初升高英语试卷真题 初升高英语试题及答案


初升高英语试卷真题 初升高英语试题及答案


Once upon a time, some children were playing at seaside when they found a turtle(海龟). They began to beat the turtle. Just at that time, a young man came and said to them, “Stop!” The children ran 31 quickly. The turtle was very thankful and said, “Thanks for your kindness. I really would like 32 you to a wonderful palace now.”






1. 答题前,考生务必用0.5毫米黑色墨水签字笔将自己的姓名、准考证号填写在答题卡的相应位置上,并认真核对条形码上的姓名、准考证号是否与本人的相符合。

2. 答客观题必须用2B铅笔将答题卡上对应题目的正确选项涂黑。如需改动,用橡皮擦干净后,再选涂其他答案。答案不能答在试题卷上。

3. 答主观题必须用0.5毫米黑色墨水签字笔作答,答案写在答题卡各题目指定区域内相应位置上。如需改动,先划掉原来的答案,然后再写上新的答案。不准使用铅笔和涂改液。不按以上要求作答的答案无效。

4. 考试必须保持答题卡的整洁。考试结束后,将试题卷和答题卡一并交回。

第I卷(客观题 共50分)

一、选择填空 在A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。(本大题共14小题,每小题1分,共14分)

1. The _________ action film has attracted millions of young people to the cinema.

A. 130-minute B. 130-minutes C. 130 minute D. 130 minutes

2. -Have you seen Dr. Adams recently?

-No. He __________ Hong Kong for an interna tional meeting. He’ll come back tomorrow.

A. has gone in B. has been in C. has gone to D. has been to

3. Don’t drive so fast! We must slow down when we drive ________ the tunnel.

A. past B. across C. over D. through

4. If the robot _________ wrong, you can get a new one for free or get all your money back.

A. went B. goes C. would go D. will go

5. -Why is the traffic today moving so slowly? We are running late!

-Calm down. Let’s take ___________ route. Turn left over there.

A. a same B. the same C. a different D. the different

6. The lady in this photo __________ be over fifty! She looks so young!

A. mustn’t B. must C. can’t D. can

7. -I like the dress, but I’m _________ I haven’t got enough money.

-Don’t worry. I don’t mind ________ you some if you like.

A. afraid; lending B. glad; lending C. afraid; to lend D. glad; to lend

8. My father doesn’t like shopping much. He would rather _________ TV at home than

________ around for hours in shops.

A. watch; walk B. watch; to walk C. to watch; to walk D. to watch; walk

9. -Jason is too stubborn somet imes.

-I quite ________. But he’s always friendly to others.

A. accept B. argue C. agree D. admire

10. The old theatre will close soon__________ some extra donations are made.

A. so B. if C. because D. unless


Part 1 Listening(听力部分) 30%

一.Listen and choose听录音,选出你所听到的单词)6%

( ) 1.A.work B.walk C.worker

( ) 2.A.go B.girl C.goal

( ) 3.A.6:30 B.6:15 C.5:45

( ) 4.A.there B.their C.they're

( ) 5.A.pair B.pear C.peach

( ) 6.A.to B.two C.too

二.Listen and choose听录音,选出你所听到的句子)5%

( ) 1. A. Is your mother washing dishes?

B. Is your mother watching television?

C. Is your mother washing shoes?

( ) 2. A. The block's shadow is long.

B. The block's shadow isn't long.

C. The block's shadow is short.

( ) 3. A. Don't eat chocolate here,Danny.

B. Don't eat sweet here ,Danny.

C. Don't eat biscuits here ,Danny.

( ) 4. A. The colud were grey.Now they are white.

B. The sky was grey. Now it is white.

C. The clouds were white.Now they are grey.

( ) 5. A. The monkey lives in the jungle.

B. The monkeys live in the jungle.

C. The monkey is playing in the jungle


( ) 1 .A. I wenr to bed at 8:50.

B. She goes to bed at 8:50.

C.She went to bed at 9:10.

( ) 2. A. He wants a computer.

B. He buys a computer.

C. He likes the computer.

( ) 3. A. No, thank you.

B. Theank you.

C. You're welcome.

( ) 4. A. Yes,they are the same.

B. No, they are different.

C. They are the same.

( ) 5. A. It's mine.

B. They'are different.

C. Yes,they're.


( ) 1.Jimmy is my brother.

( ) 2.Jimmy and I walk to school.

( ) 3.Jimmy and I are in different school.

( ) 4.Jimmy has lunch at home. But I don't.

( ) 5.I can play the drum.

( ) 6.Jimmy can't play football.


A long time _______,Hong was a _______.He ______ in China, He planted

______ and rice there.He had some _____and______.At day,he went to ______

______ in the field and went back at ______.

Part 2 Writing (笔试部分)70%


do mr and mrs li like loud music ben yes they do



( )1.A. sheep B.be C.bread D.read

( ) 2.A. doctor B.door C.hot D.orange

( ) 3.A. make B.cake C.play D.Sunday

( )4.A. three B.there C.thank D.fourth

( ) 5.A. is B.nice C.books D.yes


1. --May I use ______(your/yours) bicycle?

--I'm sorry.______(My/Mine) is not here.

2. Look! The cat is washing ______(it's/its) face.

3. The supermarket is ______(to/too)______(noisy/noise).I don't like it.

4. John ______(and/with) Mary were (in/at) home yesterday.

5. There are ______(third/three) girls in the room. The______(one/first)

girl is my sister.They are ______(quite/quiet) happy.

四 (选择最恰当的答案)15%

( )1. It is evening.The girl's shadow is ______.

A.small B.short C.long

( ) 2. The ______ are behind the cat.

A.mouse B.mice C.mouses

( )3. Miss Li ______ a bag. I ______a sketch book.

A.have,has B.is ,have C.has,have

( )4. The pair of glasses ______ in my handbag.

A.is B.are C.am

( ) 5. I can't see______durians,but l can see ______pineapple.

A.some,some B.any,some C.any,any

( ) 6. Eric _______ his bicycle to the shop.

A.rides B.ride C. is riding

( )7. ______ are your English books ? Eighteen yuan.

A.what B.How many C.How much

( ) 8.Mary and Kitty are ______ awake in their bedroom.

A.all B.both C.two

( ) 9.Let's draw a ______ face.

A.cat B.cats C.cat's

( ) 10.Mog ______ like his cushion.It's very hard.

A.don't B.doesn't C.isn't

( ) 11.Are the drinks ______ or different? They're different.

A.same B.the same C.some

( ) 12.There ______ some bread and some apples on the tables.

A.is B.are C.be

( ) 13. Four girls and a boy ______ a computer in our class.

A.have got B.has got C.are

( ) 14. We go to the toy shop at five ______ twelve in the afternoon.

A.past B.to C.too

( ) 15. _______ you ______ your homework last evening? Yes.

A.Did,do B.Do,do C.Do ,did

五.用介词填空 7%

1. My mother goes to work ______ bicycle.I go to school ______foot.

2. He was here ______ a quarter to eleven. Now he is ______ the tree.

3. The old lady ______blue is blind.She can't see ______her eyes.

4. A storm is coming ______ the Atlanic Ocean.

六.Think and write: (用动词的适当形式填空) 9%

1.Tom, _______(not walk ) on the grass .

2.The geese _______(catch )the fish now .

3 My grandma _______(watch)TV every day .

4.His parents________(go) to the Beijing last week .

5.We like _______(play) football after school .

6.Look.The girls ______(sing) in the hall.

7.______(be) there any money in your hand?

8.Who ______(have) got a boygame? I ______(have) got one.

七.Read and write:(阅读理解)10%


American children love watching TV.Some of them spend six hours a day

at school and four to six hours aday in front of the television set. Some of

them eveb watch for eight hours or more on Sundays.Televisions are liked books

or films.

A child can learn bad things and good things from TV. Some shows help

children learn to do a lot of housework,just like gardening,cooking and cleaning.

But some programs are not good for children.So parents must help them to choose

the right ones to enjoy.

( )1. Some American children spend about eight hours on TV in their holidays.

( )2. Children can't learn anything from TV.

( )3. Some programs help children learm how to make delicious food.

( )4. Children need parents' help to choose good programs.

( )5. All the TV shows are good for children.


A dove is a bird.You may have seen doves. Some doves are white and some are

grey. They like corn. They don't like meat.

A dove likes to live in a bird-house.Many people like doves. They make a home

for their doves near a window.Doves fly out of their houses in the day.They come

back home in hte evening.Doves can fly long hours.So sometimes people take them

far away.They tie a letter to the dove's leg. Then the dove can take the letter

home.How interesting!Do you like doves now?

1. What do doves like to eat?


2.Where do doves live?


3.When does a dove go out?


4.What do people tie to the leg of a dove?


5.Can doves fly out of their houses?


八.Write at least 5 sentences on the topic"Children's Day"(以Children's Day为





Part 1 Listening(听力部分) 30%


1.I walk to school every day.

2.My parents go to work at eight.

3.It's a quarter to six now.

4.There are many people in the park.

5.I have got a pair of new shoes.

6.Your bell is too loud. I don't like it.



1.Is your mother washing shoes?

2.The block's shadow is long.

3.Don't eat sweet here ,Danny.

4.The colud were grey.Now they are white.

5.A. The monkey lives in the jungle.



1.What time did your mother go to bed last night?

2.What does your brother want?

3.Thank you very much.

4.Are the books the same or different?

5.Whose shoes are these?



Jimmy and I are twins. Every day wo go to school on foot.We study in the

same school,but we aren't in the same class.We often help our classmates.

We have lunch at school. Our hobbies are the same.We like to play the drum.

We like to play football.We like maths. We are always happy.



A long time ago,Hong was a farmer.He lived in China, He planted

vegetables and rice there.He had some ducks and cows.At day,he went to work

in the field and went back at eight.

ago farmer lived vegetables ducks cows work eight

Part 2 Writing (笔试部分)70%


Do Mr and Mrs Li like loud music,Ben? Yes, they do.

二.选出一个划线部分发音不同于其他单词的单词 5%

1.C 2. B 3.D 4.B 5.A


1.yours,Mine 2.its 3.too ,noisy 4.and ,at 5.three,first,quite

四.选择最恰当的答案 15%

1.C 2.B 3.C 4.A 5.B 6.A 7.C 8.B 9.C 10.B 11.B 12.A 13.A

14.A 15.A

五.用介词填空 7%

1.by on 2.at under(beside,near) 3.in with 4.from

六.用动词的适当形式填空 9%

1.don't walk 2.are catching 3.watches 4.went 5.playing(to play)

6.is singing 7.Is 8.has have






1.They like to eat corn.

2.They live in bird houses.

3.It goes out in the day.

4.They tie a letter to the dove's leg.

5.Yes,they can.


一、选出你听到的字母组合或单词(每小题1分 共10分)


( )2.A dbt B、ptd C、tpd D、tdp

( )3.A lake B、late C、leg D、left

( )4.A like B、kite C、bike D、right

( )5.A four B、forty C、fifteen D、fourteen

( )6.A hat B、cap C、cat D、map

( )7.A please B、present C、picture D、plane

( )8.A many B、money C、may D、me

( )9.A ship B、shirt C、sheep D、fish

( )10.A boat B、goat C、nose D、coat

二、听音选出你听到的数字(每小题2分 共10分)

( )1.A 5237 B、5327 C、5236 D、5326

( )2.A 405 B、307 C、609 D、103

( )3.A 8556023 B、8556013 C、8556213 D、8556253

( )4.A 930567 B、532036 C、930357 D、430926

( )5.A 1380932 B、1390952 C、1350261 D、1380993

三、听录音完成完成句子(每空一词,每空1分 共10分)

Waiter: Good ! Can I you?

Girl: yes . I want a ,please.

Waiter: Which one , pink or ?

Girl: A blue one ,please.

Waiter: Here are?

Girl: How is it ?

Waiter: yuan.

Girl: OK I’ll take it . Here is the money .




一、按英文字母顺序默写Gg — Zz (10分)


1、two (同音词) 2、small(反义词)

3、number (缩略) 4、don’t(完整形式)

5、I (宾格) 6、box(复数形式)

7、sheep (复数形式) 8、new(反义词)

9、Let’s (完整形式) 10、What is (缩略)


1、How many 2、在家

3、look after 4、在左边

5、a clever girl 6、去学校

7、get up 8、那些书

9、my teacher 10、一张中国地图


( )1.These are Chinese .

A 、 stamp B、stamps C、map

( )2.What’s time , please ?

A 、 it B、the C、this

( )3. read in the sun .

A 、 Please B、Do C、Don’t

( )4. I go to bed ten.

A 、 in B、on C、at

( )5. Can you spell name ?

A 、 you B、your C、he

( )6. Where my shoes ?

A am B、is C、are

( )7. I’m in Class One ,Grade Six .

A a B、the C、x

( )8. Are they . teachers ? ,they are.

A Yes . B、No. C、Sorry .

( )9. “How do you do ? ” “ ”

A I’m fine B、Hello C、How do you do?

( )10. Is that mother ? No ,she is mother .

A my…your . B、your … his . C、you …your.

五、按要求完成句子(每空一词,缩略为词 10分)

1、How are you ?

I’m Thank you .

2、There are five birds in the sky ? (对划线部分提问)

birds are there in the sky ?

3、is , what ,it ,time . (连词成句)

4、Mike is twelve .

How is he ?

5、Can you speak English ?

yes , .


My family

My name is Tom . I am an American boy .I am twelve .My father is a worker . My mother is an English teacher .She is a good teacher . The students all like her . My sister Linda and I are in the same school . We are good students.

( )1. My name is Tom .

( )2. I am English .

( )3. Linda is my sister

( )4. Tom and Linda are in the same class .

( )5. My mother is a Chinese teacher .


一、1、JIR 2、tpd 3、late 4、kite 5、four

6、cap 7、plane 8、many 9、ship 10、coat

二、1、5237 2、307 3、8556023 4、930357 5、1380993

三、Waiter: Good morning ! Can I help you?

Girl: yes . I want a shirt ,please.

Waiter: Which one , pink or yellow ?

Girl: A blue one ,please.

Waiter: Here you are?

Girl: How much is it ?

Waiter: Forty-five yuan.

Girl: OK ! I’ll take it . Here is the money .

Waiter: Thank you .

Girl: Goodbye .

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