初中英语作文70字带翻译 初中英语作文大全60词


初中英语作文70字带翻译 初中英语作文大全60词

求初中英语作文(带翻译)70词 6篇

Everyone has their own dreams, I am the same. But my dream is not a lawyer, not a doctor, not actors, not even an industry. Perhaps my dream big people will find it ridiculous, but this has been my pursuit! My dream is to want to have a folk life! I want it to become a beautiful painting, it is not only sharp colors, but also the colors are bleak, I do not rule out the painting is part of the black, but I will treasure these bleak colors! Not yet, how about, a colorful painting, if not bleak, add color, how can it more prominent American? Life is like painting, painting the bright red color represents life beautiful happy moments. Painting a bleak color represents life difficult, unpleasant time. You may find a flat with a beautiful road is not very good yet, but I do not think it will. If a person lives flat then what is the point? Life is only a short few decades, I want it to go Finally, Each memory is a solid.



亲你看看这篇行不行?你说要长点儿的话,好像我这篇又有点儿短。亲你要是看着还顺眼的话,就凑活着用吧~~~~~(*^__^*) 嘻嘻……

再给你两篇,是写朋友的,你自己选选~~~    A friend is a person who can let you feel warm when you are

depressed. I have many friends.But XXX is my best friend.He is as old as me.He taller than me.Basketball is his favorite sport.We are in the same class.He is good at study.So his study is very good.We learn from each other and help each other.He will help me if i got in trouble.I will help he as much as I can. I hope our friendship will forever and ever.

A friend is someone who can let you feel warm when you are depressed. I have many friends. However I only have one best friend and it's XXX. He is the same age as me. He is taller than me. Basketball is his favourite sport. We are in the same class. He likes studying and is good at it, so he gets high marks. We learn from each other and help each other. He will help me if I ever get into troubles. So will I. I hope our friendship will last forever and ever

My best friend and I get along with each other quite well. But we are so different. He is funnier, more outgoing than I am and i'm more serious. He is more athletic and likes to play all kinds of sports but I am smarter on study. My friend is wilder than me and I am calmer. He is tall, thin, strong,with short hair, And sometimes he is very careless and lazy. On the other hands, I am short, fat, weak, with shorthair. He is very helpful because I am very lazy and don't want to do any sports. And I will help him with his study.

I think our friendship will last forever.




My goodfriend

I have a goodfriend,He is a boy,he has a very nice name—Robert.He comes from England.He has big eyes,they are round and cute.He comes to China with his parents.We know each other since last year.From then on,we become goodfriends.

At weekends,we often get together to play basketball,he plays it very well,and,he sings well,too.He teaches me English and I teach him Chinese.

We are goodfriends forever.




Last year ,I went to Beijing .I love there .The Summer Palace is very beautiful,and we went to Wangfujing though there are lots of people .In there and the things are too expensive ,most people buy things in there.I bought a pair of beautiful shoes in there.I love Beijing .There is so beautiful!


My favourite subject

My name is XXX. I study in No.2 Middle school. My favourite subject is English. Because I think it is very easy and we can talik with foreigners by it.But I don't like Maths,it’s not easy at all.

I am not good at it. I am good at Music,so I like it, too.

Do you think so?




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