of 尽量利用;极为重视

make up 弥补,修理;赔偿,补偿;起草;编造;化装

make up to 接近,巴结;向~~求爱

make way for 为~~让路,让路于

on the make 急求成功;增加

9. 以put为中心的词组

put aside 把~~放在一边;搁置;排除

put away 把~~放好,把~~收拾;储藏;吃喝,吃掉

put back 把~~放回原处;驳回

put down 放下;镇压;制止;记下;削减;降落

put forward 提出;拨快;建议,推荐;提倡,倡议

put ~~ into 把~~放入;插入;翻译成

put off 推迟,延期;消除;推脱,推辞

put on 上演;穿上,带上

put one’s heart into 全神贯注,专心致志

put up 举起,挂起;提名,推荐;陈列

put up with 忍受,容忍

10. 以take为中心的词组

be taken aback 吃惊

take a seat 就坐

take a shower 淋浴,洗澡

take aim 瞄准,设立目标

take away 拿走,减去;夺去

take ~~ by surprise 出奇制胜

take care of 当心,注意;照顾;提防;谨慎;处理,对付;负责

take ~~ for 把~~当作

take off 脱去,除去;离开;起飞;模仿;起程;致死;复制,作副本;减弱

take office 就职,上任

take one’s place 就坐,入坐

take one’s temperature 量体温

take part in 参与,参加

take place = happen 发生,举行

take the place of 代替

take pride in 以~~为荣,对~~骄傲

take sb. by the arm 拉某人的胳膊

take it easy 别着急,慢慢来

11. 以turn为中心的词组

give a new turn to 对~~予以新的看法

in one’s turn 轮到某人做某事

out of turn 不按次序的,不合适宜的

take one’s turn to do 轮到做

turn a blind eye to 对~~视而不见

turn against 背叛,采取敌对态度

turn back 折回,往回走

turn down 折叠,翻下,驳回,拒绝考虑

turn into 走进;变成,变为

turn to ~~for help 求助于

turn off 关上(自来水,电器开关);解雇,辞退;避开(问题);制造;生产

turn on 打开(自来水,电器开关);反对;依靠,依赖,取决于

turn one’s attention to 把注意力转向

turn out 培养;证明是;制成;实际情况是

turn out to be 原来是,证明是,结果是

turn over a new leaf 翻开新的一页,重新开始,改过自新

turn (a)round 旋转,转过身来;改变意见;采取新政策

turn to 变成;着手于

turn upside down 颠倒过来,翻过来;使陷入混乱


all by oneself 独立,单独

above all 首先,特别是,最重要的是

after all 到底,毕竟,终究,别忘了

first of all 首先

in all 总共

most of all 最最

all at once 突然,同时,马上

all of a sudden 突然

all right 好吧,行,情况不错

all sorts of 各种各样的

all kinds of 各种各样的

all the best 万事如意

all the more 更加

all the same 尽管如此,仍旧(照样)

all the year round 一年到头

all in all adv.整个来说,大体而言

all together 全部一起,一道

AS(conj. ,adv.& pron.)


as a matter of fact 事实上

as a rule 通常

as a result 结果

as a whole 总的来说

as if(as though) 好象是…,似乎是…

as follows 如下

as for 就…而言

as(so) long as 只要

as soon as 一…就…

as soon as possible 尽快

as usual 象往常一样

as well 也,还

as well as 同…一样

might(may) as well 不妨

so as to 以便

as far as 远至…,就…而言


at a time 一次,每次

at breakfast 早餐时,正在吃早饭

at first 最初

at home 在家

at last最后,终于

at least 至少

at (the) most至多,不超过

at one time 以前,曾经

at once 立刻,马上

at night 在夜里,在晚上

at midnight 在半夜

at present 目前,现在

at times有时候,偶尔

at sea在大海上,在航行

at one’s own expense 自费

at the bottom 在底端

at the end (of) 最后,尽头

at the latest 最迟

at the mercy of 在……的支配下

at the head of 在……的前头

at the moment 此刻

at the same time 同时

at work 在工作

laugh at 嘲笑

throw at向……扔去

work hard at 努力工作(学习)

be good at 擅长于…

at the age of… 在…岁时


by accident偶然地

by air(sea, bus…)乘飞机(乘船,乘公共汽车……)

by chance 碰巧,偶然地

by day(night) 在白天(夜晚)

day by day 一天天地

by and by adv. 不久,过一会儿

by far adv. …得多,最最

learn (know)…by heart 记熟…,背诵…

by mistake 错误地,由于疏忽所致

by oneself 独自地

one by one 一个一个地

by the way 顺便说(问)

by turns 轮流

side by side 肩并肩,并排,一起

by the side of 在……附近

by and large adv. 大体上,一般而论

little by little 逐渐

step by step 逐步


break away from 摆(逃)脱,脱离,改掉,破除

break down (机器、车辆等)坏了,(身体)垮了,中断,压倒,分解

break forth 迸发,突然

break in 强行进入,插嘴,打岔,使驯服,使习惯

break into破门而入,打断,占用

break off突然停止(中断),打断,折断

break out爆发,突然发生

break through 突破,打破

break up 散会,驱散,停课,腐蚀

break with 与(人)断绝关系,绝交,舍弃,破除(传统、旧观念)


bring about 引起,导致,致使

bring down 使倒下,使下降,击落,推翻

bring …forth 提出(建议等),使产生

bring in 收进(农作物),提出,挣入,获利,引进,增加

bring on 使发生,引起(疾病等),促进(植物的)成长,助长

bring out 说明,阐明,出版,显现出,把…拿出来

bring to an end 结束

bring up 提出,抚养,培养,呕吐

bring back 带回…,买回…,归还…,送回…,使记起…,使恢复


call at (a place) 访问(某地)

call back 回电话

call for 去接某人,去拿某物,需要,要求…,大声呼叫…

call in 来访,顺路到…,召来,召集,请来,收回

call on(upon) 拜访,看望,号召,要求

call up 给…打电话,征召(入伍),叫…起床,使想起(往事)

call off 取消…,停止做…


come about 发生,造成

come across (无意中)碰到,找到,想到,越过

come along 跟去,一道去,赶快,进行,进展

come down 下降,下落,传下来

come into power(office) 执政,就职

come out 出来,出版,发行

come into being 产生,建立

come to 来到(某地),共计,来参加(活动),谈到,恢复知觉

come to a conclusion 得出结论

come to an end 结束

come to nothing(no good) 没有结果(没有好处)


do a good deed 干得好,搞好工作

do away with 消灭,清除,取消,破除

do good 有好处,有用处,做好事

do harm 有害处,不利

do one a favor 帮个忙

do one good对某人有好处

do one’s best 尽力,竭力

do the deed 付诸行动,生效

do one’s duty 履行职责

do up 收拾,整理,修理,打扮,包,捆,系

do with 处理,需要,想,将就用

do wonders 创造奇迹

do wrong(right) 做错(对)

have sth (nothing)to do with和…有(无)关


bring down 使倒下,击落

break down 分解

burn down把……烧成平地,烧光

get down to 开始认真(做某事)

hand down 把……传下来

put down记下,镇压

tear down 拆毁,拆除

turn down 关小,调低


for a while 暂时,一时

for ever 永远

for free免费

for the moment暂时

be famous for因……而著名

have a gift for 对……有天赋

make a plan for 为……作计划

stand for 代表,象征

in (one’s) search for 寻找(求)

as for 至于,说到

care for 喜欢,想要

change… for用……换

fix a date for 约定……的日期


give a talk 作报告,作演讲

give birth to 生,产生

give in 让步,屈服,妥协,投降,交上来

give off (散)发出

give one’s life 献出自己的生命

give sb a hand 帮某人忙

give one’s regards(greetings) to向…问好

give out 散发,分发

give up放弃,献出,交出,投降,认输,泄气


get about (消息)传开,到处走动

get along 进行,过活,相处,走开

get away 逃掉,逃跑

get away from 避免,摆脱,离开

get back 回来,收回

get close to 接近

get down 记下来,打下来,落下

get down on one’s knees 屈膝下跪

get down to 开始认真(做某事)

get into the habit of 染上…的习惯

get hold of 拿到,找到,抓住

get in 进站,进去,回来,收进去,请来

get off 起飞,(动身)离开,脱下(衣服等)

get on (某方面)进行情况,相处,上车,继续进行,顺利发展

get on well with 与…相处融洽

get over 克服,忍受,摆脱(疾病等)

get rid of 消灭,摆脱,除掉

get round 传开,绕过,回避

get through做完,结束,通过(电话)接通

get together 聚会,联欢

get up 起床,站起来,举办


go after 追求,设法得到

go away 走开,离开

go against 违反

go ahead 进行,进展,干吧,说吧,先走

go all out 全力以赴

go bad (食物等)变坏,坏掉

go by 走过,经过

go in for 从事(某种事业或活动)

go on 发生,进行,进展,继续下去

go off 走开

go out 熄灭,过时

go over 审阅,检查,研究

go through审阅,检查,学习,练习,经历,经过

go up上涨,上升


in a flash 一刹那间

in a word总之,简言之

in a hurry 匆忙地,很快地

in (actual) fact 事实上

in a sense 从某种意义上说

in a short while 不久,一会而后

in all 总共,总的来说

in any case不管怎样

in battle 在战斗中

in case如果,以防(有某种情况)

in chains 上着镣铐,在囚禁中

in charge of 主管,负责

in common 共同,共用

in danger 在危险中

in debt 负债,欠帐

in front 前方,正面对

in front of在……前面

in full 全文地,全部地

in general 一般地说

in honour of 为了纪念……,为向……表示敬意

in modern times 现代,近代

in one’s opinion 据(某人的)看法

in order to(that) 为了

in other words 换句话说

in peace 平静地,安宁地

in public 在公众面前,公开地

in search of 寻找

in (one’s) search for 寻找,寻求

in return 作为报答

in silence 沉默地,无声地

in short(=in a word ) 总之

in space 在宇宙空间

in spite of 尽管

in that 因为,原因是

in that case 假如那样的话

in the air 在空中

in the charge of… 有……掌管之中

in the course of 在……过程中

in the day在白天

in the day time在白天

in the future 将来,以后

in the end 最后

in the meantime 与此同时

in the middle (of) 在……中间

in time 及时地

in turn 轮流

believe in 相信,信任

bring in 引进,引来,吸收

call in 召来,召集

hand in 上交,递交

hand in hand 并进,联合,手牵手

drop in 顺便走访

join in 参加,加入

once in a while 偶尔,间或

play a part in 在……起作用

stand in line 站在队里

succeed in (doing sth.)(干……)成功

take part in参加


keep a promise 遵守诺言

keep a secret 守秘密

keep watch 注意,警惕,提防

keep back 扣下,隐瞒,忍住(眼泪)

keep body and soul together 维持生活

keep in mind 记住,想着

keep off 避开,挡住,不接近

keep one’s balance 保持平衡

keep on继续(干)

keep out 遮挡,使不入内

keep silence 保持沉默(安静)

keep sb﹍ from doing sth阻止某人做某事

keep up 保持,维持,继续(某活动)

keep up with 不落在后面,跟上,及时了解(情况)


look after 照顾 ,照管

look as if 看起来似乎

look back(upon)回想,回顾

look down on(upon)看不起

look for 寻找

look forward to 盼望

look into 研究, 调查 ,了解

look like 看起来像

look on(upon)…as 把……看作

look out 查出 找出

look out (for)注意, 当心, 提防

look the same 看起来很像

look through 翻阅, 看一遍

look over (仔细)检查

look up 查找,上涨, 好转, 向上看


make clear 说明,弄(讲)清楚

make a decision 作出决定

make a promise 答应,允诺

make a plan for 为……作计划

make a record 录制唱片

make friends (with)(和…)交朋友

make faces 做鬼脸

make fun of 和 开玩笑

make a noise 吵闹

make it a rule 总是……

make one’s way to(out of)向… 走去(从…走出)

make ends meet 应付开支,量入为出

make room 让地方

make sense 讲得通,很有意义

make sure(certain)一定要,确保,核实,弄清楚

make …to one’s own measure 依照某人的尺寸做……

make up 构成,占,编造,弥补

make up one’s mind 决心,利用

make use of 利用


a bit of少量的,一点

a bottle of 一瓶

a glass of 一(玻璃)杯

a great deal of 很多

a handful of 少量的

a (large)number of 许多

a lot of 许多,大量的

lots of 许许多多的

a piece of 一片(张,块)

a place of interest 名胜

a pair of 一双,一对

a waste of 浪费

all kinds of 各种各样的

all sorts of各种各样的

at the head of 在……的前头

at the mercy of 在……的支配下

because of 因为

be made up of 由……组成

be proud of 为……而自豪

be fond of 爱好,喜欢

be tired of 厌烦

die of 死于

dream of 向往,渴望,梦想

get rid of 处理,去掉

in charge of 主管,负责

in the charge of 由……掌管

in honour of 为了纪念,为向……表示敬意

instead of 代替

in the hope of 怀着……的期望

in spite of 尽管

knock out of 从……中敲出来

make fun of 取笑某人

make sure of 确定,弄清楚

make use of 利用

masses of 大多数

packs of 大量的,大部分

play the role of 扮演……角色

out of 从……向(往)外

on the point of 正要……的时候

plenty of 充足的,相当多的

remind sb of 使某人想起

run out of 用完

scores of 许多,大量

take the place of代替,取代

talk of 谈论,议论

think of 认为,想到,想起

take possession of占有,拥有


on average 平均

on board 在船上

on fire 着火

on foot 走路,步行

on holiday 休假,度假

on one’s way to 在……的途中

on one’s own 独立地,独自地

on the air (用无线电,电视)播送

on the radio 通过收音机,通过广播

on the point of 正要……的时候

on watch 值班,守望

bring on 使前进,使发生,引起

carry on 继续下去

come on 来吧,赶快

congratulate …on 祝贺

depend on 依靠,相信

from then(now) on 从那时(现在)起


have an effect on 对……产生作用

live on 以……为主食

look down on(upon) 轻视,看不起

keep on (doing sth) 继续(做某事)

move on 继续前进,

pass on 传递,转移到

play a joke on 戏弄(某人)


break out 爆发,突然发生

carry out 开展,执行,实现

check out 查明,结帐

die out 消失,灭亡

find out 找出,查出

give out 分发,散发,用完

hand out分发

help…out 帮某人从困境中解脱

hold out 伸出

look out 留神,当心

pick out 挑出

point out 指出

put out 扑灭,关熄

run out of 用完

send out 发出,派遣

set out发出,开始

show…out 领……出去

try out 实验

work out 算出,解决,制定出

out of 从……向(往)外

out of breath 上气不接下气

out of work 失业,没工作

out of one’s reach 够不着


put away 存起来,收拾起来

put back 推迟,放回(原处),拨回(时钟)

put down 写下来,镇压

put forward 提出,提前

put in order 整理

put into practice 实行

put off 推迟,延期,关上(开关等)

put on 穿(戴)上,上演,打开(开关等)

put on weight 增加体重

put out 熄灭,生产,出版

put up 举(架)起,修建,张贴,留宿

Set (v.)

set about 开始(着手)做

set an example 作出榜样

set down 放下,写(记)下

set fire to=set…on fire 放火,烧着

set off 使爆炸,引起,起程

set out 出发,动身,开始,着手,列举,详述

set sail 起航

set to work (使)开始做……

set up 立(支)起来,成(建)立


take a(one’s)seat 就座,坐下

take a look at 看一下

take a photograph (of)照一张(…的)相

take aim 瞄准

take an action 采取行动

take an interest in 对……感兴趣

take along 随身带着

take away拿走,拿开,使离开,把……打发走

take back 收回,让退(货)

take…by surprise使…吃惊,出奇兵攻占

take care 注意,当心

take care of 照顾,负责

take charge of 负责

take exercise 做运动

take…for granted 视为当然,想必是

take hold of 抓住,握住

take in 订阅,使上当,收留

take…in one’s arm (拥)抱

take it easy 别紧张,放松些

take note(notice)of 注意,理会

take notes 记录,作笔记

take off 脱掉,起飞,减(去)掉

take (a day)off 休假(一天)

take office 就职,上任

take on 雇用,招收,具有(……的意思),呈现……面貌,开始从事

take one’s defeat(things)lying down甘心失败

take (an active) part in(积极)参加

take one’s place 坐某人的座位,代替某人的职务

take place 发生,举行

take possession of 占有,拥有

take pride in 为……感到骄傲

take the place of 代替,取代

take turns 轮流

take up 开始学习,开始(某活动,空间)

take up arms 拿起武器


turn a deaf ear (blind eye)to不听(不理睬)

turn down 拒不采纳,开小点

turn in 上交,交进去,上床睡觉

turn on(off) 打开(关)

turn out 结果,原来(情况是),产生,制造

turn over 移交,打翻,翻耕,翻阅,考虑

turn to 求助于,翻到,转到

turn up 出席,出现,开大点,查找


break up 分解,腐蚀

bing up 教育,培养,提出,呕吐

build up 逐步实现

clear up 整理,弄清,晴(开)朗起来

come up 抬头,上来,上升

cut up 切碎,齐根切断

divide up 分配

eat up 吃完,吃光

fix up 安顿,修理好

give up 放弃,投降,献出

go up 上涨,上升

grow up 生长,长大

hold up 抬起,阻挡,使停顿

join up 连接(联合)起来

make up 编出,构成,弥补

open up 开创,开辟

pick up 接收,拾起,捡起

put up 举(架)起,张贴,留宿

round up 赶拢,使集拢

speed up 加快速度

set up 建立,创立

stay up 不睡,挺住,站立

take up 占去,占据

throw up 呕吐,吐出

turn up 到达,出现

wake up 醒来


all the way 全程,一直地

ask the way 问路

by the way 顺便说(问)

by way of 取道,经由

have a long way to go 还有很长的路

in a(one) way 在某种程度上

in a bad way 身体状况不好,情况不妙

in any way 在任何(哪)方面

in every way 在各方面,以各种方式

in many ways 在很多方面

in no way 怎样也不,一点也不

in the (a) family way 怀孕了

in the way of,in one’s way 碍事,妨碍

lead the way 带路

make one’s way to 向……走去

lose one’s way 迷路

make way for 给……让路

on the way (to) 在(去)……路上


be angry with 对……发脾气

be busy with 忙于

be fed up with 厌倦

catch up with 赶上

deal with 处理,对付

be in love with 与……相爱

get on well with 与……相处融洽

keep in touch with 与……保持联系


break one’s word不信守诺言,失信

eat one’s words 承认说错了,收回自己的话

have a word(a few words)with 和……说句(几句)话

have a word in one’s ear 给某人说悄悄话

have word 得到信息

接不定式或动名词做宾语意思相同的12 个动词

like to do sth/like doing sth喜欢做某事

love to do sth/love doing sth 喜欢做某事

hate to do sth/hate doing sth憎恨做某事

prefer to do sth/ prefer doing sth 宁可做某事

begin to do sth/ begin doing sth开始做某事

start to do sth/ start doing sth 开始做某事

continue to do sth/ continue doing sth 继续做某事

can’t bear to do sth/can’t bear doing sth不能忍受做某事

bother to do sth/ bother doing sth 麻烦做某事

intend to do sth/ intend doing sth 想要做某事

attempt to do sth/ attempt doing sth试图做某事

cause to do sth/ cause doing sth停止做某事

接不定式或动名词做宾语意思不同的7 个动词

(1) remember to do sth记住要做某事

remember doing sth记得曾做过某事

(2) forget to do sth忘记要做某事

forget doing sth忘记曾做过某事

(3) regret to do sth后悔(遗憾)要做某事

regret doing sth后悔(遗憾)做过某事

(4) try to do sth设法要做某事

try doing sth做某事试试看看有何效果

(5) mean to do sth打算做某事

mean doing sth意味着做某事

(6) can’t help to do sth不能帮助做某事

can’t help doing sth忍不住做某事

(7) go on to do sth做完某事后接着做另一事

go on doing sth继续做一直在做的事

可用于“动词+sb+of sth”的 8 个常见动词

accuse sb of sth控告某人犯某事(罪),指责某人做某事

cheat sb of sth骗取某人某物

cure sb of sth治好某人的病,改掉某人的习惯

inform sb of sth通知某人某事

remind sb of sth使某人想起某情况

rid sb of sth使某人摆脱某物

rob sb of sth抢劫某人的某东西

warn sb of sth警告某人有某情况


be anxious for 渴望

be bad for 对……有害,对……不行

be bound for 前往

be celebrated for 以……出名

be convenient for 对……方便,在……附近

be eager for 渴望

be famous for 因……闻名

be fit for 合适,适合

be good at 对……有益(方便)

be grateful for 感谢

be hungry for 渴望得到

be late for 迟到

be necessary for 对……有必要

be ready for 为……准备好

be sorry for 因……抱歉

be suitable for 对……合适(适合)

be thankful for 因……而感激

be well-known for 以……出名

动名词前省略介词 in 的18


be careful (in) doing sth做某事时很小心

be busy (in) doing sth忙于做某事

be fortunate (in) doing sth很幸运做某事

be late(in) doing sth做某事做晚了或做迟了

have luck(in) doing sth做某事时有运气(走运)

have difficulty(in) doing sth做某事有困难

have trouble (in) doing sth做某事有困难

have bother(in) doing sth做某事费劲

have a problem(in) doing sth做某事有困难

have a good time(in) doing sth做某事很开心

have a hard time(in) doing sth做某事很辛苦

find diffuculty(in) doing sth做某事发现有困难

lose no time(in) doing sth马上做某事

spend money(time) (in) doing sth花钱(时间)做某事

waste money(time) (in) doing sth浪费钱(时间)做某事

There is no difficulty(in) doing sth做某事没有困难

There is no use(in) doing sth做某事没有用

There is no point(in) doing sth做某事没有意义


in advance of在……前面

in behalf of为了,为了……的利益

in celebration of 庆祝

in commemoration of纪念,庆祝

in explanation of 解释

in favour of 赞成,主张

in honor of 纪念,祝贺,欢迎

in need of 需要

in possession of 拥有

in respect of 关于,就……而言

in sight of 看得见,在看见……的地方

in support of 为了支持(拥护)……

in aid of 帮助

in case of 如果,万一,以防

in charge of 负责,管理

in defence of 保卫

in face of 面对

in front of 在……前面

in memory of 纪念

in place of代替

in praise of称赞

in search of 寻找,搜寻

in spite of 尽管,虽然

in view of 鉴于,考虑到


in exchange for 作为对……的交换

in return for 作为……的报答

in addition to 加之,除……之外

in contrast to(with) 与……形成对比

in reply to作为对……的回报(答复)

in(with)reference to关于

in preparation for为……作准备

in reward for 作为……的报酬

in answer to回答,响应

in opposition to 与……相反,反对

in response to 回答,响应

in(with) regard to 关于


a back seat driver 专爱指点司机如何开车的乘客

a big bear hug 抱得很紧

a bit trying 有点苦恼

a cap and gown 毕业典礼的礼服

a cup of Java 一杯咖啡

a dead battery 汽车电瓶没电了

a good shot 照相的取景很出色

a hangover from the old days 遗留下来的老习惯

a knockout 引人注目

a little too tight 紧了一点

a man of few words 沉默寡言的人

a popular moment 舞会中32313133353236313431303231363533e58685e5aeb931333236363566大家都来到了的时间

a rainy day 不如意的日子

a scorcher 一个大热天

a steady 一个固定的异性朋友

a tall milk shake 一大杯奶昔

A toast everyone. 敬大家一杯酒.

a two-year hitch in the army 两年的兵役

a wet blanket 扫兴的人

above board 光明正大的

absent-minded professor 无头苍蝇;做事心不在焉者

after all 毕竟

After while, crocodile. 一会见.

after you 你先请

all along 始终;一贯

all at sea 茫然不知所措

all bark and no bite 只动口,不动手的人

all burnt up 怒火中烧

all dressed up 穿的很漂亮

all ears 全神贯注地听;愕然

all for it 完全同意

all gone 消逝;丢失

all in 疲倦

all in a day's work, be 司空见惯

all in all 总而言之

all my eye 岂有此理;胡说八道

all out 全力以赴;全卖光了

all over 完了

all right 一点不错

all set 准备好了

All set? Not yet. 都弄好了吗?还没呢.

all the better 更好

all the same 虽然如此;并无分别

all the world and his wife 人人;诸色人等

all there 神志清醒的;没有问题的

all thumbs 笨手笨脚的;一窍不通的

all turn out 如愿以偿

all woman 最标准的女性

all you have to do 你只要

always the case 常常如此

ambulance chaser 唯利是图的低级律师

And how! 当然啦!

ants in one's pants(skirt) 坐立不安

any way 究竟

anything under the sun 普天下任何事情

apeal to sb 对某人有吸引力

appeal to sb 取悦某人

apple-polish 逢迎;讨好

apply for 申请

Are you all packed? 你行李收拾好了吗?

Are you done? 你吃饱了吗?

Are you kidding? 你在开玩笑吧?

Are you telling me? 用你来告诉我吗?

Are you with me? 你懂我的意思吗?

as a rule 通常来说

as luck would have it 真走运或不走运

as mod as sb 与某人一样时髦

as the saying goes 常言道

at first blush 乍看

at hand 近旁;在手旁

at issue 争论中

at loose ends 无职业;不安定

at my expense 由我出钱

at odds 争执

at one's finger's tips 了如指掌

at one's service 随时提供服务

at one's wit's end 不知所措

at one's wits' end 志穷计尽

at sixes and sevens 混乱的

at stake 在危险中

at the drop of a hat 马上

at times 有时;偶然

at your disposal 听你的

aware of, be 了解

B.T.O. (big time operator) 游手好闲的人

babes and suckings 天真而缺乏经验者

baby-kisser 为达到竞选目的出尽八宝的政客

bachelor party 单身会

back and forth 来来去去

back at the farm 言归正传

back number 过期的杂志;守旧派

back on one's feet 经受打击后重新站起来

back out 食言

backseat driver 指手划脚的人

bad egg(lot) 坏蛋

bag of bones 骨瘦如柴的人

bake down 临阵退缩

barking up the wrong tree 攻击错了目标

barter away 以较便宜的价格出售

bawl out 责骂

Be a good sport! 不要婆婆妈妈的!

be nuts 傻里傻气

be off 走吧;滚蛋

Be off! 滚开!

be on the wagon 喝酒

bear in mind 牢记在心

beat around the bush 说话绕圈子

beat it 走开

beat one's brains (out) 伤透了脑筋

beat sb by miles 远远胜过

beat, be 太累了

beef about 抱怨

beef up 加强

before you are scheduled to leave 在你决定离开之时间前

Before you could say Jack Robinson 很快

before you know it 很快

behave yourself 请检点一点

behind bars 坐牢

behind one's back 背后

behind the scenes(curtain) 在幕后

behind the times 不合时宜

behind time 误期

believe it or not 信不信由你

benefit from 从中得到

best-seller 畅销书、唱片等

bet it is 当然是

better half 老婆

better luck next time 下次好运些吧

better than, be 比...多;多于

between my ribs and my back bone 肚子

beyond one's reach of 超出支付能力

beyond sb, be 使某人无法理解

big bluffer 吹牛者

bite one's head off 大发脾气

black and blue 遍体鳞伤

black sheep 不肖子女

blame sb for sth 为某事责备某人

bleed white 花光血汗钱

blind alley 死胡同;失败之路

blood in one's eye 极度愤怒

bloody fool (B.F.) 蠢材

blow hot and cold 喜怒无常

Blow it! 他妈的!

blow off steam 发脾气

blow one's own horn 自吹自擂

blow one's top 怒发冲冠

blow up 表现失常;吹风

body and breeches 完全

boil down to 归结起来是;其结果是

boiling point 爱情的沸点

bolt from the blue 晴天霹雳

bone up on 努力研读

born with a silver spoon in one's mouth 出生富贵

born yesterday 乳臭未干

bottoms up 干杯

Bottoms up! 干杯!

brain storm 心血来潮

brand new 崭新的

break down 故障;毁坏

break in 适合

break it off 吹了

break one's heart 使某人心碎

break one's neck 痛打一顿;拼命做某事

break the ice 打破僵局;打破沉默

break the routine 调剂一下

bred in the bone 天生的;个性的

bring back the good old days 回忆昔日好时光

bring down the house 掌声雷动

bring me up-to-date 告诉我最新消息

bring sb to date 使某人掌握最先进东西

brotherly impulse 激动手足的情分

brush off (男女之间)甩;撇开

brush up on sth 复习,重新学习

buck up 振作起来

bull dog 难以相处的人

burn a hole in one's pocket 花钱如流水

burn one's bridges behind one 不留后路

burn one's fingers 碰钉子

burn the midnight oil 熬夜读书

bury one's head in the sand 不敢面对现实

bury the hatchet 捐弃前嫌

Business is business. 公事公办

busy-body 好管闲事和多嘴的人

buy things on time 分期付款买东西

buy your story 相信你的话

buying bargains 买廉价货

by all means 务必

by and by 逐渐;慢慢地

by fair means or foul 不择手段

By golly! (By Gum!) 天呀!

by hook or by crook 不择手段

by the look of you 从你的样子看来

call back 再打电话

call it a day 今天到此为止

call it off 取消

call off 取消

call one names 用污秽语言骂人

call the shots 发号施令;管事

call up 打电话

calling at this early hour 一大早就打电话

Can you stop by? 你能来吗?

can't afford to have 买不起

can't be helped 避免不了

can't be wrong 错不了

can't get away with it 逃不掉

can't help it 爱莫能助

can't stand it any longer 再也无法忍受

Capital idea! 好主意!

carry coals to Newcastle 多此一举;徒劳无功

carry sth too far 做事超出限度

carry the torch 单相思

cast away 扔掉

cast down 沮丧

caste eyes at 注视;打主意

castle in the air 空中楼阁

catch on to 理解

catch one's breath 喘口气

catch up on sth 补上某事

catch up with 迎头赶上

caught red-handed, be 犯罪活动的当场被抓住

chain smoker 烟瘾大的人

change hands 转手

change my opinion of you 我对你的看法改变一下

cheap joints 下流地方

check out 办清离开手续;借书;调查

check up on 校对

cheer up 振作;鼓励

chew the rag 唠叨不断

chip in 集资;捐款

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